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Masonic Ritual in the French Revolution and Its Implication in Modernity (Part II)

Ukraine vs. Egypt: Chaos in progress

“Obviously, I was watching the Ukrainian version of the Tahrir Square revolution. Is it a coincidence? Is it only my imagination? … I don’t think so”

Syria Refugee Total Nears Ten Million

More than three million Syrians have fled the country and another 6.5 million are internally displaced, the top UN agency for refugees announced Friday. At nearly ten million, the total number forced from their homes amounts to nearly half the…


In a recent op-ed, a former CIA official suggested the removal of Russian President Vladimir Putin, by assassination if necessary, should be the primary objective of the Obama administration in its strategy for Ukraine. Herbert E. Meyer, who served as…

NEO â€" Putin puts Ukraine gas payments on Europe’s back

- The Geo-political war going on over Ukraine has been short on bullets and bombs, and long with lies and disinformation.

Russian, French ministers call for ceasefire, political settlement in Ukraine

Western Threats against Russia Increase Danger of Nuclear War

The imperialist powers are intensifying their confrontation with Russia in the run-up to today’s European Union (EU) meeting and next week’s NATO summit in Wales. The escalation, which is being driven by Washington and Berlin, is increasing the danger of…

August 29th 15:35 UTC/ZULU Ukrainian SITREP

The Ukrainian civil war has reached a turning point and a lot of separate facts point to this conclusion:Military situation on the groundThe Ukies are losing, badly.  All the reports from Novorussian sources agree that the Ukie forces are either surrounded or in full retreat.  But Ukies sources also confirm this.  In Kiev, angry demonstrations by nationalists accuse the military high command of minimizing the real casualty figures, of having abandoned the forces fighting in the Donbass.  Even Oleg Liashko has stated that the Ukie forces have been "betrayed".  Demonstrations have taken place in from of the Ukie General Staff which many Right Sector protesters which are demanding the creation of a "generals battalion" which would be formed of only generals who would be sent to fight personally (an excellent idea, which I fully approve of!).  Others are also demanding the resignation of the Ukie Minister of Defense.  Ukrainian woman are regularly stopping military convoys on the roads, often by standing or lying down in front of trucks, to prevent their men from being sent to death.  Entire Ukie battalions are deserting from the front and Special Forces are sent to stop them.  Apparently, the Ukie police is afraid to arrest the soldiers for desertion because of their large numbers.  The city of Mariupol is now surrounded and the local political elites and SBU personnel have fled.  Poroshenko cancelled his trip to Turkey and gathered his Security Council.  Kolomoiski, who controls the southwestern Ukraine, did the same thing with his own Security Council (yes, since he has his own army, is also has his own security council).  Tymoshenko wants the introduction of full martial law.  The male population up to 60 is now conscripted (though not called up as far as I know).  Iatseniuk and Poroshenko have both demanded that NATO intervene and accept the Ukraine as some special ally.  In other words, all the signs are of total complete and utter panic in Kiev.Political situationRussia: Putin met with Poroshenko and the EU leaders and delivered them a very simple yet stark message: "don't talk to us, we are not a party to the conflict - talk to the Novorussians".  By the way, the Kremlin now openly speaks of "Novorussian" and "Novorussian forces".  Furthermore, the Russians are also officially sending in a second aid convoy and they have announced that this will not be the only one.  In the UN Security Council the Russian Representative, Vitalii Churkin, has dared the Ukie Rep to explain where the recording of the conversations between the Kiev ATC and MH17 were hidden and why.  With the Fall rapidly arriving, the EU has pushed Kiev to renew gas negotiations which the Russians have declared "deadlocked".  By all accounts, the "Voentorg" (a Russian contraction meaning "Military Trade", which was the name for the Soviet era building were military gear could be purchased) between Russia and Novorussia has further increased and the Novorussian are now getting more men, including specialists, and more equipment.Contrary to the predictions of the Putin bashing crowd, the replacement of Strelkov by Zakharchenko was not followed by any "sellout" of Novorussia.  Quite to the contrary, as soon as Zakharchenko took power the Novorussians went on a general offensive.  As for Strelkov himself, he is apparently in good health and is supposed to make a public appearance today in Crimea.  So all that talk about Putin backstabbing Novorussia, him having some kind of deal with Obama, about Strelkov having been eliminated by Putin's Spetsnaz and all the rest of the doom and gloom propaganda of the Putin haters has now clearly shown to be absolute rubbish.  Clearly, some Putin bashers are paid by Russian oligarchs, others are just to dull to understand the sophisticated policy of the Kremlin in the Ukraine.  Whatever may be the case, these shrills are now completely discredited by fact and forced to walk away in shame.Putin's latest move is nothing short of brilliant.  Think of it: the mothers and wives of Ukie servicemen are demanding that their men be returned to them, the regime in Kiev ignores them, and Putin steps in to agree with them and asks the Novorussians to open humanitarian corridors to allow them to safely leave and go back home.  Thus, he shows more concern for the Ukies than the Ukie regime, he encourages the desertion of Ukie soliders, he minimizes the casualties on all sides, and he deals another death-blow to Ukie morale.  Best of all, he achieves all this by a simple statement written in such a way that nobody can possibly condemn him for anything.  As for the Novorussians, Zakharchenko has already agreed, but on the condition that the Ukies leave behind all their heavy weapons and the ammo for it.  Perfect. Needless to say, the Ukie high command has rejected the offer and ordered the surrounded units to break out guns blazing.  Just imagine how that response feels to the relatives of those stuck in the various "cauldrons"!The EU: the EU is totally stuck.  Apparently, the chaos in Banderastan combined with the Russian sanctions and the gas crisis is gradually having an effect in the dull brains of the Eurobureaucrats who are coming to realize that they have been at least as stupid as the Ukies and that the US has used them for their own imperial goals.  "Fuck the EU" indeed.  Badly.  The best these hapless bureaucrats could do is to go to Minsk and agree to negotiate with Russia the terms under which the Ukraine would ratify the Agreement with the EU.  Exactly that which Russia had been demanding from Day 1 and which the EU had always been contemptuously rejecting with the arrogant "none of your business" reply.  Now Ashton and a few others had to eat humble pie and kindly ask the Russian to come and talk to them.The US: Poor Uncle Sam is really looking pathetic, foolish and confused.  The very best the USA can do is to accuse Russia of invading the Ukraine and only threaten more sanctions as Obama has already admitted that the US has no military option in the Ukraine.  To measure the degree of disarray amongst the US Neocons I will just quote from an article written recently by Herbert E. Meyer, former Special Assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence and Vice Chairman of the CIA’s National Intelligence Council during the Reagan Administration, for American Thinker and modestly entitled "How to Solve the Putin Problem".  Here is what this genius came up with:Since subtlety doesn’t work with Russians, the president and his European counterparts should also make absolutely clear that we have no interest whatever in how these people (the Russian oligarchs) solve their Putin problem. If they can talk good old Vladimir into leaving the Kremlin with full military honors and a 21-gun salute that would be fine with us. If Putin is too too stubborn to acknowledge that his career is over, and the only way to get him out of the Kremlin is feet-first, with a bullet hole in the back of his head that would also be okay with us. Nor would we object to a bit of poetic justice.... For instance, if the next time Putin’s flying back to Moscow from yet another visit with his good friends in Cuba, or Venezuela, or Iran, his airplane gets blasted out of the sky by some murky para-military group that somehow, inexplicably, got its hands on a surface-to-air missileI don't know if Mr. Meyer thinks that Mrs Nuland delivering cookies on the Maidan was the subtlety the Russian did not appreciate or understand, or if his own article is an expression of US subtlety, but he clearly has "Pat Robertson moment" (the latter wanted the US to kill  Hugo Chavez) which just proves that the AngloZionists don't have a diplomacy as such and that magical thinking is a key coping mechanism when that lack of diplomacy becomes obvious.Where do we go from here?It' hard to tell.  I think that Oleg Tsarev is right when he says that as soon as the Ukie regime begins collapsing the West will suddenly ask for negotiations.  Zakharchenko in his crucial press conference has clearly indicated that options such as federalization or decentralization are off the table and that nothing short of full independence will do.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  There are plenty of historical examples which show that separatist movements eventually settled for less, often wisely so.  But in this case, we are dealing with several intertwined problems:a) Geographical: the Ukraine is an artificial countryb) Political: internally the regime in Kiev is Nazi c) Geo-strategic: externally the regime in Kiev is a russophobic US puppetd) Economic: the Ukraine is economically deadAll these factors clearly point to the same conclusion: the Ukraine needs to be broken-up.  This might happen catastrophically - the East going to Novorussia, the South to Kolomoiski, the Center to Poroshenko and the West breaking off completely.  There are some signs that this is already gradually happening.   Furthermore, this is all made worse by the undeniable fact that  the Ukraine is already a failed state and that a seizable minority of the Ukrainian population if formed of truly rabid nationalists.  So right now things don't look too good for any negotiated solution.  Novorussia probably has the potential to rebuild and to become a more or less livable, stable place: most of its industry is in ruins, but it's "human capital", it's people, are very bright and hard working and its political leaders clearly capable people.  But short of some kind of miracle, the rest of the Ukraine is probably going to slouch to towards the kind of mess the USA is so good at leaving behind in places like Libya or Iraq.  Maybe not, maybe the Europeans will finally grow a spine and tell the US to stay out and then try to solve this ugly mess with Russia.  I am not holding my breath, not as long as the current AngloZionist nomenklatura is in power in the EU.One thing could possibly change this downward spiral: a regime change in Kiev.  I don't mean one replacing Poroshenko by Liashko or Iarosh, but an anti-Nazi insurrection or coup.  I will be honest with you, with kind of terror the SBU and the oligarchs are capable of meting out to the general public, this is not very likely.  But who knows what might happen on a wave of popular discontent?  If the current freaks could be kicked out by halfway sane people and a process of denazification initiated, then maybe something could still be salvaged?  Again, I am not very hopeful.  But let's stick to current events.Current situationI would say that things look better right now than ever before.  This is far, far from over, and many things could go wrong but at least at this moment in time things look pretty good.  Short of a sudden reversal, the cities of Lugansk and Donetsk are probably going to be freed from most of the shelling within 10-14 days.  Currently, the Novorussians control the entire border between Russia and Novorussia, which makes the Voentorg much easier.  Zakharchenko and his men seem to be making an excellent job and rumor has it that Strelkov will be back soon in some special capacity.  The Novorussian leadership and the Kremlin are clearly on the same wavelength and there is no reason to suspect an over Russian military intervention.  I am confident that the Black Sea Fleet will do what is needed to keep the Novorussian coast safe so as long as the Ukies are not able to mount a surprise attack from the North, Mariupol will probably fall very soon.  There are increasing reports of partisan movements in Zaporozhie and that, if true, is something very interesting which might begin to affect other areas and cities such as Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk. I still don't see Novorussian tanks headed for Kiev, but an operational success seems to be in the making right at this moment in time.I am by character, education and trade a rather cautious person, but today I am cautiously optimistic, at least for Novorussia.The SakerPost Scriptum: this just in from a good friend:DPR - Volnovakha taken by Novorossiya Armed Forces (NAF); South-Western Cauldron closed off. - Yalta (near Mariupol) taken, NAF is now 12 km away from Mariupol. - Mariupol - Zaporozhye (Berdyansk) road closed off by NAF. Virtually all settlements around Mariupol appear to be taken by NAF. Mariupol Cauldron closed off. - Fighting has crossed the border into Zaporozhye. Saboteur-Reconnaissance Groups (SRG) and guerrillas active inside Zaporozhye’s borders. - Ukrainian punitive forces surrendering in the many cauldrons, the rate of surrenders is picking up pace. - NAF is pushing outward toward Yasinovataya, Maryinka, Karlovka, Krasnogorovka (west of Donetsk) AND, the BIGGEST (albeit not fully confirmed) NEWS: Donetsk Airport taken by NAF today. LPR - Lutugino partially controlled by the Militia, very heavy urban combat there, although Rodakovo was lost (plans to retake it shortly). - Lyashko appears to be still trapped in Severodonetsk, which is besieged by Mozgovoi’s Brigade (I have no further information since a couple of days ago). - LPR has encircled Shchastye and Metallist and is advancing on the Ukrainian positions there, as well as in the north-eastern direction (Stanitsa Luganskaya, which still remains contested). - NAF continues to advance on Deblatsevo, taking checkpoints on the outskirts of the city. - LPR is planning some major advances in the next few days, hopefully to clean up most of the remaining cauldrons. PPS: and this from Russia Today: Poland has refused overflight rights to the plane of Russia’s defense minister, Sergey Shoigu, who was on his way from Slovakia, RIA Novosti’s correspondent reported. The plane has landed in Bratislava. The minister was returning from the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the Slovakian national uprising that took place in the town of Banská Bystrica. However, Poland banned entrance into its airspace for the Tu-154 plane, according to a RIA Novosti correspondent who was on board, citing one of the crewmembers. The plane had to take a U-turn and landed in Bratislava an hour later. Negotiations are being held on the matter at the moment. All the passengers are now on board the plane.Comment:  rather petty and infantile behavior in my opinion.  This really begs the question of what the Poles think that they will achieve with this other than the dubious honor of "servicing" Uncle Sam once more (those who follow Polish politics will know what I mean).

The Ukraine Russia Conflict Explained

Watershed press conference by top Novorussian officials (MUST SEE!)

Dear friends,There is no overstating the importance of this press conference by by Alexander V. Zakharchenko, Chairman of The Council of Ministers of The Donetsk National Republic.  As as soon as I saw it myself, I asked two of our Teams (Russian and Oceania) to work together on a translation as fast as possible.  They did as stellar job and I can now share this video with you.   I want to especially mention and thank the following people:Transcription/Translation and Timecoding by Marina - Without Marina this would simply not be possible. Heavily indebted to her help!English proofreading and editing by Erebus,Michael and VaughanFrench Translation and release by Jean-Jacques (in progress as we speak) @ The French SakerEnglish editing and video publishing: Augmented EtherTo all of you we all - and I personally - owe a huge THANK YOU for your fantastic work, professional skills and heroic dedication to bring the voice of Novorussia to the rest of the world.  In this "information war" the speed at which you made this crucial press conference available is a major victory against the Empire's propaganda machine!This is the first time that we hear what the new - post Strelkov - commanders have to say.  This is the first time that the Novorussians are going on the offensive.  And this is the first time that we get to hear the views, values and ideas of the people fighting against the Nazi junta.  This is truly a watershed moment.Many thanks and kind regards,The SakerPS: There is an important error in the translation: at 16:53, the subtitles say "we did not capture any regional administrations". They SHOULD say "we were not THE FIRST to capture any regional administrations" (please press on the 'cc' button to enable the English subtitles)[youtube]

Watershed press conference by top Novorussian officials

Dear friends,Since many of you have asked for it - here is the transcript in 3 languages:French It would be very helpful if some of you could make transcripts in other languages.  If you do - please email me the link to the transcript, or send me the text, and I will post them here.Many thanks and kind regards,The Saker UPDATE1: here is the download link for the Italian text in three formats (ODT, RTF, HTML):  There is an important error in the translation: at 16:53, the subtitles say "we did not capture any regional administrations". They SHOULD say "we were not THE FIRST to capture any regional administrations"UPDATE3: here is the download link for the Serbian text in TXT format: CubuCoko has formatted both the English and the Serbian transcripts for ease of reading, fixed some minor spelling and grammar errors, and corrected for Update 2.Serbian version is here, and the English version here. UPDATE5: The Portuguese translation is now available here: UPDATE6: The Polish translation is now available here: The Spanish translation is now available here in ODT, TXT, RTF, HTML and PDF formats:

Ukrainian POWs with Prime Minister of Novorossia A. Zacharcenko

From Stalinism to the New Cold War

Soviet Fates and Lost Alternatives: by Stephen F. Cohen. This is the second book I recommend if you want to better understand Russia and its relationship to the world. My first book-recommendation, “Full Spectrum Dominance” by F. William Engdahl, describes how the global cabal running the US government […]

“Russian Invasion” â€" How long is screaming ‘Wolf!’ having an impact of the Western Populations? â€" Until Full Spectrum Dominance has been attained?

