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Poland is Blowing in the Wrong Direction

Got something possibly interesting in my mailbox

Dear friends,Today I want to share with you the contents of three emails which I got over the past couple of days.  My correspondent does not insist that this is a true story, only that it is potentially explosive and very interesting.  I would add that considering Sweden's amazingly anti-Russian stance, that could be one possible explanation for it.I pass you the info "as is" with tons of caveats around it.  As we say in Russian: "I am selling it to you at the same price I bought it".  Those of you in the media might want to follow up on this story.Kind regards,The Saker-------The Swedish paper Expressen has uncovered a mysterious Ukrainian gas deal. Unknown owners in taxhavens control a Swedish company that has made a secret deal with Ukraine. The deal, signed on 25 February 2011, will be secret until 2036. The company gets control of 110 wells in 26 gas fields in Ukraine. That means it controls about half the gas in the country, the paper says. The unknown owners use front men in Sweden and Norway. The owners may live in any country, including Ukraine. I hope people in Ukraine will investigate this matter and start making a lot of noise. In Russian or Ukrainian: In Swedish. I can't translate it. Use Google Translate or perhaps Yandex. Important documents: A conservative paper,, says Expressens information is not entirely correct. The company does not control that much gas, it says. A company spokesman is quoted. We will see. There is still the matter of the secret deal and the secret owners. The articles are still up on Expressen 20 minutes before midnight in Sweden, long after the Svd article was published. Tomorrow I may have more. Expressen and Svd [Svenska Dagbladet] are two of the four biggest papers in the country. They have a reputation to defend. Svd does not mention the secret owners. Expressen very seldom translates articles into foreign languages, so the reporters must believe in what they write. Now I know a Ukrainian, not Russian, translation was made. Expressens articles affected the stock market big time. Trading in the company was stopped: Expressen has not backtracked yet. Now the paper says Dmytro Firtasj and Semjon Mogilevitj are secret owners of the company. There is also a video on the page and it starts automatically, unfortunately. Somebody speaks Ukrainian or Russian in the end: In Ukrainian: More information: A pressrelease from the company is expected soon. The information, if true, is sensational. Secret owners and secret deals. However, I wonder how information like this comes to the surface. Is one oligarch fighting another? Is this about the US going after Firtasj?

June 26th Novorossia News Bulletin by the ANNA news agency


NEO â€" Gunnar

- Ulson Gunnar - Warplanes, helicopter gunships, heavy armor and troops poured into eastern Ukraine in a blitzkrieg offensive after the show elections.

Reality Denial : Apologetics for Western

It is amusing to see how eagerly the establishment media have welcomed Steven Pinker’s 2011 tome, The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined,[1] which explains not only that “violence has been in decline for long stretches of…

Poland is Blowing in the Wrong Direction

Poland’s Foreign Minister compares his country’s relationship with USA to a “blowjob without getting paid”. In a taped “over a dinner conversation” with Jacek Rostowski, a former Polish Minister of Finance, Poland’s FM Radoslaw Sikorski allegedly expressed his frustration as … “We will get a conflict with both Russians and Germans, and we’re going to think […]

Russia must show goodwill over Ukraine truce in 'hours:' Kerry

Russia must prove "in the next hours" that it is working to help disarm separatist groups in restive eastern Ukraine, US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Thursday after a meeting with his French counterpart. "We are in full agreement that it is critical for Russia to show in the next hours, literally, that they're moving to help disarm the separatists, to encourage them to disarm, to call ...

Two short/long analyses by Mindfriedo

Two short/long analyses in one: Was the fall of Mosul good for the Shia militias? and Are the Sunnis/Wahabi tougher than the Shia? Till early 2014, the Americans were putting pressure on Maliki to reign in Shia militias. The argument was that they could destabilize his government, they were proxies of Iran, and were getting combat experience in Syria. The Iraqi government formed brigades like the Wolf (Being led by Abu Al Walid, the commander fighting in Tal Afar), Tiger and Scorpion to counter the threat these militias could pose and primarily as a tool to keep Sunnis in check. Other measures included closing the Iraqi border with Syria and suspending direct flights. Both these measures at the time seemed to target Sunni Jihadist but were in fact meant to restrict the flow of Shia fighters. Maliki was also half hearted in his attempts. And the latter was a token gesture on the part of the Iraqi government as flights between Iran and Damascus were ongoing. The American threat to create a no fly zone over Syria was meant to stop these flights. The current surveillance flights over Iraq and the taking over of Iraq -Syria land border by Jihadist is also meant to stop this flow of Shia fighters. The deployment of the Americans to Iraq after Mosul fell is mostly for monitoring the Shia, more than the Sunni. The Americans have checked Sunni revolutions in the past; they know how to turn the tap off. They have relations with Sunni elders and ex Ba’athist they can use to curb any Sunni insurgency. It’s the Shias they cannot control. It’s what you cannot control that frightens you. The US was also interested in using moderate Shia clerics like Sistani to contain the allure of the Shia Jihadist groups. But this has now changed to some extent. Sistani’s call to arms has been the best recruiting drive the militias could have hoped for. He specified that it’s the army the youth should join. But the youth have a mind of their own. They know who kicks ass. The Iraqi government is now relying on these militias to contain Daash. The Iraqi government will for the moment not restrict the training of fighters in Iran or their free flow between Syria and Iraq and will oppose any US pressure to stop the same. This can be seen in Maliki praising Syrian airstrikes on Iraq that normally any Prime Minister should oppose. Unlike the Sunni fighters of Daash (Chechens, Afghans, Saudis, Moroccans, Europeans etc) the Shia fighters are mostly Arab, from Iraq and the Levant that Daash so covets. The Sunni Arabs and tribes are on the side of Daash on account of a sense of being left out, part propaganda, part genuine frustration. But this is a problem they have to learn to live with. The power they once wielded is now gone. It is never coming back. The more they fight, the more Baghdad will become a Shia city and the more their frustration will grow. Some will eventually realize this but some will get radicalized by Saudi propaganda. In the meanwhile, the militias will become the new Fremen against the Empire’s (Anglo Zionist) Sadukar (Daash) waiting for their Muad'Dib (Mahdi). It is the harsh environment of Iraq and the threat posed against them that will keep them on their toes, at the ready and well trained, growing stronger day by day, learning valuable combat lessons and outclassing Daash in skill, professionalism and morale. Are the Shia militias tougher than the Sunnis (Wahhabi)? There is an old colonial joke. The British wanted to raise a Muslim company. They asked the Muslims, who are your fiercest people? The Muslims partly misunderstanding what the Tommy’s were asking for said that our butchers (Kassabs) are the fiercest. So a company of butchers was hired. When the fighting started the butchers were not advancing beyond the trenches. The Tommy commander asked them, why don’t you advance? Go fight! The Butchers replied: “buddy tie them up and bring them, we’ll do the slaughtering!” This is what the fighters of Daash are: Butchers that the lambs flee. I was watching some Jihadi videos last night. Not something very pleasant, but necessary. First, professionalism: Every single Shia militia fighting in Syria is organized militarily. They have brigades. These brigades have battalions of rocket troops, mortar firing, and assault. Each militia has proper uniforms and insignia. There is the ability to work within a command structure, under the Syrian army at times. Weapons being used are almost identical. AKMs, AMDs, PMKs, SVDs, hand held mortar launchers and RPGs. This is almost identical. Sunni/Wahabbi militants are fierce but operate without any noticeable military organization, no uniform, no standard military equipment. The FSA in Syria is more professional with its army background. But Jihadists lack professionalism. This is also evident from Daash’s insistence to control its own allies, infighting over minor issues, its inability to curb its fighters from carrying out atrocities (but this is also a tactic employed), and its inability to fight in a sustained manner in any confrontation. Propaganda:  This may not seem obvious to all. But Shia fighters are drawn to the fight out of love of something that they hold dear, i.e., the AhlulBayt. The Wahabbis on the other hand, from almost every single message, are driven by hatred, of Western values, saints, Shias, Christianity, Jews, everything they assume is corruption. Jihadist propaganda is based on a puritan message. It requires Sunnis to give up belief systems that have held on for generations (however many Sunnis seem to be dropping earlier concepts of Walis and Wasilah faster than a stripper her “modest” clothing). The Shias on the other hand are being asked to act on something they have always believed in. Age group:  Most Jihadists are young men. Most die young as well. But a quick research on the internet will show you that the starting age of a Daash fighter is upward of 10. For the Shia, except in the case of Khomeini’s human waves, it is much higher than 18. On an average it is 22. Funding: Here is where the Shias have been unlucky from the nascent stages of Islam. The Sunnis kept wealth to themselves and marginalized Shias throughout. Iraq may eventually change this balance. The oil wealthy of Shia Iraq and Iran may soon dwarf Saudi Arabia. But for now, the Sunnis have it good. The sanctions on Iran keep it poor. Propaganda: It is strange that the videos of Daash are almost always horrendous. And that the same videos that are used by Daash or Al Qaida for recruitment are used by their detractors (rational human beings) as counter propaganda. Shia militia videos are never of atrocities. They are almost always centered on the cult of martyrdom. The Americans try to highlight the alleged atrocities of Shia militias as counter propaganda but fail as most Shia distrust authority. Two recent examples of combat effectiveness:  One was Hezballah’s takeover of Beirut in May 2008. Hariri’s thugs were no match. But I agree Beirut is not Tripoli. Mosul could be a counter example. But Beirut is more of a mixed city and Mosul more of a Sunni Ba’athist city. Moreover Beirut was military style takeover, while Mosul was a planned betrayal and collusion. The other was Qusayr in 2013. Entrenched Jihadis with the full backing of the Arab states, Turkey and the West broke ranks and fled. The price Hizballah paid was high and Syria did pulverize most of Qusayr, but the fact remains that the Jihadist literally fled for their lives. Compare this to Bint Jabil in 2006 and it becomes clearer. The same odds, or higher if you consider the arsenal at Israel’s disposal, stacked against Hizballah and Hizballah humiliates Israel. When Israel leaves a path for escape, more fighters join the fight. Also the assessment Hezbollah gave of their performance. They were critical of two of their commanders being present at the same place at the same time. Qusayr has frightened the Anglo Zionist Empire. Mosul’s fall is going to petrify them.

