Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Do you know Sasha, Mukha Kaloev and Gracchus Babeuf on Twitter?

Karl GE,
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  Karl GE
Sasha @sasha031
Ex-Democrat #GreenParty #AntiWar #Environment #Wildlife #AnimalRights...
Followed by News Alliance ® and 7 others.
Following: 5621 · Followers: 6078
Mukha Kaloev @Mukha_Kaloev
Sub-human member of a mountain tribe of Russia-lovers
Followed by Stefan Nilsson and 9 others.
Following: 736 · Followers: 1065
Gracchus Babeuf @GBabeuf
Εχεις μπροστά σου σήμερα, τον Καπετάνιο 'Αρη, Που γρήγορος σαν τον άνεμο...
Followed by Babay and 9 others.
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