Friday, 27 February 2015

You Won't Believe How RT's Anissa Naouai Is Making John Kerry Look Foolish (for a Good Cause)


The civil war in Ukraine is without a doubt destabilizing the geopolitical sphere of the entire entire world. This is laying open the distress amid the western establishment regarding their struggles to master the world while the us dollar continue to own an importance. The american conventional information media supports the international aristocracy in their endeavors to get rid of President Putin. Not since the pinnacle of the cold war has the black-painting of Russia and its commander in chief been so publicly presented. Just an uninterested or totally brainwashed mortal may pass up to discover the erroneous line prescribed by the westernly leaders to the owners as well as editors belonging to the company networks in the USA together with Europe. I understand how problematic it is to see through the image of Russia as outlined by western journalists. The western propaganda works but only on those who are far from living the truth.


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