by Peter Koenig "The separatists are backed, trained, armed, financed by Russia. Russia determined that it had to be a little more overt in what it had already been doing, but it's not really a shift."Barak Obama, 29 August 2014. "If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.”Joseph Goebbels Interestingly, most of us who are seeking the truth are primarily attempting to undo the lies - lies umpteen times repeated, lies about Russian invasions, first proclaimed by Poroshenko, Ukraine’s oligarch leader (sic), lies of Russia not respecting Ukraine’s sovereignty, demonization against President Putin, Malaysian airliners downed by Russia â€" and-so-on. The latest accusation is that JP Morgan and four other Wall Street banks have been hacked. And the culprit is…. Of, course Russia, according to the presstitute MSM. It doesn’t matter whether what Poroshenko said and is repeated the world over was based on a translation error (according to the German Tagesschau, the German mainstream TV news) â€" or whether it is just a conventional lie continuously repeated until it becomes the truth à la Goebbels â€" the western bought propaganda machine takes full advantage of this hundreds of years old simple strategy of deception. The interesting part, however, is that hardly anyone on that very occasion is presenting the counter-weight, so to speak, namely to what extent Kiev is assisted by US paid mercenaries, CIA military and strategic advisers and their equipment, all paid for in one way or another by the State Department, CIA, or NATO. And these are facts. Not inventions for deception. There is enough proof about who caused the 22 February 2014 coup (Maidan) â€" Madame Nuland, Kerry’s assistant, bragged about it at the Washington Press club â€" remember the US$ 5 billion investment in Ukraine’s regime change that cannot be let go down the drain because of the f….ing Europeans. She was caught hot-handed or hot-voiced on the phone with the US Ambassador in Kiev. Ever since that infamous coup, the US / NATO and the EU have had their dirty hands in Kiev's Nazi killer junta - otherwise the Kiev thugs would have never had either the courage or the military knowledge to advance to the Donbas area of Ukraine, where they were literally ordered to kill their brothers. Some of them with some conscience defected early on; then they were accompanied under threats of life by CIA ‘advisers’. Eventually they defected by the thousands because of lack of food and ammunition and the resulting low-low morale. It is actually irrelevant whether Russia has troops and armory in East Ukraine. In fact it would be well justified for Russia to defend her countrymen from savage slaughter, as many Donbas citizens are originally Russians. But - they don't, as Mr. Putin is too smart to spoil his diplomatic assets on a war that is already lost by Kiev. Be this as it may, why do we, truth seekers, at a time of Obama’s lie exclamations and countless media repetitions not present more frequently the US / NATO invasion in Ukraine and their assistance to the Kiev murderers, rather than always being on the defensive, undoing lies in defense of Russia? The truth of what the US-NATO killing machine, its vassal EU states and its paid mercenaries are up to in Ukraine, and that they won’t let go regardless of what Obama mutters to tranquilize the world --- the truth is in one way or another Washington is committed to its financial and corporate elite to achieve Full Spectrum Dominance, meaning complete subjugation of the world to Washington’s masters, the military-security industrial complex and the war financing monetary system â€" FED-Wall Street-IMF, the latter being a mere extension of the US Treasury. The Endgame means encircling Russia and China with more NATO bases, including in Ukraine and Moldova, as close as possible to Moscow’s doorsteps; and, foreseen by 2015, with 60% of the US naval fleet in the South China Sea. We should not be detracted by the day-to-day details and lies, by the fires that flare up here and there, though all horrible, killing thousands of people; we should not be confused by ‘who is doing what?’ â€" But rather focus on the Big Picture, the intentions behind the US / NATO killing machine, not so much by denying the obvious lies, but rather by describing actual facts and the long-term strategy behind them. Obama screamed again ‘wolf’ today, literally shouting â€" ‘Russia has invaded Ukraine, Russia’s military and equipment are in Ukraine, Russia is funding the separatists’ --- then adds, ‘but it’s not in the cards for America to intervene now.’ Don’t be fooled. Obama and his masters won’t go away. He says the same about American intervention in Syria â€" it’s not the right time, while arming and bombing (as a disguise) at the same time ISIS, created and funded in 2007 by Washington under successively different names to further confuse the public at large. At that time they came out of Turkey as Syrian Freedom Fighters, later they converted into the Al’Nusra Front of rebels, and now they are the ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, also called the Islamic State of the Levant. This will do until the public needs to be again confused with a new group of Islamic terrorists to justify continuous wars on terror â€" to feed continuously the fat profit accounts of the eternal war lords. But only, if we the people let them confuse and deceive and divide us. At the same time, Washington’s warmonger-in-chief, encourages his EU puppets to intervene and sending their troops into Ukraine, and imposing still more ‘sanctions’ on Russia. Let Europe take the hit if there is war. Not for nothing are NATO bases spiked throughout Europe, convenient targets for Russian missiles. â€" One could wonder â€" are the Europeans blind or just don’t care â€" or their leaders (sic) bought to the point where they hope to just disappear to America’s paradise when Russian rockets hit their countries’ NATO bases - and let their people smolder under nuclear dust? We the 99.99% have all the powers to stop these US instigated murderous aggressions, by rejecting the continuously lying and deceiving propaganda machine, by rejecting and refusing to listen to the corporate presstitute media. A few weeks ago there was hope that German Chancellor Merkel would see the light, would abandon the bandwagon of the ‘sanctioners’, because not only did she get a lot of pressure from German industrialists, but also the German people are worried about their energy supply â€" especially this coming winter. Germany depends by up to 40% on Russia for their energy supplies. Unfortunately we were wrong. Madame Merkel bent over backwards to please Obama. The naked emperor convinced her not to leave his sinking ship. â€" What does he have up his imaginary sleeve? Anything he may have discovered by eavesdropping on her cellphone conversations? - So strong to sway her away from reason to the detriment of all of Europe? - These latest sanctions are backlashing on the EU, especially the farmers, a multiple times harder than they hit Russia. European agriculture and mostly small farmers, are losing billions of euros worth on stalled exports to Russia of meat, vegetables, fruit and other food stuff, because Russia retaliated by blocking imports from the EU. Russia is now establishing new trade routes with Latin America. On 18 September Obama will meet at the White House with Poroshenko, to be sure he stays in line and doesn’t sway Putin’s way, because corrupt oligarchs tend to be not very reliable. Obama may promise him premature entry to NATO and all the fake fiat dollars that come with it. It would not be a surprise if Obama were also to receive Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the ‘new’ ISIS caliphate, to assure him of America’s continuous support, if he lets him bomb them, the ISIS troops that is, ever so often, just for show and to confuse the public mind - and, of course, as a disguise to bomb Syria to eventually topple Baschar al-Assad for â€" regime change. Obama may also promise the ISIS a key role in the new Syrian government â€" provided he succeeds in regime change (for now unlikely) â€" similar as he did to the ‘rebels’ and other Islamic fractions of Libya. What Obama needs are not well-organized new regimes, but civil wars, fighting sections of societies to keep populations dying, and those still alive on their toes, fighting for their daily survival and fleeing across borders into refugee camps of other lands, thereby swallowing up neighboring countries resources and creating anger in the local population â€" the old divide to rein tactic. The Big Picture is important. The people need to see it, the End Game â€" what is expecting them, if they â€" we, the 99.99% - are not taking actions to prevent Full Spectrum Dominance from succeeding. Peter Koenig is an economist and former World Bank staff. He worked extensively around the world in the fields of environment and water resources. He writes regularly for Global Research, ICH, the Voice of Russia and other internet sites. He is the author of Implosion â€" An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed â€" fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe.

Speech by Putin to Russian Lawmakers about Crimean Referendum

Historical speech by President Putin to Russian lawmakers March 18 2014 about the referendum in Crimea and the acceptance of Crimea into the Russian Federation. I remember being in Moscow listening to the direct transmission of this historical speech by president Putin. Even if I am not Russian, I couldn’t help to feel how this […]

What is the deal with the Ukie "cauldrons"?

A lot of people are wondering what the deal is with the so-called "cauldrons" in which the Ukie forces seem to get surrounded over and over again.  Are the Ukie generals simply stupid, or what is the deal?  I will try to explain.Remember that that Ukie forces are typically "heavy".  They have lots of tanks, lots of artillery, lost of ammo, lots of soldiers, etc.  At least initially.  They are also much inferior in terms of tactical skills, morale and willpower.  In contrast, the Resistance forces have dramatically fewer tanks, fewer artillery pieces, much less ammo and less soldiers too.  But their morale is sky-high, their tactical skills excellent and they are fighting on their own land - a big "home turf" advantage.  Add to all this the following: the Ukies are desperately trying to prove to the world that they are "winning" whereas the Resistance is trying to eject an occupying force.  Now if you keep all that in mind, you will very easily understand how these "cauldrons" form.  It typically goes like this:The political powers in Kiev order the commanders of the so-called "anti-terrorist operation" to show some results.  The latter get together and define what they consider a number of key towns and villages.  They then order their forces to go in and take these towns/villages.  The junta forces move in and with much superior firepower typically destroy a few Resistance roadblocks on the main roads and move to seize the said towns.  At this point they report "mission accomplished - our flag is on the administration of town X".  The BBC picks up the info handed to them by the Ukies and the world learns of yet another Ukie victory.    In the meantime, Ukie terror squads are brought in to smoke out any sympathizers of the Resistances in the occupied towns.  As for the tanks, they are used to protect the Ukie force while their artillery is used long range to terrorize the population of the next town on the list.Then everything goes down the tubes.First, a big forces requires lots of petroleum, lubricants, ammo, supplies, food, etc.  But the roads are under constant attack by Resistance forces.  Next, the Novorussians slowly but inevitably bring in some artillery which begins ponding on the Ukie forces.  Gradually, the bigger Ukie forces is forced to dig in while the Resistance take back full control of the main roads and surrounding towns.  That's it - the circle has closed, the Ukies are surrounded and a 'cauldron' has formed.At that point two things happen: a) the Ukies try to retreat b) reinforcements are sent in to rescue them.  But at this point the density and quality of Resistance forces is sufficient to block the main roads and to prevent both retreats or reinforcements.  In some cases the Ukies succeed in breaking out or reinforcing, but typically at great costs in equipment and lives.  And that brings me to another important point:The Ukies prefer to fight on the main roads.  The Resistance is at home in the forests, hills, fields and bushes (what the Russian military calls the "The Green").  That means that Ukie movements are very predictable.  Not so for the Resistance.  The Ukies fear the "Green" - the Novorussians love it.  I don't know of a single battle so far in which the Ukies attempted to attack through, or from. the "Green".  The Novorussians do that all the time.Pretty soon, supplies become a real problem, and with more or less the entire Ukie Air Forces kaput, and the density of anti-air weapons of the Resistance, even large units go from a fighting mode to a survival mode.  At least 4 Ukie death squads are in that mode right now, today.But remember, the Ukies sill have more armor and more firepower, so it is not that easy to reduce and crush a cauldron - that is why the Resistance needs so much time to eventually finish them off.  They do though, one by one.  If they had the time and forces, they could do it easily, but they don't.Right now, the main forces protecting Mariupol are all stuck in 2-3 cauldrons southeast of Donetsk.  But instead of wasting time reducing them, the Novorussian Armed Forces have launched an attack along the sea coast towards Mariupol were the Ukies are already in a panic mode as nothing much stands between them and the Resistance.  And this is the correct move for the Novorussians.Just as in chess a blocked figure is essentially useless, so is a Ukie force in a cauldron.  The important thing is to keep the initiative and press the advantage.  This is why the Resistance is pushing towards Mariupol.  If that city is taken, or even surrounded,  or if the cauldrons south of Donetsk are reduced, that will mean a collapse of the entire southern front of the Ukie attack on Novorussia.There are risks however.  First, any Novorussian force moved in or towards Mariupol risks been cut off and surrounded by Ukie reinforcements.  Now, I don't know for a fact what the Ukies are up to, but I bet you that there is total panic in Kiev and that reinforcements are sent from all over the country to prevent Mariupol from falling into Novorussian hands.  The Novorussians need to keep a very careful eye over their shoulder (but then, I am pretty sure that the many GRU eyes in space and on the ground are already doing that for them).  Second, the surrounded Ukies can try to join forces and then either break out or attack towards the north.  If they fail, they will probably either do what they have done in the past - run for their lives and abandon all their heavy equipment or fight to the last man.  Either way is fine for the Novorussians.I hope that the short (and somewhat simplified) explanation above explain, at least in general lines, why and how these "cauldrons" are constantly forming.Cheers and kind regards,The Saker

NEO â€" Russian

- You won't read anything like this in Western media as it conflicts with their fairy tale of spreading peace and democracy when proxy terrorism is the new game of choice.

Will The U.S Lead The World Into Nuclear Holocaust?

NEO â€" Planet Earth “done in” by False Flags

- Seth Ferris is doing a wonderful job at showing us how some of the nasty things our government does, that they know we would never approve of.

Why Does the U.S. Support Saudi Arabia, A Country Which Hosts and Finances Islamic Terrorism? On Behalf of Washington?

America Has Sold Its Soul for Oil Why Does the U.S. Support a Country which was FOUNDED With Terrorism A U.S. congressman for 6 years,  who is now a talking head on MSNBC (Joe Scarborough) says that â€" even if…

Russian rouble falls to a record low against the dollar

Georgians as Expendable as White Rats

- There are now scattered reports of biological weapons being tested on citizens of various countries, including Georgia and some Middle Eastern countries.

The Israeli Broadcast Authority Banned the “Reading Out of Names” of Children Killed in Gaza

The Israeli Broadcast Authority and the Israeli Supreme Court knew in advance what the reaction would be to a radio advertisement reading out the names of children killed in Gaza, and that’s why they banned it. By doing so they’ve…

Germans booed Merkel for her Ukraine

Poland is Blowing in the Wrong Direction

Poland’s Foreign Minister compares his country’s relationship with USA to a “blowjob without getting paid”. In a taped “over a dinner conversation” with Jacek Rostowski, a former Polish Minister of Finance, Poland’s FM Radoslaw Sikorski allegedly expressed his frustration as … “We will get a conflict with both Russians and Germans, and we’re going to think […]

Ukraine Crisis: EU Leaders Consider Response To Russia

The Defence Ilovaisk â€" Report by Ikorpus â€" ENG SUBS


Russia warns of high risk to winter gas deliveries to Europe

Russia's energy minister Alexander Novak warned Friday of a high risk of disruptions to Russian gas supplies to Europe this winter as international tensions over Ukraine mounted. "The situation is extremely critical as the heating season approaches," Novak said at a joint press conference with the EU's Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger. "There is a high risk that gas delivered by Gazprom ...

McDonald’s Faces Biggest Test in Russia Since End of Soviet Era

McDonald's Corp. (MCD), which arrived in Soviet-era Russia in 1990 and helped open the communist nation to foreign enterprise, is now under pressure to retreat. While regulators have cited violations of sanitary rules by McDonald's, the timing and scope of the shutdowns are seen as a response to Western sanctions in Russia. Many Russians are now convinced that McDonald's sells harmful food and ...

Russia ready for gas talks with Ukraine, warns of disruptions

By Katya Golubkova and Denis Pinchuk MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia is ready for talks on resuming gas supplies to Ukraine, Energy Minister Alexander Novak said on Friday, warning of disruption to flows to Europe this winter if a row over pricing and debts is not resolved. Novak said Moscow was ready to reduce its prices in an effort to secure a deal, but the proposed sum remained well above what ...

The United Kingdom is a “Rogue State”, “Danger to the World”: Former British Ambassador

The United Kingdom as a rogue state and a danger to the world, a former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray said. “The British Government is deeply, deeply immoral. They don’t care how many people they kill abroad if it…

300 Americans, CIA Agents Fighting Within ISIL Ranks in Syria and Iraq: US Political Commentator

An American political commentator says there are hundreds of US troops or CIA agents with the ISIL in Iraq and Syria to help the terrorist group.   Don DeBar, an anti-war activist and radio host in New York, made the remarks…

Don't mess with nuclear Russia, Putin says

By Alexei Anishchuk LAKE SELIGER Russia (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin said on Friday Russia's armed forces, backed by its nuclear arsenal, were ready to meet any aggression, declaring at a pro-Kremlin youth camp that foreign states should understand: "It's best not to mess with us." Putin told the assembly, on the banks of a lake near Moscow, the Russian takeover of Crimea in March was ...

NEO â€" Ukrainian Elections: EU Membership May be a Mirage

- The Ukraine coup continues to be a zoo, and continued failure will be nothing new. Its Western backers will continue their takeover of another struggling country

NEO â€" What America is really threatening in Ukraine

- "Henry Kamens gives us one hell of an overview of the present Ukraine mess, which I have compared to the Tar Baby in the briar patch from Uncle Remus."


An Open Letter to  The Executive Editor & Chief Leader Writer of The Times, London Your recent article on semitism is the latest in a long line of comment condemning the alleged conflation of -Zionism with -Semitism but which, unfortunately,…

Cold War 2.0: Irresponsibly Challenging Russia. Putin vs. Obama

Hate Journalism: “Liberal” Guardian Published “Pro

This article was first published on August 11, 2014 Despite an outcry from its own readers, The Guardian went ahead and published this disgusting ad in [its] print edition [August 11] And it emerged today that they did so very…

Russia and Eurasia: Who are the Russians?

“Native land of enduring patience, The land of the Russian people!” (Fyodor Tiutchev,(1803-1873), Romantic poet, second to Pushkin) All things Russian have always seemed exotic, strange and incomprehensible to Westerners. Russians themselves have long debated the question as to who…

WWI â€" Is it still going on, with almost the same players?

- What we have is literally a war going on against people by not only their respective governments, but a whole host of private and foreign actors

Is NATO Marching on Moscow?

 Do we see a small crack in the facade of the western mainstream media regarding the crisis in Ukraine? The article below, by Foreign Policy In Focus columnist Conn Hallinan, was published, not only on FPIF but also on Huffington Post. Even if neither of those media outlets is deeply under the control of the […]

The Reasons Why Russia Will Not Invade Ukraine

Russia will not invade Ukraine and here are the reasons. A lot of energy is right now spend on trying to get Russia more involved with the civil war in Ukraine. The New World Order cabal wants it because they want NATO to get a reason to come to the defense of the new government they […]

Kiev hopes for more decisive EU action

President Putin’s Address to Russian Diplomats (in English)

President Putin is a man of his words. He writes his own speeches and their content tells you what he thinks about Russia and its relationship to other nations. That's why it is well worth to pay attention to his words in this speech ... Download (PDF, 197KB)

What is, and what is not, happening in Novorussia

As soon as I finished my post about why the Novorussians cannot go on the counter-offensive they did.  Right?No, no really.  Sorry.  I don't want to rain on anybody's parade, but we have to carefully assess what is going on.  I have listened very carefully to the reports from Novorussia and here is what I think has happened:From guerrilla to combined-arms:The Novorussian military command has announced that from purely guerilla-type of operations it has switched to "regular" (combined-arms) military operations.  What does that mean?  Well, in this context it means that instead of the hit-and-run kind of tactics I described yesterday, the Novorussians will go on the offensive in attacks which will include tanks and artillery support.  Officially, the Novorussians have formed at least 2 tank battalions, several artillery battalions,  and they have freed 7 towns (Agronomicheskoe, Novodvorskoe, Osykovo, Novokaternikova, Leninskoe, Stroitel and Novoazovsk) and surrounded six more (Blagodatnoe, Kuteinikovo, Voisovskii, Ulianovskoe, Uspenka, Alekseevskoe).  The southern cauldron been fully reformed, and now includes 5000+ surrounded Ukies including the  Aidar, Donbass and Shakhtersk National Guard battalions).  Finally, the Ukie forces in Ilovaisk are in full retreat.  This is all very good news.  But this is not a strategic counter-offensive the Novorussian suceesfully take Novoazovsk and move towards Mariupol this will be far from over.For one thing, while it appears that the Ukies were caught off guard, they are far from being down and out yet.  Second, if the Novorussians really make a move along the seashore towards Mariupol, they will risk being surrounded the way the Ukies have been in the "southern cauldron".  Last, but not least, a couple of tank battalions, even supported by artillery, are not the kind of forces that will liberate all of Novorussia.Don't misunderstand me, what has happened is definitely very good news, but this is not the "counter-offensive to Kiev" some have been expecting.  Still, if the Novorussians are truly successful this time, this could mean that the junta has reached the "breaking point" I have mentioned in my recent post.Ukie Independence Day celebrations in Kiev and DonetskIt was a bizzare day today.  While the Nazis were celebrating their (now truly lost) "independence" in Kiev, the Novorussians were parading Ukie POW in the streets of Donetsk and, in a recreation of the German POW parade in Moscow in summer 1944, washing the street after the prisoners.  That kind of parading is a violation of the Geneva Conventions, but against the massive and systematic violation of every concievable norm of civilized behavior by the Nazi junta since the coup which brought them to power, this is a rather modest violation on the Novorussian side.  And the Ukies really deserved it.  It was also a great PR move.  Best of all, it really denied Poroshenko his much expected victory for the 24th.  Instead of taking Luganks, his forces were pushed back, surrounded and paraded as POW.  I can just about imagine his rage :-)A good day, but not V day (yet)Bottom line: today has been a great day and I want to congratulate you all with all the good news, but let's not assume that this is the beginning of the end and that the Ukie forces are finished.  It is *possible* that the Ukies are near or at the breaking point, but at this point in time we don't have the elements to conclude this.The Saker

