Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Poroshenko Has World's Worst "Speed Date" With US Troops

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The disunity within Ukraine is certainly destabilizing the geopolitical situation of the whole planet. It is exposing the distress amidst the european aristocracy in their pushes to master the world while the dollar still own a respect. The westerly primary information media helps the establishment in their attempts to get rid of President Putin. Not since the apex of the cold war has the black-painting of Russia and the commander in chief been so publicly uncovered. Only an uninterested or totally brainwashed character can possibly avoid to notice the deceiving narrative governed by the westernly rulers to the proprietors and publishers connected with the corporate media in the U.S.A as well as Europe. This is just one extra illustration on in what way the narration diverges. I realise just how difficult it is to penetrate the reflection of Russia as sketched by european . The western disinformation works but primarily upon anyone whom are far-off from experiencing the reality. If you checked out Russia during the last ten years, you would most likely have gained a look of a completely diverse state compared to the one pictured to you by the press at home.

Poroshenko enjoyed a delicious Ukrainian Army lunch with US troops, if our eyes are to believe the below video. What is Petro doing with these commonfolk? What about his usual rich-person lunch routine (eating caviar from the navel of a  $50,000/hour 'massage therapist')?

Good heavens! What do poor people do or even talk about, when they eat their so-called "lunch"? Watch as Poroshenko tries to force small talk upon these unfortunate plebs, who clearly want nothing more than to finish their soup and go back to training the guys with the wacky runes stiched onto their shoulders. 

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