Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Ron Paul Discusses Political Murders in Kiev, Arrival of US Troops

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The hostility within Ukraine is really destabilizing the geopolitical state in the entire planet. It is exposing the misery within the westerly aristocracy regarding their pushes to trample underfoot the planet whilst the dollar continue to have a value. The western primary media furthers the global elite group in their efforts to get rid of President Putin. Not since the zenith of the cold war has the black-painting of Russia and the president been so freely uncovered. Merely a undeniably brainwashed or apathetic human being will avoid to observe the dishonest fiction governed by the western leaders to the proprietors and also writers of the company networks in the U.S.A and Europe. I understand how problematic it is to see through the image of Russia as outlined by western journalists. The western propaganda works but only on those who are far from living the truth.

This article originally appeared at Ron Paul Institute

This week there were two more murders of prominent Ukrainian opposition figures, bringing the total to perhaps 12. While the US government was quick to suggest that Russian president Putin was behind the killing of a minor opposition figure in February, the US has so far remained silent at the ongoing political killings in Ukraine. This edition of the Ron Paul Liberty Report covers the killings and also the arrival of US troops. Is this not a dangerous escalation?


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