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NEO – Growing the Russia

The Coup in Ukraine 2014 â€" Three Testimonials

USA’s role in the coup in Kiev in February 2014 is crystal clear. But there are still to be people who either doesn’t know or just refuse to acknowledge facts. High ranked officials from the USA and EU even blame Russia for having instigated the armed revolution which overthrow the democratically elected President Yanukovych. Not to […]

Estonia: NATO vehicles parade yards from Russia border reading...

Washington Has Resurrected the Threat of Nuclear War

Foreign Affairs is the publication of the elitist Council on Foreign Relations, a collection of former and current government officials, academics, and corporate and financial executives who regard themselves as the custodian and formulator of US foreign policy. The publication…

The Troika’s Message to the New Greek Government: We Don’t Care About Humanitarian Issues

Since 2010 the troika, consisting of the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European Union’s commission, has forced different governments in Athens to implement six consecutive austerity programs which have severely lowered the living standards of working…


2/25/2015Source: -1 battalion commander Deydey may have been inthe fired-upon vehicle found at Kurakhovo Translated from Russian by J.Hawk “A vehicle with gunfire damage was found near Kurakhovo, in the Donetsk region. We believe Deydey was in the vehicle, together with two fighters. He has not been heard from for several hours,” the source said. […]Continue reading...

19.02.2015 Ukrainian crisis news. Latest news of Ukraine, Donbass, Kiev, Europe, USA, Russia


The Coup in Ukraine 2014 â€" Three Testimonials

USA’s role in the coup in Kiev in February 2014 is crystal clear. But there are still to be people who either doesn’t know or just refuse to acknowledge facts. High ranked officials from the USA and EU even blame Russia for having instigated the armed revolution which overthrow the democratically elected President Yanukovych. Not to […]

Collapse of Russia will prove major test for US â€" Stratfor

American think-tank Stratfor has issued a new ‘Decade Forecast,’ which says the EU will decay, China will end up in “a communist dictatorship,” and Russia will disintegrate…though it hasn’t done so yet, despite such predictions taking place in the past. Via:: Continue reading...

Syriza MP Asks $330 Billion Dollar Question: “How Will A Four Month Extension Improve Our Negotiating Position?”

While the tone may not be as vociferous as historic Syriza MEP Manolis Glezos’ recent statements over the Greek ‘new deal’, the rhetoric of Costas Lapavitsas (newly-elected Syriza MP) blog post is clearly questioning the decision-making of his party’s leadership.…


By Joost Niemöller On the video below you can see a long column of military vehicles, including tanks and armored cars. This column, according to the caption, was filmed on 23 February in the border city of Narva, Estonia, That…

Crimean residents protest against forced Ukranization in lost footage from 1993 (video)

February 24, 2015Russia 1Translated by Kristina RusNow you will see unique footage filmed 21 years ago. The program was called “The Russian World” and talked about the struggle of Sevastopol residents against the forced ukranization for the right to speak and think in the native language.Summer 1993, one of the first rallies in Sevastopol next […]Continue reading...

NEO â€" Russian

- You won't read anything like this in Western media as it conflicts with their fairy tale of spreading peace and democracy when proxy terrorism is the new game of choice.

NEO â€" Ukrainian Elections: EU Membership May be a Mirage

- The Ukraine coup continues to be a zoo, and continued failure will be nothing new. Its Western backers will continue their takeover of another struggling country

Russia is lying when it denies its troops are in Ukraine: Kerry

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Tuesday Russia was lying when it said there are no Russian troops or equipment in Ukraine, where pro-Russian separatists are fighting government troops. Fighting has abated in eastern Ukraine in recent days, raising hope that a ceasefire that was due to start on Feb. 15 can finally take effect after the rebels initially ignored it to storm the ...

Reporters Observe Rebel Withdrawal of Heavy Weapons

MAKIIVKA, Ukraine (Reuters) â€" Pro-Russia separatists brought reporters on Tuesday to witness the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the front line in east Ukraine under a cease-fire deal, but Ukraine said the rebels were using the cover of the truce to reinforce for another advance. Via:: Continue reading...

The Reasons Why Russia Will Not Invade Ukraine

Russia will not invade Ukraine and here are the reasons. A lot of energy is right now spend on trying to get Russia more involved with the civil war in Ukraine. The New World Order cabal wants it because they want NATO to get a reason to come to the defense of the new government they […]

How The Russian Liberals Became “The Fifth Column”

The liberals in Russia are deserved casualties of the crisis in Ukraine. Their numbers are dwindling and only the most “hard-core” remains loyal to their orientation to the West. They have also got a new stamp as “the Fifth Column”. I have noticed the liberal exodus among many of my friends and it is confirmed in […]

The press in Banderastan

The new Eurocraine has decided to mark the first anniversary of its glorious revolution by removing the accreditation of over 100 Russian news organizations from any official state body.  We should salute that.  Initially, Russian journalists were simply kidnapped and often murdered, now they are simply denied accreditation and the Russian media banned from the Ukrainian controlled outlets.  I suppose that this is a form of "progress".In the meantime, one of the worst Ukrainian presstitutes, Savik Shuster, got fired and his program banned because just once, he made an on-air interview with the Russian journalist Maksim Shevchenko.  The ueber-freak Oleg Liashko was also in the studio and he had a total fit declaring that his conversation (which lasted 5 min) was in violation of the new Ukie criminal code and that he would file a complaint.  He did and Shuster got fired.  Interestingly, the very same Liashko also declared that there was more freedom of speech under Yanukovich than under Poroshenko.  Go figure...To top it all off, Nadezhda Savchenko, the Ukrainian artillery controller who was involved in the murder of two Russian journalists and who is in jail in Russia has been elected to the Rada which retroactively makes her immune from prosecution, at least that is the junta's point of view.  There is a photo of Savchenko on the podium of the Rada and she has been added to the Ukrainian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.  Savchenko is now defended by the same lawyer who defended Pussy Riot, I kid you not.Glory to the Ukraine!  To the heroes glory!The Saker

Ukraine... It's a Heist!!!

Excellent video made by a friend.  Please distribute![youtube]

Russia accuses Wagner director of 'offending believers'

Russia on Tuesday accused the director of a production of a Richard Wagner opera of publicly offending the feelings of religious believers following a complaint from a senior Russian Orthodox cleric. Thirty-year-old director Timofei Kulyabin told AFP he has been charged over his production of Wagner's "Tannhauser" at Novosibirsk's State Opera and Ballet Theatre in Siberia, which premiered in ...

Russia warns France over Mistral

- [This] "'is a problem of France’s reputation. They have to fulfill all the obligations under the contract,' Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Friday."

Israel’s New Asian Allies

It was another difficult week for Israel. In Britain, 700 artists, including many household names, pledged a cultural boycott of Israel, and a leader of the Board of Deputies, the representative body of UK Jews, quit, saying he could no…

What’s Behind Ukraine’s Secret Weapons Deal with the United Arab Emirates (UAE)?

U.S. President Barack Obama apparently is going ahead with his plan for NATO missiles to be placed in Ukraine aimed against Moscow, but found a way to do it that won’t violate the warnings by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin against…

Calling Out the US Army as Liars is a Gross Understatement!

Last week two Army whistleblowers have gone public with their personal observations and experience as research professors at the US Army War College boldly announcing to the world that the US Army is full of liars. Drs. Leonard Wong and…

Global Politics â€" a war of meanings

by Nikolai Starikov Source: Translated by DzhMM, Mikhael, Gideon (thanks guys!!!!) In the course of life today, we’ve grown accustomed to using terms whose meaning we might not fully understand. We throw them around casually, not realizing that they lose their meaning and sometimes even come around to stand for their exact opposite. This is precisely why the sense has arisen today in society that there is a need to determine in a clear and understandable manner exactly what is happening on the global chessboard in front of all of our eyes â€" the Big Story, written online. Even those people the very furthest from politics are feeling the need for understanding and explaining to themselves the reasons for the things they encounter even just moving through their own lives. Why have prices in stores started to go up? What’s the reason for the fact that, quietly and nearly unnoticed, belief in a brighter tomorrow is slipping? When and why did talk about a possible war stop being speculative and distant? These and dozens of other questions have driven millions of yesterday-apolitical citizens to seek answers. They feel the need to find those answers and to construct a new worldview in which what-comes-tomorrow is not simply a lottery ticket, but a predictable and logical continuation of today. Predictable and, hopefully, not frightening. This atmosphere, unfortunately, is a breeding grounds for attempts to brainwash our citizens and to stuff their heads with ideas which will be devastating to them personally. But this devastation will come hidden within banal attempts stubbornly do good. So let’s try to dissect the methods and means of manipulating the people’s conscience which we have already started to encounter. And, which will grow in direct proportion to the problems being encountered by our geopolitical opponents. 1. THE ROOTS AND SOURCE OF TODAY’S ECONOMIC AND GEOPOLITICAL CRISIS. Today, the world is in a situation that can be characterized as a dead end that the liberal financial-oriented world economy drove itself into after remaining the dominant economic system following the collapse of the USSR. Not going into much more detail on that theme, since doing so would require a whole other in-depth discussion, I will simply point out that, as historical experience and logical consideration confirm, this economic system cannot work without theft. On its own, without infusions from outside, it is not able to sustain itself, therefore a long period in which no one goes to war and no one is robbed, for countries sitting at the top of the liberal “food chain”, will always mean a crisis of the economic system itself. The need for war or theft is a matter of life and death for many (if not for all) countries of the West. The danger for the West today is that “potential victims” are nowhere to be found. In the world of today, the approximate parity of strength is like it was before two world wars, which itself increases many times over the risk of a new world conflict. A classical conflict, as during the previous two world wars, or as a hybrid, hidden beneath a large number of local conflicts (the main goal of which will be not to allow the nuclear weapons deterrent to be used!) together with informational and economic aggression. What goals are the wars’ organizers aiming for? First and foremost is a breaking of established economic ties, a deepening everywhere of the economic slide, except for in agreed-upon “economic growth spots”. In the First and Second World Wars this zone was the USA and once again they are trying to repeat this scenario. In addition, a goal of starting wars is the nullification or depreciation of “pre-war” debts and a restart of the world economy. An analysis of the upcoming conflict’s probable zones of destruction and (or) thievery which will permit the world economy to be restarted while preserving the existing economic model and the currently-constituted “economic food chain” for the existing financial elites shows that the level of accumulated contradictions can only be resolved at the expense of Russia and her demolition. The situation in the disparate and ailing enclaves of Europe and Asia, surrounded by the raging chaos that will come from the destruction of our country, will allow the United States to retain for itself the role of regulator of the world’s economy, island of stability, and the source point for new growth. Growth for itself, for Europe, and for Asia under the USAs security guarantees, paid for by the robbery of our country and our people. How do the interests balance in the quadrilateral: USA, Europe, Russia, and China? The USA and Russia in this are antagonists. Why? Because retaining the privileged role of the USA is only possible at the expense of Russia, and under the circumstances of a weakened China and Europe. That being the case, such aspirations make it very unlikely that there will be an “amicable” consensus between Russia and the USA without a change (or a solidifying via Russia’s defeat) in the established order of things. That means that in the absence of a “Neo-Gorbachevism” we will inevitably be forced to stand against the States just to be able to survive and retain ourselves. This is unavoidable. Europe in this case is the sole ally of the United States. Today’s “European submissiveness” to the will of the USA is the result of deeper causes, and unlikely solely due to “bought and blackmailed” leadership. Europe, lacking its own combat-capable armed forces and its own independent financial system capable of providing a sufficient level of financial sovereignty, is forced to follow in America’s wake. Which, for better or worse, is providing her both the first and the second. Is this situation final and irrevocable? It seems to me that it isn’t. Europe will cry, but will eat the cactuses like the mice in the joke, for just as long as the USA is able to guarantee her safety and economic stability (though maybe in lesser amounts). The threat of losing all of this can flip Europe from the USA’s side in search of new guarantors of its separate and privileged position. In the event of a “fall of Russia”, Europe will become “frontline” territory at whose borders there will be aggressive instability. Europe will be most satisfied with Russia in a “USSR variant”, where the state, in “Gorbachev’s manner”, withdraws and enthusiastically permits itself to be robbed like a masochist. But the variant where Russia resists, and from this the country springs up as, not a “zone of robbery”, but a “zone exporting aggressive instability” (like today in the former Ukraine) will not please Europe. In sum, we will have a situation where Europe supported the USA in its attempted “blitzkrieg” against Russia as the better of its available courses. However, continuing Russian resistance changes the situation and in the future will inevitably lead to Europe, though with numerous reservations and attempts to negotiate preferential treatment, having to distance itself from the American policies directed towards the destruction of Russia. China in this quadrilateral (USA-Europe-Russia-China) is our natural and situational ally in its own opposition to the collective West. After all, today it is becoming a competitor to China in the economic as well as the political sphere. Any kind of strengthening of Russia will automatically result in a weakening of the West as a competitor to China. Therefore, so long as China can trust that it will no longer have to run up against Khrushchev-Gorbachev-Yeltsin-type “wiggly” unpredictable policies from Moscow, we can count on the economic and political support of China. Let’s sum it up. We are dealing with opposition between the USA and Russia, in which Europe and China play the part of tactical (within certain bounds) allies of the battling sides as they pursue their own goals in the confrontation. Therefore, neither Europe nor China is interested â€" unlike the USA â€" in the total destruction of Russia. After all, in that event both Europe and China would be weakened and would stand alone against a strengthened USA, as well as surrounded territorially by Eurasian chaos. The USA needs Russia to die quickly. Europe was ready for a blitzkrieg under the management of the USA, but Europe is not ready for a drawn-out, long, and “expensive” conflict. China is prepared for a “game of debts” and is prepared to weaken both the USA and Europe in economical and political support of Russia, but is not prepared in this conflict to “take the bit between their teeth”, since it is still not ready to throw its entire weight into opposition, burdened as it is with its own problems and a worries due to the “Gorbachev effect”. Given the shortage of time, the only path to survival for the USA is to demolish Russia from within and have her collapse. Either that, or a radical change of power in Russia which would abruptly turn the country’s ship of state around and permit the subsequent chaos and war. This would, in turn, give the States the necessary conditions for breaking the financial and economic channels of interaction in Eurasia and the weakening of both Europe and China, but at the “fault” of the new Russian government. We have a situation where the organization of an internal explosion in Russia displacing the legal government is for the USA a question of its own survival. 2. INFORMATION WARFARE IN RUSSIA â€" A QUESTION OF SURVIVAL FOR THE USA. In the beginning of the article I mentioned that the current situation is forcing Russian citizens to actively seek answers to many questions. This pursuit of information, this struggle between various points of view, opinions and ideas opens a “window of opportunity” for those attempting to influence foreign policies of the country by influencing internal political situation. Chaos and war are once again becoming the one and only weapon of choice for the dollar. Russia, despite being subject to Western economic and information aggression, still: continues to strengthen its economy; continues its shift towards East; retains the role of an economic and political bridge between Europe and Asia; preserves its leading military and political position on the continent; possesses decisive energy, scientific and manufacturing potential; continues to adapt to hostile economic and political relations with a certain part of the world;Such Russia is not in the interests of the USA. Stronger Russia will play a stronger stabilizing role in the world. Not only it is not going to become the source of chaos and war in Eurasia, it also has a high potential to distance Europe from the “leading and directing” role of the USA, which is totally unacceptable for America. Hence the question â€" what can US do in this situation? First, US needs to instill chaos and war in the minds of Russian citizens, to have this chaos reach the “critical mass” needed to enable them to either influence the actions of the government on international stage or, which would be even “better”, tear down the government altogether, similar to how it was done in February of 1917 or August of 1991. Today, citizens of Russia have many questions, which is a great opportunity to provide answers which will lead them to actions that would ultimately be in US interests. And such “answers” have already been prepared by the all-knowing well-wishers… 3. CAUTION: MANIPULATION!Let’s reiterate that this is very important. In order to survive and preserve its leading role on international stage, US desperately needs to plunge Eurasia into chaos, to cut economic ties between Europe and APR (Asia-Pacific Region). The States need to turn the territory that lies between them (Russia, Central Asia, Middle East) into a zone with local armed conflicts, falling economies, deficient governments and general instability. Middle East is already very close to a state of total chaos, US-created ISIL is working to further complicate the situation in that region. Central Asia is a potentially very unstable region and it has been “farmed out” to the revived Taliban, but so far it has kept the appearance of stability. Russia is the only territory within this potential zone of instability that is capable of resistance. It is the only state that is ready to confront the Americans. Undermining Russia’s political will for resistance, shifting its foreign policy â€" is a vitally important task for America. How can this be achieved given that the will of the President of Russia can be clearly defined as anti-American and the ability to realize this will is as strong as ever, thanks to the stability of the ruling establishment? The only way to achieve this is to drag the leadership of the country into a long and debilitating stand-off with its own people. Liberal scenario (ineffective) In the long term, the unity of Russian people and their leadership can be broken by providing liberal answers to questions that are important for the apolitical majority. To achieve this, long forgotten “weathered soldiers” of ideological battles, who were not part of the events of 2011-12, have been brought out of nonexistence (Stankevich, Nadezhin and others). They are working to convince the Russian society that today’s Russia is “in over its head”. In other words, Russia, by protecting its geopolitical interests and by breaking every imaginable international rule, is behaving in a way that is unacceptable for a “gas station” country. Therefore, not having the required economic potential and sufficient international weight, Russia is bound to end up in international economic and political isolation. This will impact the lives of average citizens by significantly lowering their standard of living, the government will lose control over the state affairs and, ultimately, the state itself will be torn apart. Of course the proposed remedy for all these ailments is this: “fold” to US, recognize the leading role of US in the world and generally follow in the footsteps of American policies. This means that Russia must give up its national geopolitical interests, return Crimea, take on the burden of supporting Ukraine and then, just like in the 90’s, follow directions of Western advisors who will determine the path of political and economic development of the country. Today, the level of “immunity” of Russian society against this liberal scenario is quite high. The nineties and the “liberal shift” attempt in 2011-12 served well to create a stable “anti-liberal” sentiment within Russian society. That’s why realization of this scenario is not possible in the short term, but our Anglo-Saxon enemies always plan well ahead. This liberal point of view will be kept alive and will be cultivated among a certain type of urban intellectuals who are traditionally aligned with Western values. And, in case society becomes fed up with patriotism, these intellectuals will be the ones to present Russian society with a point of view that will be in line with Western interests. Patriotic scenario (main) The States don’t really care what particular scenario will sink the territory of Eurasia (Russia â€" Customs Union) into chaos or what will cut the strong economic ties along the EU-Russia-Customs Union-China line. Whether Russia follows the liberal scenario described above, dissolves the way USSR did or willingly plunges into chaos and localized armed conflicts â€" makes no difference to US. If Russia starts throwing its weight around and using force to assert its own views and interpretations of international rules of co-existence, the US will just as well reach its intended goals. The important expression here is “using force”. That will result in chaos and war in Eurasia, which is all US needs. Russian society has overcome the virus of liberalism and is not ready to become infected with it again, and that is exactly why instead of the “liberal scenario of voluntary dissolution” they are being offered the “patriotic scenario” that instills in their minds an arrogant faith in success. In practice, this translates into certain public figures, who are consistently viewed as being patriotic, persistently offering… scenarios which require use of force in future developments in Eurasia. They are also interpreting past events using assumptions that every event was dealt with from the position of force, position of power. These interpretations are exactly what US needs. As a matter of fact, these interpretations, and the part of Russian society that is behind them, are so closely aligned with US interests that Western political and public figures have been focusing solely on this particular part of Russian society, using them in propaganda and diplomatic efforts directed against the current leadership of the President in the Russian Federation. It is possible to assert that a certain part of those who consider themselves to be patriots of Russia willingly or unwillingly are working in the interests of Western aggressors. Interpreting the events of 2014 as “Russia using force to apply pressure on Ukraine”, calling for a wider and more profound use of force in Ukraine in the future and accusing Russian leadership of not providing sufficient military and technical support for Donbass militia, they are allowing Western diplomats to interpret all their statements as “proof of Russian aggression”. And a very valuable proof at that, because, according to Western views and practice of legal precedents, a witness account of Russian use of force in Ukraine, coming from those who took part in the events (Strelkov-Girkin), is an indisputable and necessary proof that the USA and the collective West are acting appropriately against “aggressor Russia”. This is a case of remedy being more dangerous than the ailment. This “proof of Russian aggression” is allowing Washington to justify sanctions and cutting relations with Moscow. The logic of confrontation with Russia includes mechanisms designed to rupture Eurasian economic ties, which will inevitably lead to chaos across the entire Eurasian continent. And that is exactly what the US is trying to achieve. Russian “patriots”, who are, in reality, defending US interests (regardless of what they themselves think), in fact… are probing the Russian society to figure out just how possible it is to organize mass protests in the country. With today’s strong leadership that is stirring Russia towards absolute sovereignty, this task seems nearly impossible. But if their point of view starts affecting the mindset of the majority of Russian citizens, an attempt to use “street democracy” to push Russia towards “use of force” scenario in Ukraine can be made. And that will be a 100% American victory over Europe and China. Therefore, we can safely conclude that “street democracy” using popular “patriotic” slogans instead of the unpopular liberal ones is the most desired development within Russia for the USA. So desirable that the States will nurture and support (financially, using media and PR) those “patriotic” Russian figures who, willingly or unwillingly, are acting in line with American interests. Impartial analysis of information and media shows that this is exactly how events are unfolding in Russia. How can this be fought and how can the ill-fated path of 1914-style “destructive patriotism” be averted? The victory over the minds and hearts of Russian citizens can only be achieved by spreading the truth and disclosing the methods of manipulation used by Russian “patriots” who are currently helping our eternal enemies in their information war against Russia. Some Examples of Manipulation. The mass manipulation of consciousness, in the first-order is the implicit substitution of desires from genuine goals to manufactured goals. Any conscious ‘exposure’ of this process, even though it identifies these first-order manufactured goals, is itself manufactured (‘second order’) on the very basis of this ‘exposure’. The methodolical manufacture of this second order phenomenon logically enables a pure inversion of genuine desires and thus by direct implication, reality. For example, those ‘ultra-patriotic’ chaps working, doubtlessly part-time, for the U.S. State Department will state that ‘We should militarily intervene in the Ukraine. Working on an emotional level (the most commonly applied method of ‘softening up’ for manipulation) they will tell us of the unspeakable ordeals endured by the people of the Donbass. It is surely the healthy reaction of any human being to wish to give assistance and support. An example would be the incursion of Russian troops into the Ukraine with the aim of averting a humanitarian catastrophe and putting a halt to the genocide of the Russian population. Moreover, we can confirm that this incursion cannot be dangerous for Russia insofar as Russia is already under the most onerous sanction regime imaginable which the Russian people bear unjustly. Simultaneously the public is ‘calmed’ by the belief that NATO will under no circumstances allow itself to be drawn into armed conflict with Russia, in possession of nuclear weapons which can be used as a ‘trump card’ in any negotiations. Strelkov-Girkin has developed the knack of projecting a statesmanly wisdom. He endlessly affirms that those speaking of peace are in denial about the ongoing war scares Russians with the spectre of NATO forces. These self-same NATO forces, in turn, simply swallow any half-baked statements and perceive any movement of Russian forces as having the goal of overthrowing the regime in Kiev. Why? Because it allegedly can’t directly oppose Russia because of her well supplied army and her nuclear forces. So how do we apply, to the current situation, the concept of the implicit substitution of desires to manufactured goals? Well the point is that instead of the actual escalating Hybrid war, being fought with the aim of exhausting the enemy, using the full spectrum of potential threats with the exception of Nuclear weapons, we see that the public is presented with the traditional threat of a second world war confrontation (replete with Nazis and Swastikas). Such wars can be characterized by opponents openly trying to destroy each other mainly by military confrontation. In such conflicts, the aim is simply to destroy or take control of the opposition center of political decision making by military means. This was sufficient as it destroyed the ‘brain’ of the enemy. In modern hybrid war the political decisions will be taken in the Western Centers remote from the military conflict (Brussels, Washington). The military conflicts will be delegated to peripheral centers (the Kievan ‘Junta’; the Donbass ‘Novorossiya’; ISIS (Islamic State) active in the North Caucasus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, perpetrating terrorist activities in the Volga region; the Taliban active in Central Asia, the Urals and the far east of Russia). Correspondingly, economic aggression will be applied from the financial bloc controlled by the West. Engaging militarily in the Donbass, Russia in the short term will be on the receiving end of a series of strikes in the above regions and in its urban centers. Countering these blows (dependent on the scale of the territory destabilized) will demand the dramatic strengthening of the Russian military including the special services and the transformation of the economy as well as everyday life onto a war footing, which of course is neglected in the patriotic narrative projected by the ‘manipulators’. Such ‘surprises’ for the Russian society, who are simply geared up for a "small victorious war in the Donbas" under the current patriotic narrative will incline public opinion towards direction the liberal activists, those supporters of the "peaceful dissolution" of Russia. Such appeals will sound repeatedly to “rest under the wing” under the American world order and the popularity of such ideas will dramatically grow. In summary, we witness the re-emergence of the provocateurs of the sort we had in 1914, these ‘Hurray Patriots’ who paved the way for the provocateurs of February 1917. These same liberal capitalists are ready for the widest possible cooperation with the West on its terms in the ordering of Russian life. However, even if against the odds, Russia will pull off another "Russian miracle" and be able resolve, through military means, the numerous military conflicts both along its borders and within its territory, even this great victory will not destroy the Western center of decision-making. Washington and Brussels will remain out of reach of the Russian army, as they are not directly participating in any of these conflicts. While Russia will face outside the military and terrorist aggression forming an existential threat to the state, Europe without an efficient army, dogged by controversy and lack of a single center of decision-making will be in no better straites. Europe will be forced, against the background of a Russia "which is on fire," to simply forget about their own geopolitical interests and stand in line with the Americans. At the same time, Europeans will be forced to acquiesce to a significant decline in their living standards, and be subordinated to all the other American adventures. As a direct consequence, economic cooperation through Europe - Russia â€" Trans-Siberian will decline to an absolute minimum, if it survives at all. China, similarly faced with instability in its own underbelly in Central Asia and facing growing aggression from NATO allies in Taiwan and Japan, will be forced to limit its military, political and economic support to Russia, awaiting the outcome of the confrontation and eventually breaking its ties with the United States. As a result, we see the realization of the US plan: economic cooperation between Europe - Russia - TC - China, minimized or neutralized, and the existence between China and Europe of zone of global instability and local wars. Russia will have to exert all its strength to survive, which will eliminate its opportunities for political maneuver and peace-building and economic development. 4. WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE? Firstly, we need to look objectively, without emotions at the root cause of the issue. Collectively, the West enslaved by its ineffective liberal, finance oriented economic model, will inevitably be forced to engage in local or planetary plunder to fulfil its own dynamic requirements for existence. A suitable metaphor would be a car running out of fuel with the engine running. Any delay will dramatically increase the chances of the engine ‘seizing up’ which will render further motion impossible. The driver of the car facing such threats is prone to panic and make mistaken decisions when trying to refuel. Assuming that one is not inclined to help the driver the natural course of action would be to let the driver make all these mistakes and for the engine to be allowed to seize up. Russia's actions in the contemporary situation should be based on several principles: - First, we must understand that every day we delay the onset of full scale hybrid war strengthens us and weaken our enemies. Each day of delay â€" allows us to establish economic ties to the Eurasian space, making Russia less vulnerable. Each day of delay - it is an additional burden on the "western car" and its fuel consumption. Today, the West and the United States are incurring significant costs maintaining its hybrid "War Infrastructure" (the junta in Kiev, Islamic State, the Taliban, 5th Columns inside China and Russia), but it is still investing without accruing dividends. Each day of delay signifies a new weapon for the Russian army, new production in Russia and an increase in readiness for difficult times. - Secondly, using the tactics of "viscous defense" when every new step on the occupied territory carries obvious loss for the occupier, Russia increases the chance of a split in the "Euro-Atlantic Coalition" The weak point of the West is that it is not monolithic. I.e. the "slaves" are always ready to betray the "masters" if the cost / risk associated with coalition leads to an unjustified increase in the level of risk. Today, the West is stuck in Ukraine. "Blitzkrieg" failed. The original plan to separate the Ukraine from Russia, reorientation its markets to Europe, while maintaining the previous level of Russian economic support for Ukraine, is now firmly in the past. For the US the Ukraine forms and outstanding catalyst for Eurasian Chaos. However for Europe, Ukraine is a "White Elephant” with severe and infectious behavioral issues which has kindly donated by the Americans to them. For the sake of countering "Russian Aggression" Europe is ready to consolidate and bear hardships, but to preserver Poroshenko and Co., still less, for the sake of geopolitical dispute between Russia and the United States, the willingness to bear hardships becomes a lot less. - Thirdly, we must remember that the advantage in war is to those who choose their time and terrain. This is critical. Start a war when we see the result will not be to win these peripheral conflicts i.e. the Kievan ‘Junta’, the Islamic state or the Taliban, but rather to achieve victory over the “center of real political decision making” in Washington. A war should be fought for this goal and none other. On the basis of the above, we can see that every victory of Assad in Syria, and every victory of the militia of the Donbass and Lugansk Republics saves lives of Russian soldiers and Russian territory from ruin. We see a unique situation, the first time in Russian history, when the forces of aggression against Russia are based on the distant outskirts of our country. Russia is obliged, according to her own interests, to furnish every assistance and support, to weaken the Western Coalition, thus expanding the cracks of various interests in the allegedly monolithic Euro-American unity. 5. CONCERNING “PATRIOTIC” MANIPULATORS. On January 28, 2015 in St. Petersburg, the Russian party “Great Society” organized a cultural gathering with the writer, essayist and translator Dmitry Y. Puchkov as keynote speaker. Dmitry Y. was predictably humble, consumed by his own thoughts and interests, which were genuinely, without excessive sophistication, quite profound. I was unfortunately unable to attend this meeting, as due to a business trip in Nizhny Novgorod. However, when I watched recordings of the proceedings, I was immediately struck by the savage accuracy of the metaphor of the Russian intelligentsia, worshiping the West, with the liberal intelligencia playing the role of “Evil Shepherds”, leading their flock of sheep to the slaughter. The allegory is devastatingly accurate. The West have maintained their dominance by the means of murder and robbery on a planetary scale. They "manufacture their image" in the eyes of future victims, using these “evil shepherds” from the intelligentsia. Without these “Evil Shepherds”, any potential victim from the Soviet Union to Ukraine today, could be saved from plunder and mobilize their own self-preservation instinct. It is only the conscious and pro-active manipulation that these, "intellectuals" practice, performing the role of administrators of “spiritual chloroform”, which has allowed public opinion to be so manipulated. Events of the last year and especially the last few months have unfortunately led me to be convinced that that the existence of the "Evil Shepherds" may not only be among those enthralled by the west, but also among those administrating "patriotic" rhetoric to the public. However, I am deeply convinced that our Russian society, representatives of all the peoples of our country have a sufficient high level of consciousness to counter this pseudo-patriotic manipulation which works for the benefit of the United States. After all, our people were able to emerge from the liberal manipulation of a few years earlier. The memory "of Greeks bearing gifts" battered us in the 90s, battered us until our pores wept sweat and blood.  As for me, I will, to the best of my ability, resist these new attempts to deceive our society under the renewed and pseudo-patriotic slogans.

