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Short clarification about the situation in Novorussia

NEO â€" Does the CIA plan a Syrian style terror war in Ukraine?

- Someone decided to pull the plug on the four-way Ukraine talks on planned for this week. Kiev decided to invade its own country.

The EU bestows its highest honor on Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov

Yesterday, the EU published it's newest list of individuals and companies included in its anti-Russian sanctions list.  The latest list include Mikhail Fradkov, the Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service SVR, Alexander Bortnikov, the Director of the Russian Federal Security Service FSB, Nikolai Patrushev, the Secretary of the Russian Security Council and Ramzan Kadyrov, the President of Chechnia.Previously, the EU had already "recognized" the outstanding service of Igor Sergun, the Commander of the Russian Military Intelligence Service (GRU) who was also included in its sanctions list.  But what did Ramzan Kadyrov do to deserve to me included in such distinguished company?  According to the EU, hemade statements in support of the illegal annexation of Crimea and in support of the armed insurgency in Ukraine. He stated inter alia on 14 June 2014 that he ‘will do anything to help revive Crimea’. In that context, he was awarded the medal for ‘the liberation of Crimea’ by the Acting Head of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea for the support he provided to the unlawful annexation of Crimea. In addition, on 1 June 2014 he expressed his readiness to send 74 000 Chechen volonteers to Ukraine if requested to do so.The EU makes it sound like Kadyrov is guilty of nothing else but crimethink.  But, of course, this is not quite true.  We can all be sure that Kadyrov, just like the other four outstanding anti-Nazi heroes honored today, did much more to protect the culturally Russian people of the Ukraine from the ethnic cleansing policies of the junta in Kiev.  Maybe he should get yet a second medal of "Hero of Russia"? :-)As somebody who remembers the Cold War very well, who spent most of his life fighting against the KGB (in both my professional and private lives) and who remembers the truly satanic horrors of the wars in Chechnia, it is amazing to now see the heads of the Russian security and intelligence services being thus "honored" by the EU alongside the President of Chechnia.  True, it is also sad for me to see how low Europe has fallen to sanction those who did the most to fight a illegal, racist and terrorist regime in Kiev.  For seven decades the West European elites have passed all sorts of laws banning the free investigation of the "Holocaust" under penalty of incarceration, for seven decades they have been completely paranoid and looking for even minute signs of possible "neo-Fascism" in various right-wing parties and for seven decades they have solemnly nodded their heads in heartfelt agreement with the warning of Brecht "the belly where from the filthy beast came out is still fecund".  And now it turns that that this "belly" is them!  Not only are the western democracies the belly from which the filthy beast came out, but ex-KGB types and former Chechen insurgents are now at the forefront of the struggle against this beast, and for self-determination, international law, human rights and freedom.Amazing, no?  And does this not beg a disturbing and painful question for me and maybe many of you also: who/where was the real 'Evil Empire' in the 1983?The Saker

The Sochi Genocide Olympics

The Circassian Genocide scars the spirit of the Sochi Olympics with blood, exodus, and a lost people.

Russia may restrict Greek fruit, U.S. poultry imports: reports

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia may impose new food import restrictions next week, reports said on Thursday, in what could be responses to new Western sanctions over Moscow's support of rebels in Ukraine. The country has already announced several food import bans following Western sanctions. Russia's Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance Service (VPSS) may restrict fruit imports from Greece next ...

Russia ordered to pay another $2.5 bln for Yukos

PARIS (AP) â€" The European Court of Human Rights on Thursday ordered Russia to pay out another 1.9 billion euros ($2.5 billion) to a group of shareholders of Yukos, the oil company the government dismantled over a decade ago.

Gaza, Ukraine and the Fraud of “Human Rights” Imperialism

July 30 saw back-to-back atrocities in Gaza that made it clear to anyone with eyes to see that Israel is carrying out a war of terror against civilians. Its aim is to break the will of the Palestinian people through…

29TH July 2014 Nigeria SITREP (Boko Haram and General)

Kano 26th July: Two bomb attacks utilizing IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) hit kano. The first blast was carried out by a teenage female suicide bomber at a university temporary facility. Only the suicide bomber was killed. The second attack was also by a suicide bomber at a Church in Sabon Gari District, killing 6 people including the bomber. Among the casualties were a soldier, two men, a lady and a child. 27th July: A woman detonates explosives strapped to her body in Hotoro District of Kano metropolis, ……………..women who had lined up to buy kerosene, killing four and injuring dozens.. Another female bomber blew herself up at the entrance of an International Trade Fair Complex in Kano metropolis, killing several policemen and more than a dozen others badly injured. NOTE: No one has claimed responsibility for these attacks. Kano state, in Northwest Nigeria is far outside the traditional Boko Haram area of operations, but it hosts a significant presence of Ahlis-Sunnah of Sheikh Bukar Al-Barnawi. The state Governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso is also an opposition party chieftain and amongst the fiercest critics of the President, Goodluck Jonathan. Adamawa 26th July: Ansorul-Muslimiin and Harakatul-Muhajirin fighters stormed Garkida town of Gombi Local Government Area of Adamawa State. Official report indicates that 2 soldiers and 4 other people were killed. However, sources in the Military intelligence confirmed that the death toll was 2 dozen soldier and policemen. Cameroon 26th July: Ansorul-Muslimiin and Harakatul-Muhajiriin elite forces stormed the Northern Cameroonian town of Kolofata and kidnapped the wife of the Cameroonian Vice Prime Minister and the Lamido of Kolafata, a local Fulani/Fulfude tribal chief and local religious leader, Seini Boukar Lamine. I believe that the two kidnapped persons would have been taken across the border into Nigeria’s side of the Adamawa mountains where Ansorul-Muslimiin and Harakatul-Muhajiriin both maintain extensive infrastructure. While the US has made offer to help, Nigeria and Cameroon made it clear that US drones (Surveillance or otherwise) are not welcome in their airspaces. However, Joint Ariel Reconnaissance flights are already up and running as part of the two countries security cooperation, while British, French and American recon planes would join the aerial part of the search for the kidnapped victims. 29th July (Added): BBC Hausa Service reports that Cameroonian soldiers had in a six-hour operation rescued the wife of Amadou Ali, Cameroon’s Vice PM , who was kidnapped days earlier. sixteen people are reported to have died during the operation. Yobe 28th July: More than a hundred fighters from Jamaa’atu Ahlis-Sunnah of Abubakar Shekau attack Katarko Village in Yobe State of Northeast Nigeria, killing about eight persons and destroying the sole bridge linking the area around the village with the rest of Nigeria. The attack took place around 7:30pm. Soldiers at a military outpost in the village fled into the bush after engaging the insurgents for a while, due to what they described as the insurgents “overwhelming superior firepower, which they were not equipped to deal with at all”. As usual the Airforce was nowhere to be found. EBOLA OUTBREAK The Nigerian Federal Ministry of Health and the Lagos State Ministry of Health have confirmed that Patrick Sawyer the Liberian who confirmed to have died in Lagos of Ebola (the first reported case) came in the direct contact with 59 people from his arrival at the airport in Lagos. Lagos State Health Commissioner Jide Idris revealed this at a press conference on 28th July 2014. The persons include 44 contacts at the hospital he was taken to, 38 of whom were health workers and 6 laboratory staff, 15 contacts at the airport including 3 ECOWAS officials, 2 nursing staff at the airport, 5 airport handlers and the Nigerian Ambassador to Liberia. The State government in Lagos have also begun taking proactive measures to prepare Lagos for more Ebola cases arriving in Nigeria via the state which is Nigeria’s first port of entry for most visitors. These measures include creating an Isolation Ward at the Yaba Infectious Diseases Centre in Yaba, Lagos, with plans to quickly expand the isolation wards to three. An Incident Command Centre to coordinate the state’s Rapid Response Team on Ebola has also been established. Patrick Sawyer, a consultant for Liberia’s Finance Ministry in his 40s, collapsed on arrival at the Murtala Muhammad Airport in Lagos on July 20th and was put in isolation at the First Consultants Hospital (which has since been shut down and the staff under quarantine) in Obalende, Lagos. He died on Friday. P.S To Nora, while I have done and I usually do serious thinking on the underlying dynamics of what is going on, which The Saker knows, however I must decline to share my thoughts on them. One, I am trying to cram several lifetimes into one and this is a very extensive subject that I am not sure I can handle via commenting on The Saker’s blog . Two, my role here is to provide straight forward reportage and a little piece of situational analysis, uncoloured by politics. I consciously avoid mixing my views into what I write as I wish to avoid propaganda/biased reporting. It is left to the reader to choose their own politics free of any manipulation by me. To From India, I have it on good authority that the three Lebanese-Nigerians arrested in Abuja last year have all been released, while those arrested in Kano are still supposedly in the custody of the Directorate/Department Of State Security. To those who say nor insinuate that my SITREPS are paid for by the Saudi government, I can only say that fools abound everywhere mostly under Anonymous online handles. To everyone, I, like The Saker, Mindfriedo, and Juan to the best of my knowledge, volunteer (our) time, resources and energy to do this for free. I appreciate the tremendous volume of interest in my SITREPs and I thank you all. My purpose is to keep all of you informed of the true state of things here no matter how bitter that truth is to me personally, and I pray I do a good job with that I mind. I have lost dearest friends and my wife has lost a cousin to this Boko Haram War that neither us nor our lost loved ones asked for, all of them killed by either the government or the insurgents. However, I will not In Shaa Allah because of my emotional hurt slant my SITREPs to reflect anything other than the truth. Thank you all and God Help mankind through this dark era. Amin

Russia bans Polish fruit and vegetable in apparent retaliation for sanctions

By Polina Devitt MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia announced a ban on most fruit and vegetable imports from Poland on Wednesday and said it may extend the restrictions to the rest of the European Union, its first apparent retaliation to new Western sanctions imposed over Ukraine a day earlier. Moscow, which buys more than 2 billion euros worth of EU fruit and vegetables a year making it by far the ...

A Very Complete Analysis by the Saker of the Crisis in Ukraine

This is the most complete and, in my opinion, also a very correct analysis of the crisis in Ukraine initiated by the Neocons in the US. I don’t know who this “Saker” really is. But I do know that he knows a lot about Russia, USA and the New World Order. Having followed the Saker’s […]