Russia Sanctions Threat Seen Receding Amid Ukraine Peace Talks

Russia is less likely to face further sanctions from the U.S. and the European Union as President Vladimir Putin is taking steps to ease tensions, a Bloomberg survey of economists showed.

Weather Warfare: Beware the US Military’s Experiments with Climatic Warfare

‘Climatic warfare’ has been excluded from the agenda on climate change.

The Iraq, Libya and Ukrainian Propaganda Matrix

LISTEN TO THE SHOW Length (59:04) Click to download the audio (MP3 format) Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya is a Sociologist and Research Associate at the Centre for Research on Globalization. He is also a contributor at the Strategic Culture Foundation Moscow,…

The Truthseeker: Ukraine Gangster State Calls for ‘Nuclear Strikes’ (E42),2008:video:lklRk_Xit_A

Rally in Lugansk demands Kiev stop military operation in southeast

Global Cooling is Here

Despite no global warming in 10 years, the IPCC still predict the Earth is in store for catastrophic warming.

Israeli Officials Threaten Return to Illegal Intifada

A bulldozer demolishes a Palestinian home in Jerusalem in February 2012. (Photo: Ahmad Gharabli/AFP/Getty Images) The Israeli army’s rampage across the West Bank is the largest operation since the second Palestinian uprising, and has brought to mind Intifada-era images of…

How I will deal with unverifiable stories from now on

Okay, I carefully read all your comments and have come to something of a conclusion.First, almost everything I post in unverified and often unverifiable.  Which compares advantageously with the main stream media which deliberately lies and whose reporter and editors simply don't care about the truth.Second, I really don't feel like singling out one story or source for the typical "this is an unconfirmed report" or the like like the MSM does because typically these caveats are used to cast a doubt on the info itself, or to discredit the source, and all for political ideological reasons.  Besides, this is the Internet and the blogosphere - I never met *any* of my contacts face to face, not one, nor do I personally know any of the people who are helping me with this blog (the French teams, the interpreters, the sobcors, Juan, Mindfriedo, Auslander, etc.).  My personal vetting system is based on the words of Christ "Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?" (Matt 7:16).  If I find out that somebody deliberately lied or is a untrustworthy source I will simply not post info from that person again and I might even post a correction.Third, I don't buy the "too far" argument.  Wars are horrible and atrocities are the norm, not the exception.  Especially wars waged on the basis of an ideology which de-humanizes the other side.  The Ukrainian Nazis call the Russians "insects" (колорады), "jackets" (ватники) while their leader called Russian subhumans.  And since on top of that, these Banderites are  ideologically a mix of Nazis, Uniat crusaders and rabid xenophobes I see absolutely no reason at all to doubt the story of Berezin.  Does it mean that I trust him?  No.  But I have no reason to dis-trust him either.  I certainly trust him more than I would trust any western newspaper or TV channel.Fourth, in what concerns the credibility of this blog, or me personally, I think that it should not depend on a single or even a few posts.  Everybody can be mislead, and I have a long history of being wrong and I have never pretended otherwise.  I don't claim to be infallible, I only claim to be honest.Fifth, there is a good possibility that Berezin wrote this report with a great deal of pain and distress in his heart, and it is possible that what he says is true.  Who am I to reject it on the basis that it could be false?  His text was an appeal for help, for justice, I could not sit on it and do nothing.Sixth, in my experience all sides lie during a war.  The only exception to this rule is, as far as I know, Hassan Nasrallah.  Many continue to think that a good lie is a smart way to fight the information war.  I disagree, but I know that that notion is out there.  And, just for the record, Putin did say that no Russian troops were involved in the move to liberate Crimea while Strelkov did say that it was men under his command which wiped out the Ukrainian checkpoint even though in both cases there was overwhelming evidence to the contrary.  If I had to rate Putin and Strelkov as sources I would rate Putin as a 'B' and Strelkov as a 'C', which is on par with the very best corporate media.  If there is a Russian Nasrallah out there, I have not met him yet, alas.I guess that if/when I get the new website up I might include some kind of generic warning, but that is the best I can do.  As long as a story sounds credible to me, I will have to post it, even if I cannot verify it (there will be one coming from Sweden in tomorrow's SITREP which is also very interesting, but which I cannot verify.  Still, I will post it). Now if something is clearly wrong, fabricated, or truly non-credible, then I will include some kind of disclaimer (assuming I post it in the first place).I hope that you guys can live with that :-)Kind regards, thanks for the input, The Saker

Strelkov, Berezin and Militia Briefings, June 27,

Russia's senate revokes Putin's power to use military in Ukraine

Russia's upper house of parliament voted Wednesday to revoke the right of President Vladimir Putin to use Russian troops in Ukraine, as efforts to calm a separatist uprising in Ukraine's east continue.

O livro negro da guerra

Depois de ter recebido o carimbo da autorização do Supremo Conselho da Defesa, convocado pelo presidente Napolitano, a ministra Roberta Pinotti (ministra da defesa do governo Renzi, ndt) publicou as diretivas do futuro “Livro Branco para a segurança internacional e…

Iraqi Hydrocarbon Prize of U.S. Invasion in Danger?