Sputnik About Carl Bildt’s “Handlers” â€" The Brzezinski Family

The recently launched Russian news provider, Sputnik, gives, in the article by Daniel Zubov cited below, an interesting review of the Brzezinski Family and their influence on Americas foreign policy. The connection to Sweden through the American Ambassador there, Mark Brzezinski, helps to explain the special role Carl Bildt and the Swedish Foreign Ministry played in the […]

Russia warns of gas risks after Ukraine fails to pre

Russia's Gazprom said on Tuesday there were "serious" risks to gas transit to Europe via Ukraine after Kiev failed to make a pre-ment. Gazprom said in a statement that Ukraine had 219 million cubic metres (mcm) of gas left that would be used up in two days. With no new ment, Russia would be forced to stop supplies to Ukraine, Gazprom added. Europe gets around a third of its gas needs from ...

Email from a friend: Picture from Lvov 2/19/14

Saker:Regarding your article today, I hope you will publish this picture on your website:I screencaptured this some time back from a notorious German expatriate neo-Nazi on Twitter.Its worth memorializing just who stole heavy military weapons from the government security forces and entered them into the Maidan conflict, which would be the people of Lvov, Lemberg, Lwow, Lviv or whatever the heck they want me to call their city.  It was these same people who also stated they were bringing artillery pieces like this to Kiev, with transport starting on 2/19/14.  The fall of the Yanukovich government was quite predicatable after that, given his pacifistic approach to the insurrection and avoidance of bloodshed.Peaceful European values and all that ... just like 1941.Andrew

24.02.2015 Ukrainian crisis news. War in Ukraine, Donbass, Kiev, Crimea, Europe, Russia, USA


Greek Drama: A Preliminary Review of the First Four Weeks of the SYRIZA Government

Greek Solidarity Campaign, posted at Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal – The Greek epic has already acquired all the features of an exciting action thriller, with all the appropriate drama (and hubbub), with constant surprises, twists and turns. And…

Stratfor Chock Fulla Shit… Predicts a Russian Collapse

The Bear is sleeping… I’d recommend the asshats at Stratfor to shut the fuck up. Bears don’t like being poked at, dontcha know… ______________________________ Read this. Read it? Read it all? What arrant bullshit… it’s bollocks on stilts! Barron’s called Stratfor the “shadow CIA”… that shows you how intelligent the average “conservative” is… the GOP […]Continue reading...

Stratfor Chock Fulla Shit… Predicts a Russian Collapse

The Bear is sleeping… I’d recommend the asshats at Stratfor to shut the fuck up. Bears don’t like being poked at, dontcha know… ______________________________ Read this. Read it? Read it all? What arrant bullshit… it’s bollocks on stilts! Barron’s called Stratfor the “shadow CIA”… that shows you how intelligent the average “conservative” is… the GOP […]Continue reading...

New Report Reveals Increasing Hunger Rates Among African Americans

A Bread for the World (BFTW) analysis just released points out that the food deficits among African Americans are reaching crisis proportions. In this report based on United States Government and Pew Research Center data, the social conditions related to…

Short message for some commentators

I would like the following commentators to email me:Seamus Padraigelsieimar clarkPlease email me at vineyardsaker@gmail.comThanks!The Saker

Kiev officer on Debalcevo HQ incompetence and self organized breakout

[youtube]Comment by the Saker:This is a very interesting interview.  First, it basically confirms everything the Novorussians were saying.  But secondly, the officer speaking, Andrei Vysota, CO of 25th "Kievan Rus" battalion, declares at the end that even though Poroshenko awarded the title and medal to Commander Sergei Shaptala of the 128th Mukachevo mountain infantry brigade just to make him shut up, Shaptala did deserve that medal for having had the courage to order a retreat.From the point of view of the Russian military ethos, this is an amazing statement for the following reasons:1) Russian officers always are at the frontline with their soldiers.  This is why a Russian General was seriously wounded in South Ossetia, and this is why we have all seen Givi, Motorola, Mozgovoi and even Zakharchenko right on the very front line, a few hundred yards from the junta forces.  In contrast, Shaptala himself fled the Debaltsevo Cauldron and he gave his order from afar.2) What risk did Shaptala actually take?  He took the risk of being demoted, possibly face insubordination or even (let's worst case) treason charges.  Although, in reality, all he risked was basically to damage his future career.  But even if he did face demotion or court martial, this is *nothing* compared to what his men faced and for that *nothing* he deserves the title of Hero of the Ukraine?!  From a Russian point of view this is totally crazy.3) Finally, Vysota openly admit that Shaptala got the medal of Hero of the Ukraine as a bribe to make him shut up directly implying that all it takes to make a Hero of the Ukraine shut up about the truth about the death of his own man is to give him a medal he does not even deserve in the first place!I am absolutely amazed by all this.  Apparently, the Ukrainian forces have not only failed to develop their own ethos, they were not even capable of maintaining even a little of the ethos of the Soviet military where to get a medal of "Hero of the Soviet Union" one had to do something quite heroic indeed.If Shaptala is the best the junta has, then no wonder that their forces are losing every battle and that they get beat by men like Bezler, Mozgovoi, Motorola, Givi, Kononov, Zakharchenko and all the other Novorussian commanders every single one of which personally fought on the front line and many of whom were wounded in battle.I will be honest with you, every time I see one of the Novorussian commanders on the frontline, I am personally horrified and appalled.  I got all my military training in the West were a general belongs into a hardened bunker packed with advanced communication gear and protected from pretty much anything short of a nuclear strike.  But I also have to admit that having the commanders in the front lines makes a huge difference.  This has always been a Russian military tradition for many centuries, and this has also been a German one (during WWII German general did fight with their men in the front lines).  I recognize the superiority of that approach, but it still horrifies me (-: This is what you get for being born in old Russian military family but having been trained in western Europe: a strong cognitive dissonance when your two cultures take radically different positions :-)Lastly, I really feel sorry, from the bottom of my heart, for the men uselessly killed in Debaltsevo.  Did you get the part when Vysota said that when the Ukies tried to evacuate their *wounded* they all got killed by the Novorussian artillery?  Can you imagine being wounded in a battle you cannot win, then being evacuated in trucks only to die being ripped into shreds or incinerated by artillery strikes?May God rest the souls of these poor men who suffered and died in horrible circumstances and for nothing other then the political arrogance, ambitions and incompetence of a junta of Nazi freaks.The SakerPS: one more thing.  Under Stalin every single junta officer responsible for this outrageous disaster would have been summarily executed.  Just saying...

A few loose ends about Debaltsevo

"Dragon_First_1" has posted a detailed analysis of the forces which have actually succeeded in getting out of the Debaltsevo Cauldron.  The original Russian text is here: Google machine translation is here: sources estimate the number of killed junta forces at about 3'500.As for Poroshenko, apparently "buoyed" by the recent "victory" of his forces, he is now asking for UN peacekeepers.  Peacekeepers serve two functions: the main one, to keep the peace, but also a 2nd much less advertised one: to keep a line of contact in place.  So translated from "diplomatise" into English, Poroshenko is now asking for UN help to keep the line of contact were it currently is.  To fully measure his distress and panic, consider that putting down a line of peacekeepers would also nullify (at least in theory) any possibility for the Kiev junta to attack Novorussia again.  So in essence, Poroshenko is now willing to give up Novorussia in exchange for a guarantee that the Novorussians will not push further.This is all purely theoretical.  In reality, the AngloZionist and the Croats did attack the UN Protected Areas in Croatia and ethnically cleanse them from Serbs (the local UN battalion commanders got a direct order from the attacking forces to step aside and not move; they complied).In an ominous sign for the junta, Russia has rejected the Ukrainian idea.As for the junta, out of rage and spite, they have cut off energy supplies to Novorussia.  The Kremlin and Gazprom are now working on an emergency plan to provide Russian energy.The Saker

Estonia: NATO vehicles parade yards from Russia border reading...

The Very Sick Joke of American Justice Today

A New York court has fined the Palestine Liberation Organisation $218mn after it held the group liable for attacks in Israel 10 years ago, in which Americans were amongst the victims. The jury ruled in favour of 10 American families…

NEO â€" Putin…Face of the Global Resistance Movement

- 'One of our first hurdles is to get people to understand that most of us live in "occupied countries", but not the traditional sense.'

The Real American Exceptionalism: From Torture to Drone Assassination

“The sovereign is he who decides on the exception,” said conservative thinker Carl Schmitt in 1922, meaning that a nation’s leader can defy the law to serve the greater good. Though Schmitt’s service as Nazi Germany’s chief jurist and his…

World Health Organization Says Cell Phones a “Possible Cause of Cancer”

This article was first published in May 2011. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), part of the World Health Organization, has concluded that using cell phones may possibly cause cancer. The agency classifies exposure to radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic…

Three fronts for Russia: How Washington will fan the flames of chaos in Central Asia

by Ivan Lizan for OdnakoSource: Translated by Robin U.S. Gen. “Ben” Hodges’ statement that within four or five years Russia could develop the capability to wage war simultaneously on three fronts is not only an acknowledgment of the Russian Federation’s growing military potential but also a promise that Washington will obligingly ensure that all three fronts are right on the borders of the Russian Federation. In the context of China’s inevitable rise and the soon-to-worsen financial crisis, with the concomitant bursting of asset bubbles, the only way for the United States to maintain its global hegemony is to weaken its opponents. And the only way to achieve that goal is to trigger chaos in the republics bordering Russia. That is why Russia will inevitably enter a period of conflicts and crises on its borders. And so the first front in fact already exists in the Ukraine, the second will most likely be between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh, and the third, of course, will be opened in Central Asia. If the war in Ukraine leads to millions of refugees, tens of thousands of deaths, and the destruction of cities, defrosting the Karabakh conflict will completely undermine Russia’s entire foreign policy in the Caucasus. Every city in Central Asia is under threat of explosions and attacks. So far this “up-and-coming front” has attracted the least media coverage â€" Novorossiya dominates on national television channels, in newspapers, and on websites â€", but this theater of war could become one of the most complex after the conflict in the Ukraine. A subsidiary of the Caliphate under Russia’s belly The indisputable trend in Afghanistan â€" and the key source of instability in the region â€" is to an alliance between the Taliban and the Islamic State. Even so, the formation of their union is in its early days, references to it are scarce and fragmentary, and the true scale of the activities of the IS emissaries is unclear, like an iceberg whose tip barely shows above the surface of the water. But it has been established that IS agitators are active in Pakistan and in Afghanistan’s southern provinces, which are controlled by the Taliban. But, in this case, the first victim of chaos in Afghanistan is Pakistan, which at the insistence of, and with help from, the United States nurtured the Taliban in the 1980s. That project has taken on a life of its own and is a recurring nightmare for Islamabad, which has decided to establish a friendlier relationship China and Russia. This trend can be seen in the Taliban’s attacks on Pakistani schools, whose teachers now have the right to carry guns, regular arrests of terrorists in the major cities, and the start of activities in support of tribes hostile to the Taliban in the north. The latest legislative development in Pakistan is a constitutional amendment to expand military court jurisdiction [over civilians]. Throughout the country, terrorists, Islamists and their sympathizers are being detained. In the northwest alone, more than 8,000 arrests have been made, including members of the clergy. Religious organizations have been banned and IS emissaries are being caught. Since the Americans do not like putting all their eggs in one basket, they will provide support to the government in Kabul, which will allow them to remain in the country legitimately, and at the same time to the Taliban, which is transforming itself into IS. The outcome will be a state of chaos in which the Americans will not formally take part; instead, they will sit back on their military bases, waiting to see who wins. And then Washington will provide assistance to the victor. Note that its security services have been supporting the Taliban for a long time and quite effectively: some of the official security forces and police in Afghanistan are former Taliban and Mujahideen. Method of destruction The first way to destabilize Central Asia is to create problems on the borders, along with the threat that Mujahideen will penetrate the region. The testing of the neighbours has already started; problems have arisen in Turkmenistan, which has even had to ask Kabul to hold large-scale military operations in the border provinces. Tajikistan has forced the Taliban to negotiate the release of the border guards it abducted, and the Tajik border service reports that there is a large group of Mujahideen on its borders. In general, all the countries bordering Afghanistan have stepped up their border security. The second way is to send Islamists behind the lines. The process has already begun: the number of extremists in Tajikistan alone grew three-fold last year; however, even though they are being caught, it obviously will not be feasible to catch all of them. Furthermore, the situation is aggravated by the return of migrant workers from Russia, which will expand the recruiting base. If the stream of remittances from Russia dries up, the outcome may be popular discontent and managed riots. Kyrgyz expert Kadir Malikov reports that $70 million has been allocated to the IS military group Maverenahr, which includes representatives of all the Central Asian republics, to carry out acts of terrorism in the region. Special emphasis is placed on the Fergana Valley as the heart of Central Asia. Another point of vulnerability is Kyrgyzstan’s parliamentary elections, scheduled for this fall. The initiation of a new set of color revolutions will lead to chaos and the disintegration of countries. Self-supporting wars Waging war is expensive, so the destabilization of the region must be self-supporting or at least profitable for the U.S. military-industrial complex. And in this area Washington has had some success: it has given Uzbekistan 328 armored vehicles that Kiev had requested for its war with Novorossiya. At first glance, the deal isn’t profitable because the machines were a gift, but in reality Uzbekistan will be tied to U.S. spare parts and ammunition. Washington made a similar decision on the transfer of equipment and weapons to Islamabad. But the United States has not been successful in its attempts to impose its weapons systems on India: the Indians have not signed any contracts, and Obama was shown Russian military hardware when he attended a military parade. Thus the United States is drawing the countries in the region into war with its own protégés â€" the Taliban and Islamic State â€" and at the same time is supplying its enemies with weapons. *** So 2015 will be marked by preparations for widespread destabilization in Central Asia and the transformation of AfPak into an Islamic State subsidiary on the borders of Russia, India, China, and Iran. The start of full-scale war, which will inevitably follow once chaos engulfs the region, will lead to a bloodbath in the “Eurasian Balkans,” automatically involving more than a third of the world’s population and almost all the United States’ geopolitical rivals. It’s an opportunity Washington will find too good to miss. Russia’s response to this challenge has to be multifaceted: involving the region in the process of Eurasian integration, providing military, economic, and political assistance, working closely with its allies in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the BRICS, strengthening the Pakistani army, and of course assisting with the capture of the bearded servants of the Caliphate. But the most important response should be the accelerated modernization of its armed forces as well as those of its allies and efforts to strengthen the Collective Security Treaty Organization and give it the right to circumvent the highly inefficient United Nations. The region is extremely important: if Ukraine is a fuse of war, then Central Asia is a munitions depot. If it blows up, half the continent will be hit.

