Friday, 29 August 2014

100 km advance in 3 days , 2 big cauldrons , 7000 junta force trapped with no hope


1 While the assault Mariupol no and maybe with it will not be in a hurry. DRG militias bypassed Mariupol, where the junta pulled all that is possible, and engaged the enemy on the route Mariupol, Berdyansk and the territory of Zaporizhzhya region, which now dominates Kolomoysky for themselves. Here militias operate in the actual operational vacuum, so only a lack of forces and mechanized units does not make it an even more rapid advancement. Here Novorossia still have a few days, during which they will develop this success. Frontal assault Mariupol not now, though not eliminated, if armored vehicles and artillery promptly promoted to the approaches to Mariupol. It should be remembered that the troops in Mariupol, though many – to 3 000 + a bit of artillery, but their morale is poor.

series of boilers, which digest. The junta has great damages, poking surrounded by militia forces in order, trying to find where the slack. This leads to bloody battles in which both sides suffered heavy losses. Activity is quite clear – a few more days, and supply problems would tie surrounded by the immobilized vehicle. In this case, the militia do not lose hope to form a "Volnovakha pot", while the junta is trying to save someone can – unlocking surrounded with Yelenovka they caused further blow to Yasinovataya in order to divert part of the militia forces of the Southern Front – operative values

from The Russophile