Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Ukraine: Scores of dead Ukrainian soldiers delivered to Zaporozhye morgue *GRAPHIC*

M/S Morgue entrance

M/S Men next to van M/S Bodies on the ground *GRAPHIC* M/S Naked corpses aligned inside morgue *GRAPHIC* C/U Ukrainian flag on morgue building

M/S Morgue door M/S Zaporozhye morgue

W/S Zaporozhye morgue


The bodies of around 68 Ukrainian soldiers are reportedly being stored in a morgue in Zaporozhye Tuesday, after being delivered from Kiev’s "anti-terror operation" zone in eastern Ukraine on Monday night. Deputy Commissary of the Ukrainian Army in Zaporozhye region, Mikhail Logvinov, has denied the information, saying that only three dead soldiers from the 95th airborne brigade were delivered to the city morgue overnight.

from The Russophile