Excluding “boots on the ground” and leaving combat missions to local and regional “partners,” President Barak Obama and his administration say the United States keeps “all options on the table” to respond militarily to the terrorists’ threat to “American interests”…

Letter from a friend in Austria or what the media does not want you to see

Dear friends,I just got this email from Austria. With my friend's permission, I removed some personal details and share it with you now.The Saker -------Dear Saker,I just came home from witnessing president Putin putting down flowers in honor of the Russian soldiers liberating Austria from fascism at Schwarzenbergplatz in Vienna. Now I arrived at Schwarzenbergplatz, the site of our monument in honor of the red army liberating Austria, approximately two and a half hours before Putin and his entourage arrived at the site. What I can tell you is the following.Even before the Police built a perimeter around the square, a good 50-something demonstrators waving Russian flags and some waving Russian and Syrian flags were present at the square. Everybody was in a cheerful mood. Everybody was united in their support for Putin. Even the police was very friendly and and only about an hour and a half before the arrival of Putin did they ask us kindly to leave the square and get behind the perimeter. Now the perimeter was no more than 100 to 150 meters away from the monument. It surrounded the square in an oval shape. All along the perimeter, people started to gather in order to see Putin and cheer for him. All in all I would say between 1000 and 2000 people were standing around either to catch a glimpse of Putin or to chant in support of Putin. Many Russian and Syrian flags where around, as well as many st.George ribbons were visibly worn by attendants. The composition of the crowd was quite interesting. I would say about one third were native Austrians, one third were Russians or Belorussians residing in Austria with a good command of the German language, and about one third of the people in support of Putin were of mixed eastern European descent as well as Syrian. I spoke to people from Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Czech and Poland and Syria who were all in support of Putin. When the military chapel played their song when Putin put down the flowers, our chants of Rossija and of Slava Putina and sa putina were louder than the music. He turned to our side several times and waved towards us. At the very top of the square, 20 or so galician demonstrators were shouting their slogans an waving their flags. They were vastly outnumbered, and the atmosphere was nevertheless peaceful and rather relaxed. They called us Putincy or Putinzi I didn't quite understand. Anyway, guess who got all the media mentions? Besides the Galicians, there was also a separate anti Putin protest by Hosi, the interest organization of the gay, lesbian and transgender people in Austria, but they had their separate thing, and were nowhere to be seen around Schwarzenbergplatz. Also at the top of the square, at the point where all the official cars entered and exited through were maybe 10 Georgians waving Georgian flags and also some Chechen who were anti Putin. The point is that they were vastly outnumbered by happy peaceful pro-Russia people, but they got all the attention. Also Greenpeace did a separate little protest against Putin, because he refurbishes some nuclear power plants in Hungary. Public opinion is violently opposed to nuclear power in Austria, and so am I, but Greenpeace of course was scoring cheap political points against Putin. Anyway. There was a really refreshing mix of people at the square. Syrians, Russians, eastern Europeans, Austrians of right and left political persuasion. The most noteworthy occurrence was this American couple however. So a guy and a girl in their late twenties dressed like tourists walked up to all the different groups of the pro Russia people. The guy asked us for our names, and asked us why we were in favor of Putin. While he was asking us these questions, his girlfriend took pictures of us without asking. To us they said they were tourists on a trip through Europe, the next group they told they were journalists. The guy had a notebook in his hand and wrote down everybody's name, and their views. When a group of Russians standing next to us involved them in a heated debate they stood there arguing in Russian, not English, and the girl also spoke very good German to me. Unusual language skills for Americans. Anyway when one of the Syrians came up and started asking them if they were tourists or journalists, and who they were writing for and if they could provide credentials they took off very abruptly. What do I take home from this event? That Putin took note of this spontaneous outpouring of support of ordinary people. I think nobody supports him in everything he says or does, but honor where honor is due for standing up to empire and hypocrisy. We dig that, and we were able to show it to him. Hope all is well with you, and I hope to get some more pictures of the many people with Russian and Syrian flags. There was also a German camerawoman among us filming stuff for newsagency, so there is a chance that these pictures will eventually make it to rt.XXX