LPR and DPR Military Briefings, July 28, 2014

Combined for July 28 2014Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov July 27, 2014 - Order of Igor Strelkov ORDER of the Commander-in-Chief of the Donetsk People’s Republic MilitiaJuly 27, 2014, in the City of Donetsk With respect to the introduction of measures to be applied to the voluntarily surrendering servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Recently, we have been observing a sharp increase in the number of servicemen within the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces unwilling to continue fighting a fratricidal war against their own people and refusing to obey the criminal orders of their command. Despite being subjected to various types of punishment by their commanders and to violent duress by the Nazis, all the way up to extrajudicial executions, such servicemen, nevertheless, do not surrender to the forces of the DPR Militia, fearful of being subjected to repressions by the latter. Guided by considerations of humanity in the name of stopping the bloodshed and saving the lives of Ukrainian servicemen, who were forcibly sent into the area of the fratricidal war, I HEREBY ORDER: All the commanders and the fighters of the forces of the DPR Militia not to open fire on groups or individual servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces that have raised a white flag or signified their intention to surrender in another manner. After disarmament and inspection to ensure that they carry no weapons, such persons are to be permitted through the battle ranks of the Militia and concentrated in special collection points for further transportation to the deep rear under guard. Those persons are to be assigned the status of POW [Prisoners of War]. In accordance with the Geneva Conventions “Rules of Conducting Warfare”, and the additional protocols thereto, such persons shall be provided with such nutrition and medical assistance as may be required. The use of executions, torture and humiliation in relation to them is prohibited. Any contravention of this part is considered to be a military offense and shall be punishable in accordance with the Laws of Wartime. There shall be a formal accounting of all the above-noted persons and information regarding them shall be sent to the Staff of the DPR Militia for the determination of their future location in accordance with three schemes that are based on personal choice. Persons that voluntarily lay down arms and surrender to the forces of the DPR Militia and that have not committed grave crimes in the course of the hostilities on the territory of Novorossiya may choose: to return to their families in Ukraine;to join the ranks of the DPR Militia; and,to be sent to the territory of Russia as a temporarily interned person (an option â€" as a refugee). Minister of DefenceCommander of the MilitiaOf the Donetsk People’s RepublicColonel I.I. Strelkov 00:55 â€" July 28, 2014 â€" Overview of the Military Situation In Shakhtersk, the battles are continuing at this time (00:55 MSK), there is shelling, artillery strikes are being conducted also against Gorlovka, and Gorlovka was also hit with an airstrike today. So far, there is little information from the locations of battles. In Donetsk, high tensions persist; in the second half of the day the Junta conducted strikes using Uragan MLRS from Elenovka. Battles occurred in the area of the airport; in the evening, a column of smoke was rising above it. Ukies continue to block the work of the OSCE monitors and are preventing them from travelling to the site of the crash of the Malaysian Boeing. While on the Lugansk front its has been relatively quiet (without taking into account the constant artillery shelling in the course of the night), then the night on the Donetsk front is expected to be far from calm. And for the nightcap, for better sleep â€" our forces shot down a Su aircraft over Antratsit. And so we hope that, despite everything, the night in Donetsk will be calmer than the last several days. July 28, 2014 â€" Briefing from the Staff of Aleksey Mozgovoi for July 25-27Our “ghosts” are again at work. After the withdrawal of the units from the closing ring of encirclement, among the personnel of the battalion and of separate units of the Militia certain measures were taken aimed at reforming our troops and changing the tactics and the performance quality of the operations aimed at eliminating the forces of the enemy. July 25th â€" Fighting near Lomovatovka â€" a column of the enemy that was moving in the direction of Bryanka was stopped using the forces of one of our squads. Three BTRs, a tank and several Ural trucks with enemy troops were unable to break through a defence barrier organized by 6 men. Ukies were forced to retreat … July 26th â€" Through the joint efforts of the mortar crews of our battalion and the artillery of the Cossack hundred, an area of enemy fortifications near Pervomaisk was destroyed. Apart from that, over the past two days, the following was destroyed on the Pervomaisk front: transportation trucks â€" 2 Urals and 1 GAZ-66;armoured vehicles â€" 4 BMPs and 2 tanks; and,an ammunition depot.With respect to Komissarovka â€" one tank, 3 BMPs and 1 Ural truck were destroyed. Overall, the enemy suffered manpower losses of over 100 men. Our losses constitute 2 lightly wounded, who have refused to leave their positions. July 28, 2014 â€" Information from the Media Agency ANNA-NewsIt is July 27-28, and the battle for Shakhtersk continues. Fighting continued all night and, as of 10:00 on July 28 was still ongoing. In the 8th district there is no telephone service or electricity; the battles are being fought in the area of the 12th and the 15th mines. The militiamen are spread out around the city and are firing at the enemy; the strikes are being conducted using tanks and automatic rifles. On July 27, a maneuverable armoured group of the enemy attacked the city of Shakhtersk in the deep rear of the DPR army. Heavy clashes began on the outskirts of the city. While the miner units of the DPR army were repelling the attack, the staff of the Militia urgently sent reinforcements from the side of Krasniy Luch and from other directions toward Torez and, from there, to Shakhtersk. The city was entered by tanks, BMPs, Grad MLRS, trucks, minivans, and light vehicles transporting fighters of the DPR Army. Among them was one of Igor Strelkov’s main assault units â€" the special purpose, spetsnaz Battalion “Kalmius”. Having dispersed, they entered into battle with the Kiev occupation forces. Civil defence sirens were sounded in Shakhtersk, and several mobile communication providers ceased operations. The streets emptied. There was heavy fighting on the outskirts of the city; powerful blasts from artillery and tank fire could be heard. There were also the sounds of automatic weapons. In Shakhtersk, there are fierce street battles between the Militia and the Nazi-guard. Columns of armoured vehicles were moving from various sides on the outskirts of the city; eyewitness told us that lots hardware had passed through Stashovka. A particularly heavy battle occurred in the area of the Militia’s positions near the 20th mine, as a result of which several houses burned down and enemy hardware was destroyed. At the turn toward Torez, on the outskirts of Zhuravlyovka, there were intense tank battles, and short bursts of automatic weapons’ fire sounded constantly. Some time following the arrival of the reinforcements, the enemy started to retreat.As a result of the battle at the DPR positions near the 20th mine, the Ukrainian armoured vehicles that remained operational retreated, together with the infrantry, toward Ol’khovchik. Have sustained manpower and military hardware losses, the enemy was expecting fire to come from any private housing. National Guard would aim their weapons at every fence. Ukrainian flags were taken off their armoured vehicles and hidden. Having gained a foothold in Ol’chovchik, near Polevaya Street, the Junta soldiers started to dig trenches near the forest plantation not far from the 15th mine. In the morning of July 28, he clashes continued. At approximately 02:00 (MSK), a new battle commenced near Rassypnaya, the fire is coming from tanks and automatic weapons. The decisive moments of the battle for Donbass have arrived.Recall that Shakhtersk is located on the second line of communications between Lugansk and Donetsk, and its loss could have catastrophic consequences for the defenders of Novorossiya. The decisive minutes of the battle for Donbass have arrived. The essence of what is happening is that the Ukrainian military has begun a long-planned operation involving simultaneous strikes on converging directions from the south and from the north, bypassing Donetsk, in order to create a large Donetsk cauldron. From the south they are attacking the Shakhtersk-Torez area. From the north they are attacking Gorlovka and Debaltsevo. Diversionary attacks are being made on Pervomaisk and Donetsk. The goal is to cut off the lines of communications and to close the ring of encirclement in Enakievo. This is the very scenario that Igor Strelkov had warned us about. And it is precisely this tactic that explains the sacrifice of the punitive forces in the Southern Cauldron. Dying as cannon fodder, the hundreds of conscripts nevertheless distract the forces of the Militia. As they are usually wont to do, the Ukrainian side has already reported about a fantastically successful operation. According to their statements, Shakhtersk has already been taken and purged of militiamen. Allegedly, they are simultaneously attacking Debaltsevo, Torez, and Snezhnoye, and hoisting their flags everywhere, all the while moving around mechanized columns and hordes of tanks. 12:02 â€" July 28, 2014 â€" Information from the Media Agency “Novorossiya”There was an airstrike on Shakhtersk; enemy aircraft are in the air over the city. Ground attack jets appeared over Shakhtersk. The Militia met them with MANPADS fire; however, the aircraft were able to escape being hit by deploying heat traps. After then, one of the ground attack craft conducted an airstrike presumably in the area of the 20th mine. 11:57 â€" July 28, 2014 â€" Information from the Media Agency “Novorossiya”In Donetsk, following a night of shelling, there are again casualties among the civilians. Once again there again was fighting in Donetsk in the night of July 27-28. Explosions and shooting could be heard in all aread of the city. The private housing sector of the Kuybyshevskiy district, within the perimeter formed by the Stratonavtov, Marshala Zhukova, and Artyomovskaya streets, became the epicenter of the artillery shelling. Private housing was completely destroyed at the following addresses: 64 Kovalko St., 69 Gradostroiteley St., 19 Velichkina St. As well, in the garage cooperative “Zenit”, located at 3 Shakhterskaya Slava St., 7 metallic garages were destroyed. Apart from that, electrical lines and the gas pipeline were damaged. As a result of the fighting that occurred at night, 8 civilians were harmed, of whom 3 were mortally wounded. As of 09:30, explosions again can be heard in the city. This is being reported by the residents of the Proletarskiy and the Budennovskiy districts. Today in Donetsk, communal services and emergency crews are working. Public transport appeared on the city motorways. July 28, 2014 â€" Information from the DPR Press-CentreOver the past day, fierce battles have been continuing in the area of Dmitrovka. This is being reported by the special correspondent of the Committee for Social Communication (KCK). The DPR Army has withdrawn to the neighbouring Pavlovka; the forces of the sides are unequal. The militiamen were forced to retreat under massive mortar fire. A group of 20 reconnaissance volunteers stayed behind in Dmitrovka. At this moment, there is no communications with them. According to operational information, the Ukrainian military units under the command of the Praviy Sector leader, Dmitriy Yarosh, are digging in near Dmitrovka and Marinovka. According to the direct participants of the battles, if they are stopped, the border with the Russian Federation will be under DPR control, and, therefore, it is advisable not to retreat, but to prepare a massive attack. 11:40 â€" July 28, 2014 â€" Briefing from the Staff of the DPR MilitiaThe enemy was attempting to advance in order to cut off the Militia, and it was partially successful because the offensive was large-scale in nature. However, despite the overwhelming forces of the enemy, the Militia was able to repel the attack. To the east of Shakhtersk the enemy sustained colossal losses. July 28, 2014 â€" Information from JournalistsLast night, another attempt by the punitive forces to break through in the vicinity of the Lugansk airport was registered. It was repelled. Those that could returned to the airport. July 28, 2014 â€" Military Situation Overview from Militiaman ProkhorovThe fighting continues â€" at 09:40 (MSK), a skirmish was ongoing in the area of Rassypnoye (near Torez). In Shakhtersk, skirmishes are also continuing; there was a battle in the area of the 7th and the 8th districts of Shakhtersk. Fighting also continues on the outskirts of Snezhnoye. In the area of the Saur-Mogila, a heavy battle was occurring. By the way, DPR reinforcements have arrived in Torez. Everything also is in order in Snezhnoye, so the danger to Saur-Mogila has been neutralized. In Pervomaisk, the punitive forces have entered onto the territory of the city (in the area of the school near the Novaya road). The situation in the occupied territories is of interest. We received information that yesterday, at approximately 23:00, a checkpoint of the Nazi-scum in the vicinity of the Golubiye Lakes (near Seversk) was shelled using ATGM or RPG, following which Ukies pummeled the forest from the mountain using Grad missiles. 11:31 (MSK) â€" With respect to Shakhtersk, we were informed that 2 Ukies Su aircraft tried to bomb the city, but were chased away with MANPADS salvos. With respect to Donetsk â€" the city is not surrounded. You will laugh, but the Ukrainian command has no idea what positions their soldiers occupy or in what condition their units are. For example, yesterday 2 Ukies tanks stopped near the Yasinovatovskiy overpass in Donetsk. They stayed there several hours until the locals (who emerged from the cellars) asked them: “What is it that you are doing here, in the rear of the DPR troops?” (and at the same time ripped off everything that they could from the tanks). Following this, Ukies quickly faded away, running before they could get into trouble. And this happens where things are more or less in order. As for what is happening in the “intestine” â€" this the Ukie command finds out from the relatives that get calls from the besieged troops. For instance, the flight of the 75 Nikolayevka paratroopers was a complete surprise for the ATO staff. Same with yesterday’s gang fight in the city of Shchastye between the Alpha unit and the mercenary Battalion Aidar (with the eventual participation of paratroopers from the 80th Brigade). At this moment, there is no clear line of front, and, as we can see, settlements easily pass from one side to another. The main outcome was yet another failed Ukie offensive that was intended to de-blocaked the units surrounded in the “intestine”. They threw their last reserves into battle, and, by the looks of it, have now exhausted their offensive potential until the commencement of the third wave of mobilization. Small local victories have had no bearing on the overall operational situation. 13:40 â€" July 28, 2014 â€" Information from LifeNews Information AgencyThe Ukrainian army has not taken the Saur-Mogila height; fighting is continuing. Earlier, the press service of the Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko disseminated information suggesting that the strategically important point came under control of the Ukrainian military. The Ukrainian forces were unable to take control of the Saur-Mogila height near the city of Snezhnoye (DPR), where the Militia of the DPR has been holding positions since the beginning of July. This information was provided to LifeNews by the coordinator of the information centre “South-Eastern Front”, Konstantin Knyrik. According to his information, militiamen informed that fighting continues in the area of the strategic height and of the neighbouring villages Marinovka and Dmitrovka, and that there can be no talk about surrendering Saur-Mogila. 15:00 â€" July 28, 2014 â€" Briefing from the Staff of the DPR Ministry of Defence DPR Press Centre © On July 27, the enemy undertook serious attempts at an offensive â€" significant forces were pulled up to the sites of the breakthroughs, and, in certain areas, they had success. However, the troops of the DPR Armed Forces were able to thwart all the undertaken attempts. In particular, the attempted breakthrough by a large grouping of the Ukrainian forces to the east of Shakhtersk led to the grouping suffering simply colossal losses. Whereas before such losses could be promptly calculated, now, even as of the morning of July 28, we are still unable conclusively to determine how many of the servicemen of the Ukrainian army found their death on the field of battle. Fighting in the Shakhtersk area continues. In Donetsk, following a night of shelling, there are again casualties among the civilians. Once again there again was fighting in Donetsk in the night of July 27-28. Explosions and shooting could be heard in all aread of the city. The private housing sector of the Kuybyshevskiy district, within the perimeter formed by the Stratonavtov, Marshala Zhukova, and Artyomovskaya streets, became the epicenter of the artillery shelling. Private housing was completely destroyed at the following addresses: 64 Kovalko St., 69 Gradostroiteley St., 19 Velichkina St. As well, in the garage cooperative “Zenit”, located at 3 Shakhterskaya Slava St., 7 metallic garages were destroyed. Apart from that, electrical lines and the gas pipeline were damaged. As a result of the fighting that occurred at night, 8 civilians were harmed, of whom 3 were mortally wounded. As of 09:30, explosions again can be heard in the city. This is being reported by the residents of the Proletarskiy and the Budennovskiy districts. Today in Donetsk, communal services and emergency crews are working. Public transport appeared on the city motorways. Donetsk has not been surrounded. Over the past day, fierce battles have been continuing in the Dmitrovka area. The DPR Army has withdrawn to the neighbouring Pavlovka; the forces of the sides are unequal. The militiamen were forced to retreat under massive mortar fire. A group of 20 reconnaissance volunteers stayed behind in Dmitrovka. At this moment, there is no communications with them. In the area of the Saur-Mogila, a heavy battle was occurring. By the way, DPR reinforcements have arrived in Torez. Everything also is in order in Snezhnoye, so the danger to Saur-Mogila has been neutralized. In Pervomaisk, the punitive forces have entered onto the territory of the city (in the area of the school near the Novaya road). The fighting continues. 15:00 â€" July 28, 2014 â€" LPR Briefing for the First Part of the Day (as of 15:00) Today, the fiercest clashes with the enemy on the outskirts of Lugansk occurred in the area of the Georgievka settlement. Units of the LPR were able to take control of the dominant height at the road junction, while the enemy occupied positions closer to the settlement itself. Throughout last night, in the morning, and throught the day, units of the DPR conducted targeted shelling of the enemy’s positions in the places of the greatest concentration of enemy forces. In particular, Lugansk forces inflicted serious losses on the aggressor in the Georgievka area, as well as near the settlement of Cheluskinets. Yesterday night the Ukrainian side launched two reconnaissance drones into the skies over the city, and today at midday, an aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force conducted an airstrike on the settlement of Novosvetlovka (Krasnodon region). The Ukrainian Armed Forces continued the shelling of Slavyansk, and, in particular, mines and shells (presumably from a Tulpan heavy mortar and a self-propelled artillery unit) hit in the areas of Rudnev Street, School No. 35, and Shcherbakov Street. Movement of a large tank column toward Krasnoe-Perezvanovka was noted; units of the LPR were brought into the state of heightened battle alert. Yesterday, in the vicinity of the settlement of Depreradovka, LPR units inflicted serious losses on enemy forces; 1 tank, 2 BTRs and 15 fighters of the Ukrainian army were eliminated. 18:50 â€" July 28, 2014 â€" Information from a Journalist with LPR Press Service, A. Toporov Today Ukies bombed a nursing home on the Geologicheskaya Street. This is the Shcherbakov district in the south-eastern part of Lugansk. Five elderly were killed. I do not know if they were children of the [Great Patriotic] War, or even its participants, but it is highly unlikely that they ever expected that the whistle of the shells, familiar to all of us through black-and-white newsreels and Soviet films, will ever come back to their home … 19:15 â€" July 28, 2014 â€" Commentary from LPR Prime Minister BashirovI hope to God that I am mistaken. The video crew of the press service is rushing over to Kambrod. Residents called us â€" a shell hit a nursing home. Initial information: 5 were killed and UNKNOWN NUMBER were wounded. The hospitals are waiting. Can you imagine the difference between treating wounded who are 30-40 years old and wounded elderly, who are 60-70 years old?! Yes. The news has been confirmed. And they could not even run … July 28, 2014 â€" Novorossiya Military Briefing 18:55 â€" The Gorlovka Diocesan Administration came under artillery fire by the Ukrainian punitive forces â€" corpses of the killed are killed lying on the surrounding streets; church buildings were damaged. 18:54 â€" Ukraining military bombed a nursing home on the Geologicheskaya Street. This is the Shcherbakov district in the south-eastern part of Lugansk. Five elderly were killed. There is an unknown number of wounded. 18:50 â€" Information from the DPR Press Centre: during the day, street battles were ongoing between the Militia and the Ukrainian punitive forces. The city essentially has been divided into two zones of control. The city continues to be subjected to airstrikes and artillery shelling by the Ukrainian army. Cluster ammunition, MLRS and howitzers are being used. 18:44 â€" Over the past week, every morning (around 04:00 am) 3 MI-24 and 1 MI-8 helicopters have been taking off from the Kramatorsk airfield, flying through Semyonovka in the southern direction. They return having, by the looks of it, exhausted their ammunition. 18:20 â€" Two refueling trucks and 1 BTR with several infantry atop the armour came through Glinki, headed toward Kumachevo. 18:19 â€" The Ukrainian Air Force conducted a rocket-bomb strike at the Lugansk Cartridge Works, also known as the Lenin plant. July 28, 2014 â€" Commentary Regarding the Military Situation from Militiaman Prokhorov - who now controls Debaltsevo and Enakievo?Prokhorov: I will tell you right away â€" I don’t have a full picture of what is happening in the DPR; I only have a fragmentary understanding. Yesterday, Debaltsevo was surrendered by the costumed Cossacks â€" without battle. Ukies destroyed the local House of Culture and the railway workers’ hospital, where wounded were recovering. Reinforcements were sent there, and they are the ones maintaining the resistance in the city. However, the larger part of the city is controlled by Ukies. With respect to Enakievo, Bezler’s Gorlovka militiamen are in control there. I was recently told that they’ve declared an open hunting season in those parts. - with respct to Shakhtersk. Prokhorov: Ukies are only on the outskirts of Shakhtersk. Militiamen have dispersed throughout the city. Skirmishes periodically occur in the area of the settlement of the 12th mine and in the 7th and 8th districts of the city. - with respect to Donetsk, Gorlovka and Popasnoye Prokhorov: Neither Donetsk nor Gorlovka have been cut off. Nothing of the sort. Ukies were kicked out of Popasnoye. By the way, sniper continue to work in Lisichansk to this day. With respect to Saur-Mogila, I was told that near Amvrosievka a Ukie column was discovered (totaling approximately 30 vehicles) â€" we are following its fate very closely. Near Dolzhanskiy, the 24th Lvov Brigade is in a state of panic â€" they are requesting to be de-blockaded. I will remind you - the units of the 24th, 28th, 72nd, and 51st mechanized brigades, of the 79th Aeromobile, of the 3rd spetsnaz regiment, and of the combined border guard detachment have been blocked inside the “intestine”. July 29, 2014 â€" Video Footage and Photographs from the Field of Battle The routing of the Junta troops near Lugansk. Fresh video with the outcomes of yesterday’s battles. Photographs from the Southern Cauldron. The ground is practically burning under the feet of the punitive forces. July 29, 2014 â€" Information from the LPR Press Service Five elderly died in a nursing home in Lugansk as a result of shelling by the Ukrainian army. Ukrainian saboteurs continue to conduct mortar strikes on Lugansk. This time, a hospital, a firehouse and a nursing home, where five elderly dies became their targets. July 29, 2014 â€" Latest Hourly Briefings from LocationsIn Shakhtersk, fierce battles continue, there is no information about losses yet. Near Saur-Mogila, all the attacks have been repelled; Ukies are sustaining fairly serious losses, and the Militia has entrenched itself well there. For now, we have news that a tank company and several armoured vehicles have been destroyed. With respect to the 79th Brigade: Ukies, you spend your time [in this forum], so let your guys know. In Nikolayev, they are now arresting the mothers of the guys in the 79th Brigade, who are serving their “motherland”. They were rather harshly dispersed, and a number of criminal investigations have been opened. So tell them to think who it is that they are fighting for. 23:05 (MSK) â€" Information from Seversk: bursts of automatic weapons’ fire can be heard coming from the side of Chernogorovka, and explosions â€" from the side of the third settlement. 23:15 (MSK) â€" Intensive artillery shelling of Yasinovatoye has begun; a number of shells hit a technical school. Fierce fighting near Yasinovatoye, which began about an hour ago, is continuing. Battles near Shakhtersk have resumed. And no, Torez has not been taken by Ukies. 23:33 (MSK) â€" In Novosvetrlovka there is harsh shelling; eyewitnesse report that residential dwellings have been hit. 00:00 (MSK) â€" A strike using Uragan MLRS was conducted from the side of Elenovka in the direction of the Donetsk railway terminal. 00:44 (MSK) â€" In Lisichansk, shots can be heard; there is a skirmish at a check point located at the exist from the city. 00:55 (MSK) â€" Howitzer artillery strikes are being conducted on Mandrykino and Yasinovatoye.

The Reasons Why Russia Will Not Invade Ukraine

Russia will not invade Ukraine and here are the reasons. A lot of energy is right now spend on trying to get Russia more involved with the civil war in Ukraine. The New World Order cabal wants it because they want NATO to get a reason to come to the defense of the new government they […]

Dutch Prime Minister Urges Kiev to Stop Fighting Near MH17 Crash Site

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has called on Kiev authorities to stop its military operation against independence supporters around the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crash site in eastern Ukraine, Agence France-Presse reported Tuesday, citing a government representative. “The prime minister…

Theater War in East Ukraine: The Kiev Regime’s Military Offensive against the People of Donbass

Original: IAC Cassad â€" M.V. Litvinov Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov Military Offensive in Late July As could have been expected, the last weekend of July was marked by yet another offensive gamble by the Kiev regime. More precisely,…

WWI â€" Is it still going on, with almost the same players?

- What we have is literally a war going on against people by not only their respective governments, but a whole host of private and foreign actors

The consent of Germany to economic sanctions against Russia will change Putin's position and will accelerate Novorossiya's victory

by Pyotr AKOPOV translated by 'A' In the global conflict of Russia and the USA which consequence war in Ukraine turned out to be also, there is an important change which will affect all fronts where Russia resists to atlantist. Germany, some months resisting to pressure of the USA, conceded and agreed to enter economic sanctions. This step seriously will influence Putin's tactics in the Ukrainian events. It is quite probable that sectoral sanctions against Russia will be agreed on Tuesday at a meeting of constant representatives of EU countries and will mention finance, power, arms, production of a dual purpose. If offers of European Commission are accepted, already in the next few days they will be approved at meeting of Council of EU. About introduction of new sanctions against Russia it was spoken and during Obama's conversation with leaders of England, France, Germany and Italy. Last week there were doubts that Anglo-Saxons will manage to press through Germany, but statements of the German ministers and industrialists practically don't leave in recent days doubts that Berlin "ripened". Germany approves introduction of sectoral sanctions against Russia, the representative of the government of Germany declared on Monday to Christiana Virtts: "The government supports a concrete sectoral package of measures". And the president of Federal association of the German industry Ulrich Grillo told that it supports sanctions: "Policy time came". Considering that Germany was the main obstacle for introduction of sectoral sanctions, now they become almost inevitable. It is clear that their first portion can be rather limited both on scale, and on time, but that the USA after all could force Europeans is important to join their policy not only political, but also the economic pressure and isolation of Russia, following which, Washington expects to force Moscow to give up on Ukraine. The rupture of Europe with Russia becomes even more important in the light of transatlantic partnership actively advanced by the USA, that is attempt to create the common Atlantic market, having connected two largest economic zones of the world and having put them under the Anglo-Saxon management. Thus, the decision of Germany and EU becomes truly historical â€" from the category such which define the direction and a history course. Vladimir Putin also proceeded from such understanding of a role of Berlin, defining tactics of actions of Russia everything the last months when the Ukrainian crisis took already the form of real war. Putin threw down a challenge of the USA and to the Anglo-Saxon global project â€" without having attached the Crimea, and much earlier, having returned to the Kremlin in 2012. Attempt to take away Ukraine from the Russian world was the main answer of the West to return of Russia in big game. But from the very beginning of a sharp phase of the Ukrainian crisis Russia tried not only to prevent "stealing of Ukraine", but also to play on contradictions in the West â€" considering that interests of the USA and Europe, first of all Germany, don't coincide at all. Certainly, Putin didn't create illusions on independence of Germany â€" Germany represents the state with the limited sovereignty (and not only because of entry into the military block of NATO, and owing to a number of the obvious and secret mechanisms allowing Anglo-Saxons to control elite of this largest country of Europe). But he staked on acceleration of process of gradual release of Germans from dense Atlantic guardianship â€" the process, going already many years and gaining strength even before the Ukrainian crisis. National conceiving part of the German elite perfectly understands that our two countries are objective partners the normal relations between which do a situation in Europe steady practically to any manipulations of Anglo-Saxon geopoliticians. Also remembers what exactly the wrong assessment of Russia from Germany (and in many respects thanks to suggestions of island strategists) twice for the last century led the country to national accident. There are no doubts that Anglo-Saxons are ready and to push off our two countries for the third time, having set Germany on Russia â€" this time economically. But in process of collecting of big Europe going now interests of Germany which in every possible way insists on deepening of political integration, in a root contradict interests of Anglo-Saxon globalizator which want to see in the European Union not independent, especially kontinentalno, German - the focused force, and obedient east wing of global "West", own world project. Independence of Germany, as well as construction on this base of the building of the independent European Union, it is possible only when forming not hostile, partnership with Russia. With big Russia which will inevitably restore the borders and influence, let and in the form of the Euroasian union. And the global Berlin axis â€" Moscow â€" Beijing is at all capable to move the center of gravity in world geopolitics to the Euroasian continent, having buried present hegemonic claims of atlantist. Crisis round Ukraine became manifestation of all these contradictions â€" it aggravated them and raised an edge many questions which in a peace time could be solved more slowly. Moscow staked on that the American game in isolation of Russia becomes the catalyst of process of emancipation of Germany. Certainly, nobody counts on a prompt gap â€" Putin's purpose was to achieve a conditional neutrality of Germany (so and Europe) in the conflict of Russia and the USA. For the sake of it Russia was ready to go to a lot of things â€" except, of course, delivery of national interests and refusal of fight for Ukraine. But peace, neutral Ukraine quite could would like to become for the next years a form of the Russian-European cooperation â€" if Europe was ready to define itself the policy concerning Kiev and would refuse support of plans of the USA on pull-in of Ukraine under the Atlantic umbrella. Alas, both in Brussels, and in Berlin weren't ready to admit that simple fact that Russia won't allow secession of part of the Russian world under the guise of eurointegration. The German dreams of fertile Ukrainian soil ("Chernozem"), desire to create one more buffer state under control of Germans and separating them from Russia , â€" all this together with urgings and manuals from Washington moved original national interests and cool calculation. It won't be possible for USA to tear off Ukraine from Russia â€" neither with help of Germany, nor without it. But to quarrel Germany with Russia is quite possible for Americans. That, as a matter of fact, they want to achieve. Really, after all, even in case of loss of Ukraine by them (that American realistic strategists are ready for long ago) Washington will have pleasant and very big prize â€" the possibility of the German-Russian rapprochement broken for many years. From the very beginning of the Crimean events Putin understood that chances of split of Germany and the USA are minimal â€" but they were, and he absolutely prudently tried to play on it. The intrigue with the German approval of sanctions and connection to blockade lasted some months and became one of the most intense secret fights in world history. Russia initially didn't do the main rate on disintegration of the united western front â€" we at once declared that in case the USA and EU will really try to organize isolation and blockade, we are ready to develop to the East and the South. Especially as Russia will build new, world architecture alternative to Anglo-Saxons â€" together with the absolute majority of the world community which long ago was already waiting the one who will throw down a challenge to owners of the Globalist Project. Attack of the USA on Russia is not caused by Ukraine â€" on the contrary, the Ukrainian crisis turned out to be only consequence of America's desire to hold on the escaping world hegemony, to prevent restoration of historical Russia, the only force in the world, capable openly resist to the Anglo-Saxon project. Liberation of Germany from guardianship of atlantist is postponed, but not cancelled â€" if, of course, to recognize that the German people has the right for own future and wants to save itself from dissolution in a melting copper of globalization. But at this stage Germans (their elite is more exact) made the choice â€" and Russia is ready to resist to a uniform position of the West, continuing both to defend the national interests, and to increase approach on the world scene, building the front from civilizations and the states interested in new rules of global game. One of the most important consequences of policy of Putin on the German front was that with Novorossiya Moskva officially took a non-interference position in a situation â€" not to facilitate the USA their work on arm-twisting of Germany. Now the situation changes â€" Europe, that is Berlin, declares Russia war, let and economic, let and with reservations. In the war other laws work already, and Germans shouldn't be surprised when it will become clear that their decision to join the American blockade of Russia will lead to that Moscow recognizes Novorossiya soon. And toughening of economic sanctions will lead not to a collapse of the Russian economy, but to fall of the Kiev's regime. In this world everything is connected, after all Vladimir Putin wasn't tired to remind it all the time to Berlin.original Russian article:

Russia counts cost of new economic sanctions

MOSCOW (AP) â€" Russia blasted the West's new economic sanctions on Wednesday, accusing the U.S. of being "prosecutorial" in its drive to impose penalties on the country's key energy and finance sectors.