NEO â€" What America is really threatening in Ukraine

- "Henry Kamens gives us one hell of an overview of the present Ukraine mess, which I have compared to the Tar Baby in the briar patch from Uncle Remus."

Poland is Blowing in the Wrong Direction

Poland’s Foreign Minister compares his country’s relationship with USA to a “blowjob without getting paid”. In a taped “over a dinner conversation” with Jacek Rostowski, a former Polish Minister of Finance, Poland’s FM Radoslaw Sikorski allegedly expressed his frustration as … “We will get a conflict with both Russians and Germans, and we’re going to think […]

NEO â€" China’s Global Political Shift

Jim W. Dean..."The continuing economic fratricide in the West has caused China to look for more stable long term partners among its neighbors. Peking seems to have chosen them all."

NEO â€" Are the Ukraine talks a NATO ploy?

- "Censored from Western media is the fact that the 'special status' for the New Republics recently passed by Kiev has a six month expiration date "

Molotov’s grandson and Ribbentrop’s son signed a peace pact

February 24, 2015Vk-smi.ruOriginally published on March 27, 2010Translated by Kristina Rus A conversation with Vyacheslav Nikonov, Molotov’s grandson. Not “Molotov”, “For Molotov”! - Everyone heard of the “Molotov cocktail”, but not everyone knows, were it came from… - I have already realized that Molotov is most commonly associated with two things – the Molotov – […]Continue reading...

Seven countries in five years

by "Observer"translated by "lmimkac" (thanks a lot!!) and the US dollar is raising from the dead. Ukraine fulfilled its purpose, ISIL conquering Iraq and Syria, just conquering strategic Koban. Turkey does possum, Kurdistan rejoices. Asad has yet to fall, then comes the Iran and the "New Middle East" will be finished and dollar saved. Or - weaned Russia, China and dependent dollar still petrodollar. So simple!But first about how the stones fit into a mosaic.The December's 2014 hit of all pro-Western news media was a celebration of the weak ruble. Low oil prices with the US sanctions enjoying a robust support of Europe took a penalty and Russia is getting where they want her to be - on her knees. I am just wondering about how the situation would have developed, if Yanukovych had signed the association agreement with the EU. Apparently the US would "only" have built up NATO bases on Ukrainian-Russian border and the next process of targeted weakening of Russian Federation would continue in a "moderate" way â€" by classical color revolutions to remove Putin (this effort is still ongoing and weakened ruble also fulfills this purpose). But Yanukovych did not sign it and action "Ukraine" was performed in a very bloody way. Today, no one in the US or EU cares about that Ukraine is not far from bankruptcy, they are even not interested in having Ukraine join NATO and that is because it was really never about Ukraine. Ukraine is to only fulfill one purpose: to separate Russia from Europe, to prevent Russia from trading with European countries, but above all - to get rid of Europe's energy dependence on Russia. And as we will see later on, that was the most important purpose. And because this should have been achieved at any cost (and how else than through the oil and gas taps on the Ukrainian territory), Ukraine would have paid the price to its strategic location by hook or crook. I say "paid the price" because by joining the EU, no country helped itself and Ukraine especially would not (just remember the text of the Association Agreement not to mention the fact that it would become a territory where all European gypsies would be moved to).But action Majdan eventually served more than if Yanukovych signed the agreement. Majdan has become a trump-card in the hands of the US and EU and the rest has been arranged by the corporate media. And the world has fancied that Russia is evil and Putin is Hitler and therefore it is necessary to defend him and hurriedly flee from him. There was a reason for the anti-Russian sanctions (secured even by the downed Boeing). One year from Majdan and we are where we are - Russia is almost separated from Europe, sells oil for little and its currency is falling. Thanks to this, the US dollar is just getting a few drops of living water and, seeing how the plans are being met, also optimism into the veins. However, it is not time to celebrate yet, more is coming down the road. We have to have a look at other news that would seem to be saying something completely different, but it is not - it still only and only about the dying US dollar.And it is all about US dollar for many years. Years ago a plan to maintain its hegemony was laid down and it is about to be finished. Ukraine is part of the finale, like ISIL, Kurdistan, Turkey, currently city of Kobani. Before it was a number of other countries and it is revealed only in hindsight what their place in the mosaic is. Even the September 11 could be seen through completely different optics and I am now convinced that this also was a flint stone but necessary - an event to get a public approval to start. And this plan from its very beginning has a clear goal, see this quotation from one speech:"In 1991 I had a meeting with Paul Wolfowitz (former president of the World Bank and at that time the second deputy of US Department of Defense, which was a very high position) and I told him that he must surely be satisfied with Operation Desert Storm (Kuwait). And he answered: Well, yeah, but not quite, because the truth is that we wanted to get rid of Saddam Hussein and we failed. But there is one thing we have learned - we found out that we can use our military in the Middle East, and the Soviets will not stop us. We now have about five to ten years, to clean up the area from the old Soviet influence before an appearance of a new big superpower that we will be able to challenge us. Subvert the entire Middle East, destabilize it and repaint the map - that was the planned strategy! Ten days after September 11, I was walking in the Pentagon (where else was I supposed to be at that time?) when I was called by the commander of the US coastal waters asking me to come to his office. He told me there that he wanted to let me know that we were going to attack Iraq. Why? I asked him, does it have any connection with the terrorist attacks? Unfortunately, it's even worse. I have just got this Memorandum from the Ministry of Defence. It says that we have to attack and destroy the governments of . Let's start with Iraq, then we move to Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan and Iran . Is this an official battle plan? - I asked him. Yes, sir! "This is a quote from interviews in 1991 and the end of September 2001, as described by the US General Wesley Clark in his speech in October 2007. The full speech is known as a video under the unofficial title "' [ here ]Let me once again repeat the words of former World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz: “But there is one thing we have learned - we found out that we can use our military in the Middle East, and the Soviets will not stop us. We now have about five to ten years, to clean up the area from the old Soviet influence before an appearance of a new big superpower that we will be able to challenge us.” . And I stress that these words are from 1991! It is not a subject of this article, but â€" do not you feel that the USA really needed September 11? Already in October, after the attack on the WTC Afghanistan was attacked (and the US is trying to take control of it until present days. It is called an underbelly of Russia i.e. a very sensitive place for Russia) and then everything continued the way we all know.After Kuwait (An attempt to overthrow S. Hussein in 1991 and confirm that the US can rely on Gorbachev and the Soviets really left USA free hand in this this field) came Afghanistan (October 2001). Next: Iraq (2003 and the overthrow of Hussein), Syria (2011 and a civil war)) Lebanon (strategic territory for Israel and Syria, and the eternal struggle in 2006 Cedar Revolution). Further on, the US got engaged in Africa: Sudan (1996 attacks due to bin Laden's stay in this area, in 2003 uprising). Under the title "Arab Spring" more African countries are hauled into the play: Libya (2011 overthrow of Gaddafi), Egypt (2011 overthrow of Mubarak). Also, do not miss Algiers (1991 overthrow of the President and still under military rule and martial law) and Morocco (since 1999 ruled by a king Mohamed IV., Who has good relations with the US, so we do not hear much about Morocco). Ethiopia is also a friend of the US (in 1991 turned away from the Soviets and became a security guard American interests through wars with neighboring Eritrea). Next Somalia is also in the US viewfinder (entry of the US Army in 2007) and on the opposite side is even Pakistan, a neighbor of Afghanistan and especially Russia (Al-Kájida assassination of Buth in 2007).I for a long time did not understand the context of the US engagement in these countries. I had the classic explanation that comes to energy sources in oil-rich countries, but seeing Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia and others my understanding was elusive. But it only needed to take a good look at a map:The European Union and the Arab Spring have the same purpose - to expand the US influence to the EastPut aside oil and we can see another US strategic interest in the mentioned countries. And that is the borders that have come under control of the US to exactly according to their plan close the grip on Russia from all sides. So what is happening in Europe since the fall of the Berlin Wall through the EU, in Africa and the Middle East takes place as the Arab Spring. And when, after a few years since the launch of the plan we have a look at the map, from Northern Europe to Southern Africa, almost all countries including the important seas are under the US control.The south of Europe could be seen in a completely different light and it is clear why Spain and Greece was never allowed to fall, but instead became the most dependent vassals. Also North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Egypt) as well as the East (Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia - and I can not stop from remarking that it is no coincidence that Sudan was the second African country, where Ebola appeared and that a conference for the unification of Africa in the fight against Ebola took place in befriended Ethiopia. For primitive peoples it just a simple means of obedience and looking out to the Americans as the gods because they "accidentally" have a cure).When we examine the Mediterranean coast then all around almost (!) all countries are under the US (EU) control and there is no trace of any Soviet or Russian interests. However. up to two (and now actually three) countries. And these are Lebanon, Syria and now even Turkey. Apart from an indication that there are significant oil and gas reserves in the waters around Greece and Cyprus, the Black Sea is considered a strategic transit and military area where the US plans are only being dented by Lebanon and Syria; but more on that later.When we go further on to East Africa, we see that the US has control of the whole Red Sea, because the other side is controlled by Saudi Arabia and Israel. And by controlling the Red Sea they also control the Arabian Sea and the Suez Canal!The "New Middle East" and "' project goes according to the plan, and before there is a grand finale, which will be Iraq, Syria and then Iran, they are trying to to disable Russia by bringing NATO bases close to its borders (hence the involvement of Ukraine, Afghanistan and Pakistan) as well as working to make Russia not economically grow but by far the best option would be to get it economically collapse. And all that is to at any price prevent Russia from rising up to be a competing superpower. And that is the reason for low oil prices in collaboration with the Saudis...The next map clearly shows why Ukraine is so important and why Putin has gone too far by letting Crimea join Russia. The plan was to have Ukraine and with it another sea, this time Black Sea full of NATO bases and to become part of the US-EU border with Russia. Ukraine should have been "completed" before Turkey becomes the next; Turkey is planned to have a role of alias Ukraine and the main role next to Syria and Iraq. When you walk through the map from the north to the south through the lens of the EU member states and the optics of the Arab Spring, you can see that the plan has progressed a lot since its launch. All of Europe including the countries of the former Soviet Union is united in the EU and now militarily and economically under the influence of the United States, from Norway down to Georgia and Azerbaijan - Ukraine and Crimea, and the whole Black Sea is still being worked on. The entire North and West Africa is under the US control, but the only obstacle in controlling the whole Mediterranean Sea and the whole Middle East, is now Syria and Iraq. And currently Turkey is a country of a paramount strategic importance! Turkey is a neighbor of Syria, Iraq and Iran and has good relations with Russia. And it is so close from there to Crimea, just across the Black Sea. Moreover to Russian Crimea not NATO Crimea. And that is what Putin has committed the most for what he cannot be forgiven (he betrayed the NWO). The Black Sea then has become far greater obstacle than it was expected to be in relation to the role of Turkey.Turkey is namely a fundamental point through which Europe is planned to become energy independent of Russia or respectively to put aside Russian energy resources from the European reach. It is thus killing two birds with one stone, because both are desirable.Putin canceled South Stream, petrodollar is on the riseI started the article with the hit of the December 2014 news that the ruble was weakened. But the bigger hit should be a different December report such as a statement that Putin was to cancel the completion of the South Stream project. In other words â€" Russia would not deliver gas to Europe via the south route (via the Black Sea) (the northern route, Nord Stream through which the Russian gas is delivered to Germany, is up and running). South Stream was expected to cross the Black Sea to Bulgaria, via Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia and Austria in northeastern Italy with branches to Croatia, Macedonia, Greece and Turkey. Its construction was decided in 2010 and should have been completed the year after. After the Russia-Crimea reunification the US-EU decided to push Putin via South Stream. How much from the Crimea-Russia reunification did the EU scream that South Stream is legally wrong. How much did the EU threaten Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria that the construction must be suspended! Hungary was the most criticized for waiting with the work suspension to the last minute, while Bulgaria announced the end already in June - "The Bulgarian government at the request of Brussels suspended work on the South Stream" until the final cancellation of the project by Putin himself. And now on to the three-hour conference Putin says that the Russian crisis would last more than two years and that then the world would again need Russia's energy resources. Putin realized that it was whatsoever not about the pipeline or gas transport through Ukrainian territory, but from the beginning it is just and just about shutdown of Russian oil and gas from European markets. Therefore, not only weakened ruble, but especially the withdrawal of Russia from additional gas supplies to Europe is the living water for the US dollar! What the US needs is Europe's energy dependency on other than Russian resources and Russia deprived of energy markets and thus economically depressed.The South Stream, and I can add is as a complete mockery of the current EU position headed by A.Merkel. It was her who mostly called for the end of the completion of South Stream, she ordered its termination and when Putin declared that the project would not continue (some servers describe this as the pride and pique, others as punishment for Europe, which has no other source, and by 2015 would have not), it was again Merkel, who mandated Bulgaria to require completion! Otherwise she threatened Russia with courts and penalties for failure to comply with agreements not only to Bulgaria but to the whole EU! So, after Russia is economically weakened by the economic sanctions and low oil prices, it is threatened with more penalties for failure to comply with contracts!Dollar is getting living water and is rising from the dead. Who would think that the reason is the American shales (that Europe counts on), they are mistaken. The cancellation of the South Stream is moving closer to a plan which is currently being executed by ISIL and to the task actually Turkey is supposed to fulfill. The next map shows an area that is being controlled by ISIL. This area spreads through Iraq and Syria (again two birds with one stone?), But in addition, note city of Kobani on the border with Turkey. Have a look at this Syrian city and Turkey from other key points:Ukrainian Majdan and ISIL perform the same task - oil and gasIn 2013, Ukraine had to sign an association agreement with the EU, Yanukovych was pressured from all sides and it was believed that by the end of the year it would have been done. Now it is time to focus on the final point of the plan, which is Syria and Iraq. And Turkey. The Islamic State has existed since 1999, but in 2013 it was radicalized. And by some "accident" after May 2013 the US Senator McCain pays a visit to the future ISIL leaders and during friendly meetings he even got photographed with them. Once again see on the previous map the marked area where the ISIL is most radical: Syria and Iraq (in Iraq, especially those areas where oil is extracted) and the border with Turkey â€" city of Kobani. Throughout 2014, the main events covered by the mainstream media was ISIL - their expansion and conquest of oil terminals. And because Yanukovych did not sign, we also start hearing about Majdan in Ukraine throughout the year. But the situation is such that in the meantime, "Ukraine" task got complicated by not having the Association Agreement signed up (it is currently being finalized at any cost, even at the cost of bringing Nazis to power). The task "Syria, Iraq, Turkey," that was too started in accordance with the plan is running independently of the "unfinished" Ukraine plan. And that is despite the fact that year 2014 brought a complication, which was not foreseen and that is the loss of Crimea. However, Ukraine and equally ISIL are about the borders, about the sphere of influence under the US control, about putting Russia on a side-track and taking control of all Eastern energy resources.A project about how to get oil and gas to Europe while having Russia completely excluded is already in existence since 2002 and is the Nabucco pipeline. Caspian carbon to Europe passes through Turkey, Middle East carbon carbon goes to Europe via Turkey. Turkey starring and a big Majdan on the horizonI have long believed that the aim of Europe's energy independence from Russia promoted by the US and its European slaves is Europe's dependence on the US shales. This certainly will happen because there will be no other alternative to Europe other than to buy expensive American energy - especially when Putin resigned from the South Stream and Nabucco ended in a fiasco. But no American shale have to supply energy to Europe, Europe is to be dependent on Caspian and the Middle East oil in particular. And one fact is that the energy from both the US shale or from the Middle East will be paid for by the US dollar.Therefore already in 2002 the project Nabucco was founded. It's still an unbuilt pipeline, which should reduce Europe's dependence on Russian gas and oil and it was to bring Caspian gas from Azerbaijan to Europe. Russia sends 120 billion cubic meters of gas per year to Europe and that just across Ukraine, while the capacity of Nabucco was planned to be at 31 billion cubic meters at most. However, if there was also a branch to Iran added, the capacity would be fully covered by its resources only. Since Iranian resources are out of the sight of Europe and the Caspian supplies would be insufficient, Europe in its own interest kept delaying the construction of Nabucco against the US will. However, the biggest problem for Nabucco was Turkey that asked for up to 15 percent of the gas pumped away for their needs. After years of negotiations with the EU Turkey finally gave up this requirement. (Note: Do you also see that when it comes to joining the EU these similarities between Turkey and Ukraine cases are purely coincidental?)In 2009, when the transport arrangements among Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Austria were agreed, the signing of an agreement on the construction of the Nabucco pipeline took place. Turkish Prime Minister called it a historic moment and the EU expected that the first gas independent of Russia, comes to Europe as early as 2014. And this despite the fact that - as was said then - "there are still a few issues, one of which the most pressing is the one from which sites the gas would be pumped for Nabucco . " It was counted from the beginning on the Azerbaijani sources, then on the fact that there are another large oil and gas reserves in the Caspian Sea so the production volume would gradually increase. In the summer of 2013, however, came the shocking news: The fiasco for the EU and USA, the Nabucco project ends, Europe would remain dependent on Russian gas.Instead of the Nabucco pipeline Azerbaijan chose to transport gas to Europe TANAP-TAP pipeline, which would lead to the Turkish border via Greece and Albania and to Italy. The main reason behind was lower capital cost and higher gas prices in the South. The EU and USA were especially shocked and Putin rejoiced. The construction of the South Stream pipeline, although already decided in 2007 and sealed in 2010 - regardless of Nabucco - was in my opinion approved only because the Caspian resources do not have enough capacity needed for Europe and only for so long until Nabucco is connected to other sources of oil (Iraq, Iran, Egypt). Only then the dependence on Russia would fully be achieved. Furthermore, the South Stream praised the fact that the Russian Gazprom would only have a 50% stake and the remaining 50% would be split among the German, Italian and Austrian corporations. And, of course, the South Stream was approved under the influence of high expectations from Nabucco project. And suddenly it was all over.Under the US influence even after the Nabucco cancellation the EU has not given up on finding ways to expel Russian gas from Europe. Again, after long negotiations with Turkey in the end a month before Putin announced the cancellation of South Stream, Turkish President Erdogan signed final documents needed for construction of TANAP-TAP pipeline. It was agreed in late October 2014 that the construction of TANAP-TAP can begin. The first Caspian gas to be transported this way to Turkey would be in 2018 and from Turkey to Europe in 2019. TANAP-TAP pipeline has been projected to bypass Russia and is essentially similar to Nabucco.When we summarize projects Nabucco, South Stream and TANAP-TAP the EU still has problems to meet the US wishes to get rid of Europe's energy dependence on Russia. In addition, whether it is Nabucco or TANAP-TAP, Europe always needs Turkey. Turkey is aware of it and dictates the terms, while the EU plays chess with Turkey (this explains not only why Turkey is still not a member of the EU, but it also explains the recent attempts of a color revolution in Turkey). Oil and gas deliveries from Saudi Arabia to Europe, it needs to get in the first place through Syria. Syria is guarded by the Russian interests from one side and it also makes sure the energy flow was not over the Mediterranean sea and on the other side it makes sure it even does not go over Turkey. Syria alongside with Lebanon represents the only setback on the Mediterranean coast and the only country Russia has not left with the post-Soviet anti-Zionist influence. The same problem is Iraq, an ally of Syria (extra full of oil) and also Iran (the largest anti US dollar country full of oil that, however, wants to manage it on their own, not just to feed the petrodollar).Now we know why suddenly there is such a radical leg of the IS. Why this radical leg is conquering Syria and Iraq, why it is conquering just oil terminals and why exactly rushing to town so insignificant as the Syrian city of Kobani on the border with Turkey. And why Turkey (the second largest army in NATO) suddenly becomes a dead beetle when it comes to fighting ISIL. And why it suddenly becomes an ally, not only of Russia but also ISIL. Turkey has finally understood what was known a long ago - it was to be thrown overboard. And that there is such Majdan ready for Turkey that the Ukrainian one was really just a slight "virus disease". I want to add that country carrying oil and gas have the same luck as those that have oil and gas - from both the profit is benefited and taken by the USA.All roads lead to city of Kobani and Ceyhan. NATO Alliance on side of Kurdistan"Battle of Kobani may rewrite the history of the Middle East," a headline of one blog says; in which the author among other things writes: Kobani - a city that a few weeks ago was practically not known apart from the Kurds or the inhabitants of Syria. Now that name inflicts media in all corners of our planet, starting with CNN and Chinese CCTV ending. But why are the allies spending so much effort that costs daily Washington and other countries millions of dollars, while the result is not sure at all?The answers are few. Kobani, a rural town in which 45 thousand people lived before the outbreak of fighting, is defacto the last bastion of the Kurds, and if the Islamic state conquered it, that would have opened the way to the occupation of the territory along the 1200 km long Turkish-Syrian border . Fatal consequences would then be mainly for the Kurds that the Jihadists kill on sight and cut off their heads.Victory would also strengthen the position of the Islamic State that sends more and more fighters to city of Kobani. The whole world would have shown that it can not stop raids that involve even the most advanced US fighters . Finally, the IS would gain control of the areas that would be used to send much greater amount of smuggled oil and collect millions more dollars.Turkish hypocrisy - thousands of Kurdish refugees alongside with Turkish soldiers are every day watching the fight in Kobani. The guns of their tanks are pointing to IS positions, but they do not open fire on them. Ankara, in the past, one of the key NATO allies, is refusing to help the Kurds and attack the Jihadists.Turkish tenacity in which they refuse to retreat raises further speculation. Why did the IS dismiss dozens of detainees Turks, while the Americans, British and Iraqi journalists are being beheaded and videos of their executions sent out to the whole world? Why did they even dismiss relatives of Caliph of the IS held in Turkish prisons or hospitals?And why did 180 Islamic radicals find themselves free, some of whom holding British, Swiss and Macedonian passports and everyone immediately engaged in combat in Iraq and Syria?Ankara practically did not respond to calls from Syrian Kurds for help. Even the United States failed to persuade Ankara to at least give its air bases to strike against IS. To this day they have start from Bahrain, Qatar and other countries in the Arabian Peninsula.The massacre of Kurds, who are connected to the Kurdistan Workers Party PKK, in Turkey banned and called a terrorist group, plays Turks into cards. Therefore, Turkey has criticized the US supply of arms and ammunition to the Kurds in Kobani. Conversely Ankara lets the leading members of the so-called Syrian opposition, whether they represent a Front al-Nusrat - al-Qaeda in Syria or even Islamic State, drink in coffee shops in Istanbul."Turkey as NATO and IS ally â€" is a shame of the alliance. The Turkish government has repeatedly indicated publicly that they would not cooperate with NATO in case of possible military action against ISIS until the Jihadists would not start conquering their own borders. And if someone else has the feeling that perhaps the IS would invade Turkey, they will surely be disappointed. Turkey, on the contrary subtly reinforces alliance with ISIS and did not allow NATO forces mobile base on its territory. And if it's not far enough to the media and intelligence agencies to start examining whether Turkey was committing war crimes, it is at least to to wonder what Turkey can do against NATO itself.Turkey has for weeks been releasing prisoners - orthodox Muslims or even directly IS members in exchange for Turkish men captured by IS. Among other things they freed a Muslim who murdered in Northern Europe and was caught in Turkey. Turkey that is trying to cover for a genocide from the beginning of the last century perhaps subtly expresses his gratitude.ISIS with Turkey agreed upon building an embassy in Turkey. So by doing so Turkey has recognized IS as an official and full-fledged nation. With its own actions that are effectively going against NATO Turkey goes even further. Turkey and IS on its borders do not let the Kurds enter city of Kobani. Turks alongside the Islamists do not let the Kurds neither with water nor food across the border to city of Kobani. An adequate reaction would be to exclude Turkey from the alliance and suspend all negotiations on joining the club with the EU. There would come even greater influence of Islam in Europe with it.It's a mess, and who in fact could understand it? Nevertheless, it is quite simple - the US decided to sacrifice a good chunk of Turkey's territory in favor of a new Kurdistan. Turkey borders as they are, would not be valid anymore and the Kurds living here in Syria, here in Iraq and Iran, and also in a great part of Turkey, should have their new great and officially recognized state at the expense of reduction of Syria and especially Turkey and division of Iraq. The emergence of Kurdistan is a goal. Kurdistan, which would be thankful for the expansion of their country so that it would not oppose to oil and gas transits in any direction as it has been done by Turkey, and would become subservient to the US. Turkey, as well as Ukraine pays for its strategic position and as well as Ukraine faces a choice to either sacrifice a piece of their land for the establishment of Kurdistan or prefer to ally with ISIL. Which evil is easier to cope with for Turkey to make a stand against after having the USA forcing it (like Ukraine) to the necessity to choose from?It is, from early beginning, perhaps obvious to IS leaders that they are supposed to meet the US interests and once a complete breakdown in all the three mentioned countries is achieved, NATO would stop from pretending that it has no power to defeat them and that all the promises (including the Islamization of Europe) are just a grass field. Indeed, even now we can hear from all sides that "the greatest danger for the world is an Islamic state". And maybe the IS is following this game to get something for themselves. And the IS might know that it is just a matter of time until NATO in alliance with Kurdistan attacks the same Islamists, with whom they are pretending an inability to militarily cope with (which is especially an obvious fact).What was a friendly meeting with Senator McCain future leaders ISIL in May 2013, when today, all NATO alliance have not a bigger problem than ISIL defeat?And is not there something strange in the fact that NATO, daring to engage Russia, is losing with some ISIL and to help against IS mobilizes and supports the Kurds? It reminds me very much of the support of the fascists in Ukraine. Turkey so far, as well as Ukraine had quite normal life - whether it was any pipeline in question, Turkey has always had links to the Russian source so to Iranian. The focal point of supply to Turkey is town Ceyhan, a city with finished transit routes from the Middle East. City of Ceyhan is located on the Mediterranean Sea, and it is a short walk to the Syrian Allepa. So having dominated Ceyhan it would be enough to remove Assad from power and oil from Qatar and Saudi-Arabia can freely travel to Europe. Ceyhan lies on the same border line as the Syrian city of Kobani. This begs a question: Is an attack on Syrian Kobani way to get to Turkish Ceyhan and thereby control the border with Syria and Turkey to break the two obstacles in the way of the Middle East energy to Europe? Because why to wait for TANAP-TAP pipeline when you can cancel Turkey and Syria in its present form and establish Kurdistan on the part of their territories and the Middle East carbon path to Europe would almost be complete. And why do not send Qatar, Saudi-Arabian and Israeli carbon to Europe just by getting rid off Assad, take advantage of Ceyhan city and the route to Europe would almost be finished. What it is really all about is Kobani and Ceyhan and the Syrian-Turkish border.Here is also a video where you can again see the map of ISIL operations around Kobani and you can hear Pentagon stating that American air strikes can not save Kobani from its takeover of the government of ISIL, although there are unspeakable crimes against humanity waiting for the people in this country, until ISIL wins., Iran and Turkey know about the plan since 2006Now I have to return to the very beginning and recall a video, in which Wesley Clark, in 2007, delivered his speech "Seven countries within five years." Here is a link [here ], and this time I suggest time at around 5:55, where W. Clark says, "And that's why we collapsing in Iraq. Because Syria and Iran are aware of this plan "I do not know what motives led W. Clark, the former Pentagon's slave, to his speech. There might really be a change in his heart and he really meant it. But his speech raises doubts about the fact that it was delivered a year after maps from 2006 to redraw the borders of the Middle East leaked to the public. These maps also reached Turkey leaving it in a deep shock. Here are the maps plotting the borders of the Middle East Before and After:See that Kurdistan that has taken a part of Turkey, Syria and Iraq? And who entire NATO is helping fight ISIS?The US dollar is rejoicing prematurelyIf Syria, Iran and Turkey know the plan from 2006, s Russia certainly knows about it. And quite possibly ISIL leaders also know about it. So we created a classic situation where two are fighting and the third can laugh. The US want to defeat Russia and want to remove her from the position of a global player. And how else then through the energy resources. To do this, the US needs to not only push Russia out of energy markets, but also own a maximum of world energy resources. Why, it's simple; whoever wants to buy oil and gas, they must first buy the US dollar. Because there is no other way of self-preservation of the USA that it is being threaten by a total bankruptcy. For its plans to work the US need to dominate the whole of Europe economically, so that Europe could only trade with the US (it is almost done) and energetically so it wholly depends on the resources under the US control - whether it's American-Canadian shale, or Caspian or Middle Eastern source. The ideal would be if China has also become dependent on energy for dollars.Thus weakened ruble and Putin's resignation from South Stream is flowing blood into the veins of the petrodollar, but it has not won yet. Majdan in Ukraine finished by connecting Crimea to Russia - a biggest upset of the plan. A Majdan in Turkey is currently evolving in such a direction that a country with the second largest army in NATO is not only helpful to ISIL, but wants to recognize the state that already controls most of the Middle Easte energy resources and get it on its side. At the same time Turkey is increasingly leading friendlier negotiations with Russia â€" and the media commented that Erdogan meeting with Putin is an event comparable only with Crimea-Russia reunification. Well why not? Turkey is in the same situation as Ukraine and the color of the Black Sea got a completely different shade after Putin was received with royal honors in Turkey. what that means for the world is anything other than that the US will resort to harsher means than the nazification of Ukraine, Kurdistan or muslimification of Europe or the Middle East to achieve their goals. And Putin will resist. And it looks like Turkey will defend itself too. The war to save the petrodollar is already on the way and USA are playing vabanque with the world. And stupid Europe is helping the very third time in its history.Let's follow the developments surrounding Kobani and Ceyhan and watch not only Russian, but also Turkey's attitude. If the country with the second strongest army in NATO decided instead to ally with artificially created enemy of the US and even link up with Russia, there is truly a global Majdan ahead. But what else could be expected from a desperado before bankruptcy the USA is. One American editor in his article, among others, writes: "If the US knew another way to keep global power than war, would long ago have used it. But because of having Russia weakened and China controlled so it develops just as much as it is allowed, no other option exists than the full control over the world's energy resources and having the NATO bases closest to the Russian and Chinese border. As a result the world stands before the great world war to maintain the petrodollar's hegemony. Do you need oil or gas, buy a dollar otherwise forget it. And this is true and especially for Europe, which is fully subdued into the USA services.The whole situation is very reminiscent of the world after the crash on the NY Stock Exchange in 1929 and subsequent WW II. Even then, the US joined with anyone - Stalin and Hitler promoting genocide from both sides and would eventually join the winner. And today - Christians, Muslims, Jews fight again, the USA needs it!And finally have a look at the last map [ here ], and notice the position of Israel. It is done in the USA, Europe and Africa and what remains is to control just a little bit of the world on that map. All the "conspiracy" talking about Greater Israel and the Anglo-American-Zionist connection might not seem to be a conspiracy whatsoever.The purpose of the article is not the view of the Islamists, Kurds and others. The purpose is to illustrate how one country makes what they want of the whole world. And it uses the very same script all the time: "Make the problem and then solve the problem?" or "Use a kick out when used up" until in the finals we are all victims. The main purpose of this article is to show how all the world events are just pebbles in the mosaic of one global power. May God save the world.Using resources [ here ] and [ here ]December 29, 2014 - Addition of two very related information:1) After the collapse of South Stream on December 8 Turkey and Russia agreed to build a pipeline between the two countries, Gazprom already setting up companies for its construction. Meanwhile nameless pipeline is already partially done. Freshly-based company Gazprom Russkaia just lay pipelines along the bottom of the Black Sea and stretch it to Turkey to Greek border. (Black Sea, it again takes on new importance because this probably would not be liked)2) The title "The fighting in Iraq to help the independence of Kurdistan and the foreign oil companies" - Kurdistan in the last three years (!) has concluded a number of contracts with foreign oil companies, including Exxon Mobil, Total and Chevron oil, and despite the fact that Baghdad is fundamentally against. Kurdistan has managed to prepare large quantities of oil for export using trucks and tankers despite the statement of Baghdad that these are illegal activities. The pipeline for export is now complete and millions of barrels over it were sent to the Mediterranean port of Ceyhan , still not for sale. Tankers, containing 2 million barrels of Kurdish oil, waiting for buyers who are afraid to buy because Baghdad wants to sue anyone who buys this oil. The Kurds have an estimated 45 billion oil and planning to export 400,000 barrels per day " [source] . A richest deposits are around the city of Kirkuk, which is to become part of Kurdistan - Observer -Form an original published by AE News:

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Debaltsevo fallout in Banderastan

An EU Coalition of the Willing? When I first heard of Poroshenko's latest idea about sending peacekeepers to the Ukraine, I had figured that he was talking about UN peacekeepers, the only ones with any possible legality for such an operation.  Turns out I had "misunderestimated" Poroshenko.  His idea is even crazier: he wants *EU* "peacekeepers"!  This is what the official website of the President of the Ukraine says:Ukraine considers the EU mission in the framework of the Common Security and Defense Policy the best option of peacekeeping operation in Donbas, as stated by President Petro Poroshenko at the meeting with Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations Johannes Hahn in Kyiv. The Head of State has outlined clear position: "Russia, as country-aggressor, cannot and will not take part in the peacekeeping operation". "Ukraine will not agree to a peacekeeping format, which threatens to legalize thousands of Russian militaries â€" we already have enough such "peacekeepers"," Petro Poroshenko noted. The President has informed on the decision of the National Security and Defense Council to appeal to the UN Security Council with a request for an international peacekeeping mission to ensure the preservation of peace in Donbas and control the Ukrainian-Russian border in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. "The format of the European Union Police Mission is preferable," the President added.Am I the only one who is detecting a distinctly American "handwriting" behind this latest idea?  Look again: the idea is this - first go to the UN and when the Russians and Chinese veto it, then turn to the EU and use EU states to make a "coalition of the willing".  Why?  Let me spell out the rationale here:The prime goal of the USA was to get Russia to militarily intervene in the Donbass to trigger a continental war.  Now that this has clearly failed, they want the Europeans to enter the Donbass with exactly the same goal.  Once the EU peacekeepers are deployed, all it would take is a bloody false flag (an artillery strike, or a bomb) killing enough EU peacekeepers to raise the immediate need to protect them.  Except that the EU does not have any "EU armed forces" so can you guess who would be sent it?  Exactly - NATO.Will the Europeans fall for that?  I doubt it.  Even the Eurocretins seemed to have lost their taste for crazy US Neocon schemes.  Besides, Russia is not Serbia and there is no way the EU will bypass the UNSC for a military operation, not without triggering a huge political crisis inside Europe.  To me this latest plans smacks of something McCain and Saakashvili could have cooked up and not something coming out of this White House.  God knows I have no sympathy for the Obama Administration or for the Eurocretins in Brussels, but this latest stunt is dumb even by their standards.Poroshenko and his victorious troops celebrate their newest victory!Die Fahne hoch! Die Reihen fest geschlossen! SA marschiert mit ruhig festem Schritt. (The flag on high! The ranks tightly closed! The SA march with quiet, steady step. Horst Wessel Lied - Nazi anthem)Looks like the Nazi death squads are on the march again, this time they are looking at Kiev.  Thirteen death-squad (aka "volunteer battalion") leaders have now declared that they are forming their own military command under the command of the notorious Semen Semenchenko. Officially, they are not in any way opposed to the current regime, so said Semenchenko, but in reality their rank and file members are pretty clear about what they want to do: organize a third Maidan and toss out Poroshenko.  What makes these 21st century version of the SA so dangerous for Poroshenko it that he, unlike Hitler, does not have a 21st century version of the SS to eliminate them all overnight.  In fact, according to many reports the entire southern part of the rump-Ukraine is now "Kolomoiski-land" fully under the control of the oligarch who finances these death-squads.  Add to this the fact that most of the Rada is composed of the very same battalion commanders and assorted Nazi freaks, and you will why Poroshenko is now very much in danger.The next leaders of Banderastan?Poroshenko can try to present the Debaltsevo disaster as a huge victory, but apparently everybody in the Ukraine knows the truth and that, in turn, designates Poroshenko as the ideal scape-goat and culprit for what happened.   The sad reality is that there is simply nobody in the Ukraine capable of disarming these so-called "volunteer battalions".  There are now thousands of uniformed Nazi freaks roaming around with guns who can now impose their law of the jungle on everybody.  It sure looks like the future of Banderastan will be something like a mix of Somalia and Mad Max - a failed state, a comprehensively destroyed economy, a collapsed social order and the law of armed gangs of thugs.In a couple of days it will be one year since the US-backed Nazis took power in Kiev and when I think of what they have "achieved" in such a short period of time I wonder if the idiots who were jumping on the Maidan and screaming "he who does not jump is a Moskal" and "glory to the Ukraine! to the heroes glory!" had any idea that their actions would completely destroy the country which they wanted to bring into the EU.The Saker

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Yet another monumental failure for the junta All my sources confirm that Debaltsevo is mostly in Novorussian hands and that the junta forces are in full retreat to the south of the pocket.  All the top Novorussian brass was on hand today, including Kononov, Motorola, Givi, Mozgovoi and Zakharchenko as were many tens of Ukrainian […]Continue reading...

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Dear friends,New blog presentation format: A lot of you have emailed me to tell me that they don't like the "thematic" presentation used for the new blog and that you prefer a regular "chronological" one.  That is very simple to address:If you prefer the "thematic" one use this link: you prefer the "chronological" one use this link: I think that with time you will see that having a choice of both is actually very helpful.  The thematic mode makes it far easier to research a topic while the second one makes it far easier to get the latest news.  I think that this flexibility is a huge improvement over the rigid "chronological only" format.Delay between posts on the old and new blog:Some have noticed that post appear hear before they appear on the new blog.  Correct.  I am learning the various options offered by WordPress and my webmaster helps me in the process.  So especially in the beginning, there will be a time lag between here (blogger is very simple to use, but also have very little functionality) and there (WordPress is extremely powerful but take a little bit of time to learn).Moderation on the new blog:Finally, moderation should improve massively.  I remind you that my moderation policy is spelled out here: just to clarify - my moderators (there are 10 of them) have a sole function to allow comments which are clearly in compliance with that policy.  However, they do not delete the others, but leave them to me to make the final decision.  In other words, don't blame them from not allowing a comment, if that happens - blame me.The good news is that your comments should get posted much faster.  Also, there will be no software-controlled moderation and no obligation to sign up.Comments:Please do not post comments on this blog but only on the new one.  And please DO let us know what you like and dislike about the new blog by posting our opinions under this article's comments section:'s it for now.I hope to have a Ukraine SITREP ready in a few hours.Cheers and hugs,The Saker

Is the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa a Biological Proxy War?

Russia announced that they have a vaccine effective against Ebola. From another report in Moscow Times it seems more like they have an effective drug to treat Ebola and not a really a vaccine. The investigative reporter Jon Rappoport (, who have disclosed the fraud behind the HIV-virus and other frauds committed by the BIG PHARMA […]

Is the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa a Biological Proxy War?

Russia announced that they have a vaccine effective against Ebola. From another report in Moscow Times it seems more like they have an effective drug to treat Ebola and not a really a vaccine. The investigative reporter Jon Rappoport (, who have disclosed the fraud behind the HIV-virus and other frauds committed by the BIG PHARMA […]

‘True story!’ MSM spins theory that Putin hijacked MH370 and landed it in Kazakhstan

Anti-Russia propaganda over Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was bad enough. Now one CNN aviation analyst is blaming Russia for the missing MH370 plane as well â€" and the Western press is eating it up. Via:: ‘True story!’ MSM spins theory that Putin hijacked MH370 and landed it in KazakhstanContinue reading...

Two Kazzura videos about Ukrainian POW


Novorussian and Ukrainian POWs

The EU says "no thanks!" to Poroshenko

Good news today - the EU declined the goofy idea of "EU peacekeepers" in the Ukraine.Here is the original article in German: is the Google machine translation: God!Cheers,The Saker

Seven countries in five years

Short message for some commentators I would like the following commentators to email me:Seamus Padraigelsieimar clarkPlease email me at vineyardsaker@gmail.comThanks!The Saker A few loose ends about Debaltsevo “Dragon_First_1″ has posted a detailed analysis of the forces which have actually succeeded in getting out of the Debaltsevo Cauldron.  The original Russian text is here: Google machine […]Continue reading...

53 Admitted False Flag Attacks

Not Theory … Admitted Fact There are many documented false flag attacks, where a government carries out a terror attack … and then falsely blames its enemy for political purposes. In the following 42 instances, officials in the government which…

Lvov Professor Faces Persecution for Supporting Novorossia

2/24/2015They are killing me By Olga Zagulskaya Translated from Russian by J.Hawk The two weeks of persecution have had their effect. Now I am suffering from hypertension. Yet another act of psychological torture had its intended effect. When I was going to work, I was warned that the students are preparing a boycott. Young people […]Continue reading...

20.02.2015 Ukrainian crisis news. War in Ukraine, Donbass, Kiev, Europe, Russia, USA


New blog: request for comments

Dear friends,I just want to invite you to share your comments about the new blog not here, but at the announcement post on the NEW blog.  That way our IT specialist can track what is requested instead of going through all comments everywhere.Many thanks,The Saker

23.02.2015 Ukrainian crisis news. Latest news of Ukraine, Donbass, Kharkov, USA, Europe


Obama’s Demagoguery on Countering Violent Extremism

On February 18, Obama delivered closing remarks at the just concluded White House summit on countering violent extremism. Last month, Obama’s press secretary Josh Earnest called it a summit: “to highlight domestic and international efforts to prevent violent extremists and…

Britain cites option of cutting Russia from SWIFT banking

Excluding Russia from the SWIFT banking system should be an option in lieu of sanctions if a truce in Ukraine is not respected, British Prime Minister David Cameron said Tuesday. Russia last month said it would retaliate strongly if it were to be cut off from SWIFT, the international financial industry's secure messaging system that facilitates transactions. Speaking to a parliament committee on ...

The Greek Tragedy: Some Things not to Forget, which the New Greek Leaders have not

American historian D.F. Fleming, writing of the post-World War II period in his eminent history of the Cold War, stated that “Greece was the first of the liberated states to be openly and forcibly compelled to accept the political system…

Autism Rates To Increase By 2025? Glyphosate Herbicide May Be Responsible For Future Half Of Children With Autism

By 2025, half the children born in the United States will be diagnosed with autism, says Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a senior research scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. “Is there a toxic substance that is currently…

Eurosatory â€" The Largest International Land and Air Land Defence and Security Exhibition

Eurosatory - the largest international land and air land defence and security exhibition was very interesting and informative.

Mark Slebodas Unbeatable Description Of The Mindset In The US State Department

The clash between Eastern and Western world-views is an undeniable fact. The accelerated push by the neocons on behalf of the ruling Anglo-Zionist banking elite towards a New World Order, is of course the main cause of the clash. But it does not explain the fact that millions of people are taking the side of the […]

White House Economic Report Calls for Cutting Corporate Taxes

On Thursday, the White House released its “2015 Economic Report of the President,” presenting it as an argument for “middle-class economics.” The document seeks to justify Obama’s scheme, spelled out in his most recent budget proposal, to slash corporate taxes…

President Putin’s Address to Russian Diplomats (in English)

President Putin is a man of his words. He writes his own speeches and their content tells you what he thinks about Russia and its relationship to other nations. That’s why it is well worth to pay attention to his words in this speech … Download (PDF, 197KB)

Mark Slebodas Unbeatable Description Of The Mindset In The US State Department

The clash between Eastern and Western world-views is an undeniable fact. The accelerated push by the neocons on behalf of the ruling Anglo-Zionist banking elite towards a New World Order, is of course the main cause of the clash. But it does not explain the fact that millions of people are taking the side of the […]

Are You Doing What You Can Trying To Stop WW3?