President of Russia Vladimir Putin addressed Novorossiya militia

Full text of address: It is clear the militia has achieved a major success in intercepting Kiev’s military operation, which represents a grave danger to the population of Donbass and which has already led to the loss of many lives among peaceful residents. As a result of the militia’s actions, a large number of Ukrainian service members who did not participate in the military operation of their own volition but while following orders have been surrounded. I call on the militia groups to open a humanitarian corridor for Ukrainian service members who have been surrounded, so as to avoid any needless loss of life, giving them the opportunity to leave the combat area unimpeded and reunite with their families, to return them to their mothers, wives and children, and to quickly provide medical assistance to those who were injured in the course of the military operation. For its part, the Russian side is ready and willing to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Donbass, who have been affected by this humanitarian catastrophe. I once again call on the Ukrainian authorities to immediately stop military actions, cease fire, sit down at the negotiating table with Donbass representatives and resolve all the accumulated problems exclusively via peaceful means.source

Breakdown of Diplomacy: Ukraine Government Arrests Russian Embassy Staff in Kiev

Russia insists on the immediate release of staff members of the Russian embassy in Kiev, detained on August 28, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Friday. “We urge to stop provocations against Russian diplomatic institutions in Ukraine and our diplomatic…

"Manifest" by Andrey Avramenko, Kharkov

I envy the Russians, I envy these "katsaps" and "the Moskals"! I envy their Olympics and their army. I have many friends and relatives in Russia. I see how they change and grow. They believe their President. They believe in their army. They are proud of their great history, achievements and victories. It was once our common history ... victories and achievements. Not so long ago. They have found their ground. They don’t care about the West we worship. They move on and grow, despite of what we are told on our TVs and various social forums. I know that it’s us who are losing, and not them. We have become weaker, and they have gotten stronger. No matter how loud we keep shouting "Glory to Ukraine!" we can’t stop it. Not so long ago we were gloating when they had Chechnya. Today the Chechens are no less Russian than the Russians themselves. They are ready to fight for their revived and great country, of which they are a part. Today we are the one to be frightened with the Chechen battalions. How did this happen??? They were killing each other just yesterday. But the reason is simple: the Chechens were able to remember that they were Russian, and they were part of the great Country and the Great People. We gloat when they have terrorist attacks and disasters. However, they overcome them over and over again and become stronger! Even though the whole world is against them! They fall and rise again. Stand and grin. And just spit blood through their teeth. We are screaming that they are slaves. That they will soon fall apart, the oil will fall, NATO will attack, and they will be struck down with another punishment. But they are us! We spit on our own reflection. On ourselves. We must remember that we are a whole. And once we begin to understand and realize it, only then will come the feeling that once our ancestors had. A sense of inner strength, hope, faith, and pride that we are also the Russians. It doesn’t matter who our ancestors were: Ukrainians, Tatars, Jews, Buryats, or Uzbeks. It doesn’t matter who we are by faith: Catholics, Orthodox, Muslims or Jews. This is not important. What’s important is that we are Russians! That we're a part of the Great people and the Great country. Yes, our Great Country and our Great People still have a lot of problems. But if we remember that we are Russians, we will change everything forever! Everybody is afraid of that.They are afraid that we will remember and will be together again. That’s why they are building spider webs of lies and deceits. This lie and hatred is being maintained by us and in Russia. They do not allow us to wake up. And if we do not remember who we are, you will never wake up. About the situation, occupation and others. Who shouts the loudest that we need to protect "our" independence, unity and freedom? The same officials, oligarchs and parliamentarians. They are terrified that they will have to answer for everything that has happened to our Motherland over the years. Maybe this is not the occupation? Perhaps, this is the liberation? And our people came, when we lost all our hope, when we almost gave up. Perhaps, we need to stand together and destroy all these lying politicians, oligarchs, mayors and officials, who are foaming at their mouths and screaming that we need to go and die! To die for their villas, yachts and castles, for their bank accounts, for their freedom to rob us, and for freedom from answering for their actions. I understand that this Manifesto will be cut out from the web. There will be thousands of angry comments, screams that I'm a traitor, that I was sold out to Putin, that I am katsap and Moskal. I don't care. I know that the truth is with me. I am a patriot of Ukraine, a true patriot, and now the fate of my people and my Ukraine is being decided. Either we remember who we are, or we will perish. I love my Ukrainian people, our ancestors and our culture. I'm Ukrainian, but more than that I am Russian! Andrey Avramenko, Kharkovsource:

NEO â€" Gunnar

- Ulson Gunnar - Warplanes, helicopter gunships, heavy armor and troops poured into eastern Ukraine in a blitzkrieg offensive after the show elections.

Ukraine Conflict, death toll hits 2,600, civilians ‘trapped inside conflict zones’

NEO â€" Japanese Sanctions against the Russian Federation

- The real threat is who is really running the show in the US and Europe. Is it the elected leaders, or those who are really behind who gets elected?

Putin’s Choices in Ukraine

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. That is the situation for Putin with regards to the crisis in Ukraine right now. As before, the blogger called “the Saker” describes Russia’s choices in an excellent way. What is going on is unbelievable. It is incomprehensible that the individual countries in Europe can support the […]

Russia has invaded Ukraine

If NATO reports are true, it would appear that Russia has decided to significantly ramp up its involvement in the rebellion in eastern Ukraine. Vladimir Putin apparently isn't fazed by economic sanctions. It's not clear what the West can do to deter him.

Destabilizing Russia, A Nuclear Power: Is the U.S. Trying to Implement “Regime Change” in Russia?

America Has Undertaken Regime Change In Many Countries Before In 1957, the U.S. and British governments planned regime change in Syria … because it was drifting too close to the Soviet Union. 20 years ago, influential U.S. government officials decided…

Fifty Days of Israeli Aggression Against Civilians in the Gaza Strip

by Gaza Ministry of Health    …

Israeli Drone Downed in Iraq. Report

Lebanese TV channel Al-Mayadeen has said that an Israeli drone, similar to the one downed several days ago by Iran, has been downed in Baghdad. Al-Mayadeen reported that sources said the reason behind the fall of the drone “are still…

The Truth About the Odessa Massacre

The murders of anti-Maidan supporters in Odessa on May 2, 2014 is totally misrepresented in Western mainstream mass media. Kyiv-Post, the English daily appallingly biased towards the globalists’ agenda executed by the junta in Kiev, described the cause of the tragedy like this: “The violence started when an armed group of pro-Russian activists attacked a […]

“Russia Invades Ukraine”, Strategic NATO Public Relations Stunt. Where are the Russian Tanks?

Read the London tabloids. Russia has launched “a full-scale invasion”. A vast propaganda campaign has been launched. Where is the evidence? The media is spreading “fake evidence” in the week leading up to the Wales NATO Summit. The objective is…

From Stalinism to the New Cold War

The Sochi Genocide Olympics The Circassian Genocide scars the spirit of the Sochi Olympics with blood, exodus, and a lost people. Russia Don't mess with . Putin Warns Of Nuclear War If Russia Is Threatened. The significance of the Russian decision to move the humanitarian convoy into Novorussia It appears that the Russians got tired...

Poland is Blowing in the Wrong Direction

Poland’s Foreign Minister compares his country’s relationship with USA to a “blowjob without getting paid”. In a taped “over a dinner conversation” with Jacek Rostowski, a former Polish Minister of Finance, Poland’s FM Radoslaw Sikorski allegedly expressed his frustration as … “We will get a conflict with both Russians and Germans, and we’re going to think […]

NATO warns Russia over 'blatant violations' in Ukraine conflict

NATO warned Russia on Friday over what it described as a "blatant violation" of Ukraine's sovereignty after the West accused Moscow of direct involvement in the escalating conflict. Fears of a wider confrontation have spiralled after NATO said Russia had sent troops to fight in Ukraine and funnelled huge amounts of heavy weaponry to pro-Kremlin rebels in what Kiev branded an invasion. "This is ...

From Stalinism to the New Cold War

Soviet Fates and Lost Alternatives: by Stephen F. Cohen. This is the second book I recommend if you want to better understand Russia and its relationship to the world. My first book-recommendation, “Full Spectrum Dominance” by F. William Engdahl, describes how the global cabal running the US government […]

Eurosatory â€" The Largest International Land and Air Land Defence and Security Exhibition

Eurosatory - the largest international land and air land defence and security exhibition was very interesting and informative.

The significance of the Russian decision to move the humanitarian convoy into Novorussia

It appears that the Russians got tired of waiting.  I suggest that you all carefully parse the Statement of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs I posted earlier today.  This is an interesting document because besides an explanation of the Russian decision to move it, it is also, potentially, a legal defense or an unprecedented Russian decision: to overtly violate the Ukrainian sovereignty.  Let me explain.First, the case of Crimea was also a "special case".  The Russian were legally present there and, in the Russian rationale, all the "Polite Armed Men in Green" did was to protect the local population to make it possible for the latter to freely express its will.  Only after that will was expressed did Russia agree to formally re-incorporate Crimea into Russia.  So from the legal Russian point of view, none of the Russian actions in Crimea included any form of  violation of Ukrainian sovereignty.  I know, most western analyst will not agree, but that is the official Russian stance.  And official stances are important because they form the basis for a legal argument.Second, the aid which Russia has been sending to Novorussia has been exclusively covert.  Covert operations, no matter their magnitude, do not form the basis for a legal position.  The official position of Moscow has been that not only was there absolutely no military aid to Novorussia, but even when Ukie artillery shells landed inside Russia did the Kremlin authorize any retaliation, again in (official) deference to the Ukrainian national sovereignty.This time, however, there is no doubt at all that the Russians did deliberately and officially chose to ignore Kiev and move in.  Now, in fact, in reality, this is clearly the logically, politically and morally right thing to do.  But in legal terms, this clearly a violation of Ukrainian sovereignty.  From a legal point of view, the Ukies had the right to keep the Russian convoy at the border for another 10'000 years if they wanted and Russia had no legal right to simply move in.  What apparently happened this morning is that the Ukie officials did not even bother showing up, so the Kremlin just said "forget it!" and ordered the trucks in.Not only did the Russians move in, but they did that without the ICRC whose personnel refused to go because of the lack of security guarantees from Kiev. The Russian response to that lack of security guarantees was a) to order this unarmed convoy in and b) to clearly state in the official statement:We are warning against any attempts to thwart this purely humanitarian mission which took a long time to prepare in conditions of complete transparency and cooperation with the Ukrainian side and the ICRC. Those who are ready to continue sacrificing human lives to their own ambitions and geopolitical designs and who are rudely trampling on the norms and principles of international humanitarian law will assume complete responsibility for the possible consequences of provocations against the humanitarian relief convoy.Again, from a logical, political or moral point of view, this is rather self-obvious, but from a legal point of view this is a threat to use force ("complete responsibility for the possible consequences") inside the putatively sovereign territory of the Ukraine.The US and their main agent in Kiev, Nalivaichenko, immediately and correctly understood the threat: not only did this convoy bring much needed humanitarian aid to Lugansk, it also provided a fantastic political and legal "cover" for future Russian actions inside Novorussia.  And by "actions" I don't necessarily mean military actions, although that is now clearly and officially possible.  I also mean legal actions such as recognizing Novorussia.  From their point of view, Obama, Poroshenko, Nalivaichenko are absolutely correct to be enraged, because I bet you that the timing, context and manner in which Russia moved into Novorussia will not result in further sanctions or political consequences.   Russia has now officially declared the Ukie national sovereignty as "over" and the EU will probably not do anything meaningful about it.That, by itself, is a nightmare for Uncle Sam.Furthermore, I expect the Russian to act with a great deal of restraint.  It would be stupid for them to say "okay, now that we violated the territorial integrity of the Ukraine and ignored its sovereignty we might as well bomb the junta forces and move our troops in".  I am quite confident that they will not do that.  Yet.  For the Russian side, the best thing to do now is to wait.  First, the convoy will really help.  Second, it will become a headache for the Ukies (bombing this convey would not look very good).  Third, this convoy will buy enough time for the situation to become far clearer.  What am I referring to here?The Ukie plan has been to present some major "victory" for the Sunday the 24, when they plan a victory parade in Kiev to celebrate independence day (yup, the US-controlled and Nazi-administered "Banderastan" will celebrate its "independence"... this is both sad and hilarious).  Instead, what they have a long streak of *very* nasty defeats during the past 5-6 days or so.  By all accounts, the Ukies are getting butchered and, for the first time, even pushed back (if only on a tactical level).  That convoy in Luganks will add a stinging symbolical "f**k you!" to the junta in Kiev.  It will also exacerbate the tensions between the ruling clique in power, the Right Sector and Dmitri Iarosh and the growing protest movement in western Ukraine.Bottom line: this is a risky move no doubt, probably brought about by the realization that with water running out in Luganks Putin had to act.  Still it is also an absolutely brilliant move which will create a massive headache for the US and its Nazi puppets in Kiev.The SakerPS: I heard yesterday evening that Holland has officially announced that it will not release the full info of the flight data and voice recorders of MH17.  Thus Holland has now become an official accomplice to the cover-up of this US false-flag operation and to the murder of the passengers of MH17. This is absolutely outrageous and disgusting I and sure hope that the Malaysian government will not allow this.  As for Kiev, it is also sitting on the recording of the communications between the Kiev ATC and MH17.  Finally, the USA has it all through its own signals intelligence capabilities.  So they all know and they are all covering up.  Under the circumstances, can anybody still seriously doubt "who done it"?

Vaccinations: Deadly Immunity. Government Cover

Global Research Editor’s note We bring to the attention of our readers this incisive and carefully documented 2005 article by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. published by Rolling Stone, first posted on Global Research in July 2009.  The article sheds light…

The Sochi Genocide Olympics

The Circassian Genocide scars the spirit of the Sochi Olympics with blood, exodus, and a lost people.

August 26th

Retraction: Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif was referring to Concessions being given by the West on compromises made in Arak, where nuclear facilities are located, and not on Iraq, its neighbour. 26th Aug: Iraqi Security Forces are stating that they have arrested the terrorist responsible for the bombing that took place in Babil on Monday. 26th Aug: Daash has destroyed using explosives the house of the advisor to the Salah Al Din Governor, Martyr Umayah Jebarah. She was killed fighting Daash on the 22nd of June. May God give her a better home close to Him. 26th Aug: Daash terrorists have detonated the house of Ahmed al-Khalaf al-Ibraheem, a tribal chief in Mosul. 26th Aug: The Peshmergas release a statement stating that they are firmly in control of Mosul Dam and they will legally prosecute anyone spreading rumours to the contrary. This is after an Iraqi media outlet claimed that Mosul Dam had been taken over by Daash and that 200 Peshmerga fighters had been imprisoned by Daash. 26th Aug: Saddam's Tactics: Militants in Fallujah block the flow of water by closing the 10 gates of Fallujah's Dam in an attempt to dry up areas to the south and flood areas around Baghdad. The Iraqi airforce bombs and damages three of the gates. The cracks in the gates start to free water being blocked by the dam. 26th Aug: Enemy of my enemy: Obama authorises reconnaissance flights over Syrian air space in order to be able to bomb Daash fighters in Syria. 26th Aug: Mullah Khalid, head of the Sunni Iraqi Scientist Group, condemns the retaliatory sectarian attacks targeting Shia Muslims: bombings in Karbala, Hilla, and Baghdad and sectarian statements being made by Sunni leaders after the attack on the Sunni Musab bin Omair mosque in Diyala as being irresponsible and nothing short of pouring oil on fire. 26th Aug: Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli, the Interior Minister of Iran, states that any attack on the Sacred Shrines in Najaf and Karbala will result in an automatic military response by Iran, no matter who the attacker is. He stated that President Rouhani has given the necessary permission to the people concerned to act in case this red line is crossed. 26th Aug: Massoud Barzani personally receives Javad Zarif at Erbil airport and hosts him at his house. At a joint press conference Zarif stresses that there is no need for Iran to send troops to Iraq as both Iraqi troops and Peshmerga forces are sufficient and strong enough to deal with Daash. Barzani refers to Iran as the First Nation to have come to the aid of Iraqi Kurdistan. 26th Aug: Fool me twice: US congressman Ed Royce talks of arming the good rebels in Syria once more. 26th Aaug: The Iraqi Security Forces kill seven Daash leaders in Al Karama, Baghdad: Samir Khaeed, Arkan Rashwan, Ahmed al-Suedawi, Zamel al-Halbusi, Saddam Rokan and Qatada from Saudi Arabia and Abu Osama from Libya 26th Aug: Daash has expelled 60 families from Nijana village in Al Atheem and killed three residents who refused to cooperate. Daash needed the houses of the civilians to booby trap them to impede the advance of Security Forces. Daash had asked the families to give all their money and belongings to Daash fighters evicting them. Daash has reportedly booby trapped 350 houses north of Baqouba. 26th Aug: Hitler's Youth: Daash starts to prepare young boys as suicide bombers in Saadia in preparation of Peshmerga assaults on the town. Daash was forced to retreat into the town in the face of artillery strikes by Peshmergas and air strikes by the Government. 26th Aug: Daash executes 12 residents of Hawija on suspicion of spying for the Iraqi government. The men executed belonged to Awakening forces or were police personnel. 27th Aug: Embodiment of the Shia faith, a living treasure for Iraq, Marja of Shias the world over, saviour of Moqtada Sadr, Protector of Baghdad, Evictor of Maliki (for unity), the man who single handedly Sanctioned the Americans from himself, bent the will of Iran, endeared the sects of Iraq, crushed the machinations of the Gulf Monarchs, prevented Iraq's descent into civil war, the man whose word made people return looted property, and whose command compels the Iraqi army to act: Sistani expresses concern for the citizens of Amerli and this has the Iraqi army preparing for a major push to fight Daash and end the siege of Amerli. The Iraqi Air Force has also carried out air trikes on Daash positions around Amerli. (My parents had the good fortune to meet Ayatollah Sistani this year, and my father kept repeating, "what noor (light) he has") Iraqi Security Forces are reporting that they have now reached Amerli outskirts and fighting with Daash will start soon. Hezbollah hum al Ghalibun. 27th Aug: Nouri Al Maliki criticises remarks made by Kerry that suggested that Iraq be divided on sectarian lines. He has asked other blocs: Sunni and Kurdish to lower their demands prior to government formation and has asked Haider Al Abadi to go ahead with majority rule if they do not show flexibility. 27th Aug: Overwhelmed: The High Commission for Human Rights in Iraq States that there is no accurate figure of the number of people displaced by fighting in Iraq. But a "reasonable" assumption is that 500000 to 1000000 have been displaced. 27th Aug: Nechirvan Barzani, the President of the Kurdistan Region in Iraq, States that the Kurds had a very bitter experience with Maliki. However, he repeats something that Maliki has been repeating since 2006, that fighting terrorism (Daash) is the responsibility of everybody and that the Kurds (Iraq) are fighting terrorism. The Kurds are keen to resolve issues related to article 140 of Iraq's constitution. Read here Most of the territory, though not all that the Kurds had moved into after the Iraqi army fled Daash in June was this same contested territory. The Kurds state that negotiations between them and the National Alliance are moving forward in the right way. They mention that the National Alliance is cooperating with demands that are within the constitution. 27th Aug: The Kurds bombard Daash positions in Bashiqah, north east if Mosul with artillery and the United Staes bombs them with air strikes killing and injuring many. 27th Aug: Former Speaker and Sunni Politician Ayad al-Samarrai (head of the Iraqi Islamic Party) states that Iraqi Sunnis are also divided in their opinion of whether or not to work with the next government being formed. 27th Aug: One of three Indian nationals missing and believed to be fighting for Daash, Arif Majid, is reported killed in Iraq. 27th Aug: Javad Zarif concludes his three day visit to Iraq. He refers to Iran as being trustworthy and that he had a chance to consult with all political blocs including the Marjas in Najaf (and excluding Daash). 27th Aug: The Iraqi Security Forces hope to be able to free Tikrit in the next 14 days. The plan is to gradually attack and free other areas from Daash after Tokrit has fallen. The besieged sub district of Amerli will also be freed after Tikrit. Food supplies are running low in Amerli and it's Turkoman Shia inhabitants are at risk of mass murder by besieging Daash terrorists. 27th Aug: Salim Al Jubouri holds a meeting with the concerned officials of Salah al Din province concerning the fate of the 1700 Shia recruits murdered by Daash terrorists. 27th Aug: Death from above: The US carries out two air strikes against Daash targets near Erbil. 27th Aug: Feeling the pain before feeling their maker: A significantly large number of Daash casualties are being reported at the al-Salam Hospital (Saddam) and the al-Jumhori Hospital, and the General Hospital in Mosul. The hospitals lack medicine and anaesthetics. The Daash wounded are from US air strikes and Peshmerga artillery strikes north east of Mosul. 27th Aug: Tribal fighters from the Albu Faraj clan in Dhuluiya, believed to be a Salafi/Wahabi stronghold of Daash fighters 60 km south of Tikrit, attack and kill 7 fighters of Daash on a farm property and sequester their weapons and ammunition. 27th Aug: The Iraqi Air Force claims to have killed over a 100 fighters of Daash in different parts of Iraq. 27th Aug: Douglas McAuthur McCain, an American national, is killed fighting for Daash in Syria. Another 15 Australian fighters are reported killed in Iraq and Syria. Robert Fisk has correctly pointed out that most fighters from the West fighting on behalf of Daash are ethnically either Indian or Pakistani. 27th Aug: Iraqi security forces have used air borne troops to secure the road linking Haditha and Baiji. Related: 27th Aug: Al Nusra fighters have taken over the Syrian Israeli crossing of Quneitra across from the Israeli occupied Golan Heights. Fighting with Syrian troops is continuing. An Israeli soldier was hit in stray fire and Israel responded by shelling two Syrian army posts. like always a very measured response by the Israelis. It involves an algorithm that takes into account the total number of Israelis, the total number of Muslim Arabs, the Military strength of both sides, the Economic disparity of both sides, the influence and media outlets available to both sides etc etc etc 27th Aug: End of political correctness? Being British is a privilege: Police in the UK are reporting a five fold increase in the arrests of would be Daash fighters. While the US is tracking up to 300 Americans fighting for Daash. 27th Aug: Shirley Sotloff, mother of journalist Steven Sotloff held by Daash, makes a video appeal for his release. May Allah protect him and give him courage. Meanwhile, Daash is demanding a 6.6 million USD ransom for a 26 year old Aid worker they had kidnapped. Let's hope Qatar pays for her too. 27th Aug: An example to all: A Syrian soldier about to be executed by Daash screams out "I swear to God we will eradicate the (Islamic) state." Amen, ya Rabal Alameen, so be it, oh lord of the Universe(s). The soldier was later executed. 27th Aug: Jordanian Islamic scholars are asking that Daash fighters not be referred to as Jihadists. As they tend to do things that are completely UnIslamic. 27th Aug: Until next time: Following the cease fire in Gaza, Qatar offers to rebuild the entire strip. 27th Aug: Iran announces that it has started to arm resistance groups in the a West Bank. 27th Aug: Pro Daash twitter accounts show photos of captured Syrian soldiers, weapons and Sukhoi aircraft that Daash has captured in Raqqa. It also shows photos of regime soldiers being executed. Further reading: The pimps of the Middle East: Spread of Poisoned Islam: Give and take:

