Monday, 2 November 2015

My present for 100.000 downloads

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In the last week, Advanced Ads was downloaded for the 100.000th time. It took less than 1 1/2 years, so I am very proud. Right now is also the season where most money is spend on advertising – this means most money earned by publishers like you. So in this newsletter I wanted to thank you with 3 tips that helped me to generate more money through this season and beyond.

3 premium tips to increase ad revenue

I normally start optimizing my ad setup in September.
Here are three tips that helped me to optimize my income from ad networks in the past. In short:
  1. (how to) display more ads to new users only
  2. try new ad networks – and let me help a bit
  3. optimize ad sizes

1. display more ads to new users only

Especially if you generate money from clicks on ads, then you have to try this RIGHT NOW.

Click rates are much higher from new users than from returning visitors. Especially if you have a larger amount of people just coming from Google and leaving right away, then you should consider to display more or better placed ads to them.

This is one code I am using to display an ad to new visitors only.
<script>  if(!localStorage.getItem('was_already_here')) {  document.write('YOUR-AD-CODE');  localStorage.setItem('was_already_here', true);  }  </script>  
It checks if a variable was set in the user's browser. If not – because he wasn't here yet – the ad is displayed and the variable is set.

If you are not familiar with JavaScript then you can check out the new visitors condition in Pro.

2. try new ad networks

From testing dozens of ad networks per year I know that there are some that can outperform the ones you are using right now.

Tests take time and I must honestly say that most ad networks don't result in an increase of income.

The good news is that I might be able to save you some time with this.

I can help 5 of you to get started with a good performing in-image ad network.

The condition to apply is that you have a site which makes use of large images and has more than 1 Million impressions per month.

I know that not everyone of you fits into this, but I promise to find more time for similar offers in the future.

How to apply? Just reply to this email with the URL and monthly impressions of your site.

I am going to select the 5 winners on Friday and personally help with the implementation, if you want me to. This is why I have to limit it.

3. optimize ad sizes

If you run different ad sizes then check which ones work best.

I know how convenient it is to only use a Medium Rectangle, because it can be served on mobile and desktop without breaking the layout.

However, a Leaderboard might also fit on larger devices and pays a bit more.

Also a Large Rectangle (336x280) performs sometimes better than a Medium Rectangle (300x250).

Or if you have a Medium Rectangle in your sidebar you can try a Large Skyscraper (300x600) without changing much in the layout.

With most ad networks it doesn't take long to change the size of an ad. Imagine that it might take you just 5 minutes, but you would earn an extra $5 each month. Would it be worth your time?

One possibility to test and display different ad sizes is the Responsive add-on.

If you read through this email then you are really interested in optimizing your ads and I am sure that at least one of these tips will result in better yields.

I would really appreciate if you let me know what works and how good. I intend to gather more tips in future issues of this newsletter and therefore value any feedback.

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