Strelkov, Berezin and Militia Briefings, June 27

Combined for June 27-Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov #1 â€" Commentary from Igor Strelkov, June 27, 2014, 14:56Original: Strelkov Info Regarding a Militia tank allegedly taken out by the Ukrainian army - Igor Ivanovich, what is this photography that the Ukies are posting all over the place on the Internet? Igor Strelkov: How should I know? Perhaps it’s one of their own tanks, which burned down near Yampol (I think they lost one there last evening). All of ours are fine. One was hit with an RPG, but the dynamic defence [absorbed the blow], the second has three holes in its armour from a 14.5mm weapon, but the turret is fine. That’s it â€" no other damage. #2 â€" Briefing from Fyodor Berezin, June 27, 2014, 20:08Original: Strelkov Info Berezin’s statement following surrender of Ukrainian Military Base No. 3004 Surely, we are fascists, sadists, terrorists, and separatists, and yet … From 03:00 in the morning and until 15:00 in the afternoon we continued to release the [detained conscripts]. Called all the moms, dad, brothers, and sisters. First we dealt with the locals. Then we started the process of releasing the kids to their parents. From every mom we obtained a written confirmation of release and a phone number. This is to enable us to have control over what happens to the guys. In other words, we hope thereby to safeguard them from violence by the Ukie aficionados of dismemberment. Neither I, nor my guys slept this night, but it was all worth it. This time, the job was done to a grade-A standard. Photograph â€" F. Berezin: “My personal trophies”. #3 â€" Briefings from Locations, June 27, 2014 Original: Strelkov Info The night was not remarkable in terms of observed activity.This morning, two explosions occurred at 04:45 and 05:30, near Donetsk, in Stanitsa Ogorodnoye, near the railway bridge. About 12:30, there were several explosions near the intersection of Shorse and Treneva streets. As well, during the day, maneuver-centric engagements and explosions took place in the area of Stankostroy, near Slavyansk. There was no calm in the suburbs of Slavyansk during the day. A battle took place in the Artyomovsk district. 17:30 (MSK) â€" Combat resumed on the outskirts of Slavyansk, a KPVT [Note 1: heavy/large-calibre armour-mounted machine gun] is heard working. 17:40 (MSK) â€" Artillery fire directed at Slavyansk coming from Karachun and the Meloviye Mountains. 17:50 (MSK) â€" Artillery fire coming for Shurov. 18:05 (MSK) â€" Intense shelling of Semyonovka, using heavy artillery, is ongoing. By the way, one of the Ukies checkpoints was leveled to the ground last night. 18:35 (MSK) â€" A column of Ukie detachments (infantry, armoured vehicles) moving from Izyum in the direction Nikolayevka, is currently near the Kolonyanka village (not far from Krivaya Luka). No cars are allowed to pass the area, and several civilian vehicles were fired upon; casualties unknown. As a result, the composition [of the column] is not known. Around 21:00 (MSK), this column likely passed by Krestishchi. Note 1: KPVT-14.5mm is a Soviet-designed 14.5x114mm-calibre heave armour-mounted machine gun. See Wikipedia. #4 â€" Briefing from the Kramatorsk Militia, June 27, 2014Original: Strelkov Info Last night Ukies decided to blow to bits the chlorination station in Kramatorsk, located in the centre of the city (on a wasteland patch). The outcome: two shells hit the 6th and the 7th floor of a nearby building, one shell hit the refueling stating, and tow â€" the 20th workshop of NKMZ plant. None his the intended target. And this is [happening] in the city centre. 21:36 (MSK) â€" Battles starting in Kramatorsk (DPR [Donetsk People’s Republic]) and in the suburbs of Lugansk, in Metallist and Kamennaya Boroda (LPR [Lugansk People’s Republic]). #5 â€" Briefing from the Militia, June Original: Strelkov Info 00:30 (MSK) â€" Artillery fire opened against Yampol (near Kranisy Liman) from the Kirov highway. 00:45 (MSK) â€" Several signal flares coming from the direction of Zeleniy Klin. In LPR there is a battle for control of the border village Vlasovka (near the Russian Donetsk). In Artyomovsk, the Ukie army fired upon a scheduled motor coach; 2 civilians died. After several shots hit the front shield window [of the motor coach], the bus driver lost control and crashed into a garage of a private residence on Tchaikovskiy street. The driver dies on the spot. A woman who was [travelling] in the bus was taken to surgery, where she died from heavy injuries and wounds. #6 â€" Morning Briefing from Locations, June , 12:49Original: Strelkov Info The night was tense near Karlovka, with heightened drone activity reported. From early morning battles raged in the area of Krasniy (Chervonniy) Partisan. It is difficult to tell what the situation was by 10:45 (MSK), there is still little information, but it appears that the NazGuard detachments have suffered casualties and are retreating. 12:05 (MSK) â€" A propeller aircraft flying over Slavyansk-Nikolayevka-Kramatorsk parachuted cargo consisting of five containers in the Karachun area. Last time the Kramatorsk Militia made good use of a similar cargo [delivery]. of cargo being parachuted by Ukrainian aircraft #7 â€" Briefing from the DPR Press Service, June , 13:33Original: Strelkov Info Military Base No. 3023 of Internal Forces of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs voluntarily laid down their weapons. Conscripts were released by the DPR government. On June 28, around 06:00 â€" 07:00 in the morning, NazGuard attempted to retake the border checkpoint near Krasnopartisansk [Krasniy/Chervonniy Partisan] in LPR, but the attack was repelled. Video of Military Base No. 3023 following its surrender #8 â€" Briefing from Igor Strelkov, June , 15:30Original: In the course of the night, 10 drones were conducting intelligence scouting operations over Slavyansk, in breach of the conditions of the so-called “ceasefire”. In the morning, enemy aircraft dropped military cargo in the Kramatorsk area. Anti-aircraft units of the Militia did not open fire. The enemy resumed the movement of its military columns along the Kharkov-Rostov highway, in the area of BZS [refueling station] and Vostochniy checkpoints (Checkpoints No. 3 and No. 4 according to enemy classification). According to information obtained by our scouting parties, a large amount of ammunitions, intended for shelling of Militia positions, was delivered by one of these columns. Due to the fact that these actions constitute a violation of the ceasefire agreement, the column of the enemy was attacked with mortar fire in the area of the Vostochniy checkpoint. The enemy mortar company, located near the noted checkpoint shelled Semyonovka and Militia positions, following which artillery and mortar strikes were made against this company. The enemy suffered casualties. The Militia intelligence confirmed [continued] transfers of forces and equipment toward the outskirts of Slavyansk and Kramators. The enemy is preparing for a complete clean-up of the Yampol settlement. Slavyansk garrison warns that it will continue to interdict any future attempts to use the state of ceasefire for the purpose of preparing an assault on the [Militia] positions. On other fronts, the Militia continues to abide by the ceasefire regime and confines itself to observing the activity of Ukrainian military formations. #9 â€" Report, June , 13:55 and 14:44Original: Strelkov Info #1 and Strelkov Info #2 of the damage to the Russian Gukovo border crossing checkpoint Once again, Ukrainian shells ended up on Russian territory. Charges [launched] by the Ukrainian military hit two settlements in the Rostov oblast. According to preliminary information, one of the shells broke through the gate of a private residence in the city of Gukovo, on Smirnov street. The second shell, presumably launched from a mortar, exploded in the Vasetskiy Khutor, in the Krasnoulinsk are, leaving behind a crater 40cm by 30cm. According to a source in [Russian] law-enforcement agencies of the Rostov oblast, shelling from the Ukrainian side continued from 08:00 until 10:00 in the morning. A shell, presumably from a mortar, landed on the territory of Vasetskiy Khutor. [The shell] created an [oval] crater 20cm deep, with diameters of 30sm and 40sm. A task force is now working onsite. From review of the shards it is difficult to determine visually that type of the ammunition was used. There are no casualties among civilians. On June 28, Ukrainians again shelled the Russian border. Ukrainian shell crossed the border and exploded on the territory of the Russian customs checkpoint at Gukovo. The explosion caused severe damaged to the checkpoint building; window panes have been blown and walls are partially destroyed. #10 â€" Short Briefing from Igor Strelkov, June , 17:16Original: Strelkov Info All night drones flew over us â€" over 10 of them simultaneously. It appears that Ukies consider artillery scouting to be perfectly consistent with the ceasefire regime. Last night, the enemy open fire (including with mortars) at the city outskirts. Destruction in the private housing area near the Vosnichniy settlement are reported. In the morning, Su-25 aircraft twice parachuted cargos for [the enemy] detachments at the Kramatorsk airfield and other locations. Due to strong wind a large part of the cargo was carried far to the side and did no make its destination. Unfortunately, the parachutes did not fly our way [either]. About 13:00, an intense mortar exchange took place between our positions at Semyonovka and the stronghold of the enemy enemy support positions near the Vostochniy settlement. It is unclear who began the confrontation (I was told that the enemy is responsible. [However], I do not preclude the possibility that our fighters could not refuse the temptation to conduct strikes against yet another ammunition supply column [of the enemy] that was travelling along the highway). In the course of the skirmish, the enemy engaged its a mortar company [Note: original â€" rota] and a howitzer battery at the rear. From our side, we used the “many times destroyed” Nona [Note 1: 2S9 Nona â€" a 120mm mortar]. In addition, a group of our fighters advanced toward the checkpoint and worked it over with an AGS [Note 2: AGS-17 “Plamya” grenade launcher] A number of mortar nests were destroyed; Ukies certainly suffered casualties. However, the shelling of Semyonovka by the enemy has not stopped. The enemy is transferring more and more NazGuard detachments to our area. Perhaps they think that they can convince the “svidomye” [Note 3: I.e. the “nationally conscious” or Maidanites] to attempt an assault on the city. Frank speaking, I would not try in their place. However, perhaps one of the goals of this war is the maximum possible “utilization” [I.e. â€" elimination] of Maidanites? If so â€" then yes. [An assault] makes sense [in this case]. Note 1: 2S9 Nona is a 120mm mortar, usually self-propelled. See Wikipedia. Note 2: AGS-17 “Plamya” grenade launcher is a heavy infantry support weapon, designed to operate from a tripod or it can be mounted on an installation or vehicle. See Wikipedia. Note 3: Svidomiye comes from Svidomost, alternatively “Nazionalna Svidomost” â€" “National Consciousness”. A good article on this phenomenon, in Russian, can be found at -Свидомость #11 â€" Information from the DPR Press Service, June Original: Strelkov Info Last night, Ukrainian force shelled the residential buildings in the private sector of Selidovo. Three buildings were destroyed, all night the city was filled with terrible rumbling and noise; most likely, [they] were firing with something heavy. There are no militiamen in Selidovo. Artillery strikes with heave weapons also occurred in the city of Ukrainsk, in the Donetsk oblast, which is located near Selidov. According to reports from local residents, forces of the Ukrainian NazGuard are located in Selidovo and Ukrainsk. #12 â€" Statement by Alexander Karyakin, Chair of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of LPR, June Original: Strelkov Info Alexander Karyakin, Chair of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of LPR, told us that Ukrainian forces are not abiding by the terms of ceasefire and are controlled by Kolomoiskiy: “Ukrainian forces are, in fact, ignoring the order issued by Poroshenko. Either the Presideng lacks sufficient authority, or the armed forces are making independent decisions. There is also a figure like Kolomoiskiy, who announced that he would not be abiding by the President’s order to cease fire. If you compare the situation in the Lugansk People’s Republic prior to and following the ceasefire, you won’t find any global changes. The military aggression has slowed down, but, overall, it would not be correct to say that the situation is calm. The armed forces are constantly moving. Forces are being pulled up to the boundaries [of contested centres], and artillery strikes against settlements continue; civilians are dying. The extension of the ceasefire to June 30 will change nothing: shelling has continued as before. #13 â€" Briefing from the Militia, June Original: Strelkov Info This morning, despite the announced ceasefire, the NazGuard attempted to take control over the Krasniy Partisan border checkpoint; however, the attack was repelled. We are confirming casualty details. Internal Force’s Military Base 3023 of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs in Donetsk voluntarily laid down their weapons. Conscripts were released. Situation during the day was relatively calm. In the course of the day, Ukrainian forces continued to shell Slavyansk. Junta continues to transfer its troops in the area of Shchastye and the Metallist settlement. Two Grad systems an approximately 23 BMP APCs were transferred to these locations. The Gukovo customs checkpoint in the Rostov oblast was damaged by a direct hit with a shell that was launched from the Ukrainian territory. Another shell landed in the Vasetskiy Khutor, in the Gukovo district. Another shell exploded on the territory of the Shakhta-24 settelement. 22:45 (MSK) â€" shooting coming from the side of the Kirovsk highways, KPVT and “samovars” heard working. The intended target of the shooting is not known; it is possible that the adjacent forest belt is the target. #14 â€" Commentary from Igor Strelkov, June Original: Strelkov Info - Igor Ivanovich, you are extremely well-natured with POWs who caused irreparable damage to buildings, enterprises and the residents of the settlements that were subject to artillery strikes and violence. In particular, you [treat well] all conscripts. Isn’t it time to make the POWs work and materially compensate the damage caused? Let them work to rebuild the economy, and their parents from Lvov can buy building materials with their savings. Let them rebuild that which they destroyed, and, first and foremost, [work] on the frontlines and in Semyonovka. Igor Strelkov: Unlike the enemy, we intend to full abide by the POW convention. (I will note only that saboteurs and spies do not have the benefit of this convention.) #15 â€" Briefing from the Militia, June , 23:53Original: Strelkov Info Artillery shelling of Rubezhniy and the Metallist settlement (Lugans) is currently ongoing. In Kramatorsk, there is shooting in the Damanskiy district, as well as machine gun fire and explosions in the area of the airfield. 23:20 (MSK) â€" A mortar battery is shelling Semyonovka, presumably from Krasniy Liman. 23:50 (MSK) â€" In the area of Semyonovka a maneuver-centric battle is ongoing, using a “Rogatka” [Note 1: T-72B2 “Rogatka” (also T-72BM) main battle tank)] and an AGS. 01:55 (MSK) â€" Ukrainian artillery is firing from Karachun. There is a battle in the area of the Kramatorsk airfield. Local residents reported signal flares in the area of Shchastye â€" Metallist, following which battles resumed. Mortar units and howitzers heard working, automatic weapons fire does not stop for a minute. Note 1: “Rogatka” or T-72B2 “Rogatka” (also T-72BM) is a Soviet-designed main battle tank. See Wikipedia. Videos of Kramatorsk Shelling #16 â€" Briefing from the Kramatorsk Militia, June Original: Strelkov Info Just now we worked over the airfield with a mortar. About 17 volleys from various positions. Something loudly exploded at the airfield and glow was observed. Ukies opened return fire against positions which we used several days ago. To their credit, I must say that they fired with precision … into a destroyed and long-abandoned cow bard. However, there was no one at that position (good sense is a priority in our ranks). We could also hear our tanks shooting at Ukies positions. Where exactly were they aiming and the results of the operation will be known tomorrow. #17 â€" Commentary from a Kramatorsk Militiaman, June 29, 2014, 3:21Original: Strelkov Info Regarding the video of streamer Vlad’s interrogation by NazGuard of streamer Vlad’s interrogations I will spend a few minutes, otherwise allotted to sleep, to comment on this video. My comments will be simple â€" this video is not actually threatening (although the detainee was, of course, scared, just as anyone else in his place would have been), but, how should I put it, I can’t even find the right words … Let’s call it meaningless. Why? Take a look at videos of POW interrogations in Slavyansk, Lugansk, in other cities. [You will find] POWs from saboteur-intelligence groups, which consist of professional soldiers, paratroopers and military scouts, of spetsnaz. [You will find] captured female snipers, which correct artillery fire, tankists and APC operators/technicians, fighters of the various “guards”. And now, this Ukie aphid, whose face you wouldn’t find in the crowd even if he did not wear a mask, captures a 16-year-old Internet activist and threatens militiamen that he has bullets enough for everyone? Does not he find himself laughable? P.S.: Prior to talking about having enough ammo, it is best that he find out what really goes on with this indispensable product at the front: $2 for 5.45x39 bullets (AK-47 and RPK [Note 1: RPK-74 is a 5.45mm handheld Kalashnikov machine gun] are the most widespread weapons), 7.62x39 is even more expensive. And, if you were unlucky enough to get an SVD [Note 2: SVD is the Dragunov sniper rifle], which uses 7.62x54 bullets, or a PMK [Note 3: PKM is a 7.62mm modernized Kalashnikov machine gun], then, my friend … send you mom a telegram so that she can send you money, $5 for a magazine. So, that’s how it is. And this is the real situation on the ground in Ukie forces (don’t know whether it’s NazGuard or not, but the information comes straight from the source). So, you see, it’s very different than torture an underage kid in Kiev. All those who could yell, jump, throw stones, they are all here. So, we are waiting for the next “liberator of Ukraina” to show up here. And, at the end, free advice on the issue of their uniform: you have to change your getup. I won’t go into details, but, in a getup like that, you won’t have a chance to say “glory to Ukraine” when you are in the forest belt. Note: Streamer Vlad has been released from captivity and is now with the Militia