Eurosatory â€" The Largest International Land and Air Land Defence and Security Exhibition

Eurosatory - the largest international land and air land defence and security exhibition was very interesting and informative.

President Putin’s Address to Russian Diplomats (in English)

President Putin is a man of his words. He writes his own speeches and their content tells you what he thinks about Russia and its relationship to other nations. That's why it is well worth to pay attention to his words in this speech ... Download (PDF, 197KB)


Ukraine vs. Egypt: Chaos in progress

“Obviously, I was watching the Ukrainian version of the Tahrir Square revolution. Is it a coincidence? Is it only my imagination? … I don’t think so”

Media Hype and Gaza’s ‘Terror’ Tunnels

Coincidentally or not, there’s been a noticeable increase in media attention to the tunnels in Gaza, many of which lead to Israel and are (allegedly) used by Hamas militants for attacks. The Israeli government has said that destroying the tunnels…

Revelations of German Pilot: Shocking Analysis of the “Shooting Down” of Malaysian MH17. “Aircraft Was Not Hit by a Missile”

A typical SU 25 jet is equipped with a double-barreled 30-mm gun, a 250 round magazine of anti-tank & splinter-explosive shells. The MH17 cockpit was fired at from both sides: entry & exit holes are found on the same fragment of it’s cockpit segment

Schockierende Analyse zum Abschuss der Malaysian MH17: Dieses Flugzeug wurde nicht von einer Rakete getroffen

Es will kein Licht ins Dunkel um das Unglück der Malaysian MH 017 kommen. Die Flugschreiber sind in England und werden ausgewertet. Was kann dabei herauskommen? Möglicherweise mehr, als man annehmen möchte. Vor allem der Voicerecorder dürfte interessant sein, wenn…

Poland is Blowing in the Wrong Direction

Poland’s Foreign Minister compares his country’s relationship with USA to a “blowjob without getting paid”. In a taped “over a dinner conversation” with Jacek Rostowski, a former Polish Minister of Finance, Poland’s FM Radoslaw Sikorski allegedly expressed his frustration as … “We will get a conflict with both Russians and Germans, and we’re going to think […]

Jewish Writer Norman Finkelstein and Several Activists Arrested at Pro

Norman Finkelstein and 25 others were arrested for civil disobedience. (July 29, 2014) “For 20 days I have sat in front of this computer like a mad man. Tomorrow I will be arrested and arrested and arrested until this madness…

Kiev Deploys WMDs Against Eastern Ukraine

Ukraine’s Kiev-based regime has deployed OTR-21 Tochka ballistic missiles also known as SS-21 “Scarabs,” against the people of eastern Ukraine. The missiles measure 6.4 meters in length and carry warheads of up to 454 kg, making them without a doubt…

From Stalinism to the New Cold War

Soviet Fates and Lost Alternatives: by Stephen F. Cohen. This is the second book I recommend if you want to better understand Russia and its relationship to the world. My first book-recommendation, “Full Spectrum Dominance” by F. William Engdahl, describes how the global cabal running the US government […]

Why Is Washington Risking War With Russia? â€" The Nation.,2005:cluster=

‘Yukos judgment marks true divorce between Russia and the West’

RT reports:The decision by the International Arbitration Court in the Netherlands is a political one and there is no mechanism that I am aware of for enforcing Russia to make the $50bn payment, energy asset manager Eric Kraus told RT. RT: The International Arbitration Court in the Netherlands has ended a decade long case against Russia brought by shareholders in the defunct Yukos oil company. Why after so many years [did it crop up] today? Eric Kraus: I think the timing is extremely suspicious. The entire judgment is rotten. Mr. Khodorkovsky was found guilty not only in Russian courts, but that guilty sentence for tax evasion and fraud was upheld by the European Court of Human Rights. It is an outrage that anyone should imagine that Russia is going to pay 50 billion dollars to these criminals. RT: How will the situation develop? Will Russia pay this sum? EK: How it is going to develop? Basically this is a judgment which is going to have no real consequences. The Russian state will never pay. The Russian Duma never ratified the treaty under which this judgment has been made. It is not a legally binding judgment. To get settlement from the Russian state is impossible. I would invite you to look at the attempts that have been made to enforce judgments against Argentina, which have failed. But this judgment is significant as it marks a true divorce between Russia and the West. I personally have been working for 17 years to build economic relations between Russia and the West and we have failed. Russia must now turn away from Western powers and look to the rising world, to the rising countries of the East. RT: Is there somebody behind such a sudden arbitration decision? Or the International Arbitration Court in the Netherlands has just finally examined the case to pronounce judgment? EK: Personally I would put the responsibility with Washington, not with Europe. Europe is the tail, Washington is the dog. Europe has not been able to articulate a reasonable foreign policy response, and there are people in Washington who make very good careers out of creating trouble with Russia, out of portraying Russia as the enemy. Russia is not the enemy, but Russia is an independent state with its own needs, its own foreign policy and this obviously does not please Washington. RT: Is it a fair decision meaning how much fraud was conducted by the ex-Yukos and Menotep officials? EK: It strikes me as a very political decision. The West manages to create this illusion of fair play, of rule of law, of fairness in the judicial process, and this is a bad joke. Russia will appeal it but even if they lose an appeal, there is essentially no way to enforce the judgment unless the Russian state decides to pay it, and I do not see the Russian state paying money to a group of murderers and fraudsters. The people who ran Menotep were the worst old-type oligarchs, and Russia is simply not going to pay. There is no mechanism that I am aware of for enforcing payment.

Russia gives UN, OSCE data from objective monitoring over MH17 crash site â€" Churkin

The Elite, the ‘Great Game’ and World War III

This article was originally published in June 2011 The control of the US, and of global politics, by the wealthiest families of the planet is exercised in a powerful, profound and clandestine manner. This control began in Europe and has…

Crimea to Use Western Sanctions to Develop Competitive Business â€" Sevastopol’s Ex

Russia counts cost of new US, EU sanctions

MOSCOW (AP) â€" Russia was counting the potential cost of Western sanctions targeting its key energy and finance sectors on Wednesday, with the central bank promising to support lenders hit with penalties.

Russia's central bank supports sanctions targets

Russia's central bank promised to support financial institutions hit by U.S. sanctions as stocks took a tumble in Moscow on Wednesday. In an online statement, the bank promised to "take adequate measures" ...

Washington Pays Lip Service to Israeli War Crimes: U.S. Veto Power Ensures Israel’s Impunity from International Law

A renowned Palestinian-American professor of law is of the opinion that without U.S. moral support, the Israeli regime would not have been able to massacre the Palestinian people so ruthlessly. “The United States veto power in the United Nations Security…

Germany Pushes Broad Plan to Settle Russia

Russia warns sanctions will backfire on West

A defiant Russia said Wednesday that Western sanctions over Ukraine would backfire on the United States and lead to energy price hikes in Europe after Brussels and Washington unveiled the toughest punitive measures against Moscow since the Cold War. Russia's response came as the Ukrainian military pushed on with its offensive against pro-Russian rebels in the east, retaking the town of Avdiyivka ...

Gaza Hospitals in Crisis: Surgery being Performed in Corridors, on the Floor

Press Release Gaza Ministry of Health, Palestine  July 31, 2014                                                                                                                    Gaza hospitals are operating under impossible conditions, with surgery now being performed in corridors and on the floor due to the sheer numbers of wounded from massacres such as Shati…

President Putin’s Address to Russian Diplomats (in English)

President Putin is a man of his words. He writes his own speeches and their content tells you what he thinks about Russia and its relationship to other nations. That's why it is well worth to pay attention to his words in this speech ... Download (PDF, 197KB)

Is NATO Marching on Moscow?

 Do we see a small crack in the facade of the western mainstream media regarding the crisis in Ukraine? The article below, by Foreign Policy In Focus columnist Conn Hallinan, was published, not only on FPIF but also on Huffington Post. Even if neither of those media outlets is deeply under the control of the […]

Israel Bombs Yet Another United Nations School, Killing Women and Children

6th UN Shelter Bombed by Israel Many Gazans have been ordered by the Israeli military to leave their homes. The Gaza strip was already very small and overcrowded â€" and Israel has just taken away 44% of it â€" and…

The Truth About the Odessa Massacre

The murders of anti-Maidan supporters in Odessa on May 2, 2014 is totally misrepresented in Western mainstream mass media. Kyiv-Post, the English daily appallingly biased towards the globalists’ agenda executed by the junta in Kiev, described the cause of the tragedy like this: “The violence started when an armed group of pro-Russian activists attacked a […]

Speech by Putin to Russian Lawmakers about Crimean Referendum

Historical speech by President Putin to Russian lawmakers March 18 2014 about the referendum in Crimea and the acceptance of Crimea into the Russian Federation. I remember being in Moscow listening to the direct transmission of this historical speech by president Putin. Even if I am not Russian, I couldn’t help to feel how this […]

Whoa… If this is true, then it's great news…

MH17 and the Economic Backlash of US Sanctions against Russia: The Rush to War?

Citing the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 as impetus, US President Barack Obama announced stronger sanctions against Russia leveled by both the US and EU. This comes after previous sanctions implemented before the downing of MH17 failed to garner…

President Vladimir Putin Speaks: US Sanctions and Ukraine, July 2014


Putin’s Choices in Ukraine

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. That is the situation for Putin with regards to the crisis in Ukraine right now. As before, the blogger called “the Saker” describes Russia’s choices in an excellent way. What is going on is unbelievable. It is incomprehensible that the individual countries in Europe can support the […]

July 30th Combat SITREP by Juan

Information from very reliable sources. These sources are in Novorossiya, Russian Federation, EU and Ukraine:29.07.2014 in afternoon Ukraine time 4 SS-21 Tochka tactical ballistic missiles were fired by Ukraine Armed Forces. At least two were clearly aimed at Saur Moglia with the idea of the Ukes trapped in The Cauldron having a sudden escape route opened for them. Moments before launch Russian Federation units surged toward the border at The Cauldron area and to the north of The Cauldron. None of the 4 Tochka missiles reached their targets. I repeat, none of the 4 Tochka missiles reached their targets and none impacted with the ground anywhere that can be found in anything close to one piece. As you know this missile can carry a tactical nuke, chem/bio, cluster munition or HE in the weight of just under 500 kilos.When the 4 missiles failed to reach their targets the Armed Forces of RF immediately halted their surge and held position. They are in the same positions 30.07.2014.There has been a noticeable slow down of fighting activity since the launches and Strelkov has pointedly said again that Novorossiya is open to negotiations.The 4 Tochka missiles were shot down over Novorossiya territory occupied by Ukraine Armed Forces before the missiles reached their programmed height. They were shot down from inside RF according to normally reliable sources. No visual evidence has been provided of RF shooting down the Tochka systems nor of the system used to shoot down the Tochka missiles. Juan

Donbass SITREP July 27th 2014

Donbass Situation Report, July 27, 2014 Original: Colonel Cassad LiveJounalTranslated from Russian by Gleb Bazov Briefing about the situations at the front in the DPR [Donetsk People’s Republic] and the LPR [Lugansk People’s Republic] as July 27, 2014. LPR The situation near Lugansk remains stable. The frontlines to the north of the city have stabilized, and the offensive there has petered off. The attempts to punch through a corridor to the airport through Aleksandrovka have fallen through, and here the enemy is engaged in regrouping its forces. Fighting has gradually been reduced to systematic artillery shelling and the activities of the enemy’s saboteur groups that seep into Lugansk, and which the Militia engages commensurately with their available forces. The intensity of airstrikes has declined due to the enemy’s losses and the strengthening of the Militia’s air defences. Battles in the area of the Lugansk airport and to the southwest of the city also show a tendency toward becoming positional in nature. Due to a lack of forces, the sides have been unable to achieve any significant advancement. The frontlines have also stabilized in the area of Lutugino, where the Militia has been able to isolate a breakthrough by the enemy armoured forces. The hole on the border is now confidently controlled by the Militia, and the Junta has lost the ability to undertake a serious offensive to close it off. Control over Izvarino and Krasnodon ensures guaranteed deliveries of cargo at least as far as Lugansk. In the area of Alchevsk and Stakhanov, the Militia, having retreated from the Lisichansk Protrusion, continues to fortify its positions, waiting for the Junta to regroup, pull up its artillery and undertake an offensive with the forces that it will have been able to concentrate there. In general, the situation, even if not rosy, is quite stable â€" as a result of a month of offensive actions on the territory of LPR, the enemy can only claim the severance of the Lisichansk Protrusion to its credit. DPR The operational situation in the southern cauldron has not changed. The Junta grouping, composed of the remnants of the three brigades [the 27th, the 72nd and the 29th], continues to remain there, suffering considerable losses from the Militia’s fire. The last thread near the “Marinovka” border-crossing checkpoint had been cut off yesterday. All of Poroshenko’s claims that the encircled forces are being supplied with food and ammunitions are simply a bunch of common lies; their supply can only be effected via air, and even then â€" with great risk to the aircraft airdropping cargo on parachutes. Understandably, there is no talk about supplying the troops with ammunition and fuel for the armoured vehicles. Essentially, the grouping now represents a mass of infantry with the still-battle-worthy tanks and BMP dug in. There is also clear ammunition famine for the cannon and the rocket artillery. In general, conditions continue to worsen for the surrounded troops, with a part of the soldiers running away and fleeing to Russia. In the occupied Ukraine this has been fueling a public hysteria. Only the lack of forces is preventing the Militia from delivering the Junta troops from their torment. In the area of Saur-Mogila and Amvorsievka, the frontlines have long had all the characteristics of positional fighting, with activity being demonstrated through artillery strikes and actions of Saboteur-Reconnaissance Groups (“SRG”). The dominant position of Saur-Mogila and the constant shelling of Amvrosievka are preventing the Junta from gathering with impunity its forces for a de-blockading attack aimed at relieving the southern grouping. All the latest successes of the Junta in this area are connected exclusively with the actions of its SRGs. The road to Donetsk through Antratsit and Torez is firmly controlled by the Militia. In the event that control over the highway passing through Debaltsevo is lost, it the Antratsit/Torez road that will become the key transportation artery of the DPR until the time when the southern grouping is finished off and supply channels through the border-crossing checkpoints in the south of the DPR are established. In the area of Debaltsevo, the Junta continues to conduct massive attacks aimed at taking control of this major transportation junction that has strategic importance. Yesterday evening the Junta reported taking over Debaltsevo, when, in reality, it simply entered the city under cover of massive artillery shelling, following which heavy street battles began there, leading to large losses on both sides. This morning, the fighting in Debaltsevo continued. The loss of Debaltsevo will seriously complicate the situation in the DPR, which effectively will be left hanging by one supply thread. We should expect the Militia to redeploy its reserves for a counterattack. Essentially, the section between Gorlovka and Alchevsk is the only part of the front where the Junta firmly maintains the initiative and is conducting large scale offensive actions with decisive goals. On most of the remaining sections of the front of the DPR and the LPR, the offensive that began on July 1, 2014 has come to a halt or become mired in a positional front. The enemy’s advancement toward Debaltsevo has led to Gorlovka becoming partially encircled from the northeastern direction, with the city ending up operationally surrounded due to a number of the roads being cut off by enemy SRGs and the infiltrating mechanized infantry. The main forces of the Militia have been pushed pack into the city and are preparaing for street battles. In Donetsk itself, the Junta offensive is bogged down on the outskirts of the city. Heavy fighting in the area of the Peski settlement has led to an full stop of the direct offensive against the city. The Junta was forced to adopt the “Slavyansk” tactics, comprised of massive artillery shelling of residential districts followed by a slow advance with tanks protected by weak infantry cover. The crisis of the first days of the assault on Donetsk (when the Miltia was practically forced into the urban areas) at this time has been overcome, and the Militia is preparing for new battles in the suburbs. In the general, the situation here remains very difficult. In the event Debaltsevo is lost and Gorlovka is completely encircled, Donetsk will end up semi-surrounded, which, given the enemy’s overall superiority in numbers, will create additional opportunities for the Junta to conduct strikes using the internal communications network that spreads from Debaltsevo into the interiors of the DPR and the LPR. When we will be tallying up the results of the offensive that began on July 1, 2014, the key for evaluating it will be the outcomes of the battles for Gorlovka, Debaltsevo and in the Southern Cauldron. According to the information from our person in Donetsk:As of yesterday, everything was fine with Strelkov personally. Both he and his assistant used to write on the well-known forum. The reasons for the cessation of these briefings are military in nature.Questions again arose with respect to Khodakovskiy (and to him) following his interview to Reuters, where he blurted something about “BUKs” in LPR.Our person (he no longer just wields a camera, but now also carries an automatic rifle) has informed us that, during a raid with a Militia SRG into the enemy’s rear, one of the Militia groups from Battalion Vostok prevented them from destroying the positions of one of the enemy mortar batteries. No explanations were provided â€" they made their objections clear with weapons. There is also information that a group of Vostok militiamen, as well as some Cossacks, has been dealing in racketeering in Donetsk instead of fighting the war. These matters now are being dealt with and investigated at the level of Borodai-Atjunfeev.Apart from uniforms and equipment and light arms, militiamen also complain that they lack artillery and MLRS, most of which is concentrated in LPR and on the borders of the Southern Cauldron. There are few artillery systems near Gorlovka, Debaltsevo, Alchevsk, and Stakhanov, and, as a result, it has been very difficult to repel the attacks by the numerically superior Junta forces. Nevertheless, and despite the difficult situation, the morale of the visited units is quite high.Overall, the military construction is gaining momentum, while state building is still lagging. Part of the necessary organizational structures still exist mostly as virtual constructs.

NEO â€" Japanese Sanctions against the Russian Federation

- The real threat is who is really running the show in the US and Europe. Is it the elected leaders, or those who are really behind who gets elected?

NEO â€" Paradoxes of Georgian â€" Abkhazian Relations

- Seth Ferris..."Crimea is the flavor of the month in Western discourse as it has become a part of the Russian Federation following its recent referendum."

Moscow says 'short

By Thomas Grove MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia criticized new sanctions as "destructive and short-sighted" on Wednesday, saying they would aggravate Moscow's ties with the West already at their lowest point since the end of the Cold War over the Ukraine crisis. Russia warned that sanctions, the most robust yet against Russia's state-owned banks and energy firms, could lead to higher energy prices in ...

NEO â€" Putin puts Ukraine gas payments on Europe’s back

- The Geo-political war going on over Ukraine has been short on bullets and bombs, and long with lies and disinformation.

Suppressing “MH17 Truth”: Kiev Regime’s Assault on East Ukraine Blocks Access to MH17 Crash Site

The US-backed Ukrainian government and its armed forces blocked access to the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 (MH17) crash site amid heavy fighting in towns in east Ukraine targeted by the far-right US- and European-backed regime in Kiev. The military operation…

Ukraine Before the Storm: The Slow

Acting Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk recently announced his resignation from the government amidst parliamentary infighting in the Rada, supposedly over none of the factions wanting to take the fall for the upcoming suicidal IMF stipulations. (His desire to leave…

Wiping Out the Christians of Syria and Iraq to Remap the Middle East: Prerequisite to a Clash of Civilizations?