Germany: Anti

Speech by Putin to Russian Lawmakers about Crimean Referendum

Historical speech by President Putin to Russian lawmakers March 18 2014 about the referendum in Crimea and the acceptance of Crimea into the Russian Federation. I remember being in Moscow listening to the direct transmission of this historical speech by president Putin. Even if I am not Russian, I couldn’t help to feel how this […]

“Russian Invasion” â€" Screaming ‘Wolf!’ Strategy of Deception. Lies Repeated Umpteen Times. What is the Endgame?

“The separatists are backed, trained, armed, financed by Russia. Russia determined that it had to be a little more overt in what it had already been doing, but it’s not really a shift.”Obama, 29 August 2014.  ”If you repeat a…

Russia closes 12 McDonald's branches, inspects 100

Russia has temporarily closed 12 branches of McDonald's on health grounds and is carrying out more than 100 inspections, the US fast food chain said Friday. Russia has cracked down on McDonald's this month, closing three other branches of the hugely popular burger chain over alleged hygiene violations in a move widely seen as a retaliation against Western sanctions over Ukraine. McDonald's said ...

NEO â€" Paradoxes of Georgian â€" Abkhazian Relations

- Seth Ferris..."Crimea is the flavor of the month in Western discourse as it has become a part of the Russian Federation following its recent referendum."

Novorussian flag over Saur Mogila (UPDATED!)

what hand amongst the rubblefixed you therebeneath vast spacesof Novorussian skies?left there leaning aloneblue stripe above as the skyred stripe below as the bloodof the fallenflying in the breezecapturing heartswith the silent joyful messageof victory and freedomPrue Benson Updated version by Vasco de Gama: 

Has the U.S. Targeted Nuclear

The bizarre non

Did the Ukrainians really catch 10 Russian paratroopers?Maybe.For one thing, this time around the Ukies have provided names, a unit number (331st Regiment, 98th Guard Airborne Division) and even a video of their interrogation.  So this might be real.If it is, I hope that it will at least shut up the choir of naysayers who constantly accuse Russia of doing nothing, of betraying Novorussia, of selling out the Donbass and all that kind of nonsense.  The fact is that Russia as constantly been assisting the Novorussians covertly and while bloggers such as Colonel Cassad and myself can claim that (read his excellent commantary here in Russian and here in English), Russia cannot do the same because of the legal consequences of such an admission.  But anybody who knows what is going on has known all along that Russia was helping. So this is war and, as they say, shit happens.  Still, there are a lot of weird things in this story.First, we have to completely ignore anything the poor captured guys might have said.  We all know how the Ukies treat their prisoners so what they said is irrelevant.  Likewise, if the Ukies say that they captured these guys in location X, that does not mean that this is what really happened.  Having said that, there are still a of of unanswered questions:Could these soldiers have been "lost" as Russia claims?  Hardly.  Everybody knows that the region where they were caught is not only crossed by an international border, but also that there is a real shooting war on the other side.  Russian paratroopers don't just get "lost" in a warzone, not at the age of GLONASS/GPS.  For all I know, they could have been kidnapped on the Russian side of the border (like the Israelis whom Hezbollah captured in 2006) and dragged across the border to make it look like they had crossed it.But if they were sent in, what would have been their mission?  This is a total mystery to me.  Paratroopers are not just sent into enemy territory just like that, they would have to be in support of some kind of operation involving much bigger forces.Then, by all accounts, these guys surrendered without firing a single shot.  If there is one thing Russian paratroopers are famous for is not surrendering, not even if that means dying.  Yet these guys did not see it fit to fight.  Weird, again.The Ukies said that the paratroopers were caught with their documents.  That is laughable.  The Russians would never send in a recon team with their military IDs.  By the way, the Ukies *also* said that before they were sent across the border, the officers took all their documents.  Total contradiction.  Go figure.According to the Ukies, only the officers knew that they had crossed into the Ukraine, not the privates and NCOs.  Again, this is laughable.  You don't send armed men into a combat zone without telling them - that would put everybody at huge risk and prevent them from acting appropriately.So, honestly, this story makes absolutely NO sense to me.But let's assume the worst.Let's assume that these guys are Russian nationals who were somehow acting in support of the Novorussians.So what?It is pretty darn obvious that Russia has been covertly supported the Novorussians for months and that no Russians were ever caught.  Now they did.  Again, this is war, shit happens.  It is already remarkable that this did not happen sooner.  Sure, this is annoying for the Russian side, and the timing could hardly be worse which, by the way, is also very suspicious.While this makes for good headlines for the BBC, this story is a non-story and it will have zero impact on the real course of the war.  It's a good PR opportunity for Poroshenko, but it's not like it will influence anybody's point of view or policies.  Hopefully in a few days or weeks we will find out what really happened.  But in the meantime, everybody should relax and focus on the real developing story: the Ukies being caught in several (up to six or seven, depending on how you count "cauldron") and on the full retreat in Mariupol.  That, and the meeting in Minsk, of course.The Saker

