Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Testing and rotating placements

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Advanced Ads Pro is all about optimizing your ads, so I am very proud of the latest update to version 1.4 and its advanced features:
  • Placement tests
  • Show an ad only once per page
  • Refreshing ads on the same spot
Placement tests

Advanced Ads already has multiple options to rotate ads on the same spot so that you can find out which ad performs better. What was missing was to test different ad positions against each other.

With the placement tests in Advanced Ads Pro this is possible now. You just select the placements you want to test against each other. In addition, you can set a weight for each placement and different ads.

This feature is not only for testing. You can also fight ad blindness with these rotating ad positions.

This tutorial contains all information about placement tests.

Show an ad only once per page

Imagine you are using the same ad group on different placements. Until now, it could happen that the same ad would show up multiple times on your site.

With version 1.4 of Advanced Ads Pro, you can now block an ad to show up only once per page. So if selected for the first position of your group, it would not show up in the second.

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Refreshing ads on the same spot

In addition to the normal rotating ad groups which rotates ads on each page impression and the ad slider that uses a transition, you can now select that a rotating or ordered ad group is refreshing its ad on the spot. This is a smoother transition than the slider and attracts more attention than the static ad rotation of a normal group.

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We did some more optimizations for performance and fixed some bugs in this version, too. If you happen to run into an issue with any new or existing features then please let me know.

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