Tuesday, 30 June 2015

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Website: Ride along as a Swiss reporter rides with Ukrainian volunteers… - SaidaonlineSaidaonline (IP:, ams7.myserverhosts.com)
URL: http://saidaonline.info/russia-news/ride-along-as-a-swiss-reporter-rides-with-ukrainian-volunteers/
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[…] Konstantin, at 140 km/hrBoris Mabillard, in Le TempsJune 25, 2015June 29, 2015Translated from French by Tom WinterNote: Le Temps’ reporters have access to, and report from, the Ukrainian side. One point of interest is the plain acknowledgment of the vigilante — or even neo-nazi — nature of those fighting for Ukraine.An abandoned factory converted into a barracks serves as headquarters for battalion Dnipro-1 at Krasnoarmiisk. Continuously, the fighters return from fighting, stop at the HQ and then go back out. Konstantin is one of them, he is unloading his gear. His boss, “Mountaineer”, a nom de guerre, gives him …read more   Source: Russophiles News Feed […]

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