Overview of the Situation in the Donbass Region from Gleb Bazov

Overview of the Situation in the Donbass Region â€" August 24, 2014Translated by Daniel MikhailovichEdited by Olga LuzanovaThe Fighting in the Coastal AreaEven recently, it might have seemed laughable, but today the fighting has begun in the area of Novoazovsk, where a powerful anti-aircraft defense node and a hodgepodge of different units of questionable combat capability have been stationed since April to cover the border with Russia. After the Southern Encirclement 2.0 was created, the Militiamen began to probe the other checkpoints to the south-west of Marinovka, and were surprised to find out that there are almost no defenses. All the forces were drawn up to the main front line, creating a gap to the south of Amvrosievka, which was only partially covered with the covering forces. At first, the Militia’s saboteur-reconnaisance groups (“SRG”) began to infiltrate to the south-west, which has led to the capture of the "Uspenka" border checkpoint. After that, the Militia broke-out to the coast, as there were no serious forces of the Junta. As a result, several SRGs moved almost to Novoazovsk and the towns of Holodnoe and Sedovo, firing and attacking some checkpoints.The Militia obviously doesn't have enough forces there to seize and hold the towns (let alone capturing Novoazovsk or Mariupol); but judging by the reports that a bomb shelter has been opened in Mariupol, the command of the Junta in this area lost their nerve. It is not only that the gap along the border continues to expand, there is also a threat (even if remote for now) to Novoazovsk and Mariupol; as there are few Junta's forces there, and nobody knows what can appear from across the border. Moreover, the gap in the front, to the south of Amvrosievka, also does not seem optimistic. In general, what is happening now is not yet an offensive with definite goals, but just a distracting raid in the rear of the enemy, which turned out to be an unpleasant surprise for the Junta. To be honest, very few people expected the fighting on the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov to start so soon. In general, the trend is favorable for us.IlovayskToday near Ilovaysk the Junta has continued its attempts "to break through the wall with its head", sending almost all of the combat-ready forces to attack Ilovajsk. The attack bogged down even before the Junta talking heads could declare that Ilovajsk has been taken once again. This is a very weird stubbornness, given that a more effective plan would involve encircling and taking Mospino, and the gaps in the front to the south of Amvrosievka. The strategic point of the attack is long gone; it is an attempt to reverse the situation with insufficient forces - because even if by some miracle the Junta takes the ruins of Ilovaysk and pushes out the Militia, it will not go beyond one tactical success against the backdrop of the bleak strategic situation.Saur-Mogila, Schachtersk and TorezFighting continued, with both sides largely staying on their positions. The Junta’s mechanized units tried to move towards Miner and Thorez, but didn’t make it far.Theoretically, these battles are good for the Militia, as the Junta spends reserves there quite aimlessly.  That has made the punitive battalions (volunteer units made up of activists/neo-nazis/released criminals) suspect that the Junta command deliberately drives the southern battlegroup into a meat grinder. (That is one version - that they are agents of the Kremlin - another, because that is how Poroshenko gets rid of radical elements). All in all, another week or so of such operations, and the Junta there will be in for a surprise.  Southern Encirclement 2.0 has held out so far, but the Junta losses and the Militia trophies there will be considerable - the Militia is currently attacking on Dyakovo and offering the surrounded forces the same conditions as before - retreat to Russia, leaving the vehicles to the Militia.DonetskIn the north of Donetsk the Junta seems absolutely exhausted, only pretending that the failed offensive is proceeding via the SRGs' forces and continuing shelling; whereas the self-defense Militia forces managed to start an offensive towards Uglegorsk which, although not yet taken, hardly looks like a springboard for the Junta's attack on Yenakievo anymore. The Militia will try to take it in the coming days to protect Gorlovka and Yenakievo and prevent the bisection Donetsk-Gorlovka battlegroup. In general, it is now possible to say conclusively that the attack on Donetsk has failed, and there is no direct threat to the city. And the enemy was not merely driven from Yasinovataya and back to Uglegorsk. In the area of ​​Zhdanovka there was another mini-encirclement, and the Junta salient in the area of Verhnyaya and Nizhnyaya Krynka has been wiped out, with the Militia taking captives and trophies. The front is gradually approaching Debalcevo, which is one of the priority objectives for the Militia.DebalcevoTo the north of Debalcevo, the self-defense forces delivered an unexpected blow to the Junta, towards the north-west, with the result that the forward units were able to move to the vicinity of Severodonetsk. There were overly optimistic statements that the Militia had been about to take back Severodonetsk and Lisichansk, but in fact, there is a lack of Militia forces there, and taking two major cities at once would be quite problematic, especially with the advance SRGs alone. The weakness of the Junta's forces in this area provides various options for offensive action - the fact is that most of the Junta battlegroup that took Lisichansk from the Militia were later moved to other areas - some units moved towards Debalcevo and Yasinovataya, some left for Schast’e and Stanitsa Luganskaya. As a result, the Militia found a weak spot and delivered a nasty blow that led to a breakthrough in the front. The main thing is that this breakthrough, and the raid of saboteur-reconnaisance groups by the coast, demonstrates that the operational depth of the enemy forces is not high. After breaking after through the enemy front in weak areas, the Militia is able to act in the operational vacuum, where the enemy has practically no reserves. But due to lack of strength, those nasty (for the Junta) breakouts have not yet led to decisive results. It is clear that if the Militia had dedicated 15-20 tanks, as many BMPs and 200-300 infantry to one of these gaps, then it would have taken the cities in the rear of the enemy. But for now the Militia do what they can.LuganskThe Junta offensive against Lugansk failed. The enemy has been driven off from Hryaschevatoe; they are still holding by Novosvetlovskaya, but this is a purely defensive action. The self-defense militia forces have already started an offensive against Lutugino and Chast’e. The loss of either one of these would be a complete disaster for the battlegroup besieging Lugansk, as it would be dissected into several parts; although some of it is actually in operational encirclement even now. Today, predictably, there was an attack from the south in the Volnuhino area, and as a result, there is a direct threat to Lutugino; there are already militia combat recon groups on the outskirts. The general meaning of combat here is that if the militia take back Lutugino, they will then be able to fully control the route Lugansk-Krasny Luch, which would greatly enhance the connectivity of Novorossiya’s territory and the coordination of its armed forces. In this regard, Lutugino and Debalcevo are the key nodes of the transport network in the region, and control over them is a part of the struggle for the operational initiative.In general, the situation, even though it is still difficult, is obviously improving. In a number of areas, the militia are now on the offensive, while the Junta offensive has petered out and stoped almost everywhere. Original article: Colonel CassadMap of Operations, August 10-25, 2014 â€" Created by Kot Ivanov and Anthony HartinTranslated by Daniel MihailovitchEdited by S. NaylorOfficial Briefing from the DPR, as of August 25, 2014, and CommentaryOriginal: Colonel Cassad LiveJournalFrom: Semen Semenchenko(commander of the Ukrainian Donbass punitive battalion)To: The Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Valeriy Geletey.To the ATO(Anti-Terrorist Operation)* command. Despite the numerous warnings about the situation that is currently unfolding in sector B, despite the information from yesterday and today about the tank breakthrough from sector D and also from the border with the Russian Federation, from the area of Mospino, the situation with regards to sending us additional units of the UAF(Ukraine Armed Forces) was never resolved. Currently it is necessary to stop the retreat of the units that up until now covered our rear. Those units that report to your HQ, from the area of Kuteynikovo-Starobeshevo, must return the artillery and to perform a massive counterattack into the area [of the breakthrough], and to use armored vehicles in this attack. You do have these forces. If this does not get done and the situation will continue to deteriorate. I reserve the right to interpret the lack of activity of the UAF leadership in the most negative light. If needed â€" you personally must stand with a pistol on the road and take control of the situation. Act, finally, act!P.s. Please forgive me. I cannot write what exactly is happening right now. You are not the only one reading this. Official DPR Briefing, as of August 25, 2014Original: DNR.TodayIn the course of the offensive operation, the militia forces have completely destroyed the government military base in Sedovo, and routed all the enemy checkpoints around Sedovo and Novoazovsk. There's an ongoing sweep of these two cities for remaining Junta forces. Taking control of Novoazovsk will open a direct road to Mariupol for the DPR army forces, and we plan to take this city in the near future.Fierce fighting is happening near the Svyato-Uspensky Nikolo-Vasilyevsky monastery (village Nikolskoye of Volnovaha district). In the settlement of Markino there is fighting against the entrenched militants of the punitive battalions "Dnieper-1" and "Donbass". The LPR militia conducted a recon by combat action on Lutugino. There is information that the town of Rodakovo has been taken [by our units].According to the data of the DPR Ministry of Defense HQ, the government forces lost 110 people KIA and 75 WIA fighting for Ilovaysk. 28 military vehicles were destroyed or disabled. By the morning of August 25th, yet another (third) battlegroup of the enemy was also fully encircled in the area of the settlements Stepanovka, Amvrosiyevka and Stepano-Krynka.The whole night militia forces were focused on narrowing the encirclement around the two blockaded Ukrainian battlegroups in the area of the settlements Voykovsky, Kuteynikovo, Blagodatnoye, Alekseevskoye, Uspenka, Ulyanovskoye, and also near the settlement of Yelenovka. According to the intelligence reports, in these encirclements there are more than 40 tanks, about 100 IFVs, APCs and airborne IFVs, 50 MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) "Grad" and "Uragan" vehicles, and more than 60 field artillery and mortar pieces.As a result of a recon by combat action, detachments of the DPR army entered Yelenovka, destroying up to 8 tanks, up to 19 armored vehicles and a mortar battery. The enemy was pushed out of the two checkpoints on the road from Donetsk to this settlement (i.e. Yelenovka). Three prisoners were taken, three MT-12 anti-tank guns with ammunition, an MTLB APC with a ZU-23-2 mounted, and a GAZ-66.The militia launched offensives on two major cities - Severodonetsk in the northwest of Lugansk region, and Debaltsevo - in east of Donetsk region. The militia is concentrating considerable forces by Lisichansk and Severodonetsk, on the outskirts of which (Severodonetsk) the LPR militiamen have already occupied the villages of Belaya Gora and Borovskoe. Offensive continues on all fronts.PS. The last phrase is a joy to read. But, actually, the reports from the last 3-4 days are pleasant in every way. Having survived through the darkest days in mid-August, the militia managed to not only stop the advance of the junta, but to also launch a decisive counter-offensive with the goal of defeating the entire southern flank of the junta forces in Donbass. For now it is absolutely unclear when and with what forces will the junta try to break through to the surrounded forces south of Donetsk, and how control over their intercepted communications could be restored.About the Militia Counter-OffensiveOriginal: Colonel Cassad LiveJournal1. The situation has become precarious for the Junta in the area of ​​Novoazovsk and Mariupol. The Militia forces that penetrated from the north, and also those that moved along the border with the Russian Federation, created an operational crisis in the area of Novoazovsk, which in itself implies a threat to Mariupol. The panic on the Junta-aligned websites is not without foundation. As we mentioned earlier, there are very few combat-capable units there - a hodgepodge of police, punitive troops, border guards and air defense personnel, clearly not the forces you can repel a serious Militia offensive with.For now the Junta is saved by the fact that the Militia forces there are not so big and they are not achieving decisive results yet, although the threat has already become very serious. The thing is, that by taking advantage of the movement of Militia sabotage-reconnaissance-groups (SRGs) to the south of the captured "Uspenka" border checkpoint, the Militia also advanced along the border with Russia - which was cleared from the Junta border guards - creating a local superiority in a location that is critical for the Junta. This is the flip side of the Junta’s decision to stop fighting for the border, due to the heavy shelling of the Junta positions near the border by the Militia and "from the territory of the Russian Federation". Currently, the Junta faces a very unpleasant prospect - either it has to urgently find reserves for the new front that suddenly opened up, or else it risks losing Novoazovsk and may face a real threat of losing Mariupol. In general, this blow is very unpleasant for the Junta, and it is further complicated by the problems to the south of Donetsk.2. The gap in the front to the south of Amvrosievka, which the Junta recklessly didn't plug for a few days, led to a disaster as expected. Not only did the Militia use the gap to advance to Uspenka and Novoazovsk and to create a threat for Mariupol. Also, the Junta units that were drawn into the battle for Ilovaysk have spent their reserves, which resulted in a Militia advance onto those Junta battle groups’ communications and the threat of attacking Militia units taking Amvrosievka. An encirclement of a kind emerged, which is already the 3rd encirclement in the south. Although this one is more of a partial encirclement - the Militia intercepted a number of important roads to the south of the main forces of the Junta battle group, but there's no talk yet about a complete encirclement across all paths, because the Militia are actually encircling a larger force with a smaller one. In the next few days the Junta will try to break out of this critical encirclement, but if they fail to do this, then the first two southern cauldrons will be chump change compared to this one.3. The encirclement by Dyakovo is still not eliminated, the encircled forces were given standard terms - leave and be interned in Russia, handing over the vehicles and weapons â€" but their leadership refuses to accept those, for now. But overall, the elimination of that encirclement is just a matter of time and losses. Of course I would prefer for the Militia to get the vehicles.In general, what is happening is indeed a counter-offensive, albeit with insufficient forces. However, the blow was dealt at the time when the Junta just suffered a defeat of its offensive towards Donetsk, and this counteroffensive immediately triggered a serious operational crisis for the Junta. The very nature of the events in the Donbass is changing and now the argument is starting to shift from “will Novorossiya survive?” to “what consequences will there be of the Junta’s defeat in Donbass?”;  including the question of “what borders would be the starting point of negotiation?”. Perhaps the first diplomatic overtures will happen tomorrow in Minsk.A Short but Important UpdateOriginal: Colonel Cassad LiveJournal1. About Strelkov: The news is ahead of the event. He got an offer to move in and become a military adviser in the Krasnodon HQ, but he did not yet agree to this. Someone apparently has seen it fit to leak the info to the press. What were the goals of this leak, good or bad, is yet unclear.2. The Panic in Mariupol: As I wrote before, the threat on the outskirts of the city was multiplied by the confusion in the area, so when one of the Junta armored columns retreating from Novoazovsk was mistaken for Militia, this led to the hysteria of "DPR tanks are just about to roll into Mariupol!”Hence the traffic jams of civilians and Junta soldiers at the highway to Berdaynsk; people thought Mariupol would be taken today and in a panic rushed out of the city. Interestingly, when it came to running, the nationalist guard units easily outpaced the civilians, leaving just one punitive battalion and the remnants of police forces to defend Mariupol. This story is very significant in the sense that it clearly shows how panic sweeps the entire management system - from the lowest neo-Nazi of the "Azov" battalion to the Gauleiter (chief overseer â€" Ger.) of Mariupol. In reality, advance Militia groups are fighting on the outskirts of Mariupol, and Junta is reporting that they are about to create a reliable line of defense and stop Militia forces from entering Mariupol (Novoazovsk is already written off, apparently).3. South-west of Donetsk there is a gaping hole in the Junta frontline, with nothing available to close it. Most of the supply routes of the southern Junta battlegroup are intercepted by the Militia, or under fire and thus impassable. The Junta’s situation is rapidly deteriorating and can potentially develop into more than just another encirclement, with heavy losses - but a full-blown disaster with the collapse of the entire southern front of Junta forces in Donbass. In the next few days the Militiamen are expecting enemy reserves from the rest of Ukraine, which are now being hastily redeployed to reverse the effects of Militia breakthroughs. Given that the forces of Militia are not so large, heavy defensive battles against shock mechanized battle groups trying to break the encirclement are likely. As you can understand, there is no possibility of a continued assault on Donetsk anymore.Taking this into account, the defeat of the Junta to the south of Donetsk will have implications for other areas - the Militia forces are moving towards Debaltsevo and thinking about attacking Artemovsk and Konstantinovka. But as the main forces are occupied in other areas, any action there is mainly just to pin Junta forces in place.4. There is also this unverified information: In the Rostov region, there were a series of bizarre murders on the M4 highway. Unknown criminals lay out a strip with nails across the asphalt, and then shoot the drivers that come out to see what was the matter. They do not take the cars, or personal belongings of those killed. There were 3 or 4 such cases. There is a suspicion that there may be some Ukrainian Neo-Nazis at work. We are checking the information.Overall, we are seeing the war in the Donbass completely change direction, in real time. But the victory is not yet assured, and in the coming days, the Junta will do everything possible to turn this difficult situation in their favor.The Southern Front Catastrophe â€" August 27, 2014Map of Operations, August 10-27, 2014 â€" Created by Kot Ivanov and Anthony Hartin Novorossiya Military Briefing â€" Novorossiya Shall Be!Original: Colonel Cassad LiveJournalTranslated from Russian by Daniel Mikhailovich / Edited by Gleb BazovWe are currently witnessing an epic and in its own way historic event. The Ukrainian regular army and the punitive battalions are suffering a catastrophic defeat to the south of Donetsk. Only a short time ago the Republics were in dire straits: the DPR was hanging only by a thin supply thread, which the Ukrainian army was attempting to sever near Shakhtersk and Krasnyi Luch; the summit of Saur-Mogila has been abandoned, and Bolotov's counteroffensive had failed to bring decisive victories.To many it seemed that the Militia forces were on the ropes and just about to break, which would have led to the collapse of Novorossiya and a military victory for the fascist Junta. Nevertheless, the Militia managed to withstand the most severe blow, which the Junta dealt with all the forces available to it in the first half of August. The Junta did not conceal its plans, and the preparations for the assaults on Shakhtersk and Lugansk were openly discussed. The bravura level of the Junta’s triumphant reports that came with each new breakthrough of its mechanized battle groups was off the charts.The first critical moment came when the soldiers of the 25th Airborne Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (“UAF”) and the units of the National Guard broke into Shakhtersk. In those days, the fate of the DPR was hanging literally by a thread, and the Junta was on the verge of a strategic victory. But those few militiamen that mired the Junta forces in urban battles and held their ground until the reinforcements arrived saved Novorossia from being dismembered into two parts. In subsequent battles, the Junta’s breakthrough was localized and defused, and, after sustaining heavy losses in personnel and military hardware, the Junta’s forces in this location were routed.The second critical moment came when a strike was made from Debaltsevo through Fashchevka, intended to converge with the 24th Mechanized Brigade that was breaking out of the Southern Cauldron. It was an ambitious plan, whereby the enemy tried to bisect Novorossiya by using as a strike group the units that everybody assumed had been written off. This joint strike on Miusinsk and Krasnyi Luch triggered a severe crisis in Novorossiya because were very few troops in this area.Miusinsk, which the mechanized convoys of the junta slipped through unhindered, was hardly defended at all, and in Krasnyi Luch some of the Cossacks abandoned their positions. This gave rise to a palpable threat of Novorossiya being split in two and of the militia grouping located in the area of Torez-Snezhnoye-Saur-Mogila being eliminated. But, once again, the courage of ordinary soldiers who clung to the towns of Krasnyi Luch and Miusinsk allowed the Militia units to hold out until the arrival of the reserves that aided in the purge of the enemy from these cities. Having overcome the crisis, here also the Militia was able to win decisive battles, which had far-reaching consequences.Because the offensive on Yasinovataya failed, the breakthrough to Verkhnyaya Krynka and Zhdanovka aimed at cutting off Gorlovka was liquidated, and the Junta failed to advance toward Yenakievo, in the second half of August the Junta’s offensive started to run out of steam and the Militia gradually began to gain offensive momentum.Objectively, the situation demanded that the Junta stop the offensive, regroup, pull up reserves, create stores of fuel and ammunition, and then continue the offensive by assembling new strike groups. Nevertheless, political considerations dictated a continuation of the offensive by the same depleted battle groups. Because the front in the LPR on the whole had stabilized, the South Cauldron was routed, and the offensive to the north of Donetsk had been stopped, the Junta continued its offensive in the south, trying to take Ilovaysk and Mospino head-on despite the serious operational risk. And as the more the Junta became embroiled in these battles, the narrower became the front of its offensive. Having begun in early August over a broad swath of the battlefront, already by August 20th the Junta’s offensive narrowed effectively to a single point.The outer limits of this offensive were the southern slopes of Saur-Mogila, the semi-encircled Mospino and the southern suburbs of Ilovaisk. In the last few days of the offensive, it was reduced simply to a primitive frontal assault on Ilovaisk. Meanwhile, a threat that later proved to be fatal was looming on the Junta’s southern flank. Having finished off the Southern Cauldron and after repelling the offensive on Miusinsk and Krasnyi Luch, the Militia recaptured Marinovka (which in July-August twice went back and forth between the factions) and started to seep along the border toward the Uspenka border-crossing checkpoint, in the process encircling the Amvrosievka grouping.It is difficult to say why the Junta did not react to this threat â€" it is possible that the Ukrainian command decided that the only danger in this area was the activity of the saboteur-reconnaissance groups (“SRG”), which, though unpleasant, carried no operational significance. Alternatively, they may have thought that they will manage to achieve success near Ilovaisk and then fend off the threat coming from the south. As a result, the Militia was able to accumulate a sufficient force to the south-east of Amvrosievka, and this force carried out a cleaving strike on the supply lines of the main forces of the Junta that were embroiled in the fighting near Ilovaisk, Mospino and Saur-Mogila. At the same time, the forces of the enemy advancinf from the south were met to the west of Mospino with a strike by a mechanized battle group of the Militia. The Junta did not expect this maneuver because until quite recently they were the ones trying to encircle Mospino from both sides.By the looks of it, the Junta’s intelligence missed this offensive entirely, and as a result of this oversight a comparatively small Militia force intercepted the main supply routes of the largest battle group of the Junta to the south of Donetsk. This grouping was comprised of the enemy’s most combat-capable units involved in the assaults on Mospino, Saur-Mogila and Ilovaisk, including the three punitive battalions â€" Azov, Shahtersk and Donbass-1, as well as the various reinforcement units and independent companies. More than 5,000 soldiers, approximately 180 various armoured vehicles, and up to 90 artillery pieces, mortars, and MLRS ended up being surrounded.Though the difference in scale makes a direct comparison impossible, the militia actually carried out a mini-“encirclement operation” similar to the Stalingrad Cauldron â€" a classic pincer strike in converging directions. While the Junta’s battle group had no Romanians or Italians on its flanks, but it did, instead, have a gaping hole on one side, and on the other side â€" barrier troops that were never meant to withstand an attack by mechanized units. As a result, in addition to the unfinished remnants of the Dyakovo Cauldron, the Amvrosiyevka Cauldron was created, around which the militia began to create a ring of encirclement, spreading its offensive to the south and to the south-west and in the process occupying settlements deep in the rear of the southern grouping of the Junta. At the same time, the enemy command structures rapidly disintegrated. Battalion Azov in essence refused to subordinate, and the majority of its troops fled to Mariupol. Battalions Donbass-1 and Shahtersk became mired in urban combat for Ilovaisk and, instead of breaking out of the cauldron, started to demand tanks and artillery from the military in order to continue their assault on the city, which by that time was pretty much a lost cause.Because only rearguard unites without heavy weapons remained outside the cauldron, the Militia immediately began to develop the offensive to the south-west of Amvrosievka, toward Starobeshevo, and took it by the evening of August 26th. Meanwhile, militiamen were already moving toward Volnovakha on August 25th. Effectively, the loss of these centres means that here the Junta does not have positions from which it can try to break through to the surrounded forces. The encircled troops, in essence, ended up deep in the rear, far away from the new front line, and with a limited supply of fuel and ammunition.And this new frontline is a gaping hole for the Junta, which has nothing to plug it with. The remnants of its forces, including Battalion Azov, fled to Mariupol, in the process abandoning several settlements virtually without a shot. As a result, the Militia rolled directly into the suburbs of Novoazovsk and onto the approaches to Mariupol. On the Junta’s side, there is virtually no front from the area south of Starobeshevo and up to Novoazovsk. The Milita’s lack of sufficient troops is the only thing slowing down the looming catastrophe.At the same time, the Militia also developed its offensive to the west of Mospino, toward Ugledar, Yelenovka, and Nikolskoye. Here the forces of the Junta are few in number, so the Militia’s offensive has been developing quite successfully, albeit not too rapidly. Near Yelenovka, yet another "mini-cauldron" has formed, and the connectivity of the Junta groups that held Donetsk in semi-encirclement has been irreparably compromised.The Junta has no reserves with which to relieve the encircled group and to patch the massive hole in the frontlines - they are now hastily withdrawing troops from Perekop (on the Crimean border) and bringing territorial battalions of questionable combat readiness to the front. They have also announced the 4th wave of mobilization and are trying quickly to drag ancient armoured vehicles from long-term storage to the frontlines, in order to compensate for the huge losses in personal and military hardware. State Border of the Republic of NovorossiyaOverall, it still is not quite clear how the Junta intends to avoid a complete defeat here. It will clearly not be able to restore the previous frontline, and the only question is whether the surrounded troops will be able to break out (and as they will have to do so on their own, it is likely that they will have to make that decision as soon as possible), and where the Militia’s offensive will stop - they still have fairly limited forces and they are now routing a larger force with a smaller force.In the meantime, the once-solid front, which stretched from Marinovka to Yelenovka has now broken up into separate pockets of resistance with intercepted supply lines. After this disaster it became absolutely clear that the Junta does not have the capacity to destroy Novorossiya. By squandering the most combat-capable brigades in systematic offensive operations, the Junta sustained enormous losses and at the same time suffered a crushing, purely military defeat. The southern front has collapsed. Novorossiya shall exist!

Appeal from the Russian Saker Team

Dear friends, While we are all on the edge waiting for the news from Novorossia to change any minute, we’d like to ask your help with the two projects that the Russian Saker team is currently undertaking: 1. Our Russian partners from site asked us about the Ferguson crisis in the USA. Can those of you who live in the US, write something up for us or send us a link from a reliable source? 2. We are working on a letter to the Ukrainians to help stop the war. Since we, the Russian Saker, represent the Russian diaspora which is a part of the larger international community, we would like to add your voices as well. Please send us your short appeals to Thank you for standing with us in these difficult and trying times, The Russian Saker team


Russia Ban Hammer: McDonald's Russia Forced to Shutter 12 Locations

The battle between Russia and McDonald's rages on. A McDonald's Russia press statement (in Russian) says that 12 locations have been temporarily shuttered following "mass unscheduled inspections." Affected locations are in Moscow, Stavropol, and Yekaterinburg.

