Thursday, 31 July 2014

Whoa… If this is true, then it's great news…

If this is true, then it’s great news, in a frightening sort of way.Recently I was talking loudly about the hate-filled diatribes against Vladimir Putin in my local paper. An older Russian gentleman approached me and thanked me for what I said. As the discussion continued, he explained that it was getting tougher and tougher to withstand the anti-Russian vitriol to which we have all been exposed. He wondered if it had been this bad after the downing of the Korean jet way back when. I questioned him on this and as we continued our conversation he explained he had been an air force Officer in Russia’s far east when the Korean airliner was downed by a Russian fighter. Knowing little about the incident (I was a kid and I do remember the anti-Russian propaganda) I jumped to the conclusion that it was all disinformation but to my suprise he corrected me and said that actually, the pilot who shot down the Korean plane was drunk. Embarassed and lowering his head, as any decent human being might be, he apoloigized and said things were done very differently in the far east all those years ago. He said the Russian pilot was eventually sent to Afganistan where he was killed in action.Then I asked about truth of the story concerning a Russian aircraft that was said to have ‘deactivated’ a US naval ship in the Black Sea several months before. This question cheered him up immensely and he said it was true and further that even conspiracy theorists would be shocked if they knew what weapons the Russians and others possessed.I am the most cynical-naive person alive today but from what I gathered, this man, now in his seventies, was telling the truth.

from The Russophile