Historically, the Levant is the birthplace of Christianity and the oldest Christian communities have lived in it and the entire Fertile Crescent since the start of Christian history. Early Christian called themselves followers or people of «the Way» before they…

Kiev Government Forces and National Guard Losses in Donbass. Heavy Casualties

The following report based on Donbass governmental sources does not provide the most recent figures on casualties following the recent large scale attacks by the Kiev regime. This text first published by the Central News Agency Novorossia,  was translated…

Two Choices to the Ukrainian Conscription

Please press on the 'cc' button on the lower right corner of the video to see the English subtitles [youtube]

July 27th Nigerian SITREP (General And Boko Haram) by Fulan Nasrullah

23rd July 2014: Two bomb attacks hit Kaduna City the capital of Kaduna State about 200 Km north of Abuja. The first blast struck Murtal Square (a public square in the city’s central area while thousands of Sufi Muslims were exiting it after attending the last Ramadan lecture of Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi, Nigeria’s leading Sufi cleric of the Tijjaniyyah Toriqoh (Path). Over 100 people die. The official narrative is that the Murtala Square bombing was aimed at Sheikh Bauchi, but at the time the attack took place, the Sheikh had been gone from there for almost an hour. Thirty minutes before the blast, a trustworthy friend of mine who was taking his wife to the 44 Nigerian Army Reference Hospital in Kaduna (were the bodies and injured from both attacks would later be taken to), for her appointment with the doctor was held up for several minutes near Sheikh Bauchi’s house in Tudun Wada district of Kaduna, as the Sheikh and his massive entourage were moving across the junction into the road that leads to his house. The Sheikh’s house is 3-4km away from Murtala Square, so by no chance was he around the square when the bomb went off. Preliminary investigations indicate the bomb was contained in a bag and was activated by radio remote. The second blast was a VBED (Vehicle Borne Explosive Device) and was clearly aimed at General Muhammad Buhari, ex-military ruler, three time presidential candidate, highly regarded as one of two honest leaders Nigeria ever had 9the other being the late Murtala Muhammad), the most popular political figure alive today in Nigeria, and the person who most likely will unseat President Jonathan in next year’s elections. The General was travelling from Kaduna to his hometown of Daura in neighbouring Katsina State when the attack occurred at Kawo, a district in Kaduna Metropolis. According to the General, when he left his house in a three car convoy, he was informed by his Chief Security Officer that another vehicle has been spotted trailing behind them. As they entered into Kawo District, the new car accelerated and tried to ram into the car carrying the General, but was prevented by the convoy’s escort car which quickly assumed a blocking position, so it pulled off at the last moment. It would return to try again and again, chasing after the convoy which had switched to emergency security protocols as the General’s C.S.O rightly suspected an assassination attempt. The blocking and chasing would go on for nearly 10-15mins until the chase reached Kawo Market and Motor Park and at to slow down because of a traffic Jam near the overpass there. At that moment, the VBED took advantage of the relaxiation of speed by the convoy and accelerated from the side towards the General’s car, slamming into the lead car which had maneuvered and intercepted its charge, before exploding. Over 39 deaths follow with scores reported injured. Eyewitnesses insists that after the VBED detonated, a detachment of soldiers who had been waiting beneath the overpass opened fire on the General’s car and the surrounding area, leaving bullet marks on the armoured SUV (shown in picture) and killing most of those reported dead in the attack. Bullet riddled bodies were also alleged to have been picked up by the military and taken to the 44 Nigerian Army Reference Hospital at Comilla Barracks. Another twist entered the whole incident when the driver of the VBED jumped out of the vehicle as it accelerated towards the General’s car and executed a dive-roll before trying to escape into the fleeing crowd. However he/she (I will explain) was captured by some youths who noted his /her dramatic exit from the vehicle, and they would have lynched him to death if not for the General’s surviving escorts who took him/her from the crowd and (when they arrived) handed him/her to the ssoldiers and police reinforcements. The attacker who drove the VBED turned out to be a man who dressed up in pseudo-Muslim women’s dress (Muslim women in Kaduna don’t dress like you see him dress in the picture) complete with a pumped up bra. At first the military and police authorities tried to deny his arrest but admitted to it after pictures of him being escorted to an Otokar APC belonging to the military surfaced on social media. Reaction Of The Citizenry The general perception amongst people in most areas of Northern Nigeria is that the attempt on General Buhari’s life was ordered by the Presidency, while a few believe the President would not be so stupid as to even think of killing this man whose death had it happened in the attack would have triggered widespread chaos that would have engulfed this country in flames. A minority believe that the attack was orchestrated by a ‘third-party’ interested in sowing the seeds of a civil war, knowing that people would quickly jump to blame President Jonathan. However the universal belief I have encountered in various interviews, social media, talkshows or press statements by various individuals is that the earlier attack on Murtala Square was a diversion to to tie the whole thing to Boko Haram, and disguise it as ‘Islamic extremism’. Should that be the case, such an alleged Boko Haram tie has been discredited since it is well known that the Boko Haram groups have absolutely no benefit from killing the General nor do they have any reason to want to kill him. They respect him and praise him as a ‘honest and principled man’. As a matter of fact, when the Jamaa’atu Ahlis-Sunnah of Sheikh Bukar Al-Barnawi wanted to hold negotiations with the Federal government, he was the only one they accepted from the government side as he was the only person they could accept as ‘trustworthy, honest, incorruptible and impartial’. Kano Bombings 24th July 2014: Two small bombs went of at a bus park and near a popular local cinema (El Dorado Cinemas) respectively in Sabon Gari district of Kano Metropolis. Two people confirmed dead. Damboa/WarZone South 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th July 2014: Nigerian Army makes several attempts to recapture Damboa Township and surrounding areas. A dozen or more troops are killed and the soldiers are forced to retreat due to the heavier firepower of the rebels. Meanwhile, fighters from Jamaa’atu Ahlis-Sunnah of Abubakar Shekau attack several villages in Biu LGA, killing over 72 people including 62 civilians and more than 10 CJTF (Civilian Joint Taskforce) fighters Hundreds evacuate to safer areas. Zaria 25th July 2014: Soldiers open fire on a peaceful procession of Shias and Sunnis marching in solidarity with the people of Gaza, killing over 40 people including women and children The march in Zaria (60km north of Kaduna City) was organized by.the Islamic Movement, a politico-religious group of Shias, Sufis and Sunnis run by Sheikh Ibrahim Az-Zakzaki (Zakzaky) the leader of Shias in Nigeria. Amongst the dead are Mahmud Zakzaky a son of the Sheikh, a friend of mine who was part of the procession and a woman who was shot along with her baby on her back. Two more friends of mine and over a hundred people were dragged into detention. By 10:00pm same day news emerged that Ahmad Zakzaky another son of the Sheikh who was shot and also detained had died in military custody. Sheikh Zakzaky who later address the press in the evening on 26th July and confirm reports that the soldiers came to his house and picked up three of his sons; Hamid, Ali and Ahmad, and that all three were shot, while Ahmad and Hamid had died in custody earlier in the day. Sources have confirmed that previous reports that the soldiers who carried out the shootings and arrests were not part of the regular units deployed in Zaria or Kaduna which is the headquarters of the 1st Mechanized Division (that has operational control over Zaria), rather they were from Abuja based units under the Brigade Of Guards. Other sources confirmed that they had the insignia and flashes of the 176 Special Forces Battalion, the special operations element of the Brigade Of Guards, trained by United States Special Operations Command subordinate units. On the morning of 26th soldiers passed by a study centre of the Shia which also houses an office of the Islamic Movement and sprayed gun fire into the building killing three more people. Gyallesu the suburb of Zaria where Sheikh Zakzaky and the Shia in Nigeria have their headquarters was cordoned off for a shortwhile but has now been re-opened, however there is still a heavy military presence and the situation in Zari remains very tense. Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers have for years maintained a trained but informal small militia that has upto a thousand fighters. They are also known to maintain an extensive small arms arsenal plus substantial amounts of crew served weapons. Iran since 1998 has assisted the Sheikh with weapons and advisers. However apart from some minor clashes which nearly led to heavy fighting between Shias and Izala Muslims several years back over the Shia practice of cursing Aisha (RA) and the Compaions of the Prophet (SAWS),a practice which is widespread amongst Nigerian Shia but has been condemned by Ayatullah Khamenei Iran’s Supreme Leader in one of his fatawa (fatwas), Zakzaky and his followers have not turned their weapons on anyone. The fear now is that this attack on Zakzaky and his followers may end up leadig to another Boko Haram insurgency, and this is a widely shared sentinment. In 2009 Muhammad Yusuf and his followers were attacked by soldiers several times while they were in funeral processions to go and bury their dead., until they could take the repeated unjustified murder of their people and they rioted, an opportunity which the Nigerian government seized to launch a full scale assault on the Yusufiyya members based on faulty intelligence supplied to Nigeria by the US, UK and Israel. -------Pictures of the VBED driver who dressed up as a female Muslim:Bullet riddled SUV of General Buhari:

NEO â€" Ukrainian Elections: EU Membership May be a Mirage

- The Ukraine coup continues to be a zoo, and continued failure will be nothing new. Its Western backers will continue their takeover of another struggling country

Confession and open thread

Dear friends, I am exhausted. Totally. Wiped out. And this has shown in the past couple of days when I failed to police comments which never should have made it to begin with. I hope to be able to address what I see as The Key Issue (all in caps!) by Thursday morning/early afternoon: will the US/NATO attempt to attack Russian and/or Novorussia and, if yes, how? But tomorrow I will be gone. All day. I will go and hide and recharge my "emotional batteries" deep in the Florida wilderness. Somewhere with very few people, if any, but lots of wildlife and a pristine wilderness. I have to leave all my electronics at home, I just take my survival gear and my photo camera. Before I leave I will try to moderate comments one more time. After that I will be gone. I should be home by 8PM (nobody sane wants to remain in the Florida boonies after sundown). The weather tomorrow? 90F/32C, sunny, humidity 60%. Atlantic Ocean water temperature: 84F/29C. Perfect :-) See you all tomorrow evening! The Saker PS: I leave you with one of my favorite songs on one of my favorite albums: Paris' "Sonic Jihad". 2003, but still one of the best ever.  I hope you enjoy it.[youtube]

A Very Complete Analysis by the Saker of the Crisis in Ukraine

This is the most complete and, in my opinion, also a very correct analysis of the crisis in Ukraine initiated by the Neocons in the US. I don’t know who this “Saker” really is. But I do know that he knows a lot about Russia, USA and the New World Order. Having followed the Saker’s […]

Putin’s Choices in Ukraine

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. That is the situation for Putin with regards to the crisis in Ukraine right now. As before, the blogger called “the Saker” describes Russia’s choices in an excellent way. What is going on is unbelievable. It is incomprehensible that the individual countries in Europe can support the […]

Ukraine: What Caused the Collapse of the Yatsenyuk Kiev Government. The IMF’s Harsh Conditionalities or the Downing of MH17?

The collapse of the Kiev parliament came as a result of the harsh IMF conditions which the right wing coalition did not want to approve. â€" Really? â€" These conditions were known long in advance. The Yatsenyuk government was begging…

July 26th combat SITREP by Juan

1. Fighting in The Cauldron continues. самообороны (self defense forces) continue to reinforce against the ukes surrounded in The Cauldron. Today the border crossing at Marinovka was secured. The orks in The Cauldron are now completely surrounded and cut off. 2. Almost 100 Ukes in The Cauldron have run for the Russian border and crossed in to Russia. самообороны are not happy that these terrorist ukes who were perfectly happy to terrorize and shoot innocent civilians have run to Russia, their 'hated enemy', for safety when they had to fight real soldiers. By international law the ukes must be interned for the duration of the conflict and their possible involvement in war crimes investigated.3. Moral in Army of Novorossiya is very high. In the attached video you can see the special bond that forms between men who have fought together. The Ukes are again using white phosphor arty shells, in direct defiance of international law and Geneva Convention which Ukeland signed almost 20 years ago banning the use of white phosphor bombs and artillery shells.5. Lugansk and Donetsk cities proper are being shelled daily and nightly by MLRS and arty, the largest of arty is 20.3 cm howitzers. That's 8" guns for you who are not metric familiar. 6. One of the identified killers from the Odessa Trade Union Building massacre has been captured by самообороны 3 days ago near Lugansk. 7. A group of Uke mothers are trying to arrange an exchange of Uke held prisoners for their sons trapped in The Cauldron. Past experience has shown that prisoners released by самообороны have immediately gone back to their units and continued to fight самообороны. Perhaps the mothers should have raised their sons a bit better so the sons would not be fighting their own brother citizens in a civil war. 8. The rumors of Russian units crossing the border to Novorossiya with dozens of armored vehicles and many soldiers are patently false. There are no serving Russian soldiers in Novorossiya nor has Russia provided large numbers of armored vehicles or artillery. Novorossiya has captured what they have from Uke units.9. Information of large contingents of Polish volunteers serving with Uke units are unconfirmed. Polish ID and equipment was found at the sight of the IL shoot down but no bodies were located at that time.10. Information has been found implicating the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey R. Pyatt, of being involved extensively in the planning and execution of false flag 'terrorist' operations in Ukraine to be blamed on Novorossiya. This is the same Geoffrey R. Pyatt who was extensively involved in the coup d'etat that installed the current illegal government in Ukraine. The information is not 100% confirmed at this time. Further investigations are being done concerning this information. 11. Extensive partisan actions are extant in the occupied areas of Novorossiya. Almost daily, and nightly, attacks are being made on Uke units in Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Selemovka and other occupied areas. 12. Partisan activities are frequent in Kharkov Oblast and in the Mariupol district of Novorossiya. Sabatoge of Uke AFV's is also becoming more common in the Kharkov area. Refurbished tanks and BTR's seem to frequently have inoperable motive and sighting systems. One T64 tank is known to have had a catastrophic failure of the main gun breech system on firing it's first round resulting in the loss of the tank commander and gunner.13. The humanitarian situation in some areas of Lugansk and Donetsk Cities proper and outlying cities and towns is serious. No water, no electric, no sewage, no gas. Shops and magazines are closed, food is difficult to obtain. 14. The Ukes will close all borders with Russia by 01 August. This will make the refugee situation worse. The only way out will be the perilous journey from Donetsk to Lugansk and thence to the borders with Russia. The southern route to Krimea will to all intents and purposes cease to exist. 15. The political situation seems to be worsening. Rumor of the demands to allow Australian and Dutch 'police' to secure the shoot down area of MH17 are extant. It would be foolish for the Army of Novorossiya to accede to these demands. This would be the NATO 'foot in the door' and will lead to an extensive NATO presence in Ukraine. This presence will lead to war between Russia and NATO. Is this July 2014 or July 1914? 16. The airports in Lugansk and Donetsk are still in the hands of the Ukes. They are surrounded and under attack with some of their best units relegated to static defense. It is expected that with the elemination of The Cauldron the pair of aerodromes are next to be crushed. 17. Confirmed reports of one hospital in Kharkov receiving 50 to 60 wounded Uke troops a day. Note, that is just one hospital. It is possible that the Ukes are not telling the truth about their losses. 18. Just in, confirmed reports of more Uke troops in The Cauldron running for the Russian border. Number is reported to be in excess of 200, unit unknown. 19. Army of Novorossiya will not win every engagement they are involved in. Casualties will increase as the army attacks the uke occupiers. You will notice from the video attached that many of the Novorossiya Army soldiers are not young. Many are veterans who have decided to serve for Novorossiya. As has been stated, 'Freedom' is not free. The cost in blood and tears is very high. That cost will be paid and the reward will be Freedom. Of this I have no doubts.

As Atrocities Mount in Gaza, US Approves Israeli Request for More Bombs

Smoke from the explosion of an Israeli strike rise over Gaza City on 29 July. (Ashraf Amra / APA images) Hours after Israel shelled yet another UN school sheltering internally displaced families and a marketplace in Gaza, killing dozens of…

Why Is Israel Attacking Gaza? Shouldn’t More Journalists Press Israeli Officials About their Claims?

Why is this war happening? The conventional answer tells us that the June abduction and murders of three Israeli teenagers is the answer. This crime was carried out by Hamas, Israeli officials claim, and it led to a brutal crackdown…

Ukraine fired 3 ballistic missiles â€" are they crazy?

“Eavesdropping on America”: The NSA’s Orwellian Surveillance State

As a matter of faith, some people believe that God can see and hear everything. But as a matter of fact, the U.S. government now has the kind of surveillance powers formerly attributed only to a supreme being. Top “national…

“Eliciting the Truth” from the Zionist Elites: “Israel Tries Not to Kill or Hurt Civilians … Hamas is a Vicious, Medieval, Racist, Genocidal Organisation”

Jon Snow, the lead journalist on C4 News, returned from Gaza a few days ago.  It was clear from this blog  and in the one written as he flew back to Britain that he had been deeply affected by the…

Russia slams Kiev over Odessa deaths

- Russia has censured pro-Western authorities in Kiev as ‘criminally irresponsible’ following a deadly fire in the trade union building in Ukraine’s Odessa.

EU estimates new sanctions against Russia to cost bloc at least €90bn

Iraq SITREP 24th 25th 26th 27th and 28th July by Mindfriedo

Iraq SITREP 24-25-26-27-28th July: The Spice/Oil must flow-Iraq announces exporting 2.42 million barrels of oil per day in the month of June Quote of the Day, Shaykh Zakzaky (on possibly the start of Shia resistance in Africa): They shot our brothers and sisters; my son Mahmud, who came from a university in Beirut, was shot in his stomach and died on the way to the hospital. They came back and arrested three of my sons alive and killed two while in their custody. How did they arrest my children without resistance? Our submission to the Nigerian authority is not in doubt hence they took them away. And so what lies are they telling? 24th July: Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations meets with Sistani and releases a press statement after his meeting. He praises Sistani for preventing Sectarian conflict in Iraq, the UN’s gratitude for the civilian lives he has helped save, and seconded Sistani’s call toward the formation of a unity government. Sistani has refused to meet any EU or US officials so far, from even before the 2003 invasion. He has sanctioned the United States from himself. 24th July: The Iraqi Speaker, Salim Al Jubouri, meets with the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon, in Baghdad 24th July: The Peshmergas carry out a multi pronged attack on the remaining southern part of Jalawala, west of Khanaqin, and clear out Daash/rebel fighters. The Peshmergas suffered one dead and seven injured. 24th July: Fuad Masum is elected the President of Iraq by the Iraqi parliament. He receives 211 votes and becomes the seventh President of a dying Iraq. 24th July: A convoy carrying prisoners that left from Taji prison, north of Baghdad, is attacked by arm men who later fled. 70 prisoners and a guard are killed. The Iraqi government has instituted an enquiry. 26th July: Qasim al-Fahdawi, A Member of Parliament from Anbar blames the local government in Anbar for “misguiding” the central government. He stated that the advice given by the local government led to the decisions made by the Baghdad government that weakened the security forces and that they are yet incapable of fighting the Daash led rebels. 26th July: Riyad al-Athath, the head of the Baghdad Provincial Council is kidnapped by unknown gunmen after they attacked his home in Adhamiya, Baghdad. 26th July: Tribes from the Eastern parts of Karma, North West of Fallujah have started to assist the security forces against Daash/rebel fighters. The tribes were hostile to Daash, which has controlled the area for more than six months, but were unable to act on their own. 26th July: Bombing out of existence: Daash bombs the Prophet Sheet (as) Mosque in Mosul: Daash had earlier destroyed the Prophet Younus and Jerges shrines in Mosul by bombing them. 26th July: Maliki orders the release of Dawood al- Jubouri, a Sunni politician and head of the council of Adhamiya a northern suburb of Baghdad, arrested under the country’s anti terrorism laws. Dawood had allegedly “confessed” to security personnel of collusion with Daash/rebels and that Adhamiya would have been used as a base for a rebel push on Baghdad. His release has been brought about by the efforts of Sunni politicians, Osama al Nujaifi, and the current speaker Salim al Jubouri. 26th July: The Iraqi government has relocated over 10000 Turkoman families from Mosul and Tal Afar to four central provinces of Iraq: Najaf, Karbala, Babil, and Wasit. The families had travelled through Iraqi Kurdistan to get to Baghdad. 26th July: 15 Daash/rebel fighters are killed by security forces when clearing out the Hamrin gas fields north of Baqouba. 26th July: Maliki arrives in Sulaimaniyeh to visit former President Jalal Talibani on the latter’s return from Germany 26th July: Hoshyar Zebari, Former Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs, blames the council of ministers for the current sectarian atmosphere in Iraq and corruption for the collapse/capitulation of the army in early June. 27th July: The Municipality of Baghdad has planned a carnival like atmosphere for the celebration of Eid. The festivities include games, bazaars and fireworks to light up Baghdad’s night sky. 27th July: The Iraqi speaker of Parliament, Salim al- Jubouri, arrives in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan. He is expected to visit Christian families in refugee camps in Iraqi Kurdistan. 27th July: The Iraqi Human Rights Commission issues a statement that over 150 children, mostly Shia, have died on account of heat and disease. The children belonged to families displaced from Tal Afar and Mosul that fled the onslaught of Daash. 27th July: The Iraqi Kurdistan government is denying claims that appeared in Turkish media that suggested the Kurds had requested the Turkish Army train Kurdish Peshmergas. 27th July: Security forces are carrying out combing operations in Al Atheem to clear the area of Daash fighters and make it possible for displaced families to return. Eight Daash fighters are killed and six vehicles destroyed on Sunday, arms and ammunition was also recovered. 27th July: The Iraqi government has reopened social networking sites that were blocked subsequent to the events of June. 28th July: Counter Insurgency: Government forces kill Nashwan Jassim Mohammed Ibrahim a terrorist wanted for sectarian killing. He was one of the men respomsible for the “liquidation” of Shia and Kurdish prisoners in Badush prison in Mosul. The extermination of Shia and Kurdish prisoners started after Daash took Mosul on the 10th of June. 28th July: Athel Al Nujaifi, Governor of Nineveh, on the formation of Sunni militias in Mosul to take on Daash “The army that fell apart in that awful defeat and lost its weapons can’t come back to fight again and militias can’t fight in a land that does not accept its presence , in front of this failure in the Iraqi security system and its sectarianism composition , the people of Mosul can only rely on themselves and on Brigades of their sons, which will liberate Mosul.” 28th July: Former Ba’athist from the Naqshabandi army start to break ranks with Daash, “the forces of counter-revolution... began to emit its toxins in the ranks of the revolutionaries ... where a group has committed crimes against Iraq and its people through the displacement of citizens , blowing up landmarks , religious shrines and residential buildings 28th July: Nikolay Mladenov, the representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations to Iraq congratulates the people of Iraq on the occasion of Eid and implores them to stand united. 28th July: The Parliament of Iraqi Kurdistan has asked the President of Iraq, Fuad Masum, to work towards resolving economic and political issues between the Government in Baghdad and Iraqi Kurdistan. 28th July: Ismat Rajab of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) survives an assassination attempt on his convoy by an IED. No casualties reported. 28th July: Terror tactics: Daash is threatening to execute young men in Saadia, 60 km north of Baqouba, if the attacks on Daash are not called off. Two youths have been executed so far. 28th July: War of Attrition: 10 security personnel including voluntary militia members are killed when a booby trapped house explodes in Al Atheem, Diyala. Security forces continue to defuse explosives. 28th July: Abu Wissam, a Tunisian and a commander of al Zarqawi battalion is killed along with five terrorists in al Karma, west of Baghdad and north east of Fallujah in Anbar province. 28th July: Iraq Fighting back: Army trrops and volunteer fighters are gathering in force to attack and break the Daash siege of Amerli, Salah al-Din province south of Tuz Khurma. The sub district was running short of fuel and food and the local elders asked government troops to air lift supplies as an interim measure. 28th July: Salim Al Joubouri calls for a general amnesty for prisoners on the occasion of Eid excluding those with blood on their hands, but not necessarily on their conscience. 28th July: No shame in playing politics: Massoud Barzani thanks the people of Kurdistan in accommodating refugees from other parts of Iraq despite the “sanctions” of the Baghdad government 28th July: The deputy governor of Diyala, Furat al-Tamimi, warns of the threat of reinforced Daash fighters on Hamrin Dam. He pointed out the strategic importance of the dam and requested the armed forces to try and cut the supply lines of Daash and fight a proactive campaign. The key to chess is offence. 28th July: Iraqi Government suspends its planned fireworks display over Baghdad out of security concerns 28th July: A fire breaks out on a rubbish heat in Kut al-Hajaj, Basra. Firefighters have to battle hard to extinguish the fire that destroys tons of rubbish. 28th July: Daash is preventing mourners from visiting cemeteries. They are referring to it as heresy. 28th July: Fahad al-Qahtani, a Saudi Dassh fighter is killed on the outskirts of Mosul 28th July: Hamid al-Mutleg, an MP from the Wataniya Coalition condemns the destruction of shrines in Mosul and urges the citizens of Mosul to fight Daash 28th July: Jalal il-Din al-Sagheer, Iraqi politician and Imam of the Shi'a Buratha Mosque in Baghdad, is targeted with mortar fire on his visit to Shia volunteer militias in Southern Baghdad. No casualties are reported. 28th July: Thirty one bodies of Daash/rebel fighters are found in Baqouba 28th July: A roadside bomb kills two civilians in southern Baqouba 28th July: Four Peshmerga fighters are killed and eight others (including civilians) injured in a car bomb attack on a Peshmerga security Headquaters in Diyala 28th July: France, a state that claims to be secular, offers asylum to Christians displaced by Daash 28th July: Government claims for today: 7 Daash/rebel fighters killed and three vehicles destroyed in air strikes north of Baqouba The Iraqi Air Force/Army Aviation kills 200 Daash/rebel fighters in Salah al-Din Province, in and around Kirkuk and another 34 Daash/rebel fighters in Dhuluiya town, Sala al-Din along with 7 vehicles Air Force carries out bombings of Daash/rebel targets in Fallujah Hamdi al-Oubaidi, a leader of Daash, is killed in Baqouba along with three Daash/rebel fighters in Baqouba Related News: 25th July: Daash in Syria overruns a Syrian army base in Raqqa and beheads captured Syrian Soldiers. It later mounts their heads on poles and releases a video. The Syrian army is organizing a counter attack. 26th July: A UN report warns that Daash is day by day growing in strength in Syria. More and more rebels are breaking away from other rebel groups and joining Daash. 26th July: Nigerian police open fire on Shias returning from a rally held in support of Palestinians. Twenty four civilians are killed and another 40 seriously injured. Sheik Zakzaky’s son, Mahmud Ibraheem Zakzaky is shot in the stomach and bleeds to death. Three of the Sheik’s sons, Ahmad, Hameed and Ali, are abducted by security personnel and two of them, Ahmed and Hamid, are killed in custody and Ali is left injured with a fractured leg. 28th July: Iran plans to unveil new radar and missile systems in September 28th July: The UAE carrier Emirates has decided not to fly its planes over Iraq 28th July: Bashar Al Assad attends Eid prayers in Damascus. The Syrian government had earlier captured Further reading: US formed counter insurgency death squads in Afghanistan: Saudi Efforts to buy off the Palestinians, subvert the resistance, and collude with Israel:

The Reasons Why Russia Will Not Invade Ukraine

Russia will not invade Ukraine and here are the reasons. A lot of energy is right now spend on trying to get Russia more involved with the civil war in Ukraine. The New World Order cabal wants it because they want NATO to get a reason to come to the defense of the new government they […]

Warning of Impending Terrorist Acts by the Kiev Junta

Video: Address by the Resistance Forces - Avakov and Nalyvaichenko Preparing Terrorist Acts (w/ENG subs by Arioch The YouTube Channel) Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov#1 - Warning from Anton Guryanov Comrades, Friends, Brother and Sisters, I, Anton Guryanov, speaking on behalf of the Resistance Forces that I have the honour to represent, will now make an official address. The text of the address is in front of me, and, in order to make no mistakes, I will refer to it, from time to time. According to our information, the Nazis of the Kiev Junta are planning to conduct a major terrorist act in the next several days. Or a series of terrorist acts. On the territory of Ukraine. For the past several days, Messr. Avakov and his assistant Shkiryak have been conducting preparation for this in the mass media. The goal of this is to blame the terrorist acts on Russia and to introduce a regime of total dictatorship on the territory of Ukraine. The maximum goal is to create the conditions for a NATO military intervention, and of the Polish-Lithuanian contingent in particular. The responsibility for the operation code-named “Spalokhutemreve” has been placed on an SBU [Ukrainian Security Service] Major, who has been introducing himself as Alexei Nikonov. He is a close associate of Messr. Nalyvaichenko. This information was provided by high-ranking officials in Kiev, who are concerned for their future after the fall of the Kiev Junta, which inevitably will come. And so, the Ukrainian Nazis have chosen to follow in the footsteps of their predecessors â€" the German Nazis. They will now be implementing an operation analogous to the Reichstag Fire. All that can be said is that they are following in the footsteps of their predecessors. What should the common people, now listening to this address, do? In the next several days, do not visit places of public concentration of people. Try either not to use public transportation or to use it as sparingly as possible. In particular, this concerns the metro system. Pay close attention to looking after your children. Look after your buildings’ cellars and entranceways, to ensure that no strangers go there and that no unknown cargos are deposited in your cellars and entranceways. Please disseminate this information to your acquaintances, friends and neighbours â€" to anyone that you can. And may God help us. Translated from Russian by Gleb BazovOriginal: Cold War and Novorossiya VKontakte Posting #2 - Warning from "Cold War and Novorossiya" Dear Compatriots!In particular, this concerns the residents of Pavlograd, in the Dnepropetrovsk region! Please read this message and pass it on to everyone! A terrifying provocation is being prepared in the city of Pavlograd, in the Dnepropetrovsk region. This magnitude of this provocation in terms of casualties will many times over exceed the number of victims of the crash of the Malaysian Boeing! Kolomoiskiy and the Kiev Junta have prepared groups of Russian-speaking militants who, under the guise of militiamen, will organize a “night of long knives” in Pavlograd. Hundreds of peaceful civilians will die! This will be staged as “payback” for those who died in the Lugansk and the Donetsk Republics. False witnesses, who will confirm this, have already been prepared. It may happen as soon as this night! The Nazis should not be permitted to kill with impunity! Please repost this message to all your acquaintances and love ones, call them! The more people know about this, the lower the likelihood that it will happen! Our lack of indifference must stop the immoral monsters that have concocted this terrifying provocation! Do not take sin upon yourself, have pity on the people that may be murdered! #3 - The Kiev City State Administration Note: Not translated here, but on July 25, 2014, the Kiev City State Administration published on its website the following documents, relating to the "Information for the Protection of the Population of the City of Kiev and the Order for Dissemination of Information in the Event of Technogenic/Manmade, Natural or Military Emergencies" Reminder Notice; and,Original Policy Document.

US Considering Sanctions on Derivatives, Short

From Stalinism to the New Cold War

Soviet Fates and Lost Alternatives: by Stephen F. Cohen. This is the second book I recommend if you want to better understand Russia and its relationship to the world. My first book-recommendation, “Full Spectrum Dominance” by F. William Engdahl, describes how the global cabal running the US government […]

Speech by Putin to Russian Lawmakers about Crimean Referendum

Historical speech by President Putin to Russian lawmakers March 18 2014 about the referendum in Crimea and the acceptance of Crimea into the Russian Federation. I remember being in Moscow listening to the direct transmission of this historical speech by president Putin. Even if I am not Russian, I couldn’t help to feel how this […]


Is NATO Marching on Moscow?

 Do we see a small crack in the facade of the western mainstream media regarding the crisis in Ukraine? The article below, by Foreign Policy In Focus columnist Conn Hallinan, was published, not only on FPIF but also on Huffington Post. Even if neither of those media outlets is deeply under the control of the […]

Masonic Ritual in the French Revolution and Its Implication in Modernity (Part II)

The Encyclopedists really wanted to cross the sexual Rubicon. For example, Diderot’s 1748 novel Les Bijous Indiscrets was later viewed as “midly pornographic…”

Ukraine Conflict: More Hearts Needlessly Broken as More Mass Funerals For Slain Junta Conscripts Take Place in Lughansk Republic 29

‘Sanctions won’t hit Russia as badly as West wants, it’s show of strength by EU/US’

Crime (Israel) and Punishment (Russia)

The horrible thing about the Two Minutes Hate was not that one was obliged to act a part, but that it was impossible to avoid joining it … A hideous ecstasy of fear and vindictiveness, a desire to kill, to…

Russia fears Ukraine seeks to destroy MH17 jet crash evidence

Poland is Blowing in the Wrong Direction

Poland’s Foreign Minister compares his country’s relationship with USA to a “blowjob without getting paid”. In a taped “over a dinner conversation” with Jacek Rostowski, a former Polish Minister of Finance, Poland’s FM Radoslaw Sikorski allegedly expressed his frustration as … “We will get a conflict with both Russians and Germans, and we’re going to think […]

30 July 2014. Video. Carpatho

Putin Speaks

On April 17, Putin held his annual televised Q & A session. He did it with ordinary Russians nationwide. He did it for the 12th time. Doing so connects with them.

Flight MH17


The not so subtle art of russophobic propaganda

I am seriously getting the feeling that the western plutocracy has decided to trigger a war with Russia. What else could explain this type of coordinated "minute of hate" -kind of propaganda:Thanks to Cu Chulainn who send me this one:Translation: STOP PUTIN NOW!Thanks to LeDahu who sent me this one: translation: Putin's spies in FranceThanks to Anonymous who sent me this one: Thanks to Anonymous who sent me this one: translation: Putin's guilt

Now that my transient euphoria of this piece of ne…

Russian envoy says EU sanctions will ‘backfire’

NEO â€" Gunnar

- Ulson Gunnar - Warplanes, helicopter gunships, heavy armor and troops poured into eastern Ukraine in a blitzkrieg offensive after the show elections.

Mutual Hostility Between Russians and Americans Soars. Polls

As the world’s two nuclear super-powers gird for possible war against each other, and the United States sends nuclear weapons to the rim of Russia, and Russia holds war-games to test its responses, the publics in both countries are increasing…

Russia tensions hurting European companies

Russia's standoff with the West is hurting European companies, from heavy industry to sports goods makers, even before the latest sanctions have a chance to take effect. A group representing Germany's ...

Georgians as Expendable as White Rats

- There are now scattered reports of biological weapons being tested on citizens of various countries, including Georgia and some Middle Eastern countries.

NEO â€" Planet Earth “done in” by False Flags

- Seth Ferris is doing a wonderful job at showing us how some of the nasty things our government does, that they know we would never approve of.

Strelkov press conference (subtitled in English)

(please click on 'cc' to activate the subtitles in English)[youtube]

Alright, this is Putin just screwing with every on…

NEO â€" Russian

- You won't read anything like this in Western media as it conflicts with their fairy tale of spreading peace and democracy when proxy terrorism is the new game of choice.

The Ignominious Conclusion of the Kiev Junta's July Offensive, July 30, 2014

The Ignominious Conclusion of the Kiev Junta's July Offensive, July 30, 2014 Original: IAC Cassad - M.V. Litvinovtranslated by Gleb Bazov  The Conclusion of July Activity As could have been expected, the last weekend of July was marked by yet another offensive gamble by the Kiev regime. More precisely, there were, in fact, two such offensive gambles. At the same time, it must be noted that the second one, to which observers paid less attention, was in no way less dangerous to the Militia than the one that occupied the primary spot in the propagandistic efforts of the informational support specialists of the punitive corps. Both operations were gambles for the simple reason that they were constructed solely on the basis of the punitive forces’ firm belief in their operational-tactical superiority over the Militia and in reliance on their absolute certainty in the Militia’s inability to render in any way stubborn resistance.  It must further be noted that throughout the entire month of July, the command of the punitive forces failed to achieve any operational-tactical successes that went beyond capitalizing on the inevitable consequence arising from the withdrawal of the Militia from the Slavyansk-Kramatorsk defence area. Simply speaking, the punitive forces were able to occupy only that, which they were simply obligated to take control of after Slavyansk was abandoned. In view of their numerical and technical superiority, the Ukrainian military formations have a plethora of advantages in a transition from positional to maneuverable warfare. However, the most interesting outcome of the latest July escalation in the operational situation is perhaps the fact that the talentless operations of the Ukrainian military formations once again created the preconditions for the emergence of a positional front. Only time will tell whether or not the command of the Militia will manage to take full advantage of the developing circumstances. The Kiev Junta's Offensive Against the Donetsk People's Republic  The first direction of the punitive forces’ offensive became the advance in the Shakhtersk-Torez area from the north and from the south, the aim of which was to cut off the main lines of communication between Donetsk and Lugansk and the Russian border. This operation became perfectly obvious immediately following the withdrawal from Slavyansk, and it is then when attention was drawn to the reality of the checkpoints of the punitive forces being established in this region. It was also noted then that this operation is quite feasible, in contrast to the ambitions plans involving a breakthrough around Lugansk or the assaults on Atratsit or Snezhnoye. One can wonder why this operation began on July 27th, rather than on July 8th.  The growing threat in this direction was obvious. Already on June 21st the command of the DPR Militia reacted quite nervously to the information about the appearance of the tanks of the punitive forces in Debaltsevo (as nervously as it previously reacted to the attacks by crime bosses on Artemovsk). And this reaction undoubtedly was noticed by the command of the punitive corps. At the headquarters of the punitive forces, a new hope was born that a breakthrough in the Debaltsevo-Shakhtersk direction will lead to the Militia’s withdrawal from Donetsk, just like it happened in Slavyansk. From this moment on the command of the punitive forces began to concentrate all available troops for a new offensive. These plans were constantly frustrated by the unexpected for the punitive forces actions of the Severodonetsk Commandant’s Office, by the LPR counterattack in Lisichansk and by the decisive actions of the Slavyansk Brigade in the area of the “Marinovka Corridor”, resulting in it being completely closed on June 26th. Despite all these difficulties, the punitive forces placed their main bet on a breakthrough in the Debaltsevo-Shakhtersk direction. And, on July 23rd, they commenced battles for the staging areas of this offensive â€" Debaltsevo and Blagodatnoye. On July 24th, they managed finally to secure control over Blagodatnoye; however, the battles for Debaltsevo did not give the desired effect â€" they continued failing to oust from the village the staunchly defending Militia units. Faced with this situation, the command of the punitive corps decided to repeat the approach that previously brought it success in Artyomovsk, and in the night of July 26th-27th bypassed Debaltsevo with the tactical battalion group of the 95th Aeromobile Brigade and assaulted Shakhtersk. As far as can be told, the DPR Militia, absorbed in the fighting for the Marinovka Corridor and for Debaltsevo, did not expect this move. The maneuver was a complete success. The reason for this success is that the DPR Militia, insofar as it seeks to maintain a continuing line of front, does not have the ability to garrison key settlements located beyond the line of defence with forces sufficient for successful defence. The Militia had no more than one company in Shakhtersk; moreover, these troops were not concentrated in a fist, but instead were dispersed throughout checkpoints. At the same time, it is necessary to have least 200-300 fighters to repel an attack on a settlement by a tactical battalion group. And, in general, the minimum necessary garrison for such a settlement is 500 fighters.The main forces of the 2nd and the 3rd Battalions of the Slavyansk Brigade were located to the south of the Torez-Shakhters-Zugres-Kharzysk line. As a result, meeting practically no resistance, the punitive forces established company strongpoints in the areas of Gornoye and Olchovchik, thereby cutting off the shortest routes from Donetsk to Snezhnoye. The forces of the Militia at that moment were fettered by attacks coming from the front in the area of Stepano-Krynka. And although the attacks of the punitive forces in this area were repulsed, the punitive troops in Shakhters merged with the main forces of the Amvrosievka grouping of the Ukrainian armed formations that came up from the side of Blagodatnoye. The DPR Militia ended up in a very difficult situation. Its forces were split apart. Communications to the north, of course, were maintained, and to cut them off the punitive forces would have needed at least three free battalions, which the Ukrainian armed formations did not have available. However, that was not the problem. The withdrawal from Slavyansk placed a heavy psychological burden on the shoulders of the DPR Militia. “The enemy is too strong; it is too well armed.” And it is this mental attitude that became the main obstacle to the transition of the confrontation again to the positional phase. The Militia needed to make a stand somewhere; it needed to win a psychological victory over the punitive forces and to break the enemy’s will to attack. It seemed that there would again be a retreat, and that a decisive battle would come later. But then the talentless command of the punitive corps did a favour for the DPR Militia. Rather than being satisfied with their success, pulling up artillery and digging into the ground at the newly acquired positions, it decided to finish DPR once and for all. And on July 28th it commenced a new offensive. Bypassing Torez, the punitive forces rushed from Gornoye through Manuylovka and Petrovskoye into the rear of Saur-Mogila. From Semenovskaya and Tarany, their armoured columns rushed toward Stepanovka and Marinovka. Their most battle-worthy units located in the Southern Cauldron attempted a breakout from Djakovo in the direction of Dibrovka and, from there, toward Dmitrovka and Chervonnaya Zarya. All the artillery was aimed at Saur-Mogila in an attempt to suppress the Militia’s artillery battery. But the DPR Militia, and, first and foremost, its Slavyansk Brigade, managed to withstand this assault, in the process retaining all the key settlements. The successes of the punitive forces were limited to yet another occupation of the village of Saurovka, which the Kiev propagandists quickly renamed Saur-Mogila, and the displacement of the Militia from Dmitrovka. The punitive forces were even unable to forge a corridor to the south of Marinovka. But the main thing was that the Militia withstood the strike of the 250-vehicle armoured armada of the Ukrainian regular army. In the course of these battles, the Militia has proven, first and foremost to itself and its command, that it is capable of withstanding an assault of such magnitude. The command of the punitive forces was unable to transfer reserves from the north. Bogged down in the fighting on the approaches to Gorlovka and in Debaltsevo, and fettered by a counterstrike in Popasnoye and, on the part of the LPR Militia, an assault near Depreradovka, aimed at the rear of the Debaltsevo grouping, it had no available troops. The final effort of the punitive corps on July 29th allowed them to enter Stepanovka, but, on the very same day, the DPR Militia punched a corridor in Shakhtersk through to Torez. The July offensive of the punitive corps on the territory of the DPR has petered out. Despite the fact that the situation remains exceedingly difficult, due primarily to the numerical and technical superiority of the punitive forces, and despite the regular terroristic shelling of the DPR cities, the DPR Militia has been able to create the preconditions for a transition to positional fighting in the sections of the front selected by the Militia. The Kiev Junta's Offensive Against the Lugansk People's Republic  The situation in the Lugansk area was developing in a less dramatic fashion, even if the danger to the Militia that it carried was no less significant. The key point in the LPR defence is the settlement of Novosvetlovka to the south-east of Lugansk. The settlement itself is not large, but all the roads leading to Izvarino pass through it. Its loss would cut off not only Krasnodon, but also the main highway to the Russian border. Certainly, its loss would not result in a catastrophe, but it would significantly complicate the situation in Lugansk. Starting on July 27th, the command of the punitive corps undertook several attempts to break through to this settlement from the side of the Lugansk airport, as well as from the area of Lutugino, through Pervozvanovka and Krasnoye. Airstrikes were conducted on Novosvetlovka. However, in the end, the LPR Militia utterly defeated the 24th Territorial Defence Battalion Aidar, along with the supporting units of the 1st Separate Tank Brigade [“OTBR”] and the 30th Separate Mechanized Brigade [“OMBR”]. The punitive forces sustained significant losses not only in terms of killed and wounded, but also captured soldiers. The reason why the success achieved by the Militia here did not entail such dramatic twists and turns as the one near Donetsk is that the LPR defence is built on proactively taking control with sufficient forces even of key settlements that are not subjected to direct threat, often to the detriment of control over connectedness and continuity of communications. What enable the command of the LPR Militia to adhere to such a tactic is its advantageous position with respect to the Russian border. On the same day, July 27th, the command of the LPR Militia continued to apply pressure to the isolated garrisons of the punitive forces in the area of Krasnodon, where the remnants of the units of the 51st OMBR are being finished off, and in the are of the Dolzhanskiy border crossing checkpoint, where the liquidation of the Ukrainian Border Guard Service [“GPSU”] garrison is being completed. On the following day, July 28th, the command of the LPR Militia enhanced its positions, continuing to develop its success â€" it took control of the key strategic height near Georgievka and developed its proactive maneuvers to the west, in the direction of the settlement of Cheluskinets. Accordingly, in the Lugansk area the Militia was able to maintain its key positions and to prevent the Lugansk airport from being de-blockaded. This course of events signifies that also in this region the necessary preconditions for the transitioning of the hostilities to a positional phase have developed. At this moment, the least stable situation continues to persist in the Pervomaisk-Stakhanov-Bryanka-Alchevsk-Krasniy Luch strip. Here the outcome of hostilities has not been determined, and significant changes to the positions of the warring sides remain possible. Likewise, changes of any kind cannot be excluded in the area of the crash of the Malaysian Boeing. Author: M.V. Litvinov