Confirmed: Ilovaisk has been liberated + open thread

Dear friends,I have a bad case of repetitive stress injury (RSI) due to too much keyboard and mouse use (even though I use an ergonomic keyboard and mouse).  I need to type less today, but I want to confirm that Ilovaisk, the city featured yesterday in this video, has been freed.Now I must take the rest of the day off.Open thread!Cheers,The Saker

Reply to a friend: where are the Ukrainian uprising and Novorussian counter

I friend just sent me this in an email and I thought that the best thing to do what to reply with a post. Here is what he wrote:I've been wondering something for some time now regarding the "war" in Ukraine and Novorossiya. Occasionally I hear mutterings from the NAF about "going on the offensive" sometime soon (supposedly when a certain turning point has been reached or some unnamed goal accomplished). However, it has surprised me that there has as of yet been no small operations or maneuvers in greater Ukraine and specifically in Kiev itself. It would seem to me that a targeted covert campaign would be within the scope of the abilities of the NAF, no? Planned incidents and/or hit and run strikes within the city that would lessen the taste for war among the (it would appear) mostly indifferent people. Or is it thought that this might actually add some resolve to continue the fighting? History shows such actions to be the pattern, though the overall effectiveness of such tactics can be fairly questioned in most cases, I think. Curious as to your thoughts.This is a very interesting question and a fairly complex one.  In reality, there are two distinct issues here:a) why is there no apparent resistance in the rest of the Ukraine?b) where is the Novorussian counter-The two issues are linked by a common denominoator, but they are qualitatively different.  I suggest we take them one by one:Why is there no apparent resistance in the rest of the Ukraine?The first thing to admit here is that not all Ukrainians are opposed to the new junta.  Well, by now probably most are, but not with the kind of determination which would make you join a protest movement or, even less so, an insurgency.  For one thing, most Ukrainians have been raised under various degrees of russophobia, from the more-or-less nationalistic and russophobic Soviet Ukraine, to the rabidly nationalistic and russophobic Ukraine after 1991, to the insanely nationalistic and russophobic Ukraine after 2013, the official ideology and political climate in Banderastan is hysterically anti-Russian.  So even those Ukies who might not be neo-Nazis of Bandera-groupies are not at all necessarily pro-Russian at all.Second, there is an information blackout in the state and even "independent" media.  We have all seen how even directors of major TV channels get beat up by Ukie nationalists if the don't broadcast "comme il faut" programs.  You can imagine what happens to smaller media outlets!  So the population is told that the Ukie army is fighting, I kid you not, a Russian invasion!  They are truly told that the Donbass if chock full of Russian Spetsnaz forces and tanks.  I have even seen a report about 30 Russian T-90 MBTs attacking a Ukie defended village.  So the level of propaganda and, frankly, zombification is simply unimaginable and while many Ukrainians might not like the junta in power, that does not mean that they would like a Russian invasion of the Ukraine.Third, while this is practically not covered in the western media or blogosphere, most Ukrainian exiles agree that there is real terror in rump-Ukraine, especially in the cities of Kharkov, Kiev and Odessa: hundred of people have been kidnapped, disappeared, tortured, beaten, threatened or otherwise abused.  The police and SBU dungeons are full of suspected "terrorists" "traitors" and "separatists".  People get threatening telephone calls, family members are threatened on the streets, at work, in school, etc.  The moral heir to Stepan Bandera are very, very good at that kind of stuff and since the world media, human rights organizations and governments are more than happy to look away, the Nazi death-squads in Ukieland don't have to be shy about their terror.Fourth, and this is the painful part to admit.  Just like in Novorussia, most Ukrainians prefer to just sit, wait and see what will happen.  These types are almost exclusively interested in material goods and to them Russian or Ukrainian, Nazi or democratic, Orthodox or Uniat - does not matter.  What matters are the contents of their fridge, the car they drive, the TV set in their dining room.  If they were told to become Zimbabwean Anarchist Hare-Krishnas to get a better income they would.  I don't feel comfortable going into the "why" this is the case, but let's just say that Ukrainian passivity is not a myth.For all these reasons combined, there is no insurgency, no uprising, no sabotage in Banderastan.  Or, if there is, it is minor.  Most Ukrainians are confused, frightened, partially brain-washing and have to rely on rumors.  All this will make a population very passive.  From that point of view, Crimea was the ultimate counter-example and the Donbass in somewhere in the middle, hence all the difficulties faced by the Kremlin (and the Novorussian resistance) to somehow solve this problem.As for the Novorussian forces, they simply don't have the luxury to prepare sabotage operation deep behind enemy lines.  Right now, what the Novorussian Resistance Forces are doing is "playing the fire brigade" - they are rushing from one point to another to "extinguish" various Ukie penetrations into Novorussian held territory.  Let's look at that a little closer:Where is the Novorussian counter-The rumors of a Novorussian counter-offensive have been circulating for weeks, and yet no counter-offensive is materializing?  Why?The key here is the numerical and technological superiority of the Ukie side.  Let me try to explain.For the Novorussian the equation is simple: the shorter the line of contact (or, if you want, "frontline") with the enemy is, the better.  The longer it is, the worse.  Think of the scene in The Matrix were Neo is fighting a horde of Agents Smith: even though Neo is surrounded by hundreds or, possibly, thousands of Agents Smith , the only fight 1-5 at the same time simply because you can only fit so many Agents Smith into the immediate perimeter around Neo.  Real warfare is not that simple, of course, but the underlying idea is the same and this is one of the reasons Strelkov gave up Slaviansk.The second thing which a lot of readers ask is: excuse me, but if the Ukies are losing, why are they constantly advancing?  There is no contradiction here.  What the Resistance does is regularly retreat to let the Ukies enter into Resistance territory which they turns into a pocket or "cauldron" for them.  At which point the Ukies either die or retreat.  Please keep in mind that in most cases the Ukie advance is reported, but the subsequent retreat is not.  Finally, the western media feeds the public "approximate" maps which are, in reality, simply false.  This is one taken today from the BBC website:Compare that with with this one of the same period:The contrast could not have been bigger.  The western presstitutes make two crucial mistakes: first they assume that if unit X moved from point A to point B that means that point A still remains in friendly hands.  This is not so.  Most of the time as soon as unit X moves from point A to point B, the other side retakes A and unit X is surrounded.  Second, the presstitutes also think that all the Russian or Novorussia info is "propaganda" whereas what comes out of western sources is reliable.  Hence, you get maps like the one above: worse than useless - actually misleading.By the way, there is a guy on YouTube called Dima Svets who makes pretty good commented reviews of combat maps (like this one).  He speaks in Russian, but if you want to just get a feel for what the real maps looks like he is a good resource.  As I said above, most of what the Novorussians are doing right now is "playing the fire brigade": the Ukies attack on all fronts, as soon as they begin to punch through the Novorussian positions, the central command sends in reinforcements who stop the advance, and try envelop the Ukie force before it can move back.  The reason why this basic maneuver works is twofold: the distances are very short and the Novorussians are vastly superior on a tactical level.But a counter-offensive is en entirely different business.  For one thing you need to concentrate your forces at the point you want to achieve a breakthrough.  Furthermore, you probably want to fake an attack elsewhere, which also requires more forces.  How could the Novorussians concentrate their forces without risking a Ukie breakthrough in their rear?Also, assuming it is successful, a Novorussian counter-attack would imply a lengthening of the line of contact and an increase in the risk of being enveloped and surrounded.  True, the Ukies suffer the disadvantage of having a huge territory in their rear so it is hard for them to predict where to place their reserves, but they have enough motorized and mechanized units to move in fast, and they also have artillery and airpower. So for the Novorussian forces a breakthrough in the depth of the Ukie territory could become very very dangerous.The two sides have not fought themselves into a standstill yet, but they did fight themselves into a draw in which neither side can do very much.  The size of the Resistance-controlled territory has been reduced to a level which is manageable for the Resistance and too tough to crack for the Ukies.  Now it becomes a willpower game.Unless some external factor freezes the conflict "as is", both sides will continue to move back and forth with minor tactical successes until finally one side reaches its breaking point.  At that point, the breaking side will not gradually retreat, but will rapidly collapse.  I am at this point unable to guess which side is closer to that breaking point.  The Ukies have been butchered in absolutely fantastic numbers by the Resistance, but they keep throwing more and more men, equipment and units into the battle, over and over and over again. I don't have a way to gauge how long the regime can keep doing that.  I know that there is a growing movement of "mothers of servicemen" who are protesting and that especially in the western Ukraine there is a movement to say "we don't want to die fighting the Russians over the Donbass".  Corpses of dead Ukie serviceman are brought literally by the trainload but the junta does not have the money to pay for the refrigeration, nevermind a decent burial.  So families are forced to pay to get their loved one, often they are told to transport the corpse in any way they want, they have to pay for the refrigerations, they have to pay for a new uniform in which to bury the solider, and they have to pay for the funeral.  Can you imagine the horror and despair of these families?  And the number of thus affected families is going through the roof, especially in the western Ukraine because the junta believes that these western Ukrainians are less likely to desert or switch side.I think that it is important for us not to solely focus on the horror of the Novorussian civilians being massacred by the Ukie forces, but also on the horror of Ukie forcibly conscripted (up to age 60!  And since the begging of the year already 3 partial mobilizations have been ordered and executed by the junta) and sent as cannon-fodder to be killed by the Resistance forces.If Novorussia can hold another couple of week or so, then the tide will definitely turn against the junta.  Right now there is nobody to negotiate with, and nothing to negotiate about.  But as Novorussian politician Oleg Tsarev recently said, as soon as the junta forces feel their first major defeat the Europeans will suddenly demand all sorts of negotiations and then, maybe, will it become possible to negotiate something.  But until the Novorussian forces convincingly show that they cannot be crushed (and so far they have not shown that), the junta and it US bosses will never negotiate for real.  They might pretend, like they did many times, but not in earnest.  As long as the USA and the junta can have to hope of winning purely militarily, by crushing the Resistance, they will never negotiate.The Resistance looks pretty good right now.  What they need now a a solid and undeniable success.  Until then, the situation will remain frozen.The SakerPS: I am under huge time pressure again, so I wrote the above "as is".  I might proofread and correct it tomorrow.  But today I really cannot.  Sorry.

That was my first thoughts when SHOOTER left the b…



A Very Complete Analysis by the Saker of the Crisis in Ukraine

This is the most complete and, in my opinion, also a very correct analysis of the crisis in Ukraine initiated by the Neocons in the US. I don’t know who this “Saker” really is. But I do know that he knows a lot about Russia, USA and the New World Order. Having followed the Saker’s […]

Russia Does Not Conduct Any Warfare in Ukraine â€" Defense Ministry

NEO â€" Does the CIA plan a Syrian style terror war in Ukraine?

- Someone decided to pull the plug on the four-way Ukraine talks on planned for this week. Kiev decided to invade its own country.

The Truth About the Odessa Massacre

The murders of anti-Maidan supporters in Odessa on May 2, 2014 is totally misrepresented in Western mainstream mass media. Kyiv-Post, the English daily appallingly biased towards the globalists’ agenda executed by the junta in Kiev, described the cause of the tragedy like this: “The violence started when an armed group of pro-Russian activists attacked a […]

Not confirmed, but maybe?! (+ open thread)

Dear friends,I just decided to quickly drop by to let you know that the reports out of Novorussia are nothing short of incredible.  Okay, this is not, repeat, *NOT* confirmed, but sources are reporting that Novorussian forces have bypassed Mariupol from the north and have entered the Zaporozhie region!  I find this hard to believe, but some sources indicate that there is an offensive on Berdiansk.  If true, this is almost scary as this means a very long flank opening to a Ukie counterattack from the North.  There have been reports over the past few days that the Ukies are fleeing Mariupol, but I still would be very careful.  The Ukies in the first southern cauldron came very close to breaking out through the north and I just hope that no Ukie force is considered finished until it is really, truly, finished.Still, the speed at which the Ukies are retreating might (not sure!!) that they have reached their breaking point.  If so, then this conflict is coming to some kind of a new phase.Another thing which really made my day is the news that Putin told Poroshenko and Co. "we are not a party to this war - talk to the Novorussians".  Beautiful and perfectly timed!We should know more by tomorrow morning.In the meantime - keep open threading!Cheers,The Saker

Appeal to the mothers of Ukraine

Foreword: today I am publishing a number of appeals to the mothers and people of the Ukraine which I ask you to circulate as widely as possible.  The women of the Ukraine have already shown their determination to stop the senseless bloodshed ordered by the junta and I think that it is crucial for us to let them know that we are aware of their struggle and that we support it.  The butchery which is currently taking place is as obscene as it is futile and it has to stop.  Now.  Please circulate the text of these appeals as widely as you can.  Many thanks and kind regards,The Saker------- (original text in Russian here) Dear Sisters, We, the women of the international Russian Diaspora, appeal to you to help stop the civil war unleashed on your nation. We understand the great tragedy that is happening in your land. Today, you are losing your sons to this inglorious war. As women, we know how much care and love it takes to give birth, nurture and raise our children. No mother gives birth to her child for a war. Any mother, anywhere in the world, will not hesitate to give her life for her child. In this we are united. This is our strength. So do not let the dark forces of evil rob you of your children using them for their own criminal purposes, pitting brother against brother, throwing them into a bloody meat grinder of war, and forcing them to forget their roots, their ancestors, culture and history. Today the illegal and criminal Ukrainian government, this gang of bandits, thieves and criminals, imposed on you by the imperialist West, is waging war with its own people, in your name. Using the hands of your sons, they are bombing and shooting at peaceful towns, clearing out villages, and chasing people away from their own homes. Just for the fact that these people dared to express their desire to live freely on their soil. Because they dared to say "no" to the corporate and geopolitical interests of the West. Because they refused to be slaves. We understand that it’s difficult for you to find a grain of truth in the torrent of vile propaganda and lies to which you have been subjected, which for decades has been skillfully and professionally directing your nation towards bitterness and hatred against their chosen enemy. Sisters, please stop and think, is this really your enemy? Look into the eyes of the women on "the other side" of the war. You will see in them the same pain and despair. They are also losing their sons... daughters, brothers, and husbands. In this you are one and the same. Help stop this bloody madness! While there is still time, while you haven’t yet received the terrible news about the death of your child, before the line is crossed - the line beyond which there is nothing but despair, death, and emptiness â€" don’t let the criminals throw your sons into this shameful bloodbath. Don't let them disgrace their tribe and their nation. Save your children to build a future of a free and beautiful Ukraine. A Ukraine free from exploitation by the Western capitalists, oligarchs and the gang of international elites. Preserve not only the bodies but also the souls of your children. On your fragile maternal shoulders today, lies the future of all free, beautiful, proud and strong Slavs. Only we, the mothers, can throw ourselves wholeheartedly to selflessly protect our children. For this, God has given us so much great power, power that will crush in its path everything, anything, and anybody who want to rob us of those who we love more than life itself. God bless you.-------From The Russian team: We received a huge response to our appeal from all over the world. We are publishing here some of them. We hope that these messages will resonate in your hearts. Trust us, living abroad, especially in the West, under a thick veil of propaganda, boiling and growing is anger at our governments’ policies. Many of us have known for a long time, and even more are waking up every day and realize the lies and deceit, in which they keep our populations. They are deceiving us about the state of our economies, labour markets, public finances, real situation with resources, and foreign policy. We are tired of the endless wars that our governments, under pressure from the United States, bring to other countries, in which they have personal interests. But especially we are concerned with the careless and dangerous enmity with Russia, a country with nuclear weapons, which crazy USA is pushing us to. We want peace with all countries and peoples. We want any nation to be able to determine how it should live and whom to be friends with. We must not allow these fools to sow a discord between us and force us to act against our own class interests. *******  International appeals In the waning days of war, the widows, the maimed, the orphaned and the crippled see light at the end of a dark tunnel, and it’s the only secure way out. Peace. Most cordially, Daniel, Japan * * * * * * * ‘Ukraine government please STOP the war that soaks the earth in the blood and tears of brother against brother, sister against sister.’ Kind regards, Zeta & Fiodor, Australia * * * * * * * Dear Ukrainians, It is with great sadness we watch from the other side of the world the conflict that has erupted in Ukraine. It is clear to me that a lot of historical animosity exists between many Ukrainians and their big brother Russia who has dominated them and no doubt is responsible for many injustices in the past. This has resulted in much distrust between West Ukraine and ethnic Russian Ukrainians. It is also clear to me you are the victim of Super power politics and have been enticed by the USA to allow European and US interests to participate in (dominate) your economy and to further the US and Nato aggressive stance towards Russia. They have their own interests at heart here not yours. In my opinion, despite its history Russia has reacted to this aggression in a very reasonable manner and does not want a conflict on its border. I feel the opportunity is there for Ukraine to be a truly independent country and an example to others if a cease fire is called and compassionate negotiations towards peace are entered into. Further conflict can only create wider divisions within Ukraine. Kind Regards Ian, New Zealand * * * * * * * To the people of Ukraine:Examine the record of US-led "democratization" and ask yourselves if you would like your nation to become another Iraq, Lybia, Serbia, Syria, etc. Your new Government was chosen for you, not by you, and is there to serve one purpose only, and that is to extract all your natural resources and deliver then into the hands of the Zionist clique that owns every Western Government. If you agree that this is the right course for you nation, do nothing. If you don't want a gang of thieves pillaging your wealth and setting brother upon brother, rid yourselves of the vermin that have been foisted upon you. Appeal: Many of us in America have been watching as the events have unfolded in Ukraine these past months. Please do not be deceived that our media and government have succeeded in deflecting our attention away from the carnage Ukraine has inflicted upon countless innocent civilians in the East with its indiscriminate shelling of cities and towns. There are far too many videos of the dead and dying under the most brutal of circumstances to obfuscate the truth for long. Ukraine is engaging in tactics of war clearly defined as war crimes by the Geneva Convention. There can be NO excuse for this. If Ukraine continues on this course, the world will eventually have no choice but to react and no amount of media or government obfuscation will obstruct its furor. It is time for Ukraine to END this conflict NOW. Michael, USA * * * * * * * Dear Ukrainians, I would like you to have peace, to have your sons, brothers, husbands, and fathers back home safe and sound. I wish this for you in the West AND the East. I don't believe this was your war. I believe this has been a war of power addicted oligarchs, manipulated by Washington, Nato and Large Corporations. These groups of people are psychologically so impaired, they are unable to experience compassion that normal healthy human beings feel. They are addicted to power and need ever increasing doses of it. You and I are just "unimportant stuff” used to obtain their fix. The loss of our bodies and our pain further feeds their addiction and makes them feel even more powerful. If we let these disturbed people rule us and drive us into killing each other, then we too are responsible. Killing people is NOT a healthy thing to do and damages us emotionally. Once you have killed a person, this can NEVER be undone and we live with that bad feeling for the rest of our lives. Is this what we wish for our men? For ourselves? Now is the time for NO MORE KILLING! Period. The one thing these people fear is loss of power, without power they cannot function. So it is up to us to stop giving power to them in as many ways as possible. Let's make a list of things we CAN do to take away their power and do those things we can do. And as we become stronger, take away MORE of that power. With much concern and care for ALL, Margie, Bulgaria * * * * * * * „Let my people go, Oppress’d so hard they could not stand, Let my People go.” The peoples of Europe are suppressed. Don’t fool yourself that living in the EU is good. It is not. The living standard of the average German has fallen in the last 15 years. The living standards of the Greeks, the Spanish and many others have been smashed. The EU is an instrument for the exploitation of the average people to the benefit of the few. And this is why your Oligarchs want you to be in the EU: To institutionalize your suffering and exploitation. For me, as a German with strong liberal views, it is hard to say this, but it is true: The hope for a better Europe today comes from the East. If Ukraine goes to the West, it will go into the sunset of a declining part of the world. If you go East, you will go into the sunrise of a rich and prosperous commonwealth. I wished we in Germany would have the choice that you have. Make your choice wisely. Dr. Bernhard Seitz, Stuttgart, Germany * * * * * * * Dear People of the Ukraine I am writing to you as a proud Englishman and citizen of an EU member state. I have been horrified by the actions of my leaders, the horrors perpetrated against you and your country and done in my name. I can only appeal to you on the grounds of all humanity to call on your new leaders to stop this madness. Please understand that the lure of a golden future in the West is a gross exaggeration and those that offer it to tempt you have only their own very selfish interests at heart. In the EU, Ukrainians will be at best second class citizens like the Poles or most probably third class like the Romanians. Your industries will be decimated, while the only beneficiaries will be the very corrupt oligarch cliché and their EU/US counterparts, that you originally protested against to remove. You are now being cynically pitted against your former friends and comrades in the East of your country and used as a selfish tool against the Russian federation. Do not be fooled by crocodile tears, as those in the West how wring their humanity on public podiums do not care about your pain or suffering, but actually seek to see as many suffer as possible as it is good for their politics against Russia. No meaningful help will be sent to you, you will simply suffer the further humiliation of being presented as a helpless victim, rather like a starving African child. Demand Peace and Demand Reconciliation. Denounce the falsehoods of paid placemen leaders and of their insincere backers. This and this alone will save your nation, a nation that your new friends and leaders are only too happy to sacrifice on the Altars of their own vanity and ambition. In All Kindness and Humility Keith Nelson-Tomsen, Bristol, UK * * * * * * * “In times of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” George OrwellGreetings, I write to you from Australia in an attempt to help all Ukraine and former peoples of Ukraine including Crimea and the Peoples Republic of Donetsk. Whilst we maybe considered the lucky country it is no less fortunate than others albeit we do not have war on our soil nor an illegitimate government killing our people. However, all of humanity is under the influence of evil in high places who profit from war and the rape of this planet and unless stopped they will continue to consume like a pack of locusts in a field until this entire planet is laid waste. The people in high places I refer, in reality, are just simply evil people and their places are becoming lower by the very acts they are committing and this is lower in the cosmic sense and not just an Earthly sense. I see every day, people waking up by the dozens as each atrocity is committed. The reason this is so is because these atrocities are so anti-human while the "official stories" crumble under the weight of their own lies. Now finally most of humanity are willing to hear the truth. Flight MH17 is one such example amongst many others. At present in this country and while there are many still under the sway of main stream media controlled by a handful of conglomerates many are switching down this hydra full of lies. Those awake and as I have said previously many more awaken each day, we realise with REAL EYES what is going on in the Ukraine and we see with REAL EYES what is going on in Israel. WE SEE who is doing the killing and who the evil perpetrators are behind the killing and slaughter of innocent people we also see who is being blamed for the atrocities the very perpetrators are guilty of. Aside from this being a narcissistic and psychopathic trait, in government and certain circles it is also known as "flipping the script".I oppose the war being committed by the Poroshenko government against Donetsk and other people of East Ukraine. I recognise the People's Republic of Donetsk and their Prime Minister, Aleksandr Zakharchenko. It is not the will of the people of Donetsk and other regions to be Ukraine any longer. The Ukraine people and former Ukraine people as all people, have the unalienable right given by God of free will choice for self determination and they have made their choice.They also have absolute rights, by "absolute rights" of individuals is meant those which are so in their primary and strictest sense, such as would belong to their persons merely in a state of nature, and which every man is entitled to enjoy, whether out of society or in it. The rights of personal security, of personal liberty, and private property do not depend upon any Constitution or any law for their existence. They existed before the Constitution or laws were made, or the government was organized. These are what are termed the "absolute rights" of individuals, which belong to them independently of all government, and which all governments that derive their power from the consent of the governed were instituted to protect. I have read the transcript of the speech by Vladimir Putin requesting peaceful negotiations between the Ukraine government and the PRD, while Aleksandr Zakharchenko certainly seems willing to do this, it is Petro Poroshenko who insists on killing, slaugher and more war. I do not recognise the current Ukraine government as legitimate anymore than I recognised the putsch government before that. I recognise the democatically elected deposed government of former Prime Minister, Viktor Yanukovych and believe this government should be re-installed and further elections called. The people should be allowed to cast their vote without military intervention in accordance with their free will and absolute right. I maybe but one voice but it speaks loudly against fascism. I am a child of the original creation, I stand under no man. I of my free will support Aleksandr Zakharchenko the Prime Minister of the Peoples Republic of Donetsk and all of Novorussiya. God Bless the People's Republic of Donetsk.Allow the Ukraine people to decide; God Bless Ukraine. God Bless Russia and God Bless Novorussiya.May peace reign on Earth. Kind regards.Lori, Northern Rivers NSW Australia * * * * * * * To our friends in Russia here are some elements, maybe you will find something useful:As I see it Ukraine has several special problems that it needs to address if it wants to get out of its self-destructive spiral: Ukraine has several different populations with different languages and different traditions. This is always a difficult human problem but it can be overcome - for example Switzerland has 4 different populations with 4 different languages and traditions and it lives in peace. The main condition for peace is that each population respects the language and traditions of the others. The intense trauma of the communist collectivization with its many millions of victims. The Ukraine trauma was indeed horrible. But it is a sad fact that the world is full of horrible genocides, some of them much worse than Ukraine ( f. ex. the genocide of the American Indians by the European colonists) and it would be a victory for the people of Ukraine if they could lift their heads out of the past and find a way to live in the world of today. The meddling of foreigners who want to inflame the problems with the intent to poison the relationship between Ukraine and Russia. Here the people of Ukraine should look at the actions of their own government which obeys these foreigners: your sons and husbands, badly equipped and badly trained because there is no money left in Ukraine, are sent to die by the tens of thousands against your own people in Eastern Ukraine who have lived in peace with you for generations and whose only fault is that they want to keep their own language and their own traditions. Do you really want this meddling? So the questions for the people of Ukraine comes down to this: Whom do they want to listen to: - their own government, which obeys foreigners who are only interested in war with Russia and which is responsible for the civil war against East Ukraine with its untold thousands of deaths? And which has allowed the Ukrainian army to maim and kill many thousands of unarmed East Ukraine civilians who thought they were Ukrainians too? And which has taken all of Ukraine's money into their own pockets? - their own neonazis who live in the past and can only think of more massacres and of more war and who have done so many horrible crimes against unarmed Eastern Ukraine civilians that it is doubtful that Eastern Ukraine can forget these deranged and cowardly war crimes? - those Ukrainians who want to become part of Europe? A Europe that was never interested in Ukraine? A Europe that is now instructing your government to pursue its war against Russia and which is degenerating morally and economically? Where governments ignore the wishes of the people and follow destructive political programs? - those Ukrainians who want to stay friends with Russia? A Russia which has lived in peace with you for generations now? A Russia that is the only country linked to Europe where the government cares for the common good and listens to the people and to the laws? It is our belief that this is the only friendship where the people of Ukraine will not be duped and exploited.But it is for them to decide.This is the point of view of a central European looking for truth :-)Hope you find something interesting. Good luck and my heartfelt wishes of success. Rudi Staudinger (Luxembourg) * * * * * * * Ukrainians, Don't let the oligarchs plunder your country under the EU pretext of 'democracy'. They don't want democracy, they don't want peace, they want Ukraine's resources. They are not interested in what you want, in what I want, in what anyone wants. They only want more and more, all they'll be able to take. Don't let it happen. Don't let your sons, your husbands, your fathers be cannon fodder for heartless accountants, foreign banks and foreign big business interests. Stand for the people, stand for freedom, stand for truth, stand for a democratic and patriotic government by the people, for the people. Stand for peace. Lea, from Paris.