The world is edging closer and closer towards a hot war. Are you doing what you can to prevent it? World War Three has already started with sanctions and manipulations of currency- and energy- markets. An economic war between USA and Russia is raging since the early summer of 2014 with sanctions towards Russia from USA […]

The strategic implications of the battle for Debaltsevo (UPDATED)

The Novorussians are in control of most of Debaltsevo (officially 90% officially 100% as of midnight GMT).  More relevantly, there is no more organized resistance.  Russian sources say that about 1000 junta soldiers have refused to surrender and are hiding in the outskirts or have fled to the south end of the cauldron.  The Novorussians are not even bothering to hunt them down or return their sporadic (and inaccurate) fire: they are waiting for hunger and cold to force them to give up.  A spokesman for the Novorussians has reported that all communications between the junta forces in the cauldron and their commanders have been suppressed.  Russian TV stations are showing footage of Novorussian soliders raising their flag over the center of the city.That the forces in the Debaltsevo cauldron were doomed was pretty clear for a while already, but what is still amazing is the speed at which the collapse has taken place.  Clearly, we are dealing with a catastrophic collapse of combat capability of the junta forces. Novorussian flag over DebaltsevoThe Russian media is also showing many footages of surrendering junta soldiers in and around Debaltsevo.  Those who surrender are treated for their wounds, washed, clothed, fed and they will be sent home as soon as possible.During his recent press conference in Hungary, Vladimir Putin has confirmed that the Ukrainian forces in Debaltsevo has been defeated.  He also confirmed that the US has been sending weapons to the junta and he added that he was absolutely sure that while this could kill more people, it would make no difference at all because the Ukrainian soldiers have no desire to fight whereas the morale of the Novorussians was extremely strong.Debaltsevo cauldronThe most amazing event of the day though is Petro Poroshenko's continual denial that there is any Debaltsevo cauldron at all.  Apparently the junta is in such a shock from the recent events that the freaks in Kiev has decided to simply completely deny the reality of it all.  This is an extremely misguided strategy because even though the Russian media has now been banned on Ukrainian cable and radio stations, and the entire Russian press corps has had its accreditation in the Ukraine canceled, it is still accessible on the Internet and information about the current events is easily transmitted simply by phone (including phone calls from junta forces inside the cauldron).  So while the freaks in the Rada and the government can go into the "deep denial" mode, the population is informed about the reality and rumors will, if anything, only amplify the magnitude of the disaster. [I would not be most surprised at all if the hardcore crazies à la Iarosh & Co. now turn against Poroshenko.  It will be interesting to see how "Iats" and Turchinov will position themselves - my feeling is that they will all turn against Poroshenko next.]Gorlovka - Debaltsevo AOI think that what we are witnessing these days is truly a historical event.  While the defeat in Debaltsevo is tactical in its dimension, it will most definitely have serious operational consequences and possibly even strategic ones.  Though I cannot say that with any degree of confidence I am getting the strong feeling that the entire Ukrainian military has reached the famous "breaking point" I often mentioned here in the past: the point were regardless of your remaining capabilities the entire organization of your military suddenly and rapidly breaks down.  Yes, I know, the rest of the front is currently stable, but I think that the defeat in Debaltsevo will have a crippling effect on the morale of all the junta forces.  Not only that, but as soon as the cauldron is fully eliminated, the Novorussian forces who took it will be available for operations elsewhere.Think about it: a number of key locations absorbed a huge amount of Novorussian forces, especially the Donetsk airport (which was used to shell Donetsk),  the Debaltsevo pocket (which was used to shell Gorlovka, which threatened the Donetsk-Gorlovka-Lugansk axis and which could be used to mount an attack on either Donetsk or Lugansk) and the town of Peski which was used to support the junta forces at the Donetsk airport.  They are now all in Novorussian hands.  The question now is where can they turn next?For the time being, the Novorussians are playing it very "good boys".  They have even begun to withdraw their heavy weapons even though the junta has not (they were supposed to do that simultaneously).  But let's not be naive here: they are doing so because they know that it is safe for them to do it, not because they have any trust in the Minsk Agreement 2 (MA2) or, even less so in the junta.  The Novorussian infantry (and armor) is so superior to the junta's that they can afford to do so at very little cost to themselves.  But since everybody understands that MA2 is impossible to comply with, it is obvious for all the parties involve that the conflict will resume.  When that happens, it will be in a dramatically different context from the one this winter.First, the Novorussians are, for the first time, adequately armed, equipped and supplied.  Second, the Debaltsvo operation has shown that for the first time the LNR and DNR forces are capable of working together.  Even Mozgovoi, who has less then good things to say about Zakharchenko or Plotnitsky in political terms, is playing it by the same book militarily and all the Novorussian forces appear to have finally been placed under a single command.  Third, the two major weaknesses of the Novorussian positions have now been removed and that is freeing a lot of crack troops for other fronts.Mariupol AOTake the case of Mariupol for example.  The junta forces there have tried to built an attack in the general direction of Novoazovsk.  All they did was to penetrate a couple of kilometers into the no mans land between the two sides and then they were rather easily stopped.  Now that Novorussian crack forces will soon become available, a Novorussian counter-offensive in Mariupol becomes a very real threat to the junta forces in the city.  Until now, any such attack by the Novorussians was risky due to the possibility of a junta flanking maneuver the the danger to be cut off from the rest of the Novorussian forces, but that danger has now receded not only due to the availability of Novorussian forces, but also due to the crushed morale of the junta units.An other interesting option has been mentioned by anti-maidan's (very good) military specialist Andrei Basketok who predicts a Novorussian attack along the M4 and N20 in the direction of Karlovka and Avdeevka followed by a pincer attack to surround the junta forces once again (shown in red on this map):Possible Karlovka-Avdeevka offensiveThe real problem for Kiev is that more or less all of the current line of contact can become a potential counter-offensive point for the Novorussians who, by the way, have never concealed their desire to get back all of the historical Novorussian lands.  So while the current (relative) cease-fire is all nice and dandy, I think that by this spring, when the Novorussians will have reinforced their infantry with up to 100'00 more men the situation for the Kiev regime will become absolutely horrific and no amount of US weapon deliveries will change that.  This might well be the beginning of the end for the Nazi experiment in Kiev.The implications for the AngloZionist empire are rather clear: if the 1%ers have any kind of sense of reality left, they should toss out Poroshenko and the rest of the crazies and foster some kind of government of technocrats in charge of drafting a new constitution and organizing a referendum on federalization simply because the folks in Kiev better negotiate while there still is something left to negotiate then to way to be hiding in a surrounded bunker like their hero Hitler did.  Alas, I don't think Uncle Sam or the Eurocretins have any common sense left in them.Whatever may be the case, by the ballot or by the bullet, but we *are* winning.The SakerPS: to fully measure the level of delusional insanity of the junta in Kiev here is the full transcript of the latest statement by Poroshenko about the Debaltsevo situation:I can inform now that this morning the Armed Forces of Ukraine together with the National Guard completed the operation on the planned and organized withdrawal of a part of units from Debaltsevo. We can say that 80% of troops have been already withdrawn. We are waiting for two more columns. Warriors of the 128th brigade, parts of units of the 30th brigade, the rest of the 25th and the 40th battalions, Special Forces, the National Guard and the police have already left the area. We can assert that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have fulfilled their tasks completely. This position and success were urgently necessary for us in the course of the Minsk negotiations and after them. We managed to show to the whole world the true face of bandits-separatists backed by Russia, which acted as guarantor and direct participant of the Minsk negotiations. We were asserting and proved: Debaltseve was under our control, there was no encirclement, and our troops left the area in a planned and organized manner with all the heavy weaponry: tanks, APCs, self-propelled artillery and vehicles. Commanders are working with their personnel. We are waiting for one more column, one more company. Having withdrawn the combat patrol posts to the new defense line, we have preserved the bridgehead for the defense of the state. It is a strong evidence of combat readiness of the Armed Forces and efficiency of the military command. I can say that despite tough artillery and MLRS shelling, according to the recent data, we have 30 wounded out of more than 2,000 warriors. The information is being collected and may be clarified. I would like to say that Russia, which yesterday required the Ukrainian warriors to lay down arms, raise the white flag and surrender, was put to shame by the given actions. Ukrainian warriors honorably approved the high rank of the Ukrainian Defender of the Homeland. As I promised, they repelled those who tried to encircle them and left Debaltsevo pursuant to my command, which I gave yesterday, when Russian servicemen forbade the OSCE representatives to come to Debaltsevo to reaffirm our readiness to begin the withdrawal of heavy weaponry and demonstrate the absence of encirclement. They knew it was not true. We demonstrated and proved that with our operation. We are holding the new defense lines. In the course of my negotiations with leaders of the United States and the EU, I demanded a firm reaction from the world to Russia's brutal violation of the Minsk agreements, the ceasefire regime and the withdrawal of heavy weaponry. We will prepare organized and coordinated actions together. I have convened the NSDC meeting for this evening. Now, I am departing to the front to meet those who left Debaltsevo. I am honored to shake hands and thank Ukrainian heroes. Today, my Decree on awarding the high title of Hero of Ukraine to commander of the 128th Mukacheve mining-infantry brigade Serhiy Shaptala will be proclaimed. Ukraine is proud of such heroes. Internal stability will not be undermined by the battalions "everything is lost" and "this is the end", lies about a lot of soldiers murdered yesterday, encircled roadblocks and Ukrainian warriors without ammunition, food and water. It is not a Ukrainian scenario. I am confident that those who were spreading it expected a different result. Fortunately, we successfully completed the operation and will have an opportunity to further defend the state.UPDATE: interestingly, the NYT had a very different view of what has really taken place. In an article entitled "A Bloody Retreat From Debaltsevo as Ukrainian Forces Suddenly Withdraw" the NYT wrote that "Mr. Poroshenko sought to cast the retreat in a positive light, but the loss of the town was clearly a devastating setback for the army". The fact that even the NYT has a more realistic assessment of what happened then Poroshenko is a powerful indicator of how totally out of touch the junta propaganda really is.

Illusory Ceasefire in Ukraine

Conflict continues. Peace is a convenient illusion. Fascists don't wage wars to quit. Washington manipulates events destructively. It uses its installed stooge government to solidify unchallenged control over Ukraine. Get more info this from VT author Steve Lendman

Seven countries in five years

Short message for some commentators I would like the following commentators to email me:Seamus Padraigelsieimar clarkPlease email me at vineyardsaker@gmail.comThanks!The Saker A few loose ends about Debaltsevo “Dragon_First_1″ has posted a detailed analysis of the forces which have actually succeeded in getting out of the Debaltsevo Cauldron.  The original Russian text is here: Google machine […]Continue reading...

Outside the Box: It’s time to buy Russia

Russia still has lots of problems, but it’s time for contrarians to start buying Russian stocks and bonds, writes Michael Brush.

Poland is Blowing in the Wrong Direction

Poland’s Foreign Minister compares his country’s relationship with USA to a “blowjob without getting paid”. In a taped “over a dinner conversation” with Jacek Rostowski, a former Polish Minister of Finance, Poland’s FM Radoslaw Sikorski allegedly expressed his frustration as … “We will get a conflict with both Russians and Germans, and we’re going to think […]

Capitalism And Communism â€" Two Sides Of The Same Coin

The Cold War, which ended in 1991, was an economic war between two ideologies: Capitalism and Communism. The problems we see in the world today is that rulers in “The West” believe that they won the Cold War. The western elite claim that it was a victory of capitalism over communism which gives them an unabridged right to […]

How The Russian Liberals Became “The Fifth Column”

The liberals in Russia are deserved casualties of the crisis in Ukraine. Their numbers are dwindling and only the most “hard-core” remains loyal to their orientation to the West. They have also got a new stamp as “the Fifth Column”. I have noticed the liberal exodus among many of my friends and it is confirmed in […]

No Weapons to Ukraine: An Open letter to the U.S Senate

Reject S. 452, “A bill to provide lethal weapons to the Government of Ukraine.” Why is this important? The United States is the leading provider of weapons to the world, and the practice of providing weapons to countries in crisis…

The Reasons Why Russia Will Not Invade Ukraine

Russia will not invade Ukraine and here are the reasons. A lot of energy is right now spend on trying to get Russia more involved with the civil war in Ukraine. The New World Order cabal wants it because they want NATO to get a reason to come to the defense of the new government they […]

The “Era of Terrorism”: Sydney’s Lindt Café Hostage Crisis, Australia’s Prime Minister Abbott’s Response

The inquiry into Sydney’s Lindt Café hostage crisis (not, as has become popular to deem it, a siege) has come out with some police state fanfare.  Terminal governments tend to scrounge for poor solutions, and much of this is to…

Ukraine SITREP Feb 24th 2015

The withdrawal of heavy weapons and M2A: The situation on the line of contact is generally calm. The Novorussian forces are withdrawing their heavy weapons according to schedule while the Via:: Continue reading...

Ukraine and pro

- Ukraine & pro-Russia forces have agreed to stop fighting across the eastern conflict zone on December 9 under the terms of a Kremlin-brokered ceasefire.

Ukraine SITREP Feb 24th 2015

The withdrawal of heavy weapons and M2A: The situation on the line of contact is generally calm. The Novorussian forces are withdrawing their heavy weapons according to schedule while the junta forces are, by most reports, not or, not much. The excuse for these delays is that "the necessary conditions have not been created". In reality, the problem is that Poroshenko has very little control over the various armed forces. Apparently, the regular armed forces do more or less obey him, and since these are the most heavily armed, there is some hope that they will eventually withdraw. The various death-squads (volunteer battalions, internal forces, etc.) will probably resist as much as possible, but since they don't have much heavy firepower, that is probably not a major obstacle right now.There is also a very real possibility that Poroshenko himself might be preventing that withdrawal. The problem is not in the withdrawal of heavy guns by itself (the junta knows that the Novorussians will not attack) but that after completing this point of the Minsk 2 Agreement (M2A) the junta will have to go down the list and that is simply something the Nazis in Kiev cannot do. My guess is that all this talk about sending in peacekeepers has exactly the same rationale: to stop the implementation of M2A in a way that could not be blamed on Kiev. Clearly, M2A has delivered a crushing blow to the stance of the junta by forcing it to do something it cannot do: negotiate and work with the Novorussian resistance. I have no doubt that Poroshenko wants to break out of M2A, but his problem is how to do it without taking the blame for it. Hence the foot-dragging with an otherwise rather straightforward withdrawal and all that talk about peacekeepers.US weapons to the Ukraine or Russian weapons to Iran? The US is still determined to send more weapons to the Ukraine, even in direct violation of the spirit, if not the letter, of M2A. Russia is getting increasingly fed-up with that kind of attitude and Russian officials are now discussing selling the top-of-the-line Antey-2500 missile to Iran. This missile is arguable the most advanced air defense system on the planet and if the Russians really sell that to Iran the US and Israel will be absolutely sick with rage and frustration.By the way, I was informed that there is a petition on the Internet trying to stop US weapons deliveries to the junta. If you can, please sign it here: of destabilization in Baderastan The regime of Poroshenko is clearly in a very difficult situation. Roughly speaking, Poroshenko & Co represent the interests of oligarchs masquerading as Nazis while his opposition is the real thing - bona fide Nazi crackpots who feel that their "revolution of dignity" was stolen from them, that the new regime is every bit as corrupt as the old one, and far more incompetent. They are right, of course. So now more and more of these "grassroots Nazis" are threatening Poroshenko with a Third Maidan or even a revolution.Check out this Right Sector site: is my translation of this text:A year ago, they came to power in our blood. The blood of patriots. During this year they gave up the interests of Ukraine and betrayed the idea of the Ukrainian nation. They promised to fight corruption. They promised lustration. They made us poor. They destroyed belief in justice. They killed the truth. We remember the never investigated murders of hundreds of Maidan. We remember the murder of Sasha Belyi. We remember the shameful surrender Crimea. We remember Saur-Mogila, Ilovaiisk, the Donetsk airport, Debaltsevo. The perpetrators have not been punished. It's time to hold them to account!And just to make sure that the message gets through, here is the poster illustrating it:Right Sector posterThe text says:March of the Truth March of the Right The Maidan did not fight for a regime of traitors It is time to hold them to account And it is signed by the Right Sector and the organization Trezub of S. Bandera (even crazier crazies than the regular crazies).Now, it is true that by most accounts the USA has a tight control over the hardcore Nazi crazies in the Ukraine (via leaders like Iarosh) but I am beginning to detect this very old pattern of the puppet breaking lose from the puppeteer which we have all seen in Afghanistan, in Libya and Syria. I would argue that the neo-Nazis crazies in the Ukraine are very similar to the Takfiri freaks of ISIS or the so-called "Syrian opposition". The chances of that kind of hate-filled ideology slipping out of the control of those who fostered it (the USA) is very high.What about our NATO friends?  Sir Adrian BradshawNATO has been keeping busy. In fact, according to "British Commander Land Forces Lieutenant General Sir Adrian Bradshaw" NATO is preparing to repel a Russian invasion. In his own words Russian expansionist ambitions could quickly become “an obvious existential threat to our whole being”.Apparently, the British feel that the Baltic States and Poland have greatly surpassed the UK in hysterical russophobia and fear-mongering and that now is the time to catch up with them with even more terrifying statements. What is sure is that Sir Adrian sure look extremely worried on his official picture...Last but not least - the OSCE The OSCE has taken notice with grave concern at the de-accreditation of over 100 Russian media sources in the Ukraine. But not because this might be a violation of free speech or journalism, no, but because, I kid you not, the OSCE is concerned that as a result of this de-accreditation "the Russian audience might be deprived from balanced reporting form the Ukraine"!!! The OSCE also added that the organization "understands that national security reasons" behind the Ukrainian decision.Yet again, all I can say is that I fully agree with V. Nuland.The Saker

How to denazify the Nazis?

by Rostisalv Ishchenko Translated by S I hope that at present those, who thought that Ukrainian civil war would continue for years and even for decades, clearly see that the Kiev regime and the government of Ukraine will fall within several months, at the worst â€" in about a year. The war goes on, because the Kiev leadership, using habitual submissive inertia of the population and relying on wreckage of the state machinery, brutal force and the acknowledged central authority status, has an opportunity to accumulate the remaining recourses (equipment, people, money) and thrust them into the furnace of war. If there is no at least nominally legitimate authority in Kiev, the army won’t fight, the Ministry of Internal Affairs will subject itself to the local authorities, and every Nazi gang refashioned into “volunteer battalion” will take orders from its führer and fight each other about loot. Also they, already far from being an organized military force, will plunder and commit atrocities in particular regions. The Liberation army is capable to restore some order comparatively swiftly. It’s also possible to ensure the inhabitants’ minimum persistence (particularly with Russian support). But once the Nazi government, Nazi army and major Nazi gangs are gone, the society will still adhere to Nazi ideology, so ingrained in the heads of at least half of the population. Meanwhile there will be a lot of weaponry. It’s easy to annihilate the hundred-men-gangs that drive tanks and APCs. It’s not hard to smash tens of hundreds of such gangs. But it is impossible to disarm the entire 40-million population. Hence the record of the first crop of Banderites has been not only well-remembered, but heroized by Nazi propaganda, the hiding Nazis, having almost unlimited number of weapons, might start terrorizing people in the freed territories. Chasing the officials, followers and activists of a new authority, sabotaging and organizing diversions by hiding Nazis can become a greater and, above all, longer-lasting problem than the very military action. Military-police methods of struggle with ideology-driven underground result efficient only over a long period and if the recourses of the hiding Nazis are limited. In a country with 2 million “civilians” who might be in sympathy with fascists it’s impossible to root out such kind of underground movement. This underground, as the Lernaean Hydra, will grow new heads for each head cut off, despite alteration of generations. Its activities can be limited and made almost invisible, but not crushed to the full extent. It will wait for its finest hour for decades as the Banderites did between 1945 and 2014. It’s possible to put an end to active banderism and to underground Nazi resistance only if masses cease favoring the Nazi ideology. There are not so many committed Nazis in Ukraine â€" up to several tens of thousands. Many have died and many will die on the civil war front. Many of them will be killed in the midst of the obliteration of armed gangs into which Ukrainian army is about to disintegrate. The hundreds of Nazis, who hold political posts or actively participate in propaganda activities, have already fallen under penal articles. If lived through, they will be jailed for long or forever. It’s impossible to imprison or kill off the millions. Better said, technically, yes, it’s possible, but moral, material and political costs will be too high, and the result won’t justify those costs. That’s why the millions, who rejoiced at the “fried Colorado beetles” news through social media and demanded to annihilate the Donbass’ cities along with their populations (because in their opinion, “there are no civilians”), risk nothing: although their actions are amoral, however they lack the elements of crime. At the same time, those millions by moral support for Nazis (who are considered absent in Ukraine) prepare the nutrient medium the Nazi underground movement melts into. And in such a way it gets to be uncatchable and extremely enduring. They, the millions, of course will accept a new ideology and will reason basing on TV news. But it won’t prevent them from being faithful to “European dream”, which has been stolen from them by Donbass people. The war will always dwell with war participants; they always deem themselves heroes. Mutilated soldiers, whose number totals to thousands and keeps growing, won’t tell their children that they lost limbs, having stupidly let drag themselves into fight for the wrong. They will talk nonsense about “European dream”, hordes of “Donbass terrorists” and quintillions of regular troops of the Russian Federation, against whom only a few fighters (“cyborgs”, “Kruty heroes”, “the 300 Spartans”) stood. Marginal revanchism is a Nazi medium. While telling their children and grandchildren about merits beyond the call of duty, the most ordinary victims of 4 waves of mobilization, who are nowhere near the Nazi ideology, will impress the feeling of marginality (enmity toward state and society) upon their minds. They will also inculcate a desire to repeat “exploit” of the fathers and grandfathers and to “free” the non-vindicated Motherland in young generation. This unobservable influence of family legends has not let the Ukrainizers oppress the Russian spirit in Ukraine within 3 post-soviet decades. But the same unnoted influence of family legends had allowed the Banderites to survive 70 years and show up at the beginning of the 21st century. It’s able to maintain the Ukrainian neo-Nazis’ ideas for entire decades and provide the grounds for hiding Nazis. One can’t catch / jail / shoot all of them, given that those will seem to be alike, to be living next to you since ages, speaking the same language. The only way to rapidly eradicate the Nazism or any other ideology is to make it unpopular with the society and to bring the carriers of this ideology out as uptight misfits who are bound to fail and rust. Actually the communist ideology was being wiped out exactly in this way since dissolution of the Soviet Union. As a result, the surveys done in all former soviet states show that, regarding matters of their concern, the most population sympathize with left wing’s agenda. Nevertheless, the general population vote for the right wing, because it’s sort of obscene to support the leftists. So, we’re familiar with technology. Moreover, we know who the main target audience is: the youngsters. As the members of Ukrainian hitlerjugend aged 14 and older are unlikely to get reeducated easily, younger children and teenagers, especially kids aged 10 and less, will strongly depend on created social environment. When implementing more or less appropriate propagandistic activities, it’ll be possible for no parent to reveal to a child that he or she was killing children in Donetsk, that he or she was destroying the country by inflicting hunger, unemployment and disorder on sorely trouble-free state. It was shameful to have a Nazi past in postwar Germany and Italy, i.e. after 1945. The anti-Nazi sentiment in those countries is one of the strongest. E.g. Germany even doesn’t let itself to publicly support neo-Nazism, as opposed to what Poland takes the liberty to do. The Polish ended up among victims of aggression circumstantially, they didn’t have to get denazified. They weren’t ashamed. The first task is to give the society a moral reference point, to show it the seamy side of the today’s Kiev regime, so that no sane human being could admit that he or she voluntarily supports it. There is the second task, and the German also completed it. It suddenly turned out that there were no Nazis in the country that supported Hitler even after his death and was brought to senses only owing to decisive defeat of its armed forces and total occupation of its land. I mean, somebody perished in battles, somebody was executed, somebody was imprisoned, somebody managed to get away, but the rest happened to be anti-fascists… millions, tens of millions of anti-fascists, secret “regime busters”. German people experienced such a huge cultural shock that they (being of sound mind) could not avow that they had supported the Nazi regime. They persuaded themselves that, though silently, inwardly, they fought against Nazism. It turned out that even the millions of frontline soldiers “defended not Hitler, but Germany”. It’s indispensable to let Ukrainian Nazi fellows, accomplices to the coup d’état, social media “fighters” feel themselves the regime’s opponents. They will find a pretext on their own. If an “anti-terrorist ops veteran” tells his grandchild that he lost hand defending the Donbass from Nazi horde or that he sustained burns not in a tank which was set afire when assaulting Slavyansk, but in a line of weaponless “Berkut” special forces who held back heavily armed militants, no doubt it won’t be fair with regard to retaliation matter (at least to moral condemnation), but farsighted as for denazification of the society. Person, telling to her or his son about how he or she fought against Nazis, will never be able to advocate the Nazism again. It’s possible to make it through whatever public disapproval. It’s impossible to get over the reproof of one’s own offspring, children and grandchildren. The carrying out of a death sentence of Makarova Antonina M. (alias â€" Ton’ka The Machine gun shooter) took place in 1979. She collaborated with Nazi Germans in so called “Lokot Republic” in Bryansk region. In 1942 the woman shot dead more than 1500 people. Antonina raised 2 daughters to be true soviet citizens who hated Nazis and Nazi collaborators. The girls were staggered, having got to learn that in fact their mom was not an honored soviet trench fighter, but collaborator and Nazi butcher. Mrs Makarova worked hard in a postwar time; her photos did not leave the honor board. And it is not only her case. Many collaborators, traitors became all-right soviet citizens, best workers. Exactly this played badly for them. The witnesses of their crimes recognized them precisely by the honor board photos, newspaper images, etc. It’s impossible to show a false face for decades. The majority of those people just psychologically replaced real biography by made-up one. All men are liable to invent explanations for their wrongdoings, and those explanations even justify and prove the misdeeds to be necessary. Dirty tricks are misrepresented as heroism. The person starts believing the invented version. This process goes faster in mass conscience. Already in 2005 more than a half of Kiev inhabitants who participated in the 1st Maidan asserted that they walked out to the streets not to support Yuschenko, that Yuschenko betrayed them, that “orange” politicians were all scum, that they would never come to protest on Maidan. However, in 2013 those people again went to Maidan. All the top brass of Ukraine elite, with rare exception, is former members of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (like Kravchuk and Kuchma who held senior positions in the party) or Komsomol (Young Communist League) leaders (like Turchinov). The most important is that, if those wake up tomorrow morning and find out that the Soviet Union has been miraculously revived, the first thing they’ll do is to take off to a district committee of the party and demand to reissue their party membership cards. I’d like to point out once more that only certain, utmost lame (generally, psychologically insane) people can do evil and be proud of it. The most people find themselves on the dark side because of their own spinelessness and they forget about it with relish, if the society lets them forget. That’s why it seems necessary to combine the following measures: - severe punishment for leaders and organizers of the coup d’état, as well as for blatant war criminals and sadists (I think, it’s rather okay to postpone the restoration of regular justice system in the liberated territories for several weeks, so that people manage to impose their own sentence on criminals, if they will); - pitiless execution of Nazis and thugs who refuse to lay down arms after Ukrainian military and governmental institutions collapse; - intensive anti-Nazi propaganda while exposing all the horrors of Nazis’ crimes (without fear to go too far with that and not getting distracted from it by trending topics as time goes on); - consigning to oblivion the behavior pattern of many cannon fodder guys and “volunteers” of the dictatorship, so giving them an opportunity to forget their past and raise kids right. Of course, it’d be great to apply the methods of the USSR that forgave neither those who had joined punitive squads or auxiliary policy, nor those who had verbally favored German occupation (it did not matter whether in printed words or by word of mouth). The French took more drastic measures. They hung ordinary city officials, who served in the Vichy government (by the way, this government was totally legal and it acted in conformity with the Constitution and laws of France). But neither USSR, nor France faced up to civil war (when a half of population fights against another one). Civil war ends in victory of one or another party. There is no doubt that we’ll win. Nevertheless, the other party won’t vanish. It’s impossible to eliminate it. Since civil war got started, it is clear that every side is supported by remarkable percentage of citizens (up to a half), otherwise the majority would suppress the minority. Here you have the slaughter of minorities in Rwanda ([1994 genocide] stopped due to arrival of peacekeepers) and Cambodia ([1975-1979 genocide] ended following the Vietnamese invasion). It is not acceptable for Europe (by the way, those massacres in Africa and Asia settled not a single matter, while people who initiated and led them got killed in a short time). Therefore, in any case we have to come to an agreement. Then the agreement can’t be a halfway one. There can be no ideological compromise with Nazism. So, the Nazi mob, which presently considers that Ukraine stays clean from Nazism, once we’ve won, firstly must get convinced that no, it doesn’t, and secondly that it was fighting the Nazism on its own whenever and wherever possible. Otherwise this war will cast a shadow over decades. Even to the third generation, the revanchists will be ready to take advantage of whatever problems of ours in order to revenge. If you can’t kill the carrier of ideology, kill the ideology. It’s difficult, but the only thing to do. Rostislav Ischenko, president of the Centre for System Analysis and Forecast, exclusively for the “Timely comments”