1989, The year when the West did everything wrong, by Filo

We are pleased to publish this first testimony of a francophone reader of vineyardsaker. Filo is of Yugoslavian origin. He emigrated to the West in the 70s, and tells us of his disillusionment on the Western model as well as that of an entire people. The French Saker Editors I was born, a long time ago, in a country that was said to be situated between two blocks: that of the East and that of the West. A non aligned country. Above all, an untroubled and peaceful country. I was born and lived there the first twenty years of my life. Enough for me to be able to perceive and understand the life of my country, engage in my studies and in my first experiences. Monastery of Gornjak, in Serbia (14th century) As early as 1960, socialist Yugoslavia was been forced by the West and the IMF to open itself to market economy, and to start making economic reforms. Poorly prepared and ill protected, State companies rapidly went into an economic crisis. Mass unemployment appeared. In short we became an easy prey, exploitable at will. The country was invaded by entrepreneurs and businessmen from Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, all attracted by low cost manpower. Many Yugoslavians became « gastarbeiters », immigrant workers. When this situation reached its apex, there were in the West up to 2.5 million Yugoslavian workers according to estimates. In 1970, I was among those who followed the course of it. I landed in the middle of an economic boom. I remember, my eyes wide open, being astonished by all of these ostentatious signs of wealth, by the presence of banks everywhere. Although I was not born within capitalism, a question worried me: how can all of these banks be profitable? I finally understood, much later. I will not say more about it now because I would like to keep this topic for another article. Inevitably, I compared this new world I was discovering to the world I had just left. I was first struck by the amount of falsehood and manipulation in the written or broadcast media. These media were full of glorification of the Western society, undoubtedly presented as being superior in every aspect. The others, Eastern countries, were systematically criticized and slandered. Yugoslavia often was simply lumped together with the other countries of the Eastern block. I had just discovered that the media of my country were much more objective, more moderate, less lying, and overall more democratic. The period of illusions The year 1989, right after the Berlin wall had fallen, was meant to be the year « 0 » for the whole of mankind. At least, that was what we thought at that time. A new start for a world without wars, without poverty. A world of happiness for all, in which we were finally going to live together. No more divisions or hostility, no longer this imminent fear of a forthcoming war. In the East, they had believed in it so much that, led by illusions, they began to dream with their eyes wide-opened of a new world of coexistence and sharing. They imagined and persuaded themselves that the Western world was a world suspended between earth and sky. A myth that had suddenly become touchable, within hand’s reach. They were probably in a state of mind similar to that of the Amerindians at the beginning of the conquest of the far West; very naive. Truly ingenuous. Then, history did nothing else but repeat itself. Because history always repeats itself. Only the context changes. Too bad the West did not understand, did not want to seize such historical opportunity to open itself and welcome, in full frankness and mutual respect, this world from the East that came peacefully seeking a reciprocal coexistence. Lies and mental aberrations Since the end of World War II, Western propaganda, particularly the American one, has never ceased to aim at the East a quasi-obsessional hammering of idyllic messages and images of a Western world bathing into perfect happiness. Applied equally in the west, this propaganda was mixed with images and stories of the world behind the « iron curtain », the reality of which was utterly distorted and darkened. The goal was to create (and they succeeded) what was later called the « American leadership ». To define it, I offer to define « leadership » as a whole set of illusions and mental aberrations about the existence of a world to which everyone would like to belong. In reality, it is a world that does not exist and never existed. This world is also called « the American dream ». In short, a game of fools. A fabric of lies in which we believed. Still today, it has become clear that the reality of yesterday and that of today are a permanent fabric of lies. Americans, in particular live in a permanent lie and that, since their creation. It started with the myth of the Far West put into images by Hollywood in an idyllic manner. The reality is entirely different and has been occulted. Twenty million American Indians at the arrival of European settlers at the beginning of the conquest; at the end, less than a century later, only 60 000 were left. It is the largest genocide in human history. To date, no condemnation. The truth barely transpires today. Check Point Charlie, in Berlin, at the time of the wall Still now, the Western world is entirely acquired to the sleep-inducing image of « the American friend » wrapped into the aura of the savior the free world. A friend who, according to the legend, first came to save Europe and the world during the first World War. What a blessing! And who returned again, during the second World War. The American savior succeeded in stopping the evil Soviet at «Checkpoint Charlie». The whole Western world barely dodged a disaster. Pfew! At this checkpoint the Americans and their European lackeys tried to create a myth to the Hollywood sauce. Big kitsch, yes! At the beginning of this month of June 2014, during the commemoration of the Normandy landings, I was amazed to see how Americans continue to falsify history and to blatantly lie. With the help of European cowards of course. To maintain a permanent psychosis, the Americans were threatening and provocative, as much towards their opponents as towards their own people and the population of the Allies. Such a behavior caused similar reactions among the opponent and so on, until the introduction on both sides of a true paranoia. I believe that the Soviet intervention in Hungary in 1956, the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961, and the crash of the "Prague Spring" in 1968 are direct consequences of this escalation of paranoia between the two blocks. The Americans can be credited for the direct initiative of this escalation. One day we will know the truth about this period known as the "Cold War." We even have a duty to know the truth and the whole truth. It is important to be reminded that the "walls" are foremost within our minds. But, regarding the other wall, fallen in 1989, it is clear that it is still there in the minds of today’s Western policymakers. It is not yet destroyed. This is especially the case with regard to the Americans, subject to a total mental aberration. Back to reason: four examples Unfortunately, we were bound to quickly become disillusioned and understand that we would not enter into a new era of peace and prosperity. It was all lies and promises from the West. Their intentions were far from sincere and honest, and they never intended to deal with us as equals. Their only endgame was as Western conqueror, triumphant and vengeful. Wishing to enslave us in order to better exploit us. For them, we were only consumers of their capitalist products; a potential market, and nothing more. To support and confirm my statements, I will take four examples, among many others: In our "liberated" countries, Western manufacturers implemented a dairy and food industry, supplanting what was already there, regardless of the existing agricultural environment. The domino effect was instantaneous and the farmers of these countries were ruined. We were discredited and treated as "sheep to shear" in favor of the capitalist banking and usurious system. Putting their hands onto the banks of the conquered countries, the "banksters" have imposed their methods and systems: Western type mortgages, but with interest rates sometimes up to five times higher than those of West. Self-authorized robbery, yes! Especially because they were loans in euros, Swiss francs or dollars, modeled on the fluctuation of exchange rates. The destructive effect was guaranteed within a year after such loans were made. Result: a lot of ruined people and exorbitant suicide rates. The Westerners also robbed us of all of the wealth and raw materials contained in our soils. They systematically bought at a more than derisory price, often bribing local potentates, both the mines and the factories that reprocessed these raw materials. In return, they gave us vague promises of investments and employment for the local population. More directly, they sent an army of occupation. Example of such a deceit: Kosovo and "Bondsteel", 40,000 m2, the largest U.S. base ever built in Europe. In 1999, the U.S. imposed on a puppet government in Pristina, a 99 years lease, where the subsoil is rich in mercury, silver and lead. I am convinced that Americans began looting it immediately. The day they leave, there will be nothing left in the sub-soil but gaping holes. The American army also uses this base as one of their secret prisons. After blowing in like a hurricane, Westerners triggered a tsunami effect. Western arrogance These Western acts of triumphal conquerors were particularly stupid. We were open to them, we wanted to learn from them, but also to pass on our knowledge. In the field of culture we could have had a very rich exchange: for us culture has always been very important, and we take great care of it. Contrary to this, we were treated with a wave of violence, spite and humiliation. Curiously, I find some similarities between those events and those that occurred at the time of the Mayan and Aztec civilizations, when savage conquistadors looted and destroyed civilizations that were far more advanced than their own. I am deeply convinced that the West, in this year 1989, did not understand what had just happened. Together we could have built a new world, instead of just destroying what already existed. The confidence that was then lost will never be regained. In that year of 1989, Westerners blew it! For example the Germans believed in the coming of a 4th Reich. Genscher, at the time Minister of Foreign Affairs and former SS officer, began to secretly visit the former Axis countries. And he was forcibly expelled from the Baltic countries by the Soviet. Mitterrand's France was first opposed to German reunification. Backed as usual by the U. S., England was waiting for a signal from the Americans. The U.S. acted as if they had understood everything; they mainly pretended. They immediately applied (once more) their “shock doctrine”â€"immediate gains for sure, but very stupid on mid- to longer terms. Those who saw through it all I think the only ones who got it all, in the year 1989, were the Russians. Not the Russia of Mikhail Gorbachev and his entourage, but the Russians in the background, the strategists who acted immediately and started to create today's Russia. They understood that German unification would be, at least for the next twenty years, like slamming an economic brake for the new reunified Germany and by extension a brake for the Western economy, and that this length of time would enable the modern and forthcoming Russia to recover economically and militarily. Today one must admit that they were visionaries who were absolutely right. The stupidity and the greed of Westerners in general, Americans in particular, have led to where we are now, a dead-end without alternative. Today the West has lost its hegemony over the world. The failure of its policy since 1989 is complete! Recent events, such as those in Syria, demonstrate it. The effects of this global deception "At the time, I was young, very naive and very stupid, and I sincerely believed that the Soviet Union was a deadly threat to Western Europe and that the only thing that stood between them, the evil communists, and we, the free world, was the military power of NATO, "the Saker stressed in a text published in March 2014 [1]. How true is this sentence of the Saker. Unfortunately we were young and naive, our naivety bordering on stupidity. Especially since the American style has always been the same, simple, too simple, downright simplistic. The end of the USSR Mikhail Gorbatchev, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (1985 - 1991) The Russians are a nation of spontaneous and naturally nice people; they voluntarily dropped "the wall" thanks to Mikhail Gorbachev’s naivety. Although ... regarding the naivety of Gorbachev, head of the USSR from 1985 to 1991, there are some doubts today. According to the latest news, an inquest has just started in Moscow to determine whether it is simple naivety or a case of high treason. The only result produced by his "perestroika" (reconstruction) was an economic, military and political weakening of the USSR, and its disintegration. The ruble was becoming worthless and people were throwing it out of the windows. In spite of all this, even today, he says he is satisfied with what he did. In 1990, he received the Nobel Peace Prize. Later, with the collapse of the USSR, it was rumored that it was the reward of the Americans for “letting the fox enter the henhouse.” Boris Yeltsin, first President of the Russian Federation Then, another strike of bad luck for the Russians. Either a real string of bad luck, or the result of a large-scale corruption: the arrival of Boris Yeltsin. Notorious drunkard, yes. For eight years, it was an open door to all possible abuses and looting. Russia saw the appearance of vultures nicknamed "oligarchs." Enriched overnight, they became billionaires. Some of the best known among them: Khodorovski, Abramovich, Berezowsky, Navalny, etc. A real scourge for Russia. Boris Yeltsin himself considerably benefited from the situation. In Switzerland, he has been investigated for corruption. He presumably received bribes from a civil engineering company in Tessin, led by an Albanian who was mysteriously contracted to renovate the Kremlin. During his reign, privatizations prevailed. All that could be privatized and sold cheaply went to either oligarchs or foreigners, in particular Americans. Hence, Americans treated themselves to buying a military industrial complex in the north of Russia. Immediately after this purchase, they froze all of the activities with the company, so as to harm the Russians. With Boris Yeltsin, a chronic alcoholic, Russia became the laughingstock of the West. Bill Clinton, at that time the U.S. president, was accustomed, at each meeting with Yeltsin, to laugh to tears. Forced but triumphant laugh of course! The most famous giggle in history. Bill Clinton laughing to tears after Boris Yeltsin called the journalists a disaster. (From the collections of the workshop archives, Russia, a great heroic nation, saw its dignity trampled. Westerners, Americans in particular, stupid and vengeful, behaved like bulls in a china shop: looting, humiliation, harassment of all kinds, both towards Russia and towards other so-called communist countries. The Ceausescu trial in Romania Coup in Romania. Sloppy and expeditious trial of the Ceausescu couple. Death sentence and immediate execution of the couple. Judgment by two judges who were taken by force to an improvised courtroom site that looked like a grade school classroom. Shortly after the trial, the two judges committed suicide. The destruction of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Now, here is the height of Western stupidity: the destruction of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, under the false pretext that the people who composed it no longer wanted to live together. A pretext as cowardly as it is deceitful. Witness of it is the fact that it took Westerners almost twenty years to destroy it (from 1991 to 2006). A great and beautiful country, a Europe in miniature. A country of 24 million inhabitants and a territory of nearly 260,000 square kilometers (half of France). A sweet mixing of populations, cultures, religions. An incredible diversity of cultures, arts and foods. During the Cold War, the country has perfectly fulfilled its buffer role between East and West. Unfortunately the West had ideas of conquest and domination. I'm sure that the West had always and only ever wanted to take advantage of the Yugoslav position between the two blocks, and that's all. As disposable as a Kleenex, discarded once it has served. Thrown out to the dogs of Western wars, and that for the dough gained by their arm dealers. Dough, the only real Western value! At the end of the Cold War, the old demons awoke. First, among the Germans and the Austrians (memories of 1st and 2nd world wars). But also at the Vatican, who saw an opportunity to settle disputes with the Orthodox Church. Westerners played on the antagonisms that were unique to this land in order to destroy it. Such an act is cowardly, criminal and stupid, and it caused a lot of suffering, hundreds of thousands of deaths and as much destruction. Remember that in a house there are walls that are said to be load-bearing. One should never touch them, because of the risk of seeing the house collapse. Yugoslavia, for Europe in any case, was one of those bearing walls. And our stupid Western leaders destroyed it. Since then, the house has kept cracking and threatening to collapse. I feel that the destruction of this country will be fatal to the destructors and that the Yugoslavian national anthem might as well be the Western funeral song. In the case of Yugoslavia, the West has shown a staggering political illiteracy and a stunning cultural ignorance. And what about Russia in all this? The Russians have said, "Never again! ". And they kept their word. Once Yeltsin was thrown to the dumpster of history, they chose the best among them. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, the man that was needed A president and a very talented and intelligent politician. Someone who holds life principles, which he applies. In less than 15 years, he managed to return its glory and power to Russia. Today, not only is his country no longer the laughingstock of the West, but on the contrary, Russia has become the main geopolitical actor on the world stage. On the military level, its role is just as important. The Russians have caught up and even surpassed the Americans in this area. NATO has found a Russian opponent, who managed to halt its progression towards the east. The lying behavior of Westerners in the face of Russia is now being turned against them. « The day the sun will rise above Russia, NATO will melt » Slobodan Milosevic (former President of Serbia)said, who “committed” suicide in 2006 at the hand of his jailers in the prison of the ICC in The Hague. According to British media, his trial was moving inexorably towards a nonsuit, that is a dismissal of charges. And finally, what about the West in all this? In 1989 a Russian visionary declared: "Communism and capitalism are the heads and tails of the same coin. Now we let down our communism. How long after that, do you think your capitalism will hold? " Today, results agree entirely with him. Conclusion Forty-four years have passed since my arrival in the West. I am a full citizen of my adopted country (Switzerland). From the beginning, I had the desire, and made the effort, to integrate into this country. But I always refused to assimilate. Since the beginning, I was aware of the benefits of having been born and raised in another country, another political system, before arriving here. I have always taken advantage of this asset, and used it in every opportunity that presented itself. I especially used it to understand and analyze some features and paradoxes of the west. For example, very quickly, I had to admit the evidence that Westerners were viscerally anti-communists, including towards such rather tempered form as that of Yugoslavian communism, which was quite diluted from its original form. For years I asked myself the question why. A paradox that I wanted to elucidate at all costs. And I finally understood. It's huge, because in reality it is the keystone of the West itself. The cause is capitalism itself. Since its beginning, by its very definition, it is an economic concept that is not viable. Therefore, it was doomed to fail from the beginning. The reasons and causes of its inevitable failure, I will address in my next article. Filo, for June 2014 [1] Source:

From Victim to Colonial Settler: Shifting the Paradigm on Israel

“… To be committed to justice we must believe that ethics matter, that it is vital to have a system of shared morality.” – Bell Hooks “Out of nowhere many soldiers jumped out and ambushed Samir. They shot him first…

Speech of Hezbullah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah during al

