Thursday, 28 August 2014

Trip to Yalta

I was invited to participate in a media event in Yalta. There’s going to be a conference, where Glazyev and Delyagin will speak, but the most interesting – Borodai, Mozgovoy, and… drumroll and trumpets… Strelkov are expected there in person.Actually, keeping in mind that it is less than an hour from here to Yalta, there’s no reason no to go. So, if there’s going to be Strelkov there, then we’ll try to make photo and put it up for those who are still in doubt.And also the arrival of various experts on Ukraine is expected there, including some of the famous bloggers, so with some of them we will be able to devirtualize.It will be interesting, and who knows – about a month and a half back we, as the representatives of Crimean electronic press, were invited to participate in “Infoforum”, which was dedicated to questions of security in the modern internet. The event was rare in its boredom – a cross between state administrative officialness and various banality in the spirit of “Do you know just how dangerous the Internet is?”. I hope this time will be more fun, furthermore the topic – Russia, Ukraine, and Novorossia something is immediately much more alive, so there will be something to watch, where are the winds of the ideological officialness blowing in this question, as well as to listen those who know the real and not the TV picture of the war in Donbass.So expected news from Yalta tomorrow.PS. What’s peculiar, the junta officially announced (in Russian) through its representative that there’s no Russian invasion into Ukraine. The problem of the junta is that it has absolutely no influence in this question. Are there any military, or are there no military. Doesn’t matter. Today they say that there’s none, tomorrow they’ll say that there are. Can’t prove. Especially when the situation on the front is as lamentable and the junta is getting its ass kicked like it’s nobody’s business.But here’s a fly in the ointment: the junta suffered more than 350 irreplaceable losses over yesterday but our side also had losses – up to 40 irreplaceables. Just remember that there’s war and our people die there, helping to forge our common victory in Novorossia with their blood and their life. Remember those who didn’t come back from the battle. Also remember those who perished in Donetsk during shelling, even though the junta is suffering a catastrophe, it continues to compensate for its anger on the civilians of Novorossia by drowning Donetsk with rockets and shells. I hope that there’s not much time left for them to kill civilians in this way without punishment.Original article: (in Russian)

from The Russophile