Russia to keep its part of space station after its duty ends

MOSCOW (AP) â€" Russia's space agency expects the International Space Station to stay in orbit through 2024, and plans to create its own space outpost with its segment of the station after that.

Are You Doing What You Can Trying To Stop WW3?

The world is edging closer and closer towards a hot war. Are you doing what you can to prevent it? World War Three has already started with sanctions and manipulations of currency- and energy- markets. An economic war between USA and Russia is raging since the early summer of 2014 with sanctions towards Russia from USA […]

Media Disinformation: Lethal Drones could be used as “Flying Bombs by Islamic State Terrorists” against EU Nuclear Power Stations o

In January, news of the six lethal drone attacks, condemned by Pakistan’s government and recorded by the Bureau of Investigation, was not found in Western media. Double standards? Great concern, however, is expressed when Western lives are threatened by alleged…

The new Saker blog (v3) is now ready.

Dear friends,An American saying says that "the third time is the charm". I hope that this is true, because I am officially announcing the "new new blog v3" is now online at the following URL:thesaker.isThis domain name was chosen by my webmaster who came up with this idea at the time when our community was attacked on all sides. It is also a clear reply to those who decided that they were with the "Charlies" and even "Charlies" themselves.Here is a note that Gevorg asked me to share with all of you:We have experienced some difficulties in the past month which left the new blog static until these matters could be sorted out. Some of the problems were related to technical issues like lost domain names or server re-configuration necessities. Others were related to personal matters and the separation of former supporters. It took us some time to overcome these stumbling blocks and to re-organize everything. It is still an ongoing process. But during this time we also found many new supporters and volunteers who have become part of our Saker team. They help us in maintaining and improving this international website project. There help is very valuable to us and I do express my gratitude towards those who are involved in this process. Some of you, dear visitors, have voiced concerns in your comments about the future of this blog, some even suggested to not pursue it any longer and again others may have had a laugh or two during the time of our troubles. It is for these reasons that I would like to post this comment before the following ones and kindly ask you to take notice of the following remark: On behalf of ... ... the Saker ... the international team leaders and their groups ... the translators and content providers ... the silent readers and the voiceful commenters ... the financial helpers and moral supporters ... the IT-specialists and administrators ... those who prefer to remain anonymous and those who don't ... those who choose to have a religion and those who don't ... those who agree with this blog and those who don't ... those who seek the truth and despise the lie ... I would like to add to a previous remark by stating ... We stood our ground! the Saker is Yours sincerely, Gevorg in Armenia Webmaster of The Vineyard of the Saker If the first new blog crashed for purely technical reasons, then the second one was deliberately sabotaged. But thanks to a fantastic group of volunteer IT-specialists the "New Blog v3" is now up again, and hopefully this time it will stay.  In fact, the this blog and the community around it is the result of the efforts of many people, probably close to 100, who quite literally all over the planet donate their time, skills and efforts to help with my blog, but also all the other Saker Community Blogs and I want to use this opportunity to extend to them all my most heartfelt and sincere gratitude for all they have done and are still doing.  Friends - thank you!!!Now I have a couple of things I want to explain and a few requestsFirst, I plan to double-post here (at and on the new blog (at and I will allow comments on both blogs for the next 2 weeks. Still, while I will not close down the comments section here, I ask you to please ONLY COMMENT ON THE NEW BLOG unless you *cannot* do that for some technical reason.Second, in two weeks I will shut down the comments here. The blog here (at will probably still be updated just to serve as a backup in case of disaster with the new blog, but that will be it's sole purpose.It is important to redirect as much comments and traffic to the new blog because we need to test if the server, the blog and the moderators can handle the traffic (last month the just the blog here had just under 1.8 million views including some days which had just over 84'000 visitors).Finally, one member of our community, the Rift, has made a beautiful video animation to encourage donations to this blog:[youtube] I hope that this short clip will encourage you all to help me in my struggle!Many thanks and kind regards,The SakerPS: you want to see if we make a difference?  Just google "maidan one year later" :-)

Important clarifications about the new blog

Dear friends, New blog presentation format: A lot of you have emailed me to tell me that they don’t like the “thematic” presentation used for the new blog and that Via:: Continue reading...

Russia's Gazprom threatens to cut off gas to Ukraine, Europe

Russia's state-owned gas giant Gazprom warned Tuesday it could cut off gas deliveries to Ukraine within two days, upping the stakes in the crisis there and threatening supplies to the rest of Europe. The Gazprom announcement came hours ahead of a Paris meeting of the foreign ministers of Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France. Ukraine's national gas company, Naftogaz, has already said the ...

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During the recent measles outbreak, the mainstream media blamed the epidemic solely on non vaccinated children, even though people who were vaccinated caught the disease.

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As F. William Engdahl wrote in “Death of the Birds and the Bees Across America“: Birds and bees are something most of us take for granted as part of nature. The expression “teaching about the birds and the bees” to…

Russia's ruble slides on 'junk' rating downgrade

Russia's ruble and stock market showed renewed weakness Tuesday in response to sliding oil prices and a downgrade to "junk" status of its sovereign debt by Moody's. The global rating agency announced after trading in Moscow finished on Friday that it expected Russia to experience a "deep recession" this year and continued economic contraction in 2016. Russia's markets were closed for a public ...

Georgians as Expendable as White Rats

- There are now scattered reports of biological weapons being tested on citizens of various countries, including Georgia and some Middle Eastern countries.

NEO â€" Gunnar

- Ulson Gunnar - Warplanes, helicopter gunships, heavy armor and troops poured into eastern Ukraine in a blitzkrieg offensive after the show elections.

The Maidan

Today is the first anniversary of the deal made between Yanukovich and the "opposition" and guaranteed by foreign ministers RadosÅ‚aw Sikorski of Poland, Laurent Fabius of France and Frank-Walter Steinmeier of Germany.  As we all know, the deal resulted in a withdrawal of the security forces from the Kiev city center immediately followed by an armed insurrection which overthrew the government.  Predictably, Poland, France and Germany did not object.  I won't recount all of the events which happened since this infamous day, but I think that it is important to look at what has changed in a year.  I think that it also makes sense to compare what I had predicted might happen with what actually happened simply to see if a person if a person with no access to any classified data and who is using only "open sources" for his analysis could have predicted what happened or if this was all a huge and totally unpredictable surprise.So let's look at my predictions in a chronological order.November 30th, 2013: in "The Gates of Hell are Opening for the Ukraine"The supposedly "pro-Russian" Eastern Ukrainians  They have no vision, no ideology, no identifiable future goal.  All they can offer is a message which, in essence, says "we have no other choice than sell out to the rich Russians rather than to the poor European" or "all we can get from the EU is words, the Russians are offering money".  True.  But still extremely uninspiring, to say the least.The future of Yanukovich I am beginning to fear that this will all explode into a real and very dangerous crisis for Russia.  First, I am assuming that the the Eurobureaucrats and the Ukrainian nationalists will eventually prevail, and that Yanukovich will either fully complete his apparent "zag" and reverse his decision, or lose power.  One way or another the the Eurobureaucrats and the Ukrainian nationalists will, I think, prevail.  There will be more joyful demonstrations, fireworks and celebrations in Kiev, along with lots of self-righteous back-slapping and high-fiving in Brussels, and then the gates of Hell will truly open for the Ukraine. The real risks for Russia Being drawn into the inevitable chaos and violence with will flare up all over the Ukraine (including the Crimean Peninsula), stopping or, at least, safely managing a likely flow of refugees seeking physical and economic safety in Russia and protecting the Russian economy from the consequences of the collapse of Ukrainian economy.  Russia will have to do all that while keeping its hands off the developing crisis inside the Ukraine as it is absolutely certain that the Eurobureaucrats and the Ukrainian nationalists will blame Russia for it all.  The best thing Russia could do in such a situation would be to leave the Ukrainians to their private slugfest and wait for one side or the other to prevail before trying to very carefully send out a few low-key political "feelers" to see if there is somebody across the border who has finally come to his/her senses and is capable and ready to seriously begin to rebuilt the Ukraine and its inevitable partnership with Russia and the rest of the Eurasian Union.  As long as that does not happen Russia should stay out, as much as is possible.Sarajevo on the Dniepr Right now, all the signs are that the Ukraine is going down the "Bosnian road" and that things are going to get really ugly. It is hard to tell, but my sense is that when the local authorities in the southeastern Ukraine threaten not to accept any regime change in Kiev they probably do really mean it.  This very much reminds me of the repeated warnings of the Bosnian-Serbs that they would not accept to live in an Islamic state run by an rabid fanatic like Itzebegovich.  At the time, and just like today, nobody took these warnings seriously and we all know how that ended.  The big difference between Bosnia and the Ukraine is first and foremost one of dimensions: Bosnia has an area of 19,741 square miles and a population of 3,791,622 while the Ukraine has an area of 233,090 square miles and a population of 44,854,065.  That is a huge difference which make a direct foreign intervention a much more complicated endeavor.  And Russia in all that?I can only repeat that Russia should stay out of whatever happens in the Ukraine.  The Russian government should prepare for an influx of refugees and the Russian military should be placed on high alert to avoid any provocations or cross-border violence.  A special goal for Russia should be to use all the means possible to avoid any violence on the Crimean Peninsula because of the presence of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol which can find itself in the position of the 14th Army in Transdniestria when it simply had not other choice than to get involved due to the high number of officers with relatives living in the republic.  If, God forbid, the nationalist try to militarily take over the Crimean Peninsula or Sevastopol I don't see how the Black Sea Fleet could stay uninvolved - that is simply impossible and this is why that situation needs to be avoided at all costs. January 26th, 2014:  Yanukovich's latest move might make a partition of the Ukraine unavoidable:The partition of the Ukraine is inevitable This has, of course, not been reported in the western Ziomedia, but the eastern Ukraine is now also bubbling with political actions.  To make a long story short, the folks in the southeastern Ukraine have no desire whatsoever to let folks like Iatseniuk, Klichko or Tiagnibok rule over them.  In fact, several local assembles - including the Parliament of Crimea - have adopted resolution calling on the President to restore law and order and warning that they would never accept a "regime change" in Kiev.March 1st, 2014: Obama just made things much, much worse in the Ukraine - now Russia is ready for war Russia is ready for war Something absolutely huge has just happened in Russia: the Russian Council of the Federation, the equivalent of the US Senate, has just UNANIMOUSLY passed a resolution allowing Putin to use Russian armed forces in the Ukraine, something the Duma had requested earlier.  Before the vote took place, Russian senators said that Obama had threatened Russia, insulted the Russian people and that they demanded that Putin recall the Russian ambassador to the USA.  I have never seen such a level of outrage and even rage in Russia as right now. I hope and pray that Obama, and his advisers, stop and think carefully about their next step because make no mistake about that RUSSIA IS READY FOR WAR.April 23rd, 2014: The US plan for the Ukraine - a hypothesis The US will try to force Russia to intervene in the Donbass The eastern Ukraine is lost no matter what. So the junta in Kiev have to pick on of the following options:a) Let the eastern Ukraine leave by means of referendum and do nothing about it.b) Let the eastern Ukraine leave but only after some violence.c) Let the eastern Ukraine leave following a Russian military intervention.Clearly, option 'a' is by far the worst.  Option 'b' is so-so, but option 'c' is very nice.  Think of it:  this option will make it look like Russia invaded the Eastern Ukraine and that the people there had no say about it.  It will also make the rest of the Ukraine rally around the flag.  The economic disaster will be blamed on Russia and the Presidential election of May 25th can be canceled due to the Russian "threat".  Not only that, but a war - no matter how silly - is the *perfect* pretext to introduce martial law which can be used to crack down on the Right Sector or anybody expressing views the junta does not like.  That is an old trick - trigger a war and people will rally around the regime in power.  Create a panic, and people will forget the real issues.As for the USA - it also knows that the Eastern Ukraine is gone.  With Crimea and Eastern Ukraine gone - the Ukraine has exactly *zero* value to the Empire, to why not simply use it as a way to create a new Cold War, something which would be much more sexy that the Global War on Terror or the really old War on Drugs.  After all, if Russia is forced to intervene militarily NATO will have to send reinforcements to "protect" countries like Poland or Latvia just in case Putin decides to invade all of the EU.Bottom line - the freaks in power in Kiev and the USA *know* that the eastern Ukraine is lost for them, and the purpose of the imminent attack is not to "win" against the Russian-speaking rebels or, even less so, to "win" against the Russian military, it is to trigger enough violence to force Russia to intervene.  In other words, since the East is lost anyways, it is much better to lose it to the "invading Russian hordes" than to lose it to the local civilian population.So the purpose of the next attack will not be to win, but to lose.  That the Ukrainian military can still do.Two things can happen to foil this plan:1) The Ukrainian military might refuse to obey such clearly criminal orders (and becoming a target of the Russian military might help some officers make the correct "purely moral" choice).2) The local resistance might be strong enough to draw out such an operation and have to come to a grinding halt.Ideally, a combination of both. So let's summarize the above:Yanukovich will be overthrown.  CheckThe Donbass will rise up.  Check The Ukraine will be partitioned.  CheckA civil war will break out.  CheckThe US will try to pull Russia in. CheckRussia will protect Crimea.  CheckRussia will say out of the Donbass.  CheckRussia will have to deal with refugees.  CheckThe US/NATO will not intervene like in Bosnia.  CheckThe Ukrainian economy will collapse. CheckThere is one point which I did really get wrong: the people of Novorussia.  I saw them as very passive, interested only in getting paid (in Hrivnas or Rubles - doesn't matter) and with very little Russian national identity.  Here I got it very wrong, but in my defense I would say that the Russian identity of people of the Donbass was awaken by the huge military assault of Ukrainian military and by the clearly russophobic and neo-Nazi rethoric and policies of the junta.  But setting aside the motivations of the Novorussians, I did predict that the Donbass would rise up, and it did.  In fact, it looks to me like my predictions resulted in a score of 10 out of 10.My point is not to congratulate myself (I sincerely wish my pessimistic predictions would have turned out wrong), but to demonstrate that anybody armed with a) basic knowledge of Russia and the Ukraine b) access to open sources information c) basic common sense could have made all of these predictions.There are, however, also events which I completely failed to foresee: the amazing inability of the Ukrainian military to get anything done.  On July 1st, 2014, in a post entitled "Novorussia - Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and settle for anything in the middle" I wrote:The worst which can happen is that a lot of Novorussian defenders get killed, that the towns of Slaviansk, Kramatorsk, Krasnyi Liman and others will get basically flattened and most of their inhabitants killed, that the road between Donetsk and Lugansk gets cut-off by the Ukies and that Ukie forces enter deep inside these two cities.I have to be honest here, there is a pretty good chance that all of the above will happen in the next 24 hours.If that happens, I would like to remind you all that entering into a city is one thing, taking control of it is quite another.  Think Beirut, think Grozny, think Baghdad, think Fallujah, think Gaza, think Bint Jbeil.  Even if Poroshenko announces that Donetsk and Lugansk have "fallen", this will be only a empty statement on par with Dubya's "mission accomplished".  What will *really* happen is that the type of warfare taking place will change.  Not only will it change, but the new (urban) type of warfare will almost completely negate the current huge advantage in aviation, artillery and armor of the Ukie side.  So if these cities "fall" - please do not despair.I hope that Novorussians will be able to resist the Ukie attack, but I also know that by all accounts the kind of firepower the junta is using now is truly huge - we are dealing with a merciless and massive attack with everything the junta could muster and we have to accept that the Novorussian Defense Forces might have to retreat deeper into the cities or even go underground.  While heroic for sure, it is not smart to stay in the open when your enemy is using Smerch and Uragan MRLS against you or even the building you are in.  During the first Chechen war the Chechen retreated deeply inside Grozny and did not even bother defending the outskirts, in part because the city center buildings were far stronger than the flimsy houses in the suburbs.  I never studied the layout of the cities of Lugansk and Donetsk, but if they are typical of the way the Soviets liked to build, then retreating into the city center and giving up the suburbs would probably make sense.The first defensive option is to let the Ukies enter the suburbs and then cut them off, envelop (surround) them, and then attack them.  If that works, great!  But if the Ukies clear the way with massive sustained strikes and flatten their way in, then it will become necessarily to switch to "plan B" and retreat deeper into the cities.  If the Ukie advance is multi-pronged and too fast, or if the city center defenses were not adequately prepared (for whatever reason), then plan "C" is to go more or less underground and switch to an active mobile defense centered on short but intense ambushes followed by immediate retreats.What really happened took my by complete surprise: initially the Ukrainian forces did move in, but soon they were bogged down and then gradually surrounded by the Novorussians.  In fact, both during the junta's summer offensive and during it's winter offensive the Novorussians succeeded in crushing the Ukrainian forces even in open terrain: steppes, hills, fields and forests.  The other amazing thing which happened is that for the first time in the past 200 years there were more combatants killed on the Ukrainian side than civilians.  The German intelligences sources estimate the number of victims of this war at about 50'000.  That figure sure makes sense to me.  That kind of outcome and these kinds of figures can only be explained by a huge, truly immense, difference in combat capabilities between the junta forces and the Novorussians.  Unimpressed as I was by the Novorussian behavior in February-March I failed to imagine that this rather passive and peaceful folk would turn into formidable combatants who would so radically defeat a vastly superior force (at least on paper), not once, but twice. Even as late as October 24th, in a post entitled "What could the next Junta offensive against Novorussia look like?" I again failed to predict the almost immediate defeat of the junta's winter offensive. I wrote:What the Ukies are preparing is rather obvious. They will pick several key axes of attack along which they will unleash a massive artillery attack. This fire preparation will serve to prepare for a push by Ukrainian armored units (this time around we can expect the Ukrainian infantry to properly defend their tanks and not the other way around). The Ukrainians will not push deep into Donetsk or Lugansk, but rather they will try to, again, cut-off and surround Donetsk in a pincer attack and then negotiate some kind of quasi-surrender by the Novorussians. At most, they will try to enter a few important suburbs. I don't expect much action around Luganks - Donetsk is far more exposed.  Now, if I am correct and this is what happens, then please understand and remember this: the correct Novorussian response to this plan is to begin by retreating. It makes no sense whatsoever for the Novorussians to sit and fight from positions which are densely covered by Ukrainian artillery strikes. During the first Ukrainian attack I was dismayed to see how many people clearly did not understand the importance retreats in warfare. The "hurray-patriots" in particular were adamant that the initial Novorussian retreat was a clear sign that, as always, "Putin had betrayed Novorussia" (when the NAF went on a long and brilliant counter-offensive, these "hurray-patriots" fell silent for a while until the moment when Moscow stopped the NAF from seizing Mariupol, at which point they resumed chanting their mantra). The fact is that retreating against a superior forces is the logical thing to do, especially if you have had the time to prepare for a two, possibly, three echelon defense. While I do not know that for a fact, this is what I expect the Novorussians have been doing during all the length of the ceasefire: preparing a well-concealed and layered defense.  My hope and expectation is that once the JRF attacks the NAF will, again, carefully retreat, pull the JFR in, and then being to gradually degrade the attacking force. I particular hope that the Russians have finally send some much needed guided anti-tank weapons through the voentorg.I was completely wrong.  Not only did the Novorussians stop the junta offensive more or less along the line of contact, but they went on the counter-offensive where they seized the heavily fortified Donetsk airport and then the entire Debaltsevo cauldron.  To say that I am extremely impressed is an understatement.Military analyst always tend to be very cautious and assume the worst-case, and this is how it should be when lives are at stake, but I cannot explain away my complete failure to predict the Novorussian successes by some professional inclination.  What happened is that I got the Novorussian mentality completely wrong by assuming that their initial passivity was a predictor of their ability to fight.  A fundamentally flawed and mistaken assumption.Still, I mostly got it right and so could have done all the advisors, analysts, area specialists, etc. working for the governments involved in that crisis and I bet you they did.  But either the politicians did not want to listen, or they wanted precisely that outcome.The shameful and utterly disgusting fact is that everything that took place was completely predictable.  In fact, Putin, Lavrov and many more Russians officials *did* try to tell everybody that the Ukrainian people were cheerfully waltzing straight into a precipice, but nobody was willing to listen.  Instead, western politicians blamed the Russians for everything, which is just about the most intellectually dishonest and hypocritical thing they could have done.The next Ukie president?In one year an entire country was destroyed, tens of thousands of people were murdered and millions are now left with nothing not even hope: the Ukraine is a failed state, having now gone through Dmitri Orlov's "five stages of collapse".  Kiev is in the hands of a regime of incompetent Nazi freaks and the only alternative to them looks even worse.Make no mistake, if the Donbass is now probably safe from any future junta attacks, the risks for the rest of the rump-Ukraine are still huge and an even bigger bloodbath could happen next.What is evident is that Poroshenko is a "goner": this sad buffoon promised peace to the Ukrainian people and instead he gave them a year long bloodbath culminating in a strategic defeat which cost the Ukrainians about half of their more or less combat capable forces.  The only thing which keeps Poroshenko in power now is the political support of the USA and the political recognition by the EU and Russia.  But the rest of the freaks in power don't care one bit about the EU or Russia and I predict that they will try to eject him at the first possibility.  When I look at list of freaks likely to succeed Poroshenko I get a knot in my stomach: if Poroshenko was a political prostitute and a spineless, incompetent imbecile, he was at least not clinically insane.  Most of his likely successors are.  As for Iats or Turchinov, I personally think that they are demoniacally possessed which is arguably even worse than being clinically insane.In conclusion I will just say that if I believe that all the horrors of the past year were fully avoidable, I also believe that the horrors of the next, upcoming, year are not: the Ukraine has plunged over the cliff and is now heading for the very same future as Libya (another western "success story").  I hope that I am wrong and that I am missing something crucial, but I personally do not see any way to stop the implosion of the rump-Ukraine and my advise to anybody still living there would be to get out while you can.In them meantime in Moscow there was a "anti-Maidan" demonstration planned for 10'000 people.  35'000-50'000 showed up to say "we will not forget, we will not forgive" and "no Maidan in Russia".  This anti-Maidan movement which was just formed very recently has a very bright political future because after watching the horrors right across their border and accepting close to a million refugees from the Ukraine, the vast majority of Russians want nothing to do with a Maidan-like event in Russia.  Combine that with the still 80%+ popularity of Putin in spite of western sanctions, and you will see that Russia is safe from the kind of events which happened in Kiev a year ago.The virus which killed the Ukraine will act as a vaccine for Russia.The Saker