In His Name I take refuge in Allah from the stoned devil. In the Name of Allah, The Compassionate, The Most Merciful. Peace be upon the Seal of Prophets, our Master and Prophet, Abi Al Qassem Mohammad, on his chaste and pure Household, on his chosen companions and on all messengers and prophets. Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings. First, I would like to welcome you all and thank you for your attendance despite all the supposed security risks during the Holy Month of Ramadan. We as well as many others cancelled collective and popular Iftar dinners to spare burdens and to save the lives of people. However, all the developments in Gaza, the events in Gaza, and the specialty of al-Quds International Day which is commemorated on this very day made it obligatory to meet today and here in this very place where we used to hold the funerals of our martyrs, receive our detainees, hold the ceremonies of victory for our resistance and express our stances. Also first and before ushering in the occasion, I would like to express our true condolences and feelings of pain and sorrow to the Lebanese families who lost yesterday dear families and members of families from various families and various regions in the painful event of the Algerian plane. Furthermore, I would like to salute the souls of Gaza martyrs, wounded, fighters, heroes, and steadfast people on this day that coincides with July War 2006. As such, we find it our obligation to salute the souls of our martyrs, the families of the martyrs, the wounded, the resistance men, and our resilient people who are moving along on this path and are fighting in more than one square to preserve the resistance, the strongholds of the resistance, and the axis of the resistance which represents the only hope. Brothers and sisters! Al-Quds Day was announced by late Imam Khomeini (May Allah sanctify his secret) and asserted by His Eminence Sayyed Ali Khamenai (May Allah prolong his life span) on the last Friday in the Holy Month of Ramadan to be a motivation and a reminder of the central cause, so that al-Quds and Palestine remain in our hearts, minds, intellect, culture, conscience, memory, work, and priorities. Imam Khomeini (May Allah sanctify his secret) designated the last Friday of the Holy Month of Ramadan with all the holiness it represents to assert the sanctity of this cause as well as its human, divine, and Islamic aspects. Day after day, the importance of this announcement is being manifested as well as the dire need to mark this day by the nation. When we view today the status of the nation, we feel the importance of this announcement, this occasion, this ceremony, this responsibility, and this culture especially following the Zionist occupation of Palestine and its control over all of historic occupied Palestine from the sea to the river besides expanding to other Arab territories. Since then, the Zionists and the Zionist leaders had a primary concern and target for which they worked for long years and are still working. This target is to liquidate and cancel the Palestinian cause, to consider that there are no Palestinian people, that the land of Palestine is no more the land of Palestine but rather Israel, and that al-Quds is no more of any importance to Muslims and Christians alike, and that it became the eternal capital of the Jewish state. The goal that follows the occupation is liquidating and eliminating the Palestinian cause. It was absolutely out of question for the Zionists and their leaders to return one meter of the land of Palestine to its owners or to return one Palestinian refugee to his home. Thus we notice that the Israeli consensus on al-Quds and on preventing the return of refugees is absolute. According to the Israeli scheme, this is at least what Palestine is to them. They knew that a cause with such a magnitude, a holy land like Palestine, and a proud people like the Palestinian people can't be eliminated and canceled in a year or two or from the first or second generation. Thus they set a long-range scheme to achieve this goal and make it come true. Anyone of us can analyze what took place following 1948 and 1967 until our very day so as to discover the landmarks and steps of this long-range scheme to liquidate the Palestinian cause. This was always the dream of the Americans, the west, and the Zionists. For example, the Zionists and their masters used to believe that the Arab land is vast and that it would be easy to grasp, settle, naturalize, and fuse a hundred thousand, two hundred thousand, or a million Palestinian refugees â€" as was the number first â€" in the Arab societies whether in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, the Gulf countries…. This risk was and is still valid, and it is still hovering over the Palestinian refugees. Creating other central causes for every country, for every people, for every region, and for every state in our Arab and Islamic world is another example. This aims at absenting the central status of Palestine and al-Quds and imposing other concerns and priorities. The enemy managed to achieve this goal to a great extent. We must not suppose that our enemy is always unsuccessful. No! He would be unsuccessful if we sought to make him so. However, if we left him alone, or if we were neutral, or if some among us assisted him â€" as what is taking place in the Arab and Islamic world â€" the enemy would be able to make achievements and consequently, the enemy managed to create central causes other than the Palestinian cause to our peoples, countries, and regions. Today, Gaza is being slaughtered while other priorities prevail in other Arab countries such as the issues of gas jars, gasoline, food supplies, and wages. These are rightful demands but "Israel" wants these to become the crucial cause so that the Palestinian cause would be forgotten. For example, they created enemies all the way. Once, the enemy would be the Soviet Union. Later, it would be international communism. Then, the priority would be fighting in Afghanistan. Following the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the priority became fighting Iran. So all the way, the enemy was creating enemies and wars to exhaust the nation on the human, materialistic, and psychological levels via these wars. Another example is isolating the Palestinian people. Isolating the Palestinian people from the other peoples in the region and in the neighborhood is the most dangerous thing they achieved in the past years or the past decade. What does isolation means? It means isolating the Palestinian people on the emotional, psychological, and field levels as well through hurling the Palestinians in struggles or confrontations or conflicts or enmities with the neighboring peoples and states and imposing these struggles and conflicts on them. In this framework, indeed I am not holding anyone responsible. However, we always need to make revisions especially as far as this issue is concerned. In fact, people in the region, in the Arab world, as well as in the Islamic world have reached a state in which Palestine or anything Palestinian no longer means anything to them. This is being witnessed in some Arab media unfortunately. I will tackle this point again when talking about Gaza. Even in Lebanon, this is widely being exploited. Do you still remember in previous occasions when I used to tell you that they deliberately choose a Palestinian suicide bomber to plant grudge, enmity, and disparity between the Palestinians and us? Weeks ago, when the issue of Rassoul Azam Hospital was evoked, it was out of hand to contain what was being circulated in the media to the effect that a tunnel was discovered from Burj Al Barajineh Camp to Rassoul Azam Hospital. These are not trivial details. This is part of a black room that has been in action for decades and years to break any relations or links between the Lebanese, Syrians, Iraqis, Egyptians, and…on one hand and the Palestinians on the other. So that the former would tell the Palestinians that they themselves must address their problems and find out what to do. Another example is imposing mobile political, economic, social, and security events as well as wars, sieges, and massacres on the Palestinians locally and in exodus to lead the Palestinian people to despair and frustration as well as the loss of choices, and consequently to yield to the fait accompli and to accept the least offered after all. Indeed these are examples; or else as I said, man can make a list and recall all what took place during decades and say that they did so here; they did so and so there; they stopped here; they made an achievement there on the level of this goal which is toppling the Palestinian cause as a central cause and working at eliminating and canceling it and isolating the Palestinian people… However, despite all what took place and despite all the conspiracies, tragedies, and challenges, the Palestinian cause continues to impose itself on the region and the world, and what is taking place in Gaza today is clear evidence on this conclusion. This war and this cause still impose itself on the region and on the world despite all of these conspiracies and challenges for many reasons on top of which is the Palestinian people. Another example is the steadfastness of some Arab states especially Syria which did not succumb to the settlement and the conditions of the settlement following Madrid Conference and rather adopted and supported for the resistance. Another example is the victory of the blessed Islamic Revolution in Iran under Imam Khomeini (May Allah sanctify his secret). This revolution adopted Palestine, al-Quds, the Palestinian people, and the Palestinian resistance. Another example is the resistance movements in Lebanon and their victories in Lebanon and their toppling of several US and Israeli schemes for Lebanon and the region. However, the main reason remains the Palestinian people because they remained unyielding despite all the pains, sufferings, wounds, massacres, and the elements of despair, frustration and closed horizons. The Palestinian people did not yield to despair, suppression, and surrender. They did not forget the keys of the houses that usually the grandfather inherits to the father and the father to the son. This is part of a psychological plan. So whether man puts a plan or not this is how things go by instinct or by nature. Whether inside Palestine, in exodus, or in camps, and despite all the harsh living conditions, the temptations of immigration and its open gates to Canada, Australia, and Europe that aim at disintegrating and disjointing this Palestinian human assembly, the Palestinian people still adhere to their land, cause, sanctities, homes, and fields and refuse to give up and be oppressed. The Palestinian people are still doing so. Their choice was to remain steadfast, to adhere to their rights, to fight to restore their rights, and to assume the consequences of this path and choice. Since the very beginning â€" 1948 and 1967 â€" the various Palestinian resistance factions apart from their ideological, intellectual, and political orientations, as well as the Palestinian people are still assuming this cause and struggling for it. Indeed, I am talking about a long-range plot or scheme on which the United States, the west, and the Israelis are working and are being assisted by many Arab regimes along decades. This must be recorded. So it is not now. The thrones of many Arab regimes were conditional to protecting Israel, the existence of Israel, and defending Israel. This program is still valid and active, and what many of our states and peoples are witnessing and the conditions we reached bear witness on this active program. Moreover, what we are experiencing today as a nation and as an Ummah is the most dangerous situation ever since the occupation of Palestine due to the systematic destruction that took place in our region. It started with faithful, truthful, and kind popular revolutions with causes and demands. However, some sides rode the wave and steered it in the direction that appeals to them. What we are witnessing today in our region is a systematic destruction of states, armies, peoples, and societies too. We were talking about the destruction of states and the destruction of armies. However, today we are witnessing the destruction of peoples and communities and their disintegration on the psychological, social, and emotional levels. Enmities which can't be addressed in decades and centuries are being fabricated. This is not something easy at all. What is taking place in more than one Arab country today and the risks threatening the other Arab countries too are not easy at all. For example, Syria was â€" and will Inshallah remain - a strong wall in face of the Zionist scheme. Syria was the strong wall and will remain the strong wall in face of the Zionist project. It was the strong bosom embracing the resistance and the Palestinian cause. We all know the magnitude of the war imposed on Syria. Iraq has also entered a dim tunnel in the name of Islam and Islamic Caliphate unfortunately. Tens of thousands of Christian families were displaced from Iraq. Christian churches are being destroyed. Moreover, the Sunnis who disagree with ISIL have no choices. It is either pledging allegiance to ISIL or being slaughtered. The Shia who disagree or do not disagree with ISIL have no choice except being slaughtered because they are accused of apostasy. The same is the case of the religious and racial minorities. See what they are being subject to in Mosel and the regions where ISIL prevails whether in Iraq or in Syria. Today â€" on al-Quds Day â€" we, as Muslims and as an Islamic movement, must declare our condemnation to what Christians are being subject to in Iraq as well as to what Muslims are being subject to in Iraq. We also condemn what the shrines of prophets â€" such as Prophet Yunus and Prophet Danial â€" are being subject to. Even in categorization these are categorized as Sunni entailments and not as Shia entailments in Iraq. I want to express to you personal fears as far as this issue is concerned. I fear this scene of demolition of mosques, churches, worshipping places, and shrines including the shrines of prophets might be furnishing an international psychological atmosphere to what is more dangerous â€" the demolition of Al Aqsa Mosque. If the claimed Islamic Caliphate has the right to demolish mosques and churches and the shrines of prophets, why don't the Jews have the right to demolish Al Aqsa Mosque?! I fear this might turn to be something familiar and normal. I am not drawing conclusions or making judgments. However, things will become common, normal, and familiar as if nothing is taking place. Demolishing mosques, churches, and shrines of prophets and entombing activities are becoming something common. Today our nation is in its worst state. However, the first victim is Palestine. The primary target was and is still the Palestinian cause. All of us must know where we put our feet in this time of ordeal, conspiracy, liquidation, and the fusion of what is right with what is wrong. We must be very careful to see where we put our feet, what we say, what we do, where we fight, where we make peace, and where we make war. This is the great challenge which our nation is facing, especially the peoples of the region neighboring Palestine and in Palestine. In this framework comes the Israeli terroristic war on Gaza that has been waged for days by now. In this framework was the war on Lebanon in 2006 and on Gaza in 2008. What has the target of the war always been? Succumbing, humiliating, breaking, surrendering, disarming, snatching all the elements of power you have, leading you to frustration, and convincing you that there is no choice except yielding to the Israeli conditions. However, in 2006 and 2008 the results were different. Today in Lebanon and marking July War, we can understand and comprehend, and feel absolutely all what is taking place in Gaza and on our people in Gaza in July 2014. That's because it is the same thing that happened with us in July 2006, starting with the pretext of kidnapping the three settlers which is similar to the pretext of the two captives. Let's start with the pretext for the war. Is this the reason behind the war? Israel wants to seize the opportunity. Israel thought that the Gaza Strip has been besieged for years. Taking the regional situation, the international situation, the psychological and moral situation into consideration, Israel thought that now it is a historic golden opportunity to make Gaza succumb, to break Gaza, and to put an end to it before Israel. This was the very same project of the war of July 2006 which was to bring along a Neo Middle East. You still remember Ms. Condoleezza Rice. Now the Israelis wanted to exploit the issue of kidnapping the three settlers which so far it is not known who kidnapped and killed them. At least in 2006, it was known who kidnapped the two soldiers. However, here the oppression is that a kidnapping operation took place and the Palestinians or the resistance movements were accused of it. Thus the Israelis took this as a pretext to wage a war at this timing. So the pretext of kidnapping the settlers, the air war, the thousands of aerial raids, the continuous artillery shelling, the battleship shelling, the perpetration of massacres, the killing of women, children, and civilians, and the demolition of houses, schools, and mosques are all similar to what took place in Lebanon during July war 2006 as we all remember. However, in Lebanon, they also demolished churches. They also displaced people from their houses. Recall also the field operation that started few days ago, the international community silence (or the silence of part of the international community), the connivance of part of the international community. The USA has been covering this war since the first moment. It is also providing it with money, weapons, media, and the political stance. The west too is offering its support as well as the Security Council and the United Nations. This is besides the connivance and silence of some Arab regimes. That is in addition to holding the resistance responsible for the blood, the martyrs, and what is befalling the Gaza Strip and acquitting the enemy from these crimes and massacres. However on the contrary, see this marvelous popular steadfastness and this adherence and betting by the people of Gaza on the resistance, this enormous tolerance of pain, suffering, wounds, killing, and displacement. See this qualitative and outstanding performance of the Palestinian factions. See this political steadfastness in face of all of these international and regional pressures. However, after all, I tell our people in Gaza, our Palestinian people, you, and all the listeners: Who or what resolve this stance? It is a tripartite equation as compared to the golden tripartite equation: the field, the popular steadfastness, and the political steadfastness. This is what would resolve the issue. The Israelis are benefiting from previous experiences and morals. In July War 2006, the Israelis from the first day put very high goals. Then they started to make concessions. However, in the last week of the war, who was begging to reach the end of the war? It was the Israelis. Why? See the memoirs of George Bush and the memoirs of Condoleezza Rice. In the last two weeks, Ehud Olmert was contacting them saying that if they continued with the war, Israel would be eliminated. Humbly speaking, even we in the resistance in Lebanon do not comprehend this conclusion â€" how it would be that if the war continued Israel would be eliminated? This is at a time, Israel was being told by some Arab regimes to carry on in the war and crush the resistance. This is being reiterated these days. Carry on in the war and crush them or at least impose on them humiliating conditions. Do not stop. However, the Israelis themselves came to be convinced that they are not able to carry on with the war. They sought help from the Americans. When the Americans have a serious will, the entire region gets along, and it did, and things were settled. Isn't this what took place in July War? This is what changed the equation: the battlefield of the heroic resistance fighters, the popular steadfastness of women, children, men, and civilians in all the regions, especially the regions which were targeted with shelling and killing, and the political steadfastness. Today, I also say that in this war, the hope is available before the Palestinians. If it was to the USA, the west, and to many of the Arabs, they would have acted according to this principle: This is a chance: get rid of them. Some people tell you to get rid of Hamas. They do not want to get rid of Hamas only. Be careful. They want to get rid of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and all the Palestinian factions. The target in Gaza is the resistance, the arms of the resistance, the will of the resistance, the culture of the resistance, and the hope in the resistance. At one day, the resistance may have one title. On the other day, the title of the resistance may change. What took place in Lebanon is similar to what took place in Palestine. The titles are numerous but the goal is not only Hamas. The goal is the entire resistance in Palestine, every tunnel in Gaza, every rocket in Gaza, every Kalashnikov in Gaza, every gun in Gaza, and even every drop of resisting blood that moves in the veins of the people of Gaza. This is the goal now. In the horizon, a time would come when the Israelis would reach a place in which they can jot continue. This is what took place in Gaza 2006. When they were not able to get along they turned to the Americans: We want a way out. This is what took place in 2006. Indeed, the resolution in the Security Council is condemning the resistance. However what is important is what would happen after the condemnation. This is what is important. Today I say that Gaza now, while it is holding the funerals of its martyrs and fighting, has gained victory according to the logic of the resistance. It is now the 18th day of the war while the Zionists along with all the world have failed to achieve one goal from the goals of the aggression on Gaza. That means that the resistance gained victory in Gaza. Here I am telling you from our knowledge and as partners that the resistance in Gaza is able to make victory and will make victory Inshallah. Now we will make an evaluation and end with issuing our stance. Take into consideration that the battle is taking place between two sides in the battlefield and that the Israeli side is one of the strongest armies in the world. However, the most important point is that following July War 2006 in Lebanon and Gaza War in 2008, this army formed committees. You still remember Winograd â€" don't you? They made committees, drew lessons, and made discussions. Since 2006 until our very day, they are holding drills, maneuvers, getting armed, getting prepared, and gathering information. That means what they prepared in eight years was an establishment for a new strong army. This is on one hand. On the other hand, there is a strip with a narrow space. It is a coastal line with a plain land. What is more dangerous is that it is besieged for years by now. The siege imposed on it is of the tightest kind. Taking into consideration these two sides, what do we see before us? We see the Israeli failure on one hand and the achievements of the resistance on the other: On the Israeli side we see: Israeli confusion in defining the goal in the operation or in the war. So far, did anyone understand what the goal of the war is? They have implicit goals which I mentioned a little while ago. However, what is the announced goal? Is it the same as the implicit goal? No! They did not start the war with a high ceiling. Why? Be careful. That's because they are afraid. From the very beginning they are afraid from failure. That means that they are benefiting from the War in Lebanon. In Lebanon, they started with the goal of eliminating the resistance, handing in its arms, expelling the resistance from the south or at least from the south of Litany River, and handing in the two captives unconditionally. Now do you realize that the Israelis did not talk about the Israeli soldier captive so far? They are still silent on him. So they did not start with a high ceiling. Why did not they start with a high ceiling? It is supposed that they are taking lessons from all the previous experiences. It is supposed that they have rebuilt their army. Indeed, I don't mean to make an interpretation by what I am saying. I am tackling it because it has to do with Gaza and it is related to Lebanon too as well as to the entire region. I will tackle this later. So the Israelis did not dare to announce goals. They did not even say that the land operation aimed at demolishing the tunnels at the borders. That means that they are putting humble goals so that they would achieve them and thus say: We realized the aim from the war. So there is Israeli confusion in specifying the goal. Enormous information failure: It is supposed that the Israeli information capabilities be absolute from the land, air, and sea concerning the abilities of the resistance and its arms, rockets, storehouses, the places of storing and manufacturing rockets, rocket platforms, and the location of tunnels. However, it was revealed that there is an enormous Israeli information failure. Israeli air force failure to put a decisive end to the battle: This is very important to Gaza as well as to Lebanon. Why am I saying that it is important to Lebanon? If you are following the Israeli media, at the time the enemy is fighting in Gaza, they are talking about Lebanon War II and Lebanon War III. The war is in Gaza now, but the enemy is looking at your eyes. How are you reading the war in Gaza, and what are the lessons you are drawing from the war on Gaza? Well, months ago the Israeli air force leader who seemed to have taken his post recently and was still inexperienced said that following all the rebuilding efforts, the Israeli air force is able to put a decisive end to any war on Lebanon â€" in case it takes place â€" within 24 hours, and to put a decisive end to any war on Gaza â€" in case it takes place â€" within 12 hours. I am saying so because I doubt that the Lebanese were following the Israeli statements made during the past months. They were busy somewhere else. Well now we are on which day in the war on Gaza? It is day 18. The Israeli air force is talking about Gaza which is under siege. Well, the Israelis failed to harm the leadership and control system in Gaza. With our respect to the martyrs, the enemy is fabricating leader martyrs. At times, the enemy talks about assassinating leaders who are still alive. The Israelis have reached this situation. They have failed to halt the rockets and to prevent its launching though Israeli warplanes are in the horizons as well as radars, unmanned aerial vehicles and all what is related to the information and survey apparatuses are at the service of the Israelis. We as well as you know what does launching rockets in a fighting atmosphere of this kind is. The enemy also failed in the land operation. It is enough to quote what some Israeli commentators said. One commentator said: "Our army failed." So it is not I â€" the Lebanese man who loves the resistance and is its ally â€" who is saying so. It is the enemy on the tongue of one of the important commentators in the Israeli entity. He said: "Our army failed. Hamas and Jihad remained steadfast and killed the backbone of the infantry brigade." What does he mean in that? Golani Brigade and Egoz Unit. The Israelis failed in the land operation. The magnitude of the losses in leaders, generals, soldiers, tanks, and vehicles is enormous. They feel much awe from staging a broad land operation. This is what we see in the face of Netanyahu, the chief of staff, Yaalon, and all of their faces. It is they who are besieged though they are the stronger power. They are afraid, terrified, and scared from this step. Thus from the very beginning and because of the lack of confidence in themselves and in their soldiers, the Israelis resorted to killing civilians and children, to targeting the incubating environment of the resistance, and to break the will of the people as was the case in Lebanon during July War. Their dream was to see demonstrations in the south or Bekaa or Beirut or Dahiyeh or in any other place in Lebanon staged especially by those displaced from their houses calling on the resistance to reach a ceasefire or to yield. However, thanks to you â€" O the most honorable, dignified, and proud people â€" that did not take in July War. Today they are repeating this experience anew in Gaza Strip to impose on the leadership of the resistance - the political leadership and the field leadership â€" to accept for whatever price a ceasefire or to succumb. That means that when the Israeli Army went to Gaza, they did not go as a fighting army but rather as an army fighting children. This is how we knew it in Lebanon and that was its case all through the past years and decades. As a final conclusion for the Israeli evaluation we recall what Ehud Barak and the Israeli War Minister Peretz in the first cabinet after Olmert left his post said. After years or working and drawing lessons and morals, what did Ehud Barak say and was also reiterated by Israeli chiefs of staff? It is a short phrase. Now this phrase fell before the gates of Gaza. Indeed, he was threatening Lebanon at that time. He said that the next war which Israel would get engaged in would be rapid and decisive and would end up in a crystal clear victory. Today Gaza is telling them; "You are still where you were. You do not fight except in fortified towns or from behind walls. You are still chicken-hearted cowards who hide before planes and tanks and kill children. However, if you are to face our fighters and heroes face to face, you flop and your army flops too." So this is the fact: no rapid victory, no decisive victory, and no crystal clear victory. On the other hand, let's see the status of the resistance and its people: 1 â€" From the very first day, the goal is clear: lifting the siege and indeed guarding the resistance. 2 - Steadfastness in the field. 3 â€" Excellent achievements in the field. 4 â€" Taking initiatives in the field and fighting behind the enemy lines. 5 â€" Proceeding in rocket shelling under the enormous pressure of air force shelling. 6 â€" Shelling rockets that are reaching unprecedented places. Indeed, comparing between July War in Lebanon and July War in Gaza necessitates taking the different conditions and characteristics into consideration though there are common points. In July War, the farthest point we reached was Al Khadeira. However, our brethrens in Gaza from the first day reached Tel Aviv. This is the first time in which rockets are launched from inside Palestine to targets inside Palestine to cover the entire area of Palestine. This is a marvelous achievement. Why did I say that we know, understand, and feel with what is taking in Gaza? Now some people may say that the Palestinians launched 100 rockets. It is a phrase that would simply be written in the media. What does "100 rockets" mean? That means carrying them, manufacturing them, hiding them, preparing them, and protecting them. This requires enormous efforts and trusting in God, in themselves, and in the resistance besides popular steadfastness and wide incubation. So far, they did not witness in Gaza any demonstration, sit-in, stance, or popular pressure against the resistance. On the contrary, the people are telling the resistance: We are with you. Let's all be killed but let the siege be lifted. We notice the political steadfastness and refusing all the enormous international and regional pressures. What does it mean that the Palestinian resistance leadership refuses to reach a cease-fire since the very first days while it is offering martyrs from among women, children, and civilians while the Israelis are making haste to reach a cease-fire? This has great political, moral, and military implications. See also the popular uprising in the West Bank that started offering martyrs. Thus through the tripartite equation of the field, popular steadfastness, and political steadfastness things would lead to imposing new equations on the enemy and this requires some time. Brothers and sisters! It is not easy for Netanyahu and Israel to give in to a Palestinian victory and to give the Palestinian resistance this achievement. I am sure that some Arab leaders are now contacting Netanyahu and calling on them to carry on and not to give the Palestinians an achievement or a victory. However after all, Israel does not work for some Arab leaders. Israel searches for its security, economic, and political interests. So the resistance is the side that would impose on the Israelis the solution as was the case in July 2006, and the Israelis would shout and call on the Americans to find a way out for the crisis. This is what is seen in the horizon. The final part tackles our responsibility towards this great event: Let's put aside all the disputes, discrepancies, and disagreements over the other causes and squares. We may still disagree on the political stance or on other squares. We may differ in our stance. We may differ in our evaluation. However, we must put all of this aside to approach altogether the issue of Gaza as a cause of a people, a resistance, and a rightful, just cause with nothing obscure, uncertain, or equivocal about it concerning what is right and what is wrong. That's because some may say we must go back to other places. No there is nothing obscure or disputable about that. Neither the mind nor the religion nor values say that this war taking place now in Gaza is disputable. Thus let's approach it as a cause of a people, a resistance, and a rightful and just cause. Even if we still disagree on other issues, Gaza with its blood, body limbs, oppression, steadfastness, and heroism must remain above every other consideration. Unfortunately, from the very first day, we are hearing stances on some Arab media outlets which accuse the resistance and hold it responsible for the blood and the continuity of the war evoking people against it. Some Arabs were also rash enough to express through some media outlets their sympathy with the Israelis and the Israeli Army. They were calling on the Israelis to give the finishing stroke to Hamas. This is something shameful and sorrowful. No matter what discrepancies were, it is sorrowful and even shameful to watch an Arab person on an Arab media outlet expressing his sympathy with the Israeli soldiers who are killing children in Gaza because of political disputes. At least let those who do not want to show sympathy with the Palestinians remain silent. Let those who do not want to show sympathy with the Palestinians and support them remain silent and spare themselves and their nation this shame. 2 â€" Let the largest number of Arab and Islamic governments adopt the goal of lifting the siege from Gaza which the Palestinian resistance leadership is calling for, protecting this goal, defending it, and defending the political leadership of the resistance from pressures practiced on it to reach a ceasefire without achieving this goal. That's because the siege is daily death for the Palestinians in Gaza. It is not killing for 18 days; it is killing around the years with no horizon or future. 3 â€" What I will say now has been repeatedly reiterated. Let everyone offer the political, moral, media, financial, and materialistic support and arms support if possible according to his capabilities and also apart from the existing discrepancies. We must remind here that some bids are taking place. We must recall here that Iran and Syria along with the resistance in Lebanon and especially Hizbullah, according to its capacities, have for long years made everything possible to support all the factions of the Palestinian resistance whether on the political, media, moral, financial, materialistic, arms, training, logistic, or the various experiences level. Today, there are some sides which are not doing anything positive to Gaza and Palestine apart from wasting their time in bids. Who is standing next to the Palestinian people and Gaza and who is not? I do not want to get engaged in quarrels with anyone. However, it is enough to any neutral person to calmly make a list for the states and movements under the axis of the resistance and another list for the others whether they are states, organizations, movements… Then let him make a review over the past decades. What did the axis of the resistance offer to Palestine, al-Quds, and the Palestinian people? blood, sacrifices, getting engaged in wars and struggles for the sake of Palestine, offering support and capabilities despite all the risks, dangers, and consequences in the world, sieges, sanctions, and wars which were mainly imposed because of Palestine. On the other hand, let the others see what did they do for the sake of Palestine? Where did they fight for the sake of al-Quds? What did they offer the Palestinian people? Moreover, what did they offer for all the other wars? What did they offer in all the other squares that serve Israel and see to eliminate the Palestinian cause which I talked about first? I do not want to say more than this in this atmosphere of overbidding. Confronting this event, we in Hizbullah were and will always stand next to the Palestinian people â€" all of the Palestinian people â€" and next to the resistance in Palestine â€" all of the factions and the resistance movements in Palestine with no exception. We in Hizbullah never spared any kind of support and assistance which we could offer. We in Hizbullah feel we are true partners in this resistance â€" we are partners in jihad, brotherhood, hopes, pains, sacrifices, and fate too. That's because their victory is a victory to us â€" all of us â€" and their defeat is a defeat for us â€" all of us. We in Hizbullah are following all the minute details of the events of the battle taking place now in Gaza and Palestine. We are following all the field and political developments. Hereof, we tell our brethrens in Gaza: We are with you and next to you. We are confident in your steadfastness and victory. We will do all what we find our obligation to do on all levels. To the spider web â€" to the Zionists â€" I say: You in Gaza today are moving to and fro in the sphere of failure. Do not go further to the sphere of suicide and collapse. Until another date for the victory of the resistance and the people of the resistance and the resistance movements, I bid you farewell. May Allah guard you, bestow victory on you, and protect you. Peace be upon you and Allah's mercy and blessings.