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Invading Iraq 2.0: ISIS Propaganda, Proxy Wars and US

The Western-backed Al-Qaeda offshoot ISIS, has made its way to Iraq through Turkey and over the northeastern border of Syria. This new terror campaign appears to have been rolled out with a decades old objective, which is wrought with violence,…

‘Provocation’: Moscow slams Ukraine’s shelling of Russian border checkpoint

A Very Complete Analysis by the Saker of the Crisis in Ukraine

Speech by Putin to Russian Lawmakers about Crimean Referendum Historical speech by President Putin to Russian lawmakers March 18 2014 about the referendum in Crimea and the acceptance of Crimea into the Russian Federation. I remember being in Moscow listening to the direct transmission of this historical speech by president Putin. Even if I am...

The Sochi Genocide Olympics

The Circassian Genocide scars the spirit of the Sochi Olympics with blood, exodus, and a lost people.

Ukrainian crisis serves only as pretext to impose sanctions on Russia â€" expert

Russia abruptly aborts launch of new

The test launch of Russia's newest rocket ended in embarrassment on Friday as authorities were forced to abort the flight overseen by President Vladimir Putin due to a last-minute glitch. The next-generation Angara rocket was scheduled to blast off from Plesetsk in northern Russia when officials reported a sudden automatic launch abort, footage of which was broadcast on national television.


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- Seth Ferris..."Crimea is the flavor of the month in Western discourse as it has become a part of the Russian Federation following its recent referendum."

Putin ‘would be killed’ if he came to Kiev, Ukraine parliament deputy says on TV

Speech by Putin to Russian Lawmakers about Crimean Referendum

Historical speech by President Putin to Russian lawmakers March 18 2014 about the referendum in Crimea and the acceptance of Crimea into the Russian Federation. I remember being in Moscow listening to the direct transmission of this historical speech by president Putin. Even if I am not Russian, I couldn’t help to feel how this […]

Duma speaker denies Poroshenko’s claims Russian people hate Ukraine

Ukraine’s EU Association Agreement, A Prelude to Further Bloodshed

The signing of a trade and political partnership between Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova and the European Union (EU) marks a new stage in the plan to economically and militarily encircle Russia. It raises the immediate prospect of an escalation in…

Russia delays landmark rocket launch again: report

Russia put off the maiden launch of its first new space rocket design since Soviet times for a second day on Saturday, RIA news agency said, a fresh blow to the country's once-pioneering industry. The debut launch of the Angara rocket was first called off on Friday after the vehicle's booster cut out during a final countdown watched by President Vladimir Putin via video link at the Kremlin ...

On the Issue of Berezin's Account of the Ukrainian Rape and Murder in the Village of Saurovka