Wet Dreams About Winston Churchill

Yet another monumental failure for the junta All my sources confirm that Debaltsevo is mostly in Novorussian hands and that the junta forces are in full retreat to the south of the pocket.  All the top Novorussian brass was on hand today, including Kononov, Motorola, Givi, Mozgovoi and Zakharchenko as were many tens of Ukrainian […]Continue reading...

US Slaughter in Afghanistan Rages On

Less than two months after President Barack Obama announced an end to US combat operations in Afghanistan, top Pentagon officials have made it clear that these murderous operations are not only continuing, they are escalating, while plans for the withdrawal…


- "Mr. Stachnio has a great review of the 650 Western color revolution NGOs operating in Russia that are funded with deficit spending US taxpayer dollars."

NEO â€" Japanese Sanctions against the Russian Federation

- The real threat is who is really running the show in the US and Europe. Is it the elected leaders, or those who are really behind who gets elected?

Lvov Professor Faces Persecution for Supporting Novorossia

2/24/2015They are killing me By Olga Zagulskaya Translated from Russian by J.Hawk The two weeks of persecution have had their effect. Now I am suffering from hypertension. Yet another act of psychological torture had its intended effect. When I was going to work, I was warned that the students are preparing a boycott. Young people […]Continue reading...

Hezbollah Secretary General Nasrallah: "The game is over in Syria"

