Monday, 2 May 2016

Advertisements-Headline and Page-Level Ads

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After spending some time on conferences and vacation I was finally able to finish some feature requests. Find out more about the new features in Advanced Ads 1.7.2 and upcoming changes below.

Btw., if you are interested in displaying alternative ads to users with an ad blocker, you should read on to the bottom of this email.

Page-Level Ads now available to all of you

Last week, AdSense announced that Page-Level Ads are now available to everyone. This ad type might help to increase your revenue on mobile devices.

Advanced Ads already had the option to add the Page-Level ad code to your site. You can check out this tutorial to learn how it works.


One of the most popular feature requests was to be able to add a headline above ads. Even though it is not mandatory, especially AdSense users wanted to add an "Advertisements" label above their ads.

With Advanced Ads 1.7.2, there is now a general option to enable this ad headline and also change it from "Advertisements" to anything else.

Read this manual page for more information.

New ad type: Ad Group

When you set up the same conditions or layout options for all ads within an ad group, you had to repeat it for every ad inside it. More advanced users even wanted to be able to rotate groups of ads.

All of this is now possible using the new Ad Group ad type. It basically lets you select a group that should be displayed through this ad, which then allows you to select conditions for this group and even add this group to another group in order to rotate it.

Compare tracking data

With the recent update of the Tracking add-on you can now compare ad stats with the previous or next period. E.g., when you select a specific month, you can compare it with the stats of the previous or following month.

Ad User roles now fully working

We added ad based user roles a while ago, but there was still a limitation that prevented normal authors or lower roles to be made an ad manager. This is now possible with the latest version of Advanced Ads Pro.

One important use case for me was that when asking for support, you can now create a lower role than administrator for us to prevent us from seeing or changing your site options but we would still be able to see your whole ad settings.

Optimizing the interface, Part 2

1.7 ought to be all about usability and 1.7.2 made a few optimization here.

First, the ad type meta box is now only open by default when the ad is created. Afterwards, it will be collapsed and the selected ad type is visible in the headline.

Second, I added links to the manual and to open a tutorial video directly to the meta box headlines to be able to find and access them much faster. The video I added for the Display Conditions can also be found in the manual.

Please help: Displaying ads for adblock-users

I am getting ready to implement the most popular feature request: displaying alternative content for ad block users. In order to do this right in the first place, I want to ask you for your feedback and votes for a few important decisions. Please check out this post to help me out.

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