Monday, 19 October 2015

Layer ads makeover

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This newsletter is dedicated to the PopUp & Layer add-on, which can increase user interaction using a closable layer format. This placement is not only useful for ads, but also signup forms, promotions, or other content that needs user attention.

This add-on is one of the first I created after many users asked me for such a feature and it is still very popular. This is the reason why I completely rewrote it in the current version.

Split testing your PopUps

Since version 1.3. the PopUp and Layer add-on is a placement and not an option of an ad. This allows you to rotate multiple "ads" in the same placement. The change is not only logical, but also enables a few interesting situations like testing the performance of different content in the PopUp against each other.

Convert better from leaving visitors

Another feature allows you to trigger the PopUp when users want to leave your site. You probably know this behavior from some subscription plugins already. Now you can use this in Advanced Ads to boost anything with people who leave anyway.

Nice Fancybox

The original version of the PopUp was hand coded to not interfere with other code. With the new version the plugin allows you to choose the nice looking Fancybox script. It is not a default option because it might break when you already use another instance of Fancybox on your site, but if you don't you should definitely check it out.

Choose the position of the PopUp

The previous version only allowed you a centered box. Now you can also choose whether the PopUp should appear at the top, bottom, or other positions on your site.

The rest of the options are pretty much the same. You can choose between different triggers for the PopUp to appear and add a close button with a timeout, so that visitors who close it don't see it for some time. I am thinking about using this instead of a much higher priced subscription plugin that I am using on another site now.

Will older versions break?

If you already have PopUPs set up with the previous settings then you don't have to worry. The old script is still working. It would still make sense to switch, because I am not going to support the old method from now on.

Open Feature Requests

With the changes from above I am almost through with the todo list. There are two items that I put on the Feature Requests page to see if anyone is interested in them at all:
  • trigger: display ads after x seconds
  • option: display ad only x times per user or visit

I am sure that after reading this post you have a lot of ideas on how to use this add-on. Don't let me hold you back from getting it here or update if you already use it.

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