On the Issue of Berezin's Account of the Ukrainian Rape and Murder in the Village of Saurovka (and on the matter of the response by some readers of the Vineyard of the Saker Blog thereto) by Gleb Bazov First, apologies for the mayhem caused - it certainly was sufficient to provoke two response notes from you. And, for a good reason. My own initial reaction to Berezin's "essay" (damn the [reader] who called it that - the fact that the man is a published writer and can put two words together on paper (and so can his translator) should not count to his detriment or deter from his voice; on the contrary, the effect of an exploding bomb is caused precisely by the effectiveness of conveying such information in a compelling manner) was utter stupefaction. I waited some time before publishing it. In the end I decided that I would not forgive myself for not publicizing his words simply because the story sounded too horrific (to be true? - no, not at all, too horrific not to be censored as false by a human mind, like mine, so used to self-censorship as a means of survival in a society that abhors non-mainstream accounts and points of view and denigrates (I am using that purposefully) them in order to silence dissent). I could go on for some time, with reference to post-modern, systems analysis and continentalist philosophers on the flaws of our social organization and expression models, but the point is self-evident without that kind of verboseness. Let us put it this way: Berezin is Strelkov's deputy. He spent some time in Slavyansk, and it was there that Strelkov chose him to act in his stead in Donetsk, at the seat of the DPR government. Inasmuch as I know Strelkov and his character by now (his harsh, but fair, decision to execute two kidnappers among the militia, the type of men he has surrounded himself with, to wit, Motorola, and the impossible success of his rag-tag coalition of patriots in Slavyansk, all being prime reference sources for my opinion of Strelkov), I doubt sincerely that he would have chosen a man (I mean Berezin) who did not conform to the highest standards Strelkov expects of himself. Strelkov may be wrong, he probably often is, but he is nothing if not a man of the highest calibre. He admits his errors freely, rejects platitudes and undeserved praise, and insists that his talents, which have been sufficient to hold off over 10,000 Ukrainian troops, not be aggrandized (see his earlier statement I translated). Above all, Strelkov is a military man, who understand the importance of building a winning cadre. And, as such, in choosing a man to act in his stead (and I must emphasize - his deputy, not a mere common soldier), Strelkov would likely have selected someone who also matches these characteristics. Now, all that is supposition. Strelkov could well have made a mistake. And, I am sure, that, in many ways, he would have preferred Berezin to be more active and help Slavyansk beyond the meagre assistance they are currently receiving. But was he wrong about Berezin's moral qualities? Did he choose a man who would lie, and lie in a way that Strelkov would obviously never permit himself (do I need to refer to the body of tempered, measured reports, cautious and conservative, that we have to date received from Strelkov?). What is more important, in that regard, is to consider how Berezin has behaved to date. Will any of the skeptical readers of the Vineyard of the Saker blog please count the number of times that I have translated Berezin's statements or, in fact, simply the number of times he has made statements so far? I wish he made them more often. Statements by a writer, like Berezin, are enjoyable to translate. And, yet, I can recall only 3-4 statements in total (including the one that he just made, after midnight on June 26, 2014) that were made by Berezin to date. What does this suggest to a keen observer of the various sources that talk for the DPR government? That Berezin is, perhaps, the most laconic and sparing with words of them all. All of his statements have been brief, he has not (that I remember) given any interviews (unlike Strelkov, for instance, who gives them sometimes twice a day) and he has been largely in the shadow of the events that have been unfolding elsewhere. Berezin is performing a crucial function - organizing the affairs of the emerging DPR army in the area, arranging supply lines, training recruits, structuring the military organization. Unlike Strelkov, Berezin has his hand on the pulse of the entire organization - which is why he can talk about what is happening not just in Slavyansk, but elsewhere. No wonder then, that he gets reports from Militia fighters at the Saur-Mogila memorial. And, after what I am sure was very careful consideration (I heard rumours of these atrocities some time ago), Berezin decided that one of his few statements to date will be made on the subject of these crimes. If he had been shooting his mouth off, and made nonsensical claims left, right and centre, it is highly unlikely that you would have seen the translation I provided (for the same reason as, for instance, I filter out from my translations all the loud-mouth verbiage coming from Pavel Gubarev these days). Some of The Vineyard of the Saker readers, who follow this war from the standpoint of a "silver platter" do not seem to understand the filtering that goes on and the reasons why a specific translation may be done, while another text will be ignored. I would recommend that they engage in the similar amount of research that you and I do, before making claims as to what is possible or not. Odessa, the Kiev Trade Unions House, the murder of a Polish Holocaust historian in Lvov, the massacre in Mariupol, the use of prohibited flechette and incendiary white phosphorus ammunition in Slavyansk would be good starting points (among many other such examples). Women in Odessa were first raped, then butchered, then burned alive to ensure they would not be identified. There are rooms in the Trade Unions House that were cemented right after the massacre. No one alive, other than the Nazi murderers and the collaborationist police, has ever seen the basement of the building - even though every report by a survivor that I have seen (and I have read and seen close to 20 so far) points to the fact that they barely escaped being dragged down into the basement, where most others were taken and killed. And, as The Saker has correctly pointed out (see here and here) this was in front of multiple video cameras and hundreds of witnesses. Nineteen of the survivors have since been murdered. Others are hiding wherever they can. As for the kind readers of the Vineyard of the Saker blog that suggest that "essays" should be accompanied by photographs and videos, I suggest they make a trip to Saurovka. Apparently, they expect the vastly outnumbered Militia fighters, who barely hold on to the strategic Saur-Mogila height, dug in, often without provisions and a change of clothes, to make a trip to the stronghold of the enemy in the region, their encampment in Saurovka, and watch (and tape) the rape that goes on. I am not sure how this could be done. Perhaps I am too feeble-minded. (I won't even address the disbelief at a Polish female sniper with an American rifle - really? And this disbelief comes after Bolotov took prisoner and showcased to the world a Ukrainian female ranking officer, a helicopter pilot who was correcting the enemy artillery shelling and was likely involved in the murder of the Russian journalists?) As for how does Berezin know all that has been happening in Saurovka? Well, I will do my best to find that out. However, it is really simple - the Militia has intelligence-gathering groups that go out to scope out enemy positions, for one. Second, I am sure they can see well, from the height of the Saur-Mogila memorial, that the NazGuard have adopted Saurovka as their quarters. Finally, let's consider this: one day, the phones don't answer in Saurovka - why are they silent? Another day, a Militia fighter finds a woman that was raped, killed and thrown to the side. Perhaps someone managed to escape and joined the militia. And, perhaps, they can observe some of what goes on from up above. All this is supposition, without a direct answer from Berezin, but to those who dismiss his "essay" out of hand, I will only say this: once upon a time, when the Soviet troops became the first to witness the horrors of the Holocaust, they were still disbelieved, until photographic evidence emerged. Were the Soviet soldiers right or were the people who demanded photographic evidence, because their socialized minds, much like mine, refused to believe that such atrocities could be possible? We will, someday, find out the full account of the Ukrainian societal collapse, and Saurovka will be just the tip of the iceberg. Kind regards,Gleb BazovPS. Sorry for the lengthy rant. I did not intend it, but it all came out.


As this latest Western manufactured ‘terror nightmare’ continues to unfold in Iraq and Syria, we’ve learned that President Barack Obama has now asked Congress to authorize direct military aid and equipment to be sent to ‘the rebels’ in Syria.…

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- The Ukraine coup continues to be a zoo, and continued failure will be nothing new. Its Western backers will continue their takeover of another struggling country

Russia postpones launch of new "Angara" space rocket

Russia postponed the planned debut launch of the Angara rocket, its first new design of space vehicle since the Soviet era, just minutes before it was due to blast off on Friday. A senior military commander gave no reason for the delay, but a commentator on Russian state television said the launch had been put back for 24 hours until Saturday. More than two decades in the making, the Angara is a ...

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Once upon a time, Hillary Rodham, the 1969 Wellesley valedictorian, studied the organizing tactics of Saul Alinsky and backed Eugene McCarthy’s presidential run. At commencement, she spoke of a conservative strain in New Left protests that harked back to old…

Russia Accuses US Over Ukraine Confrontation

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has accused the US of encouraging Ukraine into a confrontation with Moscow. And he claimed the chances of resolving the Cold War-style crisis would be better if only Russia and Europe were involved. Speaking on television, Mr Lavrov said: "Our American colleagues still prefer to push the Ukrainian leadership toward a confrontational path." It came after EU ...

Ukraine vs. Egypt: Chaos in progress

“Obviously, I was watching the Ukrainian version of the Tahrir Square revolution. Is it a coincidence? Is it only my imagination? … I don’t think so”


The Truth About the Odessa Massacre

The murders of anti-Maidan supporters in Odessa on May 2, 2014 is totally misrepresented in Western mainstream mass media. Kyiv-Post, the English daily appallingly biased towards the globalists’ agenda executed by the junta in Kiev, described the cause of the tragedy like this: “The violence started when an armed group of pro-Russian activists attacked a […]

