Thursday, 31 July 2014

Yes, Glazyev is right. His assessment of the situ…

Yes, Glazyev is right. His assessment of the situation is 100% correct. We in the US should have seen the writing on the wall when Obama defended war as a means to peace at his acceptance of the Nobel “Peace Prize.” What Americans should have paid more attention to was his speeches to the Foreign Affairs Councils when he said he would not hesitate to bomb even Pakistan to get the “terrorists.” He has since become the Doctor of Drone Destruction. During his administration every country the US has interfered with is now a basket case. And his backing of Israel’s bombing of Gaza’s hospitals and schools and neighborhoods is downright criminal. We also should have seen the signs when he kept Richard Cheney’s foreign affairs advisor, Victoria Nuland, a notorious neocon, and in fact, put her in charge of the real campaign against Russia itself. This campaign did not start with Obama, but started with Clinton, who started NATO’s march east towards the Russian borders AFTER Russia had already renounced communism. It has always been about the vast treasure trove of resources in Russia. Unless we in the US can impeach this president and bankrupt the British economic system that we are under, the world will lie waste. Congress is about to adjourn for electoral recess, which means there will be none to stop Obama. If the bombs do fall, I hope I am home with my animals to give them a last hug before the end. In the meantime, I will fight to keep the WWIII or IV from happening.

from The Russophile