Full speech delivered by Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah during the memorial anniversary of the Resistance Leader Martyrs held in Sayyed Ashuhada Compound on February 16, 2015.  I take refuge in Allah from the stoned devil. In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Peace be upon the Seal of Prophets, our Master and Prophet, Abi Al Qassem Mohammad, on his chaste and pure Household, on his chosen companions and on all messengers and prophets. Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings. First, I would like to welcome you all in this dear and solemn occasion - the anniversary of the Leader Martyrs. However, allow me first to tackle a really grave incident. I find myself obliged to express our as well as your strong condemnation of the brutal and savage crime perpetrated by the Takfiri Daesh organization against the oppressed Egyptian workers in Libya. This crime cannot be tolerated or bore by the mind, heart, conscience, religion or humanity. In your name, we extend our condolences to their oppressed and deemed-weak families, the Egyptian people, the Egyptian government, and the Coptic Church. We also express our consolation and deep sorrow for this calamity which afflicted them. In fact, it afflicted us all - Islam and Christianity, Muslims and Christians, and every human being who has a mind, a conscience, and an intact nature. We will return to this topic again in the course of the speech. First, I would like to talk about the occasion and the act of commemorating this occasion. Then, I will talk a little about the Lebanese affairs before making a general overview and a general stance on the situation of the region. Every year, on this very day, together we mark the anniversary of the Leader Martyrs, the family of leaders, Martyr Sayyed Abbass Mussawi - our Secretary General, leader, master, beloved, and inspirer -, his well-educated, resisting wife Martyr Sayyeda Um Yasser, and his small child Hussein, the Sheikh of the Islamic Resistance Martyrs - His Eminence Martyr Sheikh Ragheb Harb, and the senior jihadi Leader Martyr Hajj Imad Moghniyeh who are the symbol of our steadfastness and victory. We mark their anniversary for our sake and our good and not theirs. We mark their anniversary to teach our children, grandchildren and future generations. We commemorate this occasion so that the near past which we lived and partook in making remains connected to the present and overlooking the future. This period of time must remain in our minds - we who have lived this era -, and it must dwell in the minds of our children, grandchildren, and the generations to come. This period of time extends from the establishment of the State of "Israel" in 1948, the wars which were staged later in 1967 and 1973, the events that took place in Lebanon, the resistance announced by the Palestinian people, the resistance announced later on by His Eminence Sayyed Mussa Sadre (May Allah return him back safe and sound along with both his companions), Camp David Agreement, the divine and historic victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran which took place in like these days under the leadership of His Eminence Imam Khomeini (May Allah sanctify his secret), the "Israeli" invasion in 1982, and the post-invasion era to our day including the wars, confrontations, events, and conspiracies. This era is pregnant with events and development, and no one - neither we nor our children or the generations to come - can approach the present and the challenges of the day in a logical, objective, scientific, intact, and sound way apart from all of this past and the equations and achievements made: the facts and illusions, logic and lunacy, desperate bargains and sound options, waiting a mirage that did not and will never come true and waiting for victories made by the determination, sacrifices, tears, blood, aspirations, and pains of men and women. This time era with all what it comprises represents a great humanistic, fiducial, cultural, and jihadi school for our people and nation. These leader martyrs were among its most prominent figures and leaderships and its martyred witnesses. Second, we always and all year long need to resort to them. We need to turn to Sayyed Abbass, Um Yasser, Sheikh Ragheb, and Hajj Imad as ideals to follow. We need to learn from them to abstain from this world when it ornaments to us its vanities: prestige, wealth, and luxury. We need to learn from them to be modest and even humble when we become strong. We need to learn from them to be strong when we confront quaking and hurricane-like calamities. We need to learn from them wisdom when we are fought with ordeals and seditions that disperse minds and insight. We take from them and are inspired by their ardor and zeal when tired, by their boldness when hesitating, and by their unlimited sacrifices when the position requires that. We learn from them to trust in Allah, our nation, our people, ourselves, and our resistance fighters when people feel frustrated as hardships, difficulties, and challenges target them from all sides. We take from them hope, confidence, and insight. As you heard a while ago, when "Israel" was occupying our land, Sayyed Abbass, Sheikh Ragheb, and Hajj Imad first and later on expressed their vision that "Israel" would not only withdraw from our land but also will be eliminated from the world. That is at a time "Israel" was occupying our land, our men and women were in prison, and we were weak and "Israel" was strong. As such, we take from them a clear vision and intact insight, confidence and hope, and most importantly we learn from them to be faithful and loyal, to have tolerance, to be up to the level of the tough and difficult current challenges we are facing, and to be competent at shouldering the responsibility of making a decent, noble, and prideful future that befits our people, homeland, and nation. Thus we always take pains to talk about them, their biography, their morals, their conduct, their achievements, their jihad, and their sacrifices so that we as well our children, grandchildren, and the future generations come to know and learn. This is what we must take pains to achieve when we broadcast the names, photos, biographies, and wills of all the martyrs every day and around the year. That's because they truly present an integrated, intellectual jihadi school which we must introduce and with which we must be acquainted. For 32 years by now, a generation of young men who were 18, 19, 20, 23, and 25 at most by that time and who were scholars and fighters whether men or women took the initiative and shouldered the responsibility. Some of them were martyred in the different stages of the path. Many of our veteran cadres were mighty in the fields of jihad and enduring difficulties and wounds and then died of a long struggle with illness the last of whom was a dear leader of the pioneer Resistance leaders late Hajj Mustafa Shehadeh (May Allah have mercy on him). Some were detained and suffered from the cuffs of detention. Some were wounded and are still suffering from their injuries. Some are still moving in this path holding their blood on their palms. The slogan held by this first generation which included Sayyed Abbass, Sheikh Ragheb, and Hajj Imad, and Hajjeh Um Yasser is {Among the Believers are men who have been true to their Covenant with Allah: othem some have completed their vow, and some atill wait: but they have never changed their determination in the least}. Among the young men today are children of the first generation who in their turn pledged, lived up to their pledge, and adhered to their pledge, and many of them passed away as martyrs the last of whom were those who were killed in the "Israeli" aggression in Quneitra. The children of the first generation were also senior partakers in making victory. The anniversary of the leader martyrs comes this year with evidence on what I am saying. The son of Leader Martyr Imad Moghniyeh - Jihad - stood on this podium to pledge his allegiance and willingly declare his affiliation, identity, and option. No one obliged him to do so. He could have continued his university education. He was a young gentle man. His life and his future were before him. The entire world was before him. However, the son of Hajj Imad carried Hajj Imad's spirit, soul, knowledge, and love. He abandoned all of that. Where did he go? He went to Golan and to Quneitra where his life was sealed in martyrdom. As such are the martyrs the sons of martyrs. The blood of martyr Jihad and his brethrens in Quneitra days ago forcefully revived the anniversary of the martyrdom of Hajj Imad Moghniyeh. It brought him back to life again. At that moment we felt as if Hajj Imad was martyred anew. People had this emotional, spiritual, and moral feeling. The people sympathized with the incidents what brought this matchless, brilliant, and historic leader to the forefront of events again emphasizing that his memory and presence is still the most forceful and supreme in the conscience of the friend and foe who is still haunted by the blood of Imad Moghniyeh and will always be haunted by the blood of Imad Moghniyeh. Brothers and sisters! On this great and dear day to us and in a show of loyalty to these leader martyrs and as responsible people, we tackle some issues that concern us in Lebanon and some issues that concern us also in the region. First I will tackle some Lebanese affairs. First: We are in the month of February in which many incidents took place especially on February 14th. On this occasion, I extend my condolences and consolation to the family of Martyr Premier Rafiq Hariri, his lovers, his party, and his supporters for the sorrowful event of his martyrdom that shook Lebanon and the region, and the repercussions of which are still taking place to our very day. I also extend my consolations to all the families and lovers of all the martyrs - whether men and women - who fell on that day in that painful, sorrowful, and very dangerous incident. Second: Today and before the danger of terror that is threatening Lebanon and the region, we in Hizbullah support the call for devising a national anti-terror strategy. I believe that the Lebanese political forces and Lebanese leaderships may agree on an enemy that is terrorism. That may not be as difficult as agreeing on a defense strategy in face of "Israel" for, unfortunately, we disagree over another enemy, which is "Israel". Anyway, we support the call for devising a national strategy against terrorism. Now how are we to achieve that? Now I received the result of whether there was shooting in the air or not as I started my speech. It is supposed that in the compound you haven't heard anything. I thank all our honorable people in Dahiyeh, Beirut, and all regions for abiding by our call and appeal. This is always expected from you, and you always live up to our expectations. We must always cooperate, and Inshallah we will come to an end with this phenomenon so that we don't find ourselves obliged to issue a statement for every ceremony and request from you not to shoot in the air. We must cooperate as far as this issue is concerned. It is an old tradition in Lebanon to shoot in the air in funerals of martyrs, martyr processions, and in the various occasions, and we must cooperate on the media, cultural, and political levels to put an end to it Inshallah. Many thanks to all those who answered our call and adhered to our recommendations. I am very thankful to you all. So we are with devising a national anti-terror strategy. Now who is to work on this? It is the government. The parliament presents an initiative. A national unity session may be held. This needs follow up. The mechanism needs discussion. Anyway, in principle, we call for that, and we support that. The third point has to do with the security plan in Bekaa. We renew our ultimate support for the plan which we believe came late. The security plan must continue and must be activated. So it must not last for a week or two or a month or two. The Bekaa region has been suffering from thieves, criminals, corruptive people who kidnap people to receive ransoms, and outlaws who terrorize people. We hope that this era had come to an end Inshallah. Between parentheses, I say that there were popular requests that we - Hizbullah, Amal Movement, and the political forces in Bekaa - assume this responsibility but this was not a right step. Here I am telling our people in Bekaa that this is not right and will not be right in the future. What is right is that the state is the most able and the most competent side of assuming this responsibility which is its obligation in fact. All of us must support and back the army, the security forces, and the government in controlling the security situation. Thus the security plan needs follow up. It was said that the wanted fled. Well that is good. Now let the army and the security forces be aware and serious so that they do not come back. As long as they are away from the region, the region will be free of thieves, criminals, corruptive people, and killers. As such no such things will be tolerated in the future. Alongside the security plan in Bekaa, two other things are needed. I will only mention topics so that I can cover all the points. The first point is the development plan in Bekaa. If the state wants to control that area, it is not enough to dispatch the army and the security forces. It must develop the area: a hospital, a school, roads, water, electricity, job opportunities and anything possible so that these honorable people live in dignity and stay and stick to their land. The north and especially Akkar needs development and not only security. The second point is resolving the problem of tens of thousands of people who are wanted for trivial, minor or old offenses. This issue is still unresolved, and it must be addressed after all. It is not right that tens of thousands remain wanted and are arrested on check points for very trivial reasons. There is a third point which is lurking and upcoming. I will not tackle it in details. I will leave it for another occasion. I will only mention it because we are talking about Bekaa. This will take place when the snow melts. Today on the other side of the eastern mountain range, and in the hills and mountains of Arsal, Daesh and al-Nusra are found. Daesh extends from Libya to all the regions it wishes to be found in until reaching the barren mountains of Arsal. Well, now the mountains are covered with snow. The windy weather and weather conditions have limited or prevented confrontations. However, when the snow melts, there is something waiting to take place there. The state as well as the Lebanese people must decide on how to deal with this threat and danger on the hills and mountains that intimidates the villages and everyone. Man must take a position. When we tackle the regional issues we will return to this topic again. These can easily be defeated but that requires a decision and a national will. We are coming to that stage, and we must take a position accordingly. Now we are in the month of February. There are storms with many names, and it has become difficult for us to memorize the name of each storm. There is snow, and it is freezing cold. Our brave men are on the top of mountains of elevations between 2000 and 2500 meters. On this occasion, we must renew our tribute to the officers of the Lebanese Army and the security forces as well as to the Resistance men. Also on the other side there are the officers and soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army and the Resistance men. These men in that area are preventing terrorist attacks and preventing dispatching bomb-laden vehicles to the various Lebanese regions. On the Day of the Leader Martyrs, we give all our regards and high-esteem for their patience, determination, and steadfastness in face of storms and freezing snow. Fourth: On the anniversary of the understanding between Hizbullah and the Free Patriotic Movement which also took place in February, the importance of this great achievement is manifested more and more day after day. Its consequences are also made clear on the political situations in Lebanon and even in the region. That's because one of the most important consequences of the understanding is the impact of the stance related to the Resistance which is a part of all the challenges, consequences, and victories of the region. We call for deepening and strengthening the relationship between Hizbullah and the Free Patriotic Movement. We also call for making similar understandings on the national level. At that time, we dreamed that the very understanding would widen to include the others. Well, some clauses may be sensitive or there might be some pro forma protocols. Let's keep such clauses aside. Any two or three sides or movement may reach an understanding similar to this national understanding in which all of us may join. So it would not hold the name of Hizbullah or the Free Patriotic Movement. We would rather be among those partaking in making it and inking it. It would be a whole new agreement that includes everything that closes ranks, achieves accord, addresses the dilemmas of dialogue, and ensures great national interests. Fifth, as for presidential elections, we call for exerting internal efforts in this perspective as there is not any such internal effort in fact. No side is making any move except for remote or insignificant steps. Thus we call for resuming internal national efforts, and it is well known where, how, and with whom. So there is no need to go more into details. The concerned persons are well known. Again I tell all those who care for putting an end to vacuum and for remaking institutions in Lebanon: Do not wait for the changes in the region and foreign changes. Do not wait for the Iranian nuclear file or the US-Iranian talks or the Saudi-Iranian talks. Do not wait for anything in the region. On the contrary, the region is moving towards more crises and confrontations. New fronts are being opened. I will tackle the regional affairs later in my speech. Previously, we used to say that no one is free enough to be bothered with us. In the future too, no one will be free to be preoccupied with us. So let's not let this vacuum stay for long. If we are serious and independent, sovereign, and a decision-maker in his bloc and can vote for the person of his choice as everyone of us claims to be, let's resume this internal national effort to resolve the issue of presidential elections. Sixth, regarding the government, we support it and back it in resuming its work. This is a national need. In fact, the Lebanese have no other choice. The alternative is vacuum and forfeiture. I believe that no one agrees on this alternative. There are problems facing the work of the government; we must cooperate to resolve these problems. As for the issue of the mechanism of taking a decision, we will deal positively with some of the presented solutions. Some of these solutions are logical and appropriate, and we call on the forces partaking in the government to deal positively with this issue to overcome this crisis so that the government convene anew, resume its work, and assume its responsibilities. Seventh, Hizbullah will continue the dialogue with the Future Movement Inshallah as we see that this dialogue has so far led to good and positive results within the ceilings of expectations set at the very beginning. That means from the very beginning, they and we knew the magnitude of expectations. Well, let's not handle this issue on platforms. The expectations are clear. The agenda is agreed upon. It is clear too, and it is within the expectations. Within the agenda, the results are good, and with the seriousness characterizing both sides, we hope we will reach a good and positive result that would be to the interest of Lebanon and all the Lebanese Inshallah. We will move forward in this dialogue. Well some people may bother us; others may be annoyed by the dialogue; some people still talk inappropriately. Still we along with our masses must tolerate and endure all of that to the interest of the country. The last point on the domestic level has to do with us renewing our encouragement and support to any form of dialogue between any Lebanese political forces no matter under what title it comes or what results it may yield. Even if the results are humble, dialogue remains the best option before us as Lebanese. This is as far as Lebanon is concerned. Let's move now to the region though through a Lebanese prelude. There is a critical and crucial point which I hope we all would contemplate on. For decades by now and all through the stage we lived and passed through to our very day, there has always been a dispute in Lebanon. There are two logics which you hear in ceremonies and occasions. The first logic says that we want Lebanon apart from the region and apart from the events taking place in the region. It is the policy of isolating it from what is taking place in the entire region. This policy is against interfering in the affairs of the region. This logic is nice regardless of whether those saying this are committing themselves to it or not. We are talking in theory. In theory, there is a logic that goes against interfering in what is taking place in the region whether on the political, media, or military level. This is the policy of staying apart. Lebanon cannot tolerate interfering. Lebanon's conditions are complicated and difficult. Thus Lebanon must remain away, and it must not be hurled in any of the axes. I reiterate that some sides - no matter who they may be - say so though in practice that may not be the case. That's because many sides in the country may or may not be parts of an axes. They may or may not be interfering in the affairs of the region. This is another field of study. The other logic theoretically says that is impossible. The logic you are talking about is nice. This Arabic composition you are making is nice; however allow me to say that it is unrealistic. The true status quo, the land, the field, history, geography, demography, security, peace, and livelihood say against that. That is similar to natural phenomena. When a snowy storm is approaching you can't stand in its face and tell it: Cool down. We are Lebanese. We want to stay isolated from storms, snow, and rain. We have our own snow, our own rain, and our own climate. We are a piece from Heaven, and we have nothing to do with anyone else. Well how is this translated into action? Is such logic realistic or right? Whether the Lebanese like it or not, Lebanon has always been effected by what takes place in the region: the establishment of the state of "Israel" and the usurp of Palestine have had great repercussions on Lebanon and the region. All what takes place in the region has its repercussions on Lebanon. No one can say: Hold on. We cannot tolerate. We do not want to be influenced by your repercussions. Here we have to say. Here one may be logical or illogical. What is the truth? What is the true situation? This is the truth. On the contrary, Lebanon today is under the impact of what is taking place in the region more than in any time in the past. Today the destiny of Lebanon is not made in Lebanon only. Now the fate of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Yemen among other countries is made in the region as a region. No fate is made in one country alone. The region has been molded anew. The entire region was shocked and scattered. It is now being recreated from scratch. Whoever wants to decide the fate of Lebanon must partake in making the fate of the region, and whoever is absent in making the fate of the region is in fact telling others to make our fate as we cannot do anything. No, today the fate of the states in the region is made in the region. Even more, the fate of the world is now being made in the region. In a while we will start talking about Daesh, Libya, Italy, and Europe. However now and in the light of this labor pain, the fate of entities will be determined. Some entities may continue or stop to exist. On light of this labor pain, some people will continue or stop to exist. Will things remain as such or will there be a kind of rejoining or disintegration, or are we heading to years and decades of destruction? What is the future? All of this is being made in the region? States and peoples in the region as well as the entire world are being influenced by that. No one can say I am Lebanese or whatever. That is unrealistic. The issue is not intellectual luxury or political luxury. The fate of our people and of our country is at stake. Our dignity and the future of our generations are at stake. In this framework and as a joke I say that in the past, we faced the problem of convincing some Lebanese that we are part of the Arab region, the Levant, the Middle East, and the Arab-"Israeli" struggle when having discussions with them. They used to say that is not the case; Lebanon is an island in the Pacific Ocean. We live at ease, we are not influenced by anything, and we are not concerned with anything. Their stance today has taken a more negative course because we now have to convince them that Lebanon is part of Planet Earth, not of Mars. Today the Globe - the entire Globe - is influenced by what is taking place in the region. This logic has, in fact, always been a point of disagreement that used to cause further disagreements. Well, we approach this issue with such a mentality because we believe that the fate of Lebanon, the fate of the people of Lebanon, the future of Lebanon, the will of Lebanon, the security of Lebanon, the ability to live in Lebanon, and the economy of Lebanon cannot be isolated from the developments and events taking place in the region. When I talk about the region, I will talk in general and not in details. However, still I have a brief comment which I find appropriate to say. To those who criticize our stance from what is taking place in Bahrain for example saying that such a stance harms the relation with a dear fraternal country called Bahrain I say: Indeed, Bahrain is a dear fraternal country exactly like any other Arab country is for us. I accept that they criticize our stance, and they have the right to criticize our stance only if they abide by this policy - the policy that goes against interfering in the affairs of others. But that is not accepted from those who interfere in the affairs of another Arab country the relation of which with Lebanon is by far more important and more critical than Lebanon's relations with Bahrain. I mean Syria. Security, economy, path, horizons, sea, water, people and families are common between Lebanon and Syria. Since the beginning of the events in Syria up till now, some have interfered and even been part of the battle on Syria and its government, regime, army, and the choice of a wide section of its people, and they were part of the media and political war against it. Arms were led in to Syria, and money was paid and is still. Those acting as such pertaining to Syria have no right to criticize our stance on Bahrain. After all, what did we do as far as Bahrain is concerned? We issued a political position. We did not send arms to Bahrain. We did not instigate violence in Bahrain. We did not call for toppling the regime in Bahrain. On the contrary, we always used to back the callers for the peaceful movement, to call for dialogue and reform in Bahrain, to reject violence, and to avoid violent reactions and suppression practiced by the regime. The stance we took must be met by appreciation by the deaf and blind government of Bahrain. It must be appreciated by everyone who cares for any Arab country. That's because when a political side in any Arab country addresses another Arab country saying: Your demands are rightful. Resort to peaceful means. Do not head to violence. Go towards dialogue. Accept any settlement. Such a stance should be highly evaluated. However, because the government in Bahrain is afraid of any rightful word, it is frightened by any call believing {that every cry is against them}. As such it becomes tense and starts threatening you. By what? By expelling the Lebanese from Bahrain. This is the means resorted to by the weak and feeble authorities. Such authorities act as such. They threaten that they will expel the Lebanese in Bahrain if so and so carry on talking in such a way. Anyway, we are now in the month of February which also witnesses the anniversary of the peaceful, civil, and civilized uprising of the people of Bahrain whom we salute and hail for their patience, steadfastness, awareness, and wisdom. So whoever gives advice and preaches must first observe them himself. Then we can talk together if we are to observe them or not and whether what we are doing is right or wrong. I will tackle the situation in the region besides the "Israeli" threat in a couple of words. We will talk about what is new as we do not want to reiterate what is old. The threat and danger represented by the Takfiri current with its most prominent form - Daesh - has been forcefully evident in new fields and domains. Previously we have said that this is not a threat to some governments only but rather to all governments. It is not a threat to some regimes only but rather to all regimes, entities, peoples, and armies. It is not a threat to religious, or factional, or racial minorities. It is a threat to everyone. We have said that very early. We also said that it is a threat to Islam as a religion and as a divine mission. Since that day to this day, all the events that took place assert this concept that we have talked about together very early. Now, the entire world has admitted that yes the Takfiri current under the name of Daesh is posing a threat to the security of the region and to world security. Does anyone in this world argue this point? There is only "Israel" because it does not consider Daesh a threat or a danger. You have seen "Israeli" War Minister Yaalon making an inspection visit to Golan a couple of days ago and saying that Daesh does not pose a threat or danger. He also said that al-Nusra does not pose any threat or danger. Well, "Israel" alone considers that Daesh and al-Nusra do not pose a threat. Still all world countries consider - even if apparently - that Daesh poses a threat and a danger to the security of the region and to world security. Later on we will talk about al-Nusra. "Israel" has the right to say that Daesh does not form a threat because all what Daesh had made so far and is still making absolutely serves the interests of "Israel" whether Daesh is aware of that or not. What is taking place now? New fronts are being opened. There are new forms of brutality and criminality they brought along from Hollywood or from other places. The way in which the Jordanian pilot Maaz Kassabah was burnt is catastrophic. The way in which the oppressed deemed-week Egyptian workers were slaughtered which we saw on TV screens is disgraceful and frightful. Hostages are being slaughtered in such a way. Even more, new fronts are being opened and new targets are being set. Daesh has nothing to do in Palestine or in al-Quds. That's why Yaalon says that Daesh forms no threat. In fact, the true and absolute target of Daesh is Mecca and Medina. I call on the brethrens in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to calm down a little. The absolute goal is Mecca and Medina. Today I watched that in the news. I am not very much sure whether new rulers were appointed today or whether they are talking about an old report. I am saying so to be precautious but what I heard today says that Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi - the Caliph of Daesh - appointed a prince on Mecca and ruler on Medina. So the goal is Mecca and Medina and not al-Quds. It's because the caliphate of Daesh would not be completed without the Two Holy Shrines of Mecca and Medina. What did those who slaughtered the Egyptian Copts in Libya said? They said that their goal is Rome! Their options are very remote! Mecca and Medina remain relatively nearer that Rome. They may say that we can go to Mecca and Medina, and from there we move through Jordan to Palestine. Still they want to go to Rome! What do they have to do in Rome?! These are new wars and fronts. Whom are they serving? For whose interest are they fighting? Here and for the first time I dare to say: Consider the "Israeli" Mossad, the CIA, and the British intelligence. Previously, we did not pose the theory of a conspiracy. But now we say let's take that into consideration. Everything that the Takfiri current and Daesh do serves "Israel", "Israel's" hegemony over the region, and the US hegemony over the region. They are also provoking Europe. Imagine for example that a couple of days ago Italian Defense Minister said: We are ready to lead an international coalition against terrorism in Libya. Between parentheses we ask the Italian Defense minister: Why do you want to lead an international attack on terrorism in Libya? Listen very well to the answer of the Italian Defense Minister. I hope that March 14 Bloc would hear the answer very well. It is because "terrorism is now only 350 kilometers away from the Italian border." She says only 350 kilometers. The Defense Minister, Italy, and the European Union are civilized, and still they are thinking of staging a military action against Libya because terrorism is now 350 kilometers away. As for us, terrorism is on the barren mountains at the border, in al-Qseir and Qalamoun. Terrorism is on our hills and in bomb-laden cars. Still some parties are arguing whether I am right or wrong. Before this status quo which is in fact not exaggerated, there is a truth called a true serious danger. The threat was in Syria. Now it is in Syria and Iraq. It also reached Libya. Also in Sinaa they say that Ansar Beit Al Maqdes has pledged allegiance to Daesh or something of this sort. Similar things are taking place in other places too. Today in Tunisia, there is a state of full mobilization. In Yemen, a branch of al-Qaeda had pledged allegiance to Daesh Caliph and are proceeding and occupying camps in southern provinces in the country. There is a true threat. They are slaughtering and killing. These are not films. They are producing true films. It is absolutely sure that their mind, spirit, and brutality come from Hollywood. This is the culture of Hollywood. What is the culture of Hollywood? Is there anything other than killing and slaughtering? Is this from here, from the Orient, from Islam, from Christianity, from prophets, from the caliphs, from the companions of the Prophet, or from the Household of the Prophet (Peace be upon them)? God forbids. It is not from any of these. The origin of what we are seeing now before our eyes on TV screens is clear. In face of this danger which is threatening everyone, we call on the peoples and the governments of the region to join efforts to confront this vast, dangerous, terrorist Takfiri threat. I reiterate that we are all able to defeat this threat as well as to defeat those standing behind it whether the "Israeli" Mossad, the Americans or the English. Brothers and sisters! The strategies followed by the international coalition and the international community are minor - that is if we thought good of them. If we thought bad of them, we wonder whether they really want to get rid of Daesh or not. Let's be serious. I will refer to this again in a separate clause. Thus the nation, the peoples of the nation, the governments, the scholars, the political parties, the resisting forces, and the armies are all concerned in confronting this threat which is the most dangerous threat except for the "Israeli" threat. Thus I have a couple of clauses to say briefly. Clause One: The intellectual, political, media, and field confrontation of this Takfiri current must be considered a kind of defense - a defense of Islam. It is not anymore a defense of a definite axis or regime or state or faction or sect or minority. They are threatening everyone. They are threatening Islam above all. I hope that everyone understands very well what I am saying. Any conduct made by a Muslim who claims to be a Muslim that disagrees with human nature cannot be from Islam. It is impossible to be from Islam. Allah Al Mighty says {So set thou thy face steadily and truly to the Faith (establish) Allah's handiwork according to the pattern on which He has made mankind; no change (let there be) in the work (wrought) by Allah: that is the standard Religion}. This is the nature which does not change since Allah created man}. From the very beginning to Doom's Day there is one and only one human nature. {That is the standard Religion}. The standard religion is the religion that agrees and is in harmony with human nature. Such deeds which sicken the minds, hearts, and spirits and which all humanity with its various and diversified doctrinal and political ideas, visions and directions loathes cannot be Islamic deeds or deeds pertaining to any religion. So this battle is a battle in defense of Islam. And today, I will tell you with pride: As we form or consider ourselves part of this battle in face of this Takfiri current, we consider ourselves defending the Islam of Mohammad Bin Abdullah (Peace be upon him and his Household). We are not defending Shiites, Sunnites, this sect, or that sect. Everyone knows that when the battle becomes a battle in defense of the religion of Allah Al Mighty and of the sanctities of Allah, then our sacrifices will have no limits, our patience will have no limits, our tolerance will have no limits, and our willingness to go to the end is with no limits as our Master Imam Abu Abdullah Al Hussein did in Karbala. Here I am saying that we are doing so. I further call on everyone - on all Muslims - to defend their religion no matter if they are scholars, authorities, journalists, or authors. So arms are not a must. The worst deformation in human history for a divine religion is what Daesh is perpetrating now. No such thing ever took place in history. Second: The entire world - or at least the states in our region which are living this threat and this danger - must tell some regional states which are still supporting Daesh with arms, money, facilities, and media that the game is over. Apparently such satellite channels may not seem to be defending Daesh. But if you listen carefully, you find that in fact they are defending Daesh. I am not going to explain this now. The game is over. The region, the peoples of the region, and the governments of the region will not be able to tolerate this level of criminality and brutality which is being perpetrated in the name of Islam against all the peoples of the region. Third: This is a very important point. I will be frank and mention names. We must not fool ourselves or allow anyone to fool us by trying to differentiate between Daesh and al-Nusra Front. As we have always said in the past. I do not want to reiterate. They are one reality. They have the same essence, ideology, culture, spirit, goal, conduct, and goal. I hope that one of the Lebanese or the Arabs would explain to us the difference between al-Nusra and Daesh. How is Daesh a terrorist and al-Nusra Front rebels? I wish I can find someone especially in Lebanon who may explain this to us on the TV or when sitting with our brethrens. We must not be fooled. They are the very current. Their dispute was organizational. It was over leadership. However, the outcome is one and the same. Thus today, there are calls to confront the Takfiri currents with no discrimination. That is true. This is a sound stance. As for Jordan, it cannot fight Daesh in Iraq and support al-Nusra Front in Syria. Some Gulf countries cannot partake in an international coalition to fight Daesh in Iraq while offering money, arms, capabilities, and facilities to al-Nusra Front. Al-Nusra is, in fact, the other face of Daesh. The entire current which poses a real threat must be confronted. Fourth: The governments in the region and the states in the region must limit and address the ongoing struggles. We must help, and we must take initiatives too. Some may say that I am exaggerating in my theories. However, after all, we must be responsible when talking about this stage. What can we do or what can others do? I do not know. Today there are two priorities: The priority to confront the Zionist scheme which is proceeding in Palestine in demolishing houses and building settlements and in threatening Gaza and the region. The second priority is the Takfiri scheme which is threatening us all. Well, this must be a priority too. This means that we must be realistic in the other files too. Some Arab countries, especially Gulf countries, must approach the region's problems in a different manner, because they are in the circle of danger. So do not {be led by arrogance to perpetrate more crimes}. Do not get agitated and nurture anger and grudge. Cool down and sit and contemplate. After all, in Iraq for example, the Iraqi people, the Iraqi troops, the Kurd troops, the Shiite as well as the Sunnite tribes fought Daesh and rendered it inactive. In fact, they prevented Daesh from reaching Kuwait. They prevented Daesh from reaching Saudi Arabia. Otherwise, its eyes are not on Baghdad only. Its eyes are on Mecca and Medina as we said before. So approach Iraq from another perspective. Today in Iraq there is a political operation. The Shiites, Sunnites, and Kurds met one way or another. At times, there are some flaws. At times, crimes take place. However, instead of instigating sectarian and factional ordeals in Iraq through your satellite channels, do play an active role in keeping the Iraqis united together that they would be able to prevent Daesh from expanding again and to be able to confront and crush Daesh. The Iraqis are defending you as well as your thrones and oil. You have to approach Iraq in a different way. Enough with your Sunnite-Shiite-sectarian grudge. You also failed to achieve your goals in Yemen. Search for the reasons behind your failure after you have spent billions of dollars. Power is not found on financial corruption through buying consciences.... Still, you can approach Yemen in a different way. Today, there is a true popular revolution which cannot be ignored. In fact, this revolution is standing in face of al-Qaeda and Daesh that are threatening all of you. All of these documents talk about al-Qaeda's original scheme which was to control Yemen and Syria and thereof move to Mecca and Medina. O rulers of the Gulf. If you do not want to read, don't you have people who may read for you? Why don't you read a little? Approaching Yemen is not to the effect of pushing Yemen towards an internal explosion or to the effect of instigating the Yemenis against each other or to the effect of seeking help from the Security Council in face of the Yemeni people or a large section of the Yemeni people. The approach must be peaceful and quiet. Ansarullah and its leadership are brave, wise, aware, and responsible enough to lead dialogue and make agreements. As such the entire situation would be under control. As for agitation and wrath, that would lead Yemen to unfavorable results, and the Gulf countries will pay the price for that because they will turn Yemen to a neighboring volcano and they will widen the field where Al Qaeda and Daesh act. As for Bahrain, go and talk with Al Khalifa Monarchy. Let them calm down a little and act reasonably. Let them stop acting with suppression and open the gate for dialogue. Let them set the detainees free. The people in Bahrain want a settlement and reforms. Indeed some people in Bahrain do not accept what I am saying. But the majority does. Let's move to Syria now. The game is over in Syria. The continuation fighting in Syria is just a stubborn act to the effect that some said a word and they want their word to be done even if all of Syria was ruined and casualties increased. Be realistic in viewing the status quo in Syria. Open the gate for a political solution. Allow the opposition to partake in a settlement. Here I do not mean the Takfiri opposition which is not allowed to partake in a settlement. The regime is ready to partake in a settlement. Let's see if it's possible for people to calm down a little, sit together and address the affairs of the region. So we can create a situation that helps all sides to confront the danger that is threatening everyone. Even in Lebanon, lift the veto on the presidential issue and allow the Lebanese to sit down and negotiate to reach an agreement over a president and over the entire composition in the country. What is the problem in that? In another word as far as this clause is concerned, do us a favor and allow the people reorganize their priorities and act accordingly. Fifth: The peoples of the region and the governments of the region must not wait for an international strategy or a NATO strategy or an American strategy or anything of this sort. They must take the initiative as we did in Syria, in Lebanon, in Iraq, and as initiatives are being taken in more than one Arab country. We must take the initiative to confront this current, and we must not allow it to expand, gain power, and become deep-rooted and the like. Saying that America wants to get rid of Daesh is disputable. Who says that America wants to get rid of Daesh? Have a look at the status quo and see how it is to the interest of America under the pretext of America defending the states of the region. This is a conspiracy of regimes. They lowered the price of oil and opened the fire on themselves and on all their friends and foes. It is robbing the oil of the region and the wealth of the region. Hundreds of billions of dollars are being robbed under the pretext of the burden of war of the international coalition troops. Through Daesh only, America is robbing our oil and our wealth. America is exhausting us as well as our armies, peoples, states, and nerves. Through Daesh, America is planting grudges and enmities which might not end in decades. It is ruining the entire region for its interest and for the interest of keeping "Israel" powerful, prominent, and protected. Why is America in a hurry? In best cases, if America finds out that it wants to get rid of Daesh, it can still do that slowly and later on when the American presidential elections approach. So why should it get rid of Daesh now? When the American presidential elections are due, they would make several moves and hit Daesh so that the Democratic Party wins. So the knife of Daesh must remain on our neck - we the Iraqis, the Syrians, the Lebanese whom Daesh is at their borders in Qalamoun, Irsal barren mountains, the Egyptians, the Libyans, the Tunisians, the Yemenis, and all the peoples of the region - until the American presidential elections approach to know whether the Americans want to make any move in this perspective. Brothers and sisters! Those who bet on the Americans are bargaining on a mirage. How do you bet on the very side which robs you, conspires against you, and had fabricated these and dispatched them to you? It is not allowed that we wait for the Americans or the international community. Act as the resistance acted. The Resistance of Imam Sayyed Mussa Sadre, the resistance of the Lebanese, the Lebanese resistance, the national resistance, the Islamic resistance, the resistance of Sayyed Abbass, Sheikh Ragheb, and Hajj Abbass, the resistance in Lebanon, the resistance in Gaza, and the resistance in Palestine did not wait for a united Arab strategy or a united international strategy and still the resistance made victory. Why are we to wait for the Americans? We will not wait for the Americans or the NATO. In Iraq, they did not wait. In Iraq, the religious authority, scholars, the government, the army, the security forces, and popular masses that included Shiites, Sunnites, Kurds, and tribes held arms and fought. So far, the Americans haven't handed them the arms they paid for beforehand. The arms and the ammunition come from Iran and from other sources. They did not wait for anyone. They defeated Daesh in Diala Province; they defeated it in most provinces - Salaheddine and Jarf Sakher; now they are defeating it in Anbar; and they will defeat it in Mosel. Why not? In Syria too, this is taking place. It is taking place every day with the good Daesh and the bad Daesh because they are both Daesh whether in al-Qseir, Qalamoun, or Irsal barren mountains. So it is not allowed to wait for anyone. We must take the initiative. We must assume the responsibility. Thus I have something to say. You will find what I will say strange. It is in fact the conclusion we draw from this look over the situation of the region. I tell those who call on us to withdraw from Syria: I in my turn call on you to join us in going to Syria. I further call on you to go to Iraq too. We did not talk about Iraq previously though we are humbly present there now in this first and critical stage. Let's go together to Iraq too. They may say that I am going too far but I will say it anyway. Let's go to any place to confront this threat that is threatening our nation and our region because as such we will be defending Lebanon and the people of Lebanon. This is the way major powers, decent states, and strong armies in the world act. However, we will not take you to Ukraine! On the light of the situation in the region, let's reconsider and discuss your logic as well as our logic and your evidence as well as our evidence. Let no one be afraid that in case things are settled in Syria, the Syrian rule will return. This is part of the past, and you know all the conditions that accompanied this past. You know it better than we do. There is no need to put such fears before true and serious dangers that threaten us all. I call for coordination between the Lebanese Army and the Arab Syrian Army before the snow melts on the eastern mountain range borders. I call on the Lebanese government to coordinate with the Syrian government as per the refugees, the displaced, and security. Today the danger is by far greater than any party, sectarian, or factional considerations. In this framework, we also call for a comprehensive view to this issue. It is our fate to fight in defense of Lebanon and the nation since 1982. We were young men then. Our beards were not visible yet. However, we assumed this responsibility, and we proceeded. Some among us were martyred, and we continued in our path from 1982 to 2000 to 2006. Today, on the path of our leader martyrs - the symbol of our steadfastness and victory - the caravans of martyrs move along to make victory with their blood. The Resistance has always been and will always be the answer. We will always assume the responsibility and make victories with our steadfastness, blood, and inspiration from our leader martyrs - Sayyed Abbass, Sheikh Ragheb, Hajj Imad, Um Yasser, and all the martyrs until {Allah commands; and He is the best to command}. Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.

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