Thursday, 2 June 2016

Issue with Display Conditions after 1.7.4

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The update on Monday included a fix for the Display Conditions which unfortunately caused some ads not to show up anymore. This email includes information on the change and further details about using Display Conditions.

What happened?

Ads with Display Conditions like this stopped showing up.


The setting above basically reads like

Show the ad on pages that are posts with the Best Articles category and archives pages of the Best Articles category at the same time.

Since a page is never both, a single post and an archive, this ad would never show. It still seemed like it worked because of an unrelated bug which was fixed. This caused wrong condition setups to fail now.

How to fix it?

Since the setup above would cause ads to never show up, I automatically interpret the AND connector before the second condition as an OR in version Anyway, using OR in the first place would have worked and is the go-to solution from now on.

Why this confusing AND and OR setting?

For the specific setup above it might not be clear why there is even an AND and OR connector. So I sat down yesterday to add a lot of examples to the manual.

Two of the examples might help you to quickly understand the difference and use of AND vs. OR:
Since I only know the setups I have seen on your site during support and the ones I am using on my own sites, I might miss important use cases. Therefore, I would really like to learn more about how you are using them and where you struggle.

Please reply to this email with screenshots if you have the feeling that your Display Conditions might need optimization or you need feedback on how to accomplish a complex setup.

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