Strelkov Interview & Statement

Strelkov & Militia Briefings, June 27, 2014 Combined for June 27, 2014Translated from Russian by Gleb BazovReport on the OSCE Mission Visit to Slavyansk, June 27, 2014 Original: Strelkov Info On June 26, 2014, OSCE personnel visited and inspected the ruins of Slavyansk. Pursuant to the attendance, [OSCE] will prepare a report, which will be provided to Kiev. According to a member of the OSCE monitoring group, Victor Likhachev: “This attendance by OSCE personnel in Slavyansk will enable [the organization] to compile an objective overview of the conditions in the city. Following the visit, a report will be generate that will assist in tomorrow’s peace talks. The diplomat further commented: “The picture is grim, there is a lot of destruction. Experts can see evidence of mortar attacks, destroyed residential buildings/homes and infrastructure. I saw Slavyansk a month ago â€" it was completely different.” According to Likhachev, the foremost task of the OSCE personnel is to gather information and specific facts concerning the state of affairs in the city and in the vicinity, as well as to evaluate the humanitarian situation. It is expected that the information collected by the [OSCE] mission about the destruction [in Slavyansk] will be provided to Kiev. En route to Slavyansk, the personnel of the organization stopped over in Kramatorsk, where they were met by one of the Militia commanders, Alexander Mozhaev, more commonly know by his nickname “Babay”. Video of OSCE's Visit to Slavyansk Video of OSCE's Visit to KramatorskNote: in a later statement broadcast on, a representative of DPR stated that militiamen were forced to save OSCE personnel from mortar fire en route to Slavyansk and that it was the witnessing by OSCE officials of the devastation wrought upon Slavyansk that compelled Poroshenko to extend the ceasefire by 72 hours. Briefing from Igor Strelkov, June 26, 2014, 13:05Original: Note: an entire platoon of NazGuard [National Guard] was completely routed by Igor Strelkov's unit at the Mirniy checkpoint on June 27, 2014. The video of the aftermath is embedded above. Yesterday evening we attacked a checkpoint of the enemy near the Mirniy settlement. At first, the enemy troops put up fierce resistance, defending with grenade launchers, but ultimately fled anyways. At the very conclusion of the battle, Ukies were hit by their own artillery units, who were ordered to fire upon any checkpoint or position penetrated by the Militia. Our loses include one 200th [KIA â€" killed in action] and two 300th [WIA â€" wounded in action]. Both [of our] tanks that took part in the battle were hit with grenade launchers, but received no damage. The garrison of the enemy was completely routed. Two BTR-80 APCs burned down, the third was captured [by the Militia] and sent back to our rear, fully functional. In addition, the following [trophies] were taken: 1 functional mortar “Vasilyok”, with a full set of ammunition, 1 PTURS “Fagot” system with several charges, 3 functional AGS-17 “Plamya” grenade launchers with a large set of ammunition, several automatic rifles, an enormous amount of ammunition, grenades, etc., a lot of documentation, flags, and so on. At 04:00, the enemy launched sixteen 240mm shells at the city, aiming at wide areas. As of this morning, intermittent shelling with the use of heavy artillery continues. Note: video of the interview with Igor Strelkov can be found here. Statement by Igor Strelkov, June 27, 2014, 16:36Original: Strelkov Info Commentary by Igor Strelkov with respect to Poroshenko’s extension of ceasefire by 72 hours. Column after column is pushing its way toward us from Izyum â€" numerous! So, it’ll take them just about three days to concentrate their forces [and prepare] for attack. If we let them, of course. So, we will not be complying with any ceasefire in these circumstances. Our conditions remain unchanged â€" withdrawal of forces to a distance of at least 10 kilometres, cessation of artillery shelling, unblocking of communication routes. Information from the Special Correspondent of Komsomolskaya Pravda, Dmitry Steshin, June 27, 2014, 11:22Original: @kp_steshin Tweet #1 & Tweet #2 Two days ago, the only lifeline path into Slavyansk was cut off with a Ukie checkpoint. Today militiamen broke through the blockade. Two tanks were used in the assault. Several nights in a row I could hear them being repaired. … “Rovno” and “Lvov” tankists should start prepping for [corrective eye surgery]. Briefing from the Militia, June 27, 2013, 03:30Original: Strelkov Info The military base in Donetsk was captured without losses on either side. All [those inside] were [regular] conscripts. We will be calling their mothers so they can take their sons home. All the officers have been placed under arrest. Briefing from Fyodor Berezin, June 27, 2014, 10:54Original: Strelkov Info Lifenews Interview with Fyodor Berezin Fyodor Berezin's Interview (ENG-subbed) I accepted the capitulation of the Ukrainian military base.For two days prior [to the capitulation], we cut off the base from water supplies. Last night, the People’s Militia assaulted this military base, which is situated on the territory of Donetsk. Specifically, the attack was conducted by the “Kalmius” detachment ([Kalmius] is a river that flows through both Donetsk and Mariupol). As the end of the many hours of battle, we were victorious. Let’s say this â€" it was a definitive victory. Both sides used automatic weapons, light and heavy machine guns, under-slung grenades, and grenade launchers. On our side we also had armour, albeit a single vehicle. The “Kalmius” assault group penetrated into the territory of the military base. They captured the command personnel. Having virtually exhausted their ammunition, the Ukrainian military base was forced to surrender to the mercy of the victors. All three companies were disarmed. There were no 200th [KIA â€" killed in action]. Only a small number of 300th [WIA â€" wounded in action]. Trophies and the military banner of the base were captured. The personnel was taken prisoner and, by 03:00, was removed from the territory [of the base]. And, so to say, something to whet your appetite. And I was there, and drank honey and beer … [Note 1]. Simply put, bullets whistled past and squished nearby. Of all different calibres. A ton of impressions. Note 1: Berezin is roughly quoting Alexander Pushkin’s poem “Tale of the Dead Princess and the Seven Knights.” Videos of the Assault on the Ukrainian Military Base Report from Fyodor Berezin, June 27, 2014Original: Slavyansk2014 & DPR Press Twitter (@dnrpress) According to the Donetsk People’s Republic Deputy Minister of Defence, Fyodor Berezin, militiamen have disrupted the production of several parts for Ukrainian military helicopters. “In the city of Snezhnoye we have blockaded the factory that manufactures helicopter blades/airfoils and supplies them to “Motor-Sich”. These are the very helicopters that are [used] to bomb us. “Motor-Sich” is one of the largest enterprises of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex, and is the largest manufacturer of engines for airplanes and helicopters in the country.” Note: the Motor Sich Public Joint Stock Company (Ukrainian: Ð'АТ «Мотор Січ») in Zaporizhia is among the largest engine manufacturers for airplanes and helicopters. See Wikipedia and Motor Sich Corporate Website. Commentary from Igor Strelkov, June 27, 2014, 18:30 Original: Strelkov Info We collected these documents on the battlefield â€" there was no opportunity to determine which belonged to those alive, and which â€" to the dead. Photographs of the trophy documents and IDs can be found here. Unfortunately, the enemy has retaken the checkpoint. Our fighters were forced to abandon it because of harsh howitzer fire (we have one wounded [as a result]) â€"the position was mediocre defence-wise, and we did not have the time to entrench ourselves properly. They took it over with an “armada” â€" they threw 4 tanks and 8 APCs with infantry at it. Well, and we immediately lobbed 80 mortar shells there … to make sure the fresh Ukie-warriors don’t think life is all honey. We [also] shelled the checkpoint at Krasniy Liman with one mortar when [their] column was passing through. Only 8 mines in total, and maybe got them once. In return, en entire company, 12 mortars, opened fire! A sign of respect … Briefing from Igor Strelkov, June 27, 2014, 18:50Original: By 15:00, following intense howitzer shelling, the enemy took back the checkpost near the Mirniy settlement, with forces that included 4 tanks and 8 APCs. The Militia avoided the engagement, due to unfavourable location of the checkpoint, and withdrew to original positions. One fighter was wounded with shrapnel. As soon as the enemy took up the checkpoint, it was struck with a volley from our battery of 120mm mortars. The enemy suffered casualties. Mortar exchanges continue near the settlement of Semyonovka. Our intelligence indicates that there is a continuous transfer of detachments and units of the Ukrainian armed forces and the NazGuard [National Guard] from Izyum to Slavyansk. Their numbers, as well as their equipment, indicate that a new assault on Slavyansk and a massive shelling [campaign] are being readied. The Militia also has information about the enemy’s readiness to use chemical weapons of so-called non-lethal character in order to render the Militia fighters inactive in advance of an actual assault on the city. Interview with Igor Strelkov, June 27, 2014, 19:20Original: Strelkov Info - with respect to the situation in Seversk:Igor Strelkov: The concrete bridge across the Severskiy Donets [river] was blown up. The wooden bridge is functional. For now, Seversk is firmly in our control, but the enemy force, looming over us, has not disappeared â€" their superiority over the Militia is enormous. - with respect to the extension of the ceasefire to June 30: Igor Strelkov: Once again, they forgot to give us warning … We will comply only if they at least stop the movement [of their forces] in a 10-kilometre radius [around the city]. That, of course, will never happen â€" they are gathering forces for an assault. - Igor Ivanovich, are there young men among the Militia? Under 30 years old? Every time they show someone on TV, the men in the camera’s eye are middle-aged. Igor Strelkov: Yes, there are, but, alas, not too many. The “failed Pepsi generation” and those who came after them are massively among the refugees … It’s not only in Russia that the “society of unapologetic consumption” with corresponding ideals (i.e. â€" “Yes, I am a bastard! But, at least, I am alive and rich!) was bred and groomed. - with respect to the “unfairly” arrested Slavyansk blogger Igor Strelkov: They don’t even know yet that this “blogger from Enakievo” is to be put before a military tribunal by my order. The hearings will be held tomorrow. As it turns out, he did not confine himself to “defending the freedom of speech” … And he did far more than “defend.” It was not his anti-russian blog in that resulted in him being in the “penal battalion,” it was because, despite being a professional anesthesiologist, he refused to treat a woman from Kramatorsk, who was brought in with a wound. His excuse was that he refused to “help a separatist.” And these freaks dare talk to me about honour? Information from the Militia, June 27, 2014, 14:59Original: Strelkov Info Militiamen continued attacking the NazGuard checkpoint near the border crossing of Krasniy Partizan-Gukovo until midday. The result â€" Ukies lost 1 APC. Information from the DPR Press Service, June 27, 2014Original: Strelkov Info The fighters of the DPR militia have broken through the NazGuard positions near Seversk and entered the city.

