Friday, 3 April 2015

SBU cracks down on “attempts to establish a Bessarabian Republic” in Odessa region

April 2, 2015

Alexandra Ignatjeva for Politnavigator

Translated by Kristina Rus

"Bessarabian Republic" in the works in Odessa region

Attempts were made to prepare for the creation of a "People's Council of Bessarabia" in Odessa region.

"On the territory of a recreational complex "Furmushika Nova", which is located in Tarutino district a collection of donations was planned, where the organizers were supposed to announce the creation of... "The People's Council of Bessarabia" - writes the publication "Bessarabia-Inform".

According to media reports, the organizers were the representatives of Pro-Russian forces, who on behalf of the national communities planned to established on the territory of Bessarabia more

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