Why Novorussians and Russians are right to treat the Ukie soldiers with compassion and kindness

For a couple of days now, I have posted various items showing the large number of casualties amongst the Ukie forces fighting against Novorussia, and I have observed with some amusement how many of you have expressed doubts about the veracity of these figures.  Today Nora drew my attention to a short video of a Ukie army recruiting officer being confronted by a crowd of civilians, mostly women, mostly mothers.  The video is a few days old, but this version is subtitled in English, so please watch it now:[youtube]Now, there are a couple of thing I would like to share with you after this video.First, believe me, these women are aware of the terrifying rumours which speak of casualty figures way higher then those mentioned officially.   Keep in mind that a lot of Ukie soldiers simply disappear either torn into unrecoverable small pieces of meat and bones, or hastily buried into mass graves by their own officers to cover up their deaths, either quietly killed and secretly buried by the civilians of Novorussia (I have seen a video of Ukie recruits who say that they are terrified of the local civilians who smile at them and then kill them as soon as they get an opportunity).Second, and this what a lot of you are missing, the Ukie and Novorussian militaries are dramatically different.  Let me explain:Ukrainian military:The Ukrainian military has been completely neglected by all the governments in power since 1991.  Do you remember the condition of the Russian military during the First Chechen war?  Now imagine taking that military, and instead of turning it around, you let it further degrade for another 20 years.  That would be more or less what the Ukie military is today.  Add to this that most officers and soldiers do not want to fight.  Besides fighting a war they personally don't want (again, not all Ukrainians are Right Sector Nazi fanatics!), they are also literally hungry (they eat snakes now) and totally under equipped.  The command and control system of the Ukie military is more or less dead.  The ONLY advantage of the Ukies is the sheer number of aircraft, tanks and artillery, and that really is a purely quantitative advantage.Novorussian military:It is composed solely of volunteers.  Even the partial mobilization decreed recently in Donetsk is a moral obligation: you are told you have to show up, but if you do not, nobody will get you.  Second, there are a lot of very experienced soldiers and officers on the Novorussian side.  As as a direct result of that the following is true:1 Ukie Grad MLRS is not equal to 1 Novorussian Grad MLRSThat is literally true.  Even if it is exactly the same Grad MLRS.  In fact, many, possibly most Grads used by the Novorussians are trophies taken away from the Ukies.  But whereas the Uky artillery almost exclusively shoots in more or less random way in the general direction of the other side, hitting only civilians, the Novorussians use each Grad with devastating effectiveness choosing the correct munition, landing it with surgical accuracy right on top of the Ukie positions.Then look at the footage of Novorussian fighters: a lot of them are 30+ to 40+ years old group.  These are folks who have already spent a lot of time in the military, often with experience of war, and who know their job very very well.  Yes, it is true that the Novorussians still need many more of such experiences "wolves of war" as they are called in Russian, but they already have a lot of them.  So on one hand you have clueless but young guys, and on the other, older, but experienced pros who know how to survive.Furthermore, you can look at any video shot on the Novorussian side, and it is clear that their morale is extremely high.  Most of you have probalby seen the footage made a few days ago of the Vostok Battalion on Saur Mogila where the local commander, Samurai, was preparing his men to go into battle to attack the Ukies in the southern cauldron and then the footage shows them jumping on their vehicles and going into battle.  Sure, the guys were tired and serious, but also extremely motivated and impatient to resume the fight.  The contrast with footage taken on the Ukie side could not have been stronger. And then, let's be honest about it, by now there are a lot of very experienced fighters from Russia in the Novorussian military.  Again, these are older men, often with brand new gear, who appear to be either NCOs or officers and who are clearly very highly motivated. Finally, the Ukies are lead by corrupt and incompetent generals, imagine Pavel Grachev, but even worse.  The reports that the fighting Ukies absolutely hate and despise their commanders (not the direct commander, but the top brass, the generals) are all over the social media.  On the other hand, you have folks like Strelov, Samurai, Motorola, Kedr, Khodakovskii and others of clearly are both very experienced and very talented.  And, again, this is my personal opinion, but there is no doubt in my mind that these local commanders not only have all sorts of, shall way say, "advisers" from the Russia, but that the Russian military supports the Novorussians with intelligence and expertise (who do you guess was the first to detect the envelopment manover attempted by the Ukies along the Russian border?).So this is in no way the fault of the Ukrainian foot solider who is, by all accounts, courageous, extremely strong willed and who will execute his mission in the toughest conditions.  Just look at how long the poor Ukrainian soldiers in the Southern Cauldron have been resisting under absolutely nightmarish conditions!  But in these circumstances the Ukies don't stand a chance, and even though they do have an advantage in the open field by the sheer number of artillery, tanks and aircraft, as soon as they get into closer combat the Novorussians make minced meat out of them.The true figures are hidden by the juntaRemember this: if Novorussia has something like 6,5 million people, the entire Ukraine has somewhere 40 million people.  So what does the junta do?  They spread out the casualties.  The Ukies are now conducting their THIRD partial mobilization (penalty for refusing to serve: 5 years in jail).  They are taking young men as cannon fodder form all over the Ukraine, from Lvov to Vinnitsa to Chernigov and they send them to Novorussia to get butchered by an army and population which fights with the energy of despair and which fights on its own land.This might shock you and I will get a lot of nasty comments for saying this, but I personally think that the Ukie casualty figures are grossly UNDER-estimated and that when this horrible civil war comes to and end and this issue is professionally investigated we will find that the real figures of killed Ukrainians will be way higher than even the highest figures quoted today.I think that as it typically the case in a dictatorship, the fact that the 5 state owned TV stations say exactly the same nonsense does not prevent the other information from seeping in in all sorts of creative manners: the Internet, of course, but also relatives abroad, the Russian media, leaks from the government structures, etc.   And then you have the number of neighbours who are being told that they son "died like a hero for his country" (and, typically, that his body was not recovered) who then talk to you in the evenings, around a kitchen table, when nobody is around.  So for all the Ukie official propaganda the poor women on the video above are absolutely terrified that if they military is allowed to run a conscription locally their sons and husbands will also "died a hero's death".  Hence their desperate rage.Us and them?This is a truism, but I will say this again here: the vast majority of the soldiers fighting against Novorussians are Russian themselves, in the sense that they speak Russian, they are not Nazis at all and they are not the crazy Euromaidanites who started all this shit - they are simple country or small town folks who watched it all on the TV.  Sure, they probably hated Yanukovich, but no more than they hated Timoshenko or Yushchenko, and while they feel Ukrainian that does not mean that they have this satanic russophobia so typical of the real Ukie Nazis.  Not even most of the National Guard are hardened "Ukie Interahamwe".  That scum is mostly found in the deathsquads of Kolomoiskii and Liashko.  In those units you truly have the scum of the earth, pathologically evil sickos who will crucify babies and strangle pregnant women with a telephone cord.  This is not a typical Ukrainian thing, by the way, you will find a minority of such sociopaths in any country and society.  The difference is that in a civilized and normal society you typically find these types in jail, whereas in the current Ukraine turned Banderastan they are in positions of power.  But I am absolutely sure that you could find the proportion of maniacal thugs amongst Russians, Belgians, Peruvians or even Eskimos.  That is just a sad part of the human nature.  The scary thing is that in Banderastan they get to rule the rest of society.I take immense solace in the fact that Russians clearly understand that, even the Novorussians do.  I just watched a video about 40+ Ukrainian border guards who were terribly shot up by the Novorussians and who offered to surrender in exchnage for a safe passage to Russia.  Not only did the Novorussians accept that, but they also fed them, treated their wounds (often terrible ones), then brought them across the border where the Russian military treated them again and then let them chose between staying in Russia or returning home (and risk being investigated by the Nazis for "desertion").  Those who wanted to return did so on Russian military aircraft. A few commentators said that this was stupid on the Russian part.  I categorically disagree.  If these guys had been Kolomoiskii's thugs, then yes, it would have been stupid.  But these were basically decent guys, used as canon fodder, in other words, victims.  And I am proud that the Russians also understood that and acted with kindness and compassion towards them.To those of you who believe that the Ukie Nazis might get such a sweet deal, I can reassure you - forget it.  Russia is Russia and war is war.  In Chechnia for example, when caught the Wahabis were given a 10-15 min one on one "interview" with a a few Paratrooper or Spetsaz NCOs which rapidly established their values as prisoners in an extremely unpleasant dialog for the Wahabi and then, unless the Russians thought they had a high value prisoner, they would be summarily executed and buried.  I have no doubt whatsoever of what the Novorussians do when the catch a member of a Ukie death squad and I can assure you that they will not treat his wounds or allow him to survive longer than 30min max. But, again and again, the vast majority of the Ukies butchered today are not members of death squads and even though they are clearly fighting on the wrong side, they have very little choice and they are therefore also first and foremost victims who deserve our compassion.The Ukrainian tragedyThe Russian word безобразие (bezobrazie) is often translated into English as ugliness, of deformity or even scandal or chaos. But that is not a very good rendering of its meaning.  Bezobrazie is composed of the prefix "bez" which means "without" and then the word "obraz" which means "image" or "type" or even "character".  What bez-obraz-ie means the "absence of a coherent image" or, literally, the "loss of your own identity".  This is what happened to the Ukrainian people, they lost their own real identity and they let it be replaced by a ugly, xenophobic, murderous and hate-filled "mask" of sorts, which is not at all what the real Ukrainian culture used to be.  This is immensely sad, and I want to hope that this horror can be healed.  But in the meantime, Russians need to make sure that they do now allow themselves to be changed by this war, they need to make sure that the Russian people retain their own spiritual and cultural "obraz" in the sense of "identity".  This is also one crucially important reason why they should continue to treat the Ukie soldiers with compassion and kindness: Russian compassion can be a powerful weapon against Ukie hatred and maybe even an impulse for the Ukrainian people to recover their true identity.The Saker


Could Glazev be right? Request for your comments

I often post here materials which I do not agree with, primarily to elicit an interesting discussion.  Today, again, I will post a warning by Sergei Glaz'ev who is a person for whom I have a great deal of respect and sympathy, but with whom I also often disagree.  In this case, I am beginning to wonder if Glaz'ev might not be correct.  I am planning to write an "analysis of the unthinkable", i.e. a US/NATO attack on Russia, in the next few days (as soon as I have the time, hopefully Thursday morning).  In the meantime, I leave you with this warning by Glaz'ev and a question:Do you believe that the US/NATO is really crazy enough to actually use military force against Russia and/or Novorussia?Please let me know in the comments section below.Thanks a lot, kind regards,The Saker Here, in the meantime, is Glaz'ev's warning:[youtube]

Yes, Glazyev is right. His assessment of the situ…

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The Truth About the Odessa Massacre

The murders of anti-Maidan supporters in Odessa on May 2, 2014 is totally misrepresented in Western mainstream mass media. Kyiv-Post, the English daily appallingly biased towards the globalists’ agenda executed by the junta in Kiev, described the cause of the tragedy like this: “The violence started when an armed group of pro-Russian activists attacked a […]

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Open Letter to the Conscience of Humanity

by Roger Tucker Editor and Publisher, One Democratic State It is only right and fitting that a proper response be made to the OpEd written by Moshe Feiglin, Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, and head of the Manhigut Yehudit ("Jewish Leadership") faction of Israel’s governing Likud party, entitled My Outline for a Solution in Gaza and published in Arutz Sheva on July 15th, 2014. 1. An international commission should be established to bring Israel and its supporters to account for its ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people, dating back to the first terrorist attacks on Palestinian and British targets in Palestine by the Irgun and other Jewish terrorist organizations starting in 1937. This near century long crime can properly be termed a holocaust, as its ruthlessness, intensity, longevity and destruction of lives and property is on a par with, or exceeds, the crimes of those prosecuted by the Nuremberg and Tokyo war crimes trials. 2. The first task of this commission would be to identify the most culpable of the Zionist criminals still living, not to exceed one thousand people. Millions are guilty but bringing those most responsible for the suffering of the Palestinians, the Lebanese, the Iraqis, the Libyans, the Iranians, the Egyptians, the Syrians et al and the many millions of other direct and indirect victims of the Zionist project, would best serve the cause of justice. 3. Those people so identified should be drawn from the various sectors of society that have been primarily responsible for the heinous war crimes and crimes against humanity committed over these years, regardless of their countries of residence, particularly among the politicians, the military, the media, the financiers, the public intellectuals, academics, the religious leaders and the leaders of Zionist organizations. Those found guilty would be sentenced to a minimum of life in solitary confinement without parole. 4. In addition to those specifically indicted, all of those people who have actively provided material, organizational or public support for this genocide should be rounded up and interned in camps designated for this purpose. Given the very large numbers of such people, the so-called FEMA camps in the United States would be suitable for this purpose. An alternative site could be constructed in the Siberian Oblast set aside by the Soviet Union for the Jewish people. An appeals process would be instituted to ensure that only the clearly culpable would remain in these camps. Those adjudged guilty would be consigned to hard labor and re-education designed to eventually make them suitable for re-entry into human society, if that is at all possible. 5. Given the impotence of the United Nations, due to the veto power and influence of those countries that have historically aided and abetted the aforesaid crimes, such a commission could not be instituted through its auspices. The UN must first either be reformed to make it a truly representational international body, or it must be replaced by a new organization that represents the highest norms and values of humanity, rather than merely an instrument of control by the victors of the last world war. The International Criminal Court would be the ideal venue, if the jurisdictional problems (the US and Israel are not signatories) and the political will can be mustered. 6. The greatest obstacle to the realization of such a process is the current tribal Jewish hegemony over the Western democracies and their allies in the Arab world. But there is nothing absolute about this power. Many Jews, not to mention others, are beginning to understand the fate that will inevitably befall them if they don't join the struggle against Zionism and its lackeys. The historical pattern is perfectly clear. 6. Finally, it goes without saying that Palestine would be returned to its rightful owners. Roger Tucker -------Note: please make sure to also check the interview I did with Roger in 2008. 

Short clarification about the situation in Novorussia

Dear friends,You probably all have heard that the Ukies are advancing on all fronts and even that they have taken Saur Mogila. I have carefully scanned all my news sources from the conflict area and this information is false.What really happened is, indeed, the Ukies did launch massive attacks, one reportedly with 200 or so tanks. Battles have taken place in Gorlovka, the outskirts of Donestk and Lugansk, a particularly strong assault was given to Saur Mogila which had to be reinforced from Donetsk. There were many casualties on both sides but the key fact is this: all the attacks have failed and the Ukies have been pushed back.There was also a rumor about Novorussian forces evacuating from Donetsk. This is plain false. A *hospital* with wounded soldiers was evacuated from Donetsk to Russia and a large number of Novorussian forces have also been sent from Donetsk to Saur Mogila. But this is most definitely not an evacuation of Donetsk.The battle situation is still very heavy everywhere and it is too early to either rejoice or panic. All we can say is that so far the Novorussian forces are holding and that at Saur Mogila the Ukies had to retreat.I hope that Gleb or Juan will be able to provide more details soon.Kind regards,The Saker