Smart Meter Dangers: The Health Hazards of Wireless Electromagnetic Radiation Exposure

This article by the late Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri was first published on Global Research on July 13, 2012. Over the past two years, there has been mounting medical and scientific evidence of the grave biological dangers to humans from…

Is the US Poking Russia into a Nuclear War?

Is actually the U.S Provoking Russia in to a Nuclear Battle?  Read more here … U.S.-Russia Relationships: Russian leader may be in fact seeking an encounter See more…

In Photos: Israeli Bulldozers Raze Bedouin Community, Leave Children Without Water in High Temperatures

Hundreds of Israeli forces encircled al-Araqib village at 9:30am on 12 June; by 11:30am police had demolished most of the homes of the twenty remaining residents of al-Araqib who have lived in dire conditions since July 2010 when their village…

The “European Gendarmerie Force” Project: EU Creates Legal Framwork For “Military Use” against its Citizens

by Andrej Hunko The EU creates a legal framework for Europe-wide deployment of police and military units. At the same time, the EU Commission is working intensively on the creation of a single EU police unit as well as an…

NEO â€" Putin puts Ukraine gas payments on Europe’s back

- The Geo-political war going on over Ukraine has been short on bullets and bombs, and long with lies and disinformation.

Masonic Ritual in the French Revolution and Its Implication in Modernity (Part II)

The Encyclopedists really wanted to cross the sexual Rubicon. For example, Diderot’s 1748 novel Les Bijous Indiscrets was later viewed as “midly pornographic…”

June 25th Novorossia News Bulletin by the ANNA news agency


Russia accuses US of fueling Ukrainian crisis

MOSCOW (AP) â€" Russia's foreign minister on Saturday accused the United States of encouraging Ukraine to challenge Moscow and heavily weighing in on the European Union.

Speech by Putin to Russian Lawmakers about Crimean Referendum

Historical speech by President Putin to Russian lawmakers March 18 2014 about the referendum in Crimea and the acceptance of Crimea into the Russian Federation. I remember being in Moscow listening to the direct transmission of this historical speech by president Putin. Even if I am not Russian, I couldn’t help to feel how this […]

Today’s Oligarch Curtain of Lies, Theft, Death and Destruction Are Exposed As Never Before

Is NATO Marching on Moscow?

 Do we see a small crack in the facade of the western mainstream media regarding the crisis in Ukraine? The article below, by Foreign Policy In Focus columnist Conn Hallinan, was published, not only on FPIF but also on Huffington Post. Even if neither of those media outlets is deeply under the control of the […]

From Stalinism to the New Cold War

Soviet Fates and Lost Alternatives: by Stephen F. Cohen. This is the second book I recommend if you want to better understand Russia and its relationship to the world. My first book-recommendation, “Full Spectrum Dominance” by F. William Engdahl, describes how the global cabal running the US government […]

A telling illustration about the real nature of the US

Dear friends,Very little is really know about the inner workings of the US- and the corporate media only serves us the official and completely meaningless propaganda line. During the war in Korea, General MacArthur's insane threats to use nuclear weapons did trigger something of an European revolt (unlike the US, Europe was well within reach of Soviet bombers, including those with nuclear weapons). Could the absolute insanity of what is taking place in the Ukraine also trigger a European awakening? Could the European elites ever find it in themselves to stand up to the almighty Uncle Sam?Check out the short article below which, I think, is an amazing illustration of the real nature of the US-.This article was translated from French into English by the same wonderful people who are the editors of, the French-language "mirror+" ("plus" because it has more than just translations of what is posted here). To them, yet again, I owe a big "merci les amis!".Kind regards,The Saker-------The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: negotiations between Brussels and WashingtonThe following information refers to the way in which the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) is being negotiated between Brussels and Washington. We use the term “Brussels” because indeed, it is being negotiated between the European Commission and the United States, not between the member states and the United States. The latter is currently imposing a non-disclosure of the proposition negotiations to the member states, under the pretense that the federal government of the United States does not disclose the European propositions to the individual governments of its federated states.The only way by which the European Commission has shared these propositions with its member states has been inacceptable: through “documents reserve rooms” where individuals can consult the American files, on the payment of a fee and within a strict set of regulations: no copying, photography, or writing instruments are allowed in the room. Only two individuals are allowed in the reserve room at once, and for a limited time. Under these conditions, the administrative services of the member states will not have the capacity to analyze the American proposition: despite a maximum capacity to “screen” the information made available, one administration at a time, too many of the weak links will remain overlooked: no one is immune from missing the important lines, placed where they are least expected it or purposefully hidden, which may produce serious risks for either our exportation practices, or in terms of importation.Up to now it was assumed that, even if individual citizens could not participate in the negotiation processes, the interests of each member state would be defended through the analytical work of each ministry on their particular register of issues. The rigidity of the US on the question of confidentiality leaves all decision taking to the European Commission; when one looks upon the results on display in Canada, it’s very concerning. Besides, the operative argument shows that the United States have not understood the structure of the European Union: how can we negotiate under such conditions, when they are projecting their institutional reality upon us?We need to alert the general public about these procedures of negotiations, which are much more serious than the non-communication of the mandate (which was negotiated by the member states after an analysis by the services of each state).Europeans have no idea to what extent they are being colonized, in the strict sense of the word, by the United States. This information should be disseminated as broadly as possible, as it is eye-opening. Even if it is probably already too late...Jean-Paul

Russia: US, EU must combat Mideast 'terrorism'

DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) â€" Russia's deputy foreign minister called on the United States and Europe to take "serious" steps to combat terrorism during a visit to Damascus on Saturday, warning that several Middle Eastern countries are threatened.

WWI â€" Is it still going on, with almost the same players?

- What we have is literally a war going on against people by not only their respective governments, but a whole host of private and foreign actors

CrossTalk: Ukraine's Ceasefire


Open Thread June 27th

I will be gone for the full day, so I leave you with an open thread (and *please* spare me the Nazi apologetics at least for today!) and this "wonderful" photo.  Kind regards,The Saker-------EU signs association with a Nazi regime.  Bravo!

June 28th IRAQ SITREP by Mindfriedo

28th June: A leader of the Naqshabandi order, Khalid Ibrahim, has been killed in the north east of Baqouba. He was killed along with five associates by SWAT, a Special Forces group. 28th June: Daash has destroyed three Shia mosques: Husseniyeh, AhlulBayt, and Al-Hakim mosques and three mausoleums/shrines: Khader Elias, Imam Saad bin Aqeel, Ar Mamut shrine in Tal Afar. Daash has made announcements that shrines and mausoleums within its territory will be destroyed. 28th June: The army, augmented by Shia militias, is now making a concerted push north towards Tikrit. Helicopter Gunships have attacked rebel positions in advance of the army’s assault. Lt Gen Sabah Fatawi: “Isis fighters now have two choices: flee or be killed.” 28th June: The Kurdish leadership has told Kerry that they want to see Maliki go. Kerry is insisting on a political solution followed by a military attack on Daash and its rebel allies. 28th June: A mortar attack has struck north Baghdad injuring six people. 28th June: UNESCO and Iraqi authorities are concerned that over 1800 sites in Mosul and 250 ancient monuments in Ninaveh under Daash rule are in danger of being obliterated. Hatra, Nimrud and other archeological sites, some dating back thousands of years are in danger of being destroyed. There is also the looting of artifacts and archeological finds that are at