Monday, 20 April 2015

[The Russophile's] Please moderate: "Face to face with Donbass refugees in Russia"

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[…] Veteran of the Belorussian Front, safe, comfortable, remembered.Tatiana Santi’s interview with Eliseo Bertolasi, in Sputnik, April 17, 2015April 19Translated from Italian by Tom WinterTheir homes destroyed, in fear and in hunger, thousands of people fleeing from the war in Donbass have found refuge in Russia. How do they live now? What prospects have they homeless and far from their own land? Thanks to the precious record of Eliseo Bertolasi from the heart of a refugee camp in the province of Rostov, we uncover their stories and destinies, uprooted by a war in the middle of Europe.Santi: Eliseo, You’ve been …read more   Source: The Russophile's […]

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