Sunday, 5 April 2015

Russia in photos – 70 years after the war

April 4, 2015

Stalingrad, 1942, residents leaving the city:

Moscow, Kremlin:

December, 1941, Moscow, Pushkinskaya square:

Stalingrad, 1942, defending a house on Lenin square:

Petergof Palace, 1944, St. Petersburg (Leningrad):

St. Petersburg (Leningrad), Moscovsky Prospect during the blockade:

Yekaterininsky Palace, Pushkino, St. Petersburg (Leningrad), 1945

St. Petersburg (Leningrad), 1944:

Pavlovsk Palace, St. Petersburg (Leningrad), 1944:

Moscow, 1942, Nikitskiye Vorota:

Moscow, Smolenskaya st., 1941:

Stalingrad, Square of the Fallen Heroes after the liberation:

Stalingrad, Square of the Fallen Heroes:

Stalingrad, 1943:


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