Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Russia ready to recognize Ukraine parliament election – Lavrov

“Elections did indeed take place, even though not across all of Ukrainian territory,” Lavrov told Life News and Izvestiya newspaper. “I think Russia will recognize the election results — it is very important to us that Ukraine will finally get a government, which is not focused on internal conflict or ‘dragging’ the country towards east or west divide, but instead work on how to facilitate unity in the country.” However, promotion of certain radical elements into Ukraine’s Rada, such as the Svoboda Party and Radical Party, remains a serious concern, Lavrov said. The Svoboda Party’s platform is based on principles that stand in solidarity with Hitler’s ideology in Europe, he said, adding that EU has turned away from the party due to its radicalism in the past. “The EU protested against the Svoboda Party joining the ranks of Rada back in 2012, rightly referring to it as ultranationalist … Brussels called on other political forces not to cooperate precisely because of the party’s views.”


from The Russophile http://ift.tt/ZVwJKz