Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The fired governor of Dnepropetrovsk fleed to Paraguay


March 31, 2015Vladimir Kornilov (Facebook)Translated by Kristina Rus

Reading the enthusiastic odes to Kolomoisky, who, apparently "saved peace in Dnepropetrovsk" - some historical parallels come to mind.

To me these eulogies reminded of the enthusiastic reports about the activities of the Governor of Ekaterinoslav [former name of Dnepropetrovsk], Sergey Shchetinin, appointed by Denikin in 1919.

Shchetinin launched a frantic effort to create the self-defense units of Ekaterinoslav, constantly begged Denikin for weapons, actively promoted himself on a unique system of defense of the city, argued that thanks to him, Ekaterinoslav is protected and Denikin's home front is secure. White Guard newspapers more

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