Tuesday, 30 August 2016

[Russia News Now] Please moderate: "Deeply Corrupt: Ukraine's President Continues to Enrich Himself - Graham Stack & Ben Aris"

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Author: Anna (IP:, pol4.netassist.ua)
Email: anetka11992@gmail.com
People, don't mix policy & business. They were, are and always will be separate. Let's remember when President Poroshenko in his interview to Tim Sebastian (DW Journalist) clearly said the following: " When I was running to the post of President I never promised to sell the 5th Channel. Never. This channel is very reputable, critical and people trust it. It was created as first free Ukrainian media. I'm the guarantee of the freedom of press". So why we're blaming Mr. President for breaking the promise he didn't gave? He is a man of honour. He works for the wealth & prosperous feature of ukrainian people. So the fact that Mr. Poroshenko owns channel isn't a reasonable obstacle for being a good President for Ukraine.
While speaking about president's promise to sell chocolate business, it is impossible when country is in a state of war and there are no buyers. Moreover, President tried to sell his factories in Rusia, but there his business was confiscated. That's why it's unreal to sell arrested business.

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