Volokh Conspiracy: Russia, eastern Ukraine, and the morality of secession

Russia's invasion of eastern Ukraine and other efforts to promote secessionist movements in that region are just as illegal and immoral as its earlier occupation of Crimea. In one significant respect, they are even more reprehensible.

Propaganda Alert: Flashback to 2013. Obama: “I am Ready to Bomb Syria”

compiled by Cem Ertür The front pages below from August 2013 constitute a vivid example of the relentless and utterly deceptive war propaganda against Syria. Now, with utmost impunity, the perpetrators of the genocidal war on Syria are declaring their…

Ukraine Claims ‘Thousands’ of Russian Troops Invaded, Offers No Evidence

Ukrainian officials are now claiming a Russian invasion of four to five thousand ground troops backed by columns of tanks and other armored vehicles, a dramatic escalation from yesterday’s claims of about 1,000 such troops. As with yesterday’s allegations, Ukraine…

Over 130,000 Ukrainians ask for refugee status or temporary asylum in Russia â€" FMS

Russia slams Kiev over Odessa deaths

- Russia has censured pro-Western authorities in Kiev as ‘criminally irresponsible’ following a deadly fire in the trade union building in Ukraine’s Odessa.

Full Spectrum Dominance, the European Press and the Impending Demise of the EU

Last Saturday, Angela Merkel went to Kiev to pledge increased financial and political support for the coup-installed regime’s war against separatist forces in the eastern and largely Russian-speaking part of Ukraine. Seldom in recent history â€" and that is saying…

Is NATO Marching on Moscow?

 Do we see a small crack in the facade of the western mainstream media regarding the crisis in Ukraine? The article below, by Foreign Policy In Focus columnist Conn Hallinan, was published, not only on FPIF but also on Huffington Post. Even if neither of those media outlets is deeply under the control of the […]

Inside Fallujah’s Humanitarian Nighmare: Crowded Cemeteries, Flattened Buildings And Potential Revolution

Recently most of the attention has been on northern Iraq. But military action in western Iraq has been going on for months, after areas came under control of Sunni Muslim extremists and other anti-government groups. Some, like the city of…

“Weak Diplomacy”: Upcoming NATO Summit Directed Against Russia: Michel Chossudovsky

The upcoming NATO summit in Wales is a public relations stunt aimed at building a political consensus directed against Russia and to accuse the country of interfering in Ukraine’s internal affairs, according to Professor Michel Chossudovsky, director of the Center…

Second Genocide in Rwanda? Slow, Silent, and Systematic?

On Aug. 26, the BBC reported that Burundian officials are investigating to determine why Rwandan bodies have been found floating in Lake Rweru, on Burundi’s border with Rwanda. The discovery is not only gruesome but also ominous because both East…

Kiev hopes for more decisive EU action

American CNN reporter hasnt found any Russian tanks ***


Don't mess with .

Putin’s Choices in Ukraine

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. That is the situation for Putin with regards to the crisis in Ukraine right now. As before, the blogger called “the Saker” describes Russia’s choices in an excellent way. What is going on is unbelievable. It is incomprehensible that the individual countries in Europe can support the […]

The Reasons Why Russia Will Not Invade Ukraine

Russia will not invade Ukraine and here are the reasons. A lot of energy is right now spend on trying to get Russia more involved with the civil war in Ukraine. The New World Order cabal wants it because they want NATO to get a reason to come to the defense of the new government they […]

August 22nd to 25th Iraq SITREP by Mindfriedo: An eye for eye

18th Aug: Yazidi volunteers are being trained by the Kurds to fight Daash. The Kurds are providing the Yazidis with arms, training, and uniforms. 22nd Aug: An attack on the Sunni Musab bin Omair mosque in Diyala during Friday prayers has left 68 worshippers dead. Locals are blaming Shia militias for the attack. They state that the attack followed the deaths of Shia militiamen in an IED attack and that this was a reprisal attack. Government sources are claiming that the attack was either by Daash or some other militant group. They have called an enquiry and have stated that they will not flinch from prosecuting the guilty no matter who they are. There were conflicting reports that the attack involved the use of a suicide bomber who blew himself up prior to the shooting. 22nd Aug: Abu Musa, spokesperson for Daash, is killed in Syria during an assault on the Taqba military base: Abu Musa had also appeared on several videos documenting Daash on Vice News. 22nd Aug: The Iraqi National Alliance says that it will not compromise on the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs. 23rd Aug: Musab Al Sinjeri a Daash commander in Diyal is killed along with his assistant Khalid al Dulaimi by the Iraqi Security Forces. 23rd Aug: Three people are killed and nine injured in a suicide bomb attack on the headquarters of the Intelligence Services in Baghdad. 23rd Aug: The Speaker of Iraq’s parliament, Salim al-Jubouri , and Iraq’s deputy Prime Minister, Saleh al-Mutlaq, suspend their participation in Iraq’s government over the Musab bin Omair Mosque attack, until there is a proper investigation. Jubouri later states that efforts are under way to investigate those responsible and that militant groups claiming to be part of the Armed Forces and carrying out Sectarian or Criminal acts will be punished. The Speaker also stated today that Shia parliamentarians are pressing for Central rule in Iraq, while Sunnis want more power to be devolved to the provinces. 23rd Aug: Singing different tunes: Kerry asks Iraqi Political Blocs not to set pre conditions to government formation. While Biden suggests that Iraq needs a Federal structure similar to that of the US, and one that the US is willing to help Iraq establish. 23rd Aug: Yazidi volunteer fighters ambush a three vehicle convoy of Daash near Sinjar Mountain and kill the occupants of all three vehicles they destroyed. The Yazidis also recovered arms and ammunition from the vehicles. Ambushes and retaliatory attacks by Yazidi fighters are forcing Daash to carry out most of its activities after dark. 23rd Aug: A car carrying Baghdad number plates is attacked with a “sticky” bomb in Iraq. Three people were wounded in the attack. 24th Aug: Marthoya Afkham, spokesperson for the Iranian Foreign Ministry states that there are no Iranian troops in Iraq and that Iran has no plans on sending any. 24th Aug: The US carries out airstrikes on Daash positions east of Mosul and kills one. Another 8 Daash fighters are killed by US airstrikes in Mosul Meanwhile, the Iraqi Air Force carries out air strikes over the weekend 24th Aug: A car bomb targets a Shia area of Baghdad on Sunday killing 3 and wounding 15 24th Aug: Iraqi Forces repel an assault on the Baiji refinery north of Tikrit. The Iraqi Air Force attacks assaulting militants and bombs one of the buildings in which they took shelter. The Iraqi forces claimed to have destroyed 4 tanks and 6 vehicles being used in the assault. 24th Aug: The Iranian Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif, arrives in Baghdad 24th Aug: Shia cleric Qais Al Khazali, head of the Shia militia League of the Righteous, condemns the attack on the Musaib bin Omair mosque and calls for the perpetrators of the attack to be brought to justice. The League of the Righteous (Asai’b Ahlal al Haq) has been accused of sectarian killings in the past and continues to be suspected of indulging in sectarian warfare. 24th Aug: Shawki Allam, Egypt’s Mufti, condemns the attack on the Musaib bin Omair mosque and asks Iraqis to reject extremism. 24th Aug: The Iraqi army claims to have killed 50 Daash fighters in four operations in Salah al-Din Province. 25th Aug: Daash buries 40 of its fighters in northern Tikrit 25th Aug: Wanted dead or alive: Iraqi Security Forces kill 133 wanted individuals in the Baghdad area and arrest 19 25th Aug: Javad Zarif, the Iranian Foreign Minister is in Najaf and is expected to meet with Ayatollah Sistani today. He is also expected to meet with three other Shia Marjas: Mohammed Said al-Hakim, Bashir al-Najafi and Muhammad Ishaq al-Fayad. Fuad Masum, the Presiddent of Iraq, has asked Javed Zarif to involve Iran in the conference on Iraq to be held soon. He will also visit the Imam Ali (as) shrine and travel to Iraqi Kurdistan on Wednesday. 25th Aug: Qassim al Fadawi, former governor of Anbar, states that man primary responsible for the attack on the Sunni Musab bin Omair mosque in Diyala, which resulted in a large number of fatalities, has been arrested. Preliminary investigations show that the act was not a sectarian act but a criminal one. This would indicate that it was meant to incite sectarian killings. 25th Aug: Reigning in the militias: Prime Minister in waiting, Haider al Abadi states, “I confirm that weapons must remain in the hand of the state there is no place for any armed group.” 25th Aug: Daash gets paid in kind: A car bomb, the first of its kind in Mosul, goes off outside one of the Daash headquarters in New Mosul, Mosul. The number of casualties is reported to be high but unverified. 25th Aug: Two bombs explode in the Shia city of Karbala in south Iraq, one at a transportation hub, and leave many dead and injured. 25th Aug: Ten Shia worshippers are killed and 25 injured in Baghdad when a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a Shia Hussanieh ( in Baghdad. 25th Aug: The Sunni political bloc, Iraqi Forces Alliances, has presented an 18 page list to Haider Al Abadi for pre approval prior to them lending him support. The demands include, but are not limited to: -Adapting Sunni Militias as part of the Iraqi Armed Forces -Participation in Decision Making -Release of Prisoners -Reform of Federal laws and the Judiciary -Decentralization of Administrative Powers The Sunnis see any steps being taken by Haider Al Abadi to form government in an ad hoc fashion to be similar to the way in which Maliki functioned and unacceptable. 25th Aug: The National Alliance has stated that it will name its new President after the formation of the Iraqi Government headed by Haider al Abadi 25th Aug: Kurdish authorities are prosecuting three high ranking officials who were in charge of security forces/arrangements when Sinjar fell. The three are: Shaukat Dosky of the Peshmerga Forces Saeed Keste And Serbest Baberi of the KDP(Kurdish Democratic Party) 25th Aug: Massoud Barzani refuses to sign into law an amendment that would allow for democratic protests in Iraqi Kurdistan. He cited the danger posed by Daash as sufficient to necessitate this suspension of civil liberties. 25th Aug: The Parliament of Iraqi Kurdistan holds a special session to deliberate on the Peshmerga/Kurdish forces fighting Daash in the north. 25th Aug: Asaad al-Shammari, a Daash terrorist who specialized in planting IEDs has ironically/justly been killed by an IED after Yazidi militia men holed up on mount Sinjar opened fire on him while he was planting a bomb. 25th Aug: The Fight for Jalawla continues, but the tables are now turned: It is now the Peshmerga forces that are laying siege to Jalawla being held by Daash. The Peshmerga forces have seiged the town from three sides and are preparing to invade it. Precautions have been taken to ensure that none of the Daash fighters escapes alive. Ten Peshmergas were killed over the past two days. Peshmerga forces are being backed by the Iraqi Air Force. 25th Aug: The Egyptian Dar al Ifta launches a campaign to ban the use of the term “Islamic State” and is asking the international community and Muslims to refer to it instead as “QSIS” (Al Qa'ida Separatists in Iraq and Syria). 25th Aug: Maliki visits Speicher Military Base in Tikrit to inspect Iraqi Troops stationed there 25th Aug: Govt Claims for the day: The Iraqi Air Force bombs a convoy/parade of Daash fighters in Fallujah and kills 40 A house being used by Daash is attacked in an air strike in Anbar and a number of Daash fighters are killed Related: 22nd Aug: Hezbollah condemns the beheading of the American Journalist in Iraq 24th Aug: The Al Nusra front releases Peter Theo Curtis, an American journalist who was kidnapped two years ago. The journalist was released after mediation by, guess who, Qatar. 24th Aug: Advantage Iran: Iran shoots down an Israeli drone attempting to fly over its Natanz nuclear facility. The drone was shot down by the Revolutionary Guards. 24th Aug: Losing the north: The Syrian Government lost its final foothold in the north east of Syria, Taqba Air Base, to Daash. The fourth all out assault by Daash that resulted in 340 Daash casualties and 170 Government troops (numbers stated by the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights) was the deadliest so far. Government airstrikes had targeted Daash fighters repeatedly but were unable to stop the rebel advance. The Syrian Air Force even used fuel bombs to try and stop the rebels. However, Daash was able to enter the base and Syrian troops then withdrew. There have been reports of beheadings and the Syrian Army and Air Force has lost some air assets and heavy equipment. 24th Aug: Malaysia arrests 19 people suspected of wanting to bomb a local brewery and planning to travel to Syria to fight for Daash: 25th Aug: Fifteen people are reported dead, twelve of them Houthi fighters and three belonging to opposing tribes in Al Jawf. Fighting is ongoing. The Houthis were protesting against discrimination by the government. 25th Aug: Iran announces its intention to supply arms to militants fighting Israel in the West Bank as a response to Israel flying drones over Iran. 25th Aug: First signs of trouble: Turkey sees protests over its large number of Syrian Refugee. The refugees are in a pitiful state with many resorting to begging in the streets. 25th Aug: With a straight face, Walid Muallem, of Syria offers the United States its help in its fight against Daash terrorism. He however warned the United States not to carry out air strikes on “Syrian” territory. 25th Aug: Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) fighters have kidnapped three Chinese Workers in Eastern Turkey. The three were working on a power station being built by a Chinese Company. The Power plant was also attacked. Further Reading: Waking up finally: “ISIS has received financing from donors in Kuwait and Qatar. Saudi Arabia funneled weapons to Syrian rebels and didn’t care if they went to ISIS. Turkey allowed ISIS fighters and weapons to flow across porous borders.” Smoke and Mirrors, Foley’s execution video may be “staged”:

CrossTalk: Russia's Worldview (ft. Ray McGovern and Nebojsa Malic)


Blog news update, donations and some personal thoughts

Dear friends,Blog migration to new servers First I would like to update you on the migration of this blog to dedicated servers in Iceland.  The short version is this: it is happening, we have already backed up the data, the server is up, WordPress has been installed, and the very kind IT specialists who are helping me are working on a few more matters.  It might take a little longer, but it is well worth the wait as everything will become both much easier and much better.  Also, no need to worry about "missing" the move - I will double-post here and on the new blog for at least a month.  Then I will "freeze" this blog with the last post indicating how to get to the new version.  So please have a little more patience and you will get:1) dramatically improved moderation (thanks to new rules and the assistance of volunteers).2) no more CAPTCHA nonsense, no more ads.3) a multi-page blog with special pages for specific items.4) much improved security and counter-attack options.5) several easy to remember domain names.6) the possibility to add features as we go.And, just to confirm: anonymous blogging will be allowed, but you will have the option to sign up to avoid trolls using your nickname/alias.  You will not have to sign up, however.  That will be your choice.Donations First, I want to thank the people who have sent me donations this month:Via PayPal: JEM, MB, RF, DK, JMM, TD, AW, MF, ALP, VC, PN, NGG, GA, MT, LB, SK, JN, YF, JRL, AC, SF, JS, ET, SC, AT, ND, BB, AW, PB, MM, LH, CW, AA, RH, PM, HS, MB, SE, HRS.Via Snail Mail: (all anonymous this month)Thanks a lot to all of you - you are making this blog possible and you are helping me and my family to make ends meet at a time when this is not easy for us.  To all of you an immense and heartfelt 'thank you!'  not only for your generosity, but also for what is a very tangible sign of support.Your supportI will be honest with you, this has been a very tough month for me for personal and blog related reasons.  On the family front, my oldest daughter left for college while my oldest son is in trouble with the law - a taxing combination, I assure you.  On the blog front, I have been shocked by the sharp rise of nasty, condescending and even outright rude comments and emails I got recently, so it was particularly heartwarming to also receive very kind expressions of support from so many of you. Let me immediately reassure you, the ratio of hatemail to kindmail is still overwhelmingly in favor of the latter, but even though I probably shouldn't say that, the hatred also gets to me.  So even as I wrote many times one heartfelt "thank you" weighs more than 100 insults, I am immensely grateful for all the expressions of support I have received from all of you.I will share another personal thing here: the war in Novorussia literally tears me up inside.  I think about it 24/7 and it is gut-wrenching for me to follow it minute by the minute. Being emotionally so involved makes it very hard to keep up a more or less rational and fact-based blog.  Over the past months I have been grinding my teeth (literally) at every news of atrocity committed by the junta in Novorussia and every day I daydream about a massive, brutal and decisive Russian military intervention to finally stop it all and give these Ukie Nazis the end they deserve (it would take less than 24 hours, believe me).  But then I carefully think about it and I have to agree that making that US Neocon dream come true would pure folly and that the current solution (political and covert support) is the "least bad" one even if it often feels like a torture.So while I love this blog, it is also very very hard for me psychologically and emotionally to fight that "information war" day after day after day and it takes all of my (so-called) "free" time (typically 80-100 emails each day, about 100 comments each morning only, 3-4 hours per day on getting the info, reading the sources, etc.  Then dealing with organizational issues, personality conflicts amongst friends and collaborators, and, last but not least, doing analysis and writing articles).  All this is to say that your support really means the world to me and gives me the energy and motivation to wake up every day and go right back to the"information war" which is no less important than the shooting war.  To know that at least one other person out there really cares is immensely encouraging and motivating, much more than I can express in words.  So thank you for all your expressions of support.One more thing:  Fulan Nasrullah has had a family member hospitalized so he cannot write his Nigeria SITREP for a while, but he will come back later.That's it for this short blog news update.  I will keep you posted with similar "blog housekeeping updates" on a regular basis.  In the meantime, a huge thank you to all, for your kindness, trust, support and simply for being out there :-)Kind regards,The Saker


Former Top CIA Analyst: This Is Bigger Than The Cuban Missile Crisis

Kiev’s Shelling in East Ukraine Reminiscent of Nazi Actions During World War II: Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has compared the shelling of east Ukrainian towns and cities by Kiev’s troops to actions carried out by the Nazis during World War II. “Sad as it might seem, this reminds me of the events of…

A Very Complete Analysis by the Saker of the Crisis in Ukraine

This is the most complete and, in my opinion, also a very correct analysis of the crisis in Ukraine initiated by the Neocons in the US. I don’t know who this “Saker” really is. But I do know that he knows a lot about Russia, USA and the New World Order. Having followed the Saker’s […]

August 26th combat SITREP by Juan + two very different maps :

1. The situation has improved in Novorossiya but is still quite serious. The enemy still has an overwhelming advantage in hardware and men and in some instances shows they know how to use that preponderance.2. As the Army of Novorossiya goes about it's task of freeing cities, towns and villages they are followed by what relief is available for the newly freed citizens. Also in the follow up are trained investigators who have been keeping detailed records and evidence of the depredations of the occupying forces. While the hanging tree will not be used, there is no doubt that some of the occupiers will be in prison for a long time. 3. The rumors of a large USA tank force in the Talakivka area are false. 4. The relief column of humanitarian aid sent to Lugansk City was welcome. It is of vast interest that USA and EU have warned RF not to do it again. Perhaps when the war is over some of those western political types should be brought to Novorossiya (preferably in chains to explain to the citizens why they should be denied aid under the remorseless bombardments of the Ukeland army. 5. The new Cauldron in south central liberated territory of Novorossiya is being steadily reduced. The occupants have been given the choice of surrender themselves and their equipment or die. At the moment their commanders have chosen that they die. Of interest is the units trapped in the cauldron are the ones whose depredations against the innocent civilians are well documented as being the worst.6. The rumors that Poroshenko will surrender today are false. He is still extolling his 'peace plan' of the Army of Novorossiya lays down their arms, gets investigated by Ukeland, anyone suspected of crimes against Ukeland will be imprisoned, and then he will negotiate. 7. The airfields in Donetsk City proper and Lugansk City proper have not been assaulted beyond bombardments as of 05:00 this morning. Both are honeycombed with underground service passageways and will be expensive in manpower to take by force. Perhaps the answer is to simply drive the Ukes underground, bring in truckloads of stone to seal all the exits but one and wait them out. The one exit will be their portal of surrender. 8. Mariupol was handed to the Ukes some months ago in a deal with Ahkmetov. It was to Mariupol that all the previous Uke administrations of Novorossiya fled at the beginning of the conflict with their underlings, many bringing their entire families and hangers on. The city was also the rear base of many of the oligarch's private 'battalions', a rest and replenish area thought to be totally secure. It has been known for months that there was no real security in the area for the Ukes, in other words the entire area was wide open. The attack south along the RF border then turning west along the coast toward Mariupol was a masterpiece of deception, tactics and strategy. The flight in panic of all the golden pheasants and their minions was and is epic. Their flight is spreading worry and in some instances panic as far away as Melitopol and Kerson to the south and Dnepropetrovsk to the northeast of Novorossiya. 9. Partizan activities are increasing in frequency and force in the Kharkov and Slavyansk areas to the point Kharkov is building defenses facing Novorossiya. Of particular interest was the capture two weeks ago of an entire Kamaz load of Javelin antitank missiles. These missiles were offloaded from the 'Canadian' air force planes that brought 'non lethal' aid to the Uke army according to eye witnesses. The Javelin is not listed in the TOE (Table of Organization and Equipment of the armed forces of Canada, although I have few doubts that oversight will be rectified within minutes of this report being read in The West. 10. The entire Uke force of airworthy air assets has now been shot down one and a half times. To qualify that statement, one should remember that when Belbek Aerodrome north of Sevastopol was taken there were 5 airframes of 43 on base that were airworthy, one of which was a trainer. This is indicative of the condition of the entire Uke armed forces. The problem with this fact is where are the units coming from that are being used by the Ukes? The answer is Germany, Poland and Czech are still supplying the ukes with equipment and aircraft from their stocks of equipment left from 'the old days'. Those 3 countries are also supplying the ukes with T 72 main battle tanks in pristine condition and other AFV's. Most of the Uke T 72's were sold off and exported during the Yushenko/Tymoshenko regime. Reports of crews and maintenance personnel provided with the equipment are not 100% verified. 11. The persistent reports from Ukeland of RF columns of tanks and AFV's entering Ukeland are false as are the Uke statements of the destruction of these columns. There will be no entry of RF forces in to Novorossiya nor will there be an invasion of Ukeland by RF, wishful thinking be damned. If RF was to invade she would not send half a Rota of armor, she would send half a dozen tank armies. 12. The massive destruction of cities, towns and villages of Novorossiya is ongoing. Every day and every night the bombardments continue. Civilian areas are mainly the targets. The destruction has been carefully planned and executed. The damage is in the many billions of euros and will take years to repair. The loss of life and injuries to the innocent civilians well exceeds 5,000 since the beginning of the war in April. The time for negotiations with Ukeland are long gone. The war will end when every single occupier of Novorossiya land from Ukeland is either ejected, in a POW camp or dead. Fact. -------addendum from the Saker-------Map of Operations, August 10-25, 2014 â€" Created by Kot Ivanov and Anthony Hartin compare with BBC map:Hilarious, no?The Saker

Putin Speaks

On April 17, Putin held his annual televised Q & A session. He did it with ordinary Russians nationwide. He did it for the 12th time. Doing so connects with them.

President Putin’s Address to Russian Diplomats (in English)

President Putin is a man of his words. He writes his own speeches and their content tells you what he thinks about Russia and its relationship to other nations. That's why it is well worth to pay attention to his words in this speech ... Download (PDF, 197KB)

All is Quiet on the Western Front?

Note: today I am happy to share with you a report written by a friend and reader, 'Y', who asked that I convey to you his words that "I am not presenting myself as an expert on the involved history and politics of Transcarpathia. My intention is just to point out the importance of this under-reported region and that not all Ukrainians are fascist supporters".  I am immensely grateful to "Y" for his contribution which is far more interesting than much of what the so-called "experts" write.  I also fully agree that it is important to keep an eye on the western Ukraine.  I hope that with the help of "Y" we will be able to keep an eye on this important region.The Saker------- Reports from Ukraine naturally focus on the horrendous murderous onslaught against the Russian-speaking people in south east Ukraine. Does this mean that all is quiet throughout the rest of the country? It turns out there is a great deal of sporadic low-level activity against the Ukraine regime. This takes many forms, from peaceful protest to targeted acts of sabotage. In Odessa, all seems quiet. Many photographs of groups of people displaying the Ukraine flag in oppressions have appeared, with some people wearing the Ukrainian embroidered shirt (Vyshyvka). These include shots of photogenic young women with flowers in their hair. However, the Right Sector symbolism no longer overtly appears. On the other hand, a candle-lit display was held outside the Trades Union building in remembrance of the killed during the false flag operation earlier in May 2014. There are undercurrents of propaganda warfare in which public monuments are painted in a cycle of Ukraine colors followed by Novorossia colors. Interestingly, the Novorossia colors are staying for longer periods of time, suggesting the other side has a reduced capacity to monitor and restore the Ukraine colors. At a more extreme level, branches of Privat Bank have suffered damage from small bombs exploded late at night. This represents an attack on the interests of Kolomoisky, the local oligarch. In Mariupol, the scene of another attack by Ukraine forces against civilians and police in May, things also seem quiet, but checkpoints still exist on the major roads. Unconfirmed reports suggest the area may be quiet as a result of intimidation from the local right wing groups. Lyashko is reported to have commandeered the house and extensive grounds of a property belonging to Yanukovich. This is located at Uzuf, 20 miles west of Mariupol overlooking the Sea of Azov. This may have been used as the base for training of members of the Azov battalion. Interestingly, a ex-Azov member grew disenchanted with Lyashko, claiming the battalion was used primarily as a vehicle for Lyashko's political ambitions rather than fighting in the south east. There are numerous YouTube videos supporting this, typically showing members rough handling someone or other, described as a separatist supporter, with Lyashko shouting at and intimidating the poor victim. There are more recent reports of guerilla activity against the checkpoints and other targets around Mariupol. Recent reports suggest more concerted attacks are underway. Is this the start of a second front? Unconfirmed reports suggest that there is a base nearby where US military specialists train Ukrainians in preparation for being sent to Donbass. There have been claims made that a number of these US individuals have been killed by snipers, one whilst bathing on the beach at Mariupol on 30 July and another on 22 August. A video of this last incident was uploaded to YouTube late in the evening of the 22nd, but was quickly removed, possibly within 12 hours and certainly within 24 hours. Elsewhere, there have been numerous protests by women throughout Ukraine opposing the mobilisation, now in its third phase. The number reported certainly underestimates the actual number of protests, as one only came to notice because a group from OSCE just happened to be in the place the protests was held at the right time. This event was noted on their website. Until recently most evidence for propaganda took the form of the usual pro-Ukraine march, with large banners, people draping themselves in the flag, the Vyshyvka shirt and the photogenic young women with flowers in their hair. This weekend, a large march was held in Kharkiv, with pro-Novorossia supporters doing the same. They had a large 30 m banner with St George stripes, people were draping themselves in St George flags and women wearing St George ribbons in their hair. The demonstration passed of peacefully, with no sign of the Right Sector opposition. At the other extreme, there have been attempts at tactical sabotage of infrastructure, typically roads and railways. In the most recent case, a convoy of Ukrainian military fuel tankers was destroyed at a place where the road crossed a railway line. This served to sever both communications routes. The attack made use of mines, RPGs an armor piercing bullets, which in turn suggests effective prior surveillance and planning capabilities for the attackers. The attack took place in central Zaporozhye, the oblast immediately west of Donetsk oblast. The effects of the mobilisation have had a more substantial effect on two specific areas, one (Transcarpathia) within Ukraine and one (Transnistria) adjoining Ukraine. Transnistria is a narrow land-locked strip of territory between Moldova and Ukraine. It lies to the east of the river Dniester. It was once part of Moldova but following civil war in 1990-2 and a subsequent cease fire, it is now in an unclear legal position. The inhabitants are strongly pro-Russian and have recently asked to join the Russian Federation. Transnistria is not formally recognized by any major state, but does have a Russian troop presence. The European Court of Human Rights considers that the presence of Russian troops gives Russia effective authority over the territory. Russia states that the troops are there to keep the peace and will be withdrawn once a full settlement is reached. Ukraine is busy constructing a large trench, 5 m wide and 2.5 m deep, along the border with Transnistria. This has raised tensions within Transnistria, though in meetings with the US Ambassador to Moldova, they have stressed they are not proposing to attack anyone. Some speculate that Ukraine is raising tensions here in order to provoke a response from Russia. Any Russian military support would have to cross Ukraine territory allowing it to place Russia in the role of aggressor. Moldova itself is pro-EU. The EU Association agreement will proceed to completion, though this does not imply automatic integration with the EU. Moldova is expected to go ahead with full integration in the near future. There are a number of complicating factors. The main arises from Moldova's complete reliance on gas from Russia, the supply pipelines for which just happen to pass through Transnistria. Transnistria owes about $4 billion to Gazprom for gas supplied, but Moldova is held responsible for the bill. A second complication arises from a desire of another ethnic group's desire to secede from Moldova. Gaugazia seeks to join Transnistria in an attempt to join the Russian Federation. The second region, Transcarpathia, forms the western most oblast of Ukraine. It borders four other European countries; Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. It has a very involved political history and a very diverse ethnic composition. The majority speak Ukrainian with a significant minority speaking Hungarian. It is the home of an ethnic group, the Carpathian Rus, whose members spread into south Poland, north Romania and east Slovakia. The terrain is very hilly with steep narrow valleys, making it attractive for tourists. This area of about 1.2 million people has seen protests against the mobilisation following the deaths in combat of 70 people from the area. The area is also under the control of a regional oligarch, another source of discontent. In the past, Right Sector members have stormed government buildings in the Transcarpathian towns of Berehove and Uzhhorod. The plight of the Hungarians has attracted the attention of the right wing Jobbik party in Hungary who see support for them as a means of gaining votes in Hungary. Representatives of the major Transcarpathian groups have come together announcing their opposition to the Ukrainian regime, and have signed a treaty of mutual assistance and support recently in Yalta. Recently the regional head of the Ukrainian SU has been replaced. A small contingent of Ukrainian military, about 1500 troops and some supporting armored vehicles, has been brought in and stationed near Uzhhorod, a major town close to the border with Slovakia. This seems to be an attempt to clamp down more effectively and to prevent a repeat the events that happened in the south east. All four countries bordering Transcarpathia have been hit by Russia's reverse sanctions following the imposition of EU sanctions against it. In particular, Hungary has a major trading partner in Russia. Russia is also has a nuclear reactor deal with Hungary to provide it with an alternative energy supply. providing nuclear energy technology. It appears that Hungary would have a strong interest in co-operating with Russia, particularly over the Transcarpathian issue. Transcarpathia gains additional significance as most of the gas pipelines carrying gas to western Europe pass through it. If Russia was to gain control of this territory, it would then control this choke point on the gas system. This would negate any attempts by the US to gain control of gas flow through Ukraine. This in turn may partly explain Yatsenyuk's haste to sell off Ukraine's pipeline infrastructure. The loss of state control through privatization may in turn have been countered as, in a surprising recent announcement, it seems that Russian interests have acquired ownership of a German company, RWE. This company controls most of the reverse flow pipeline bringing gas back from West Europe into Ukraine. It seems that all is superficially quiet beyond Novorossia, but this is deceptive and there is scope for dramatic changes. Is the action at Mariupol the start of a second front? Will the events at Kharkiv occur elsewhere? Will the fighting in the south east have the positive benefit of removing fascism from Ukraine? Will a neutral, federated Ukraine arise? Would that be based on existing oblasts or larger ethnic regions? Will Transnistria merge into such a state? Will the curse of the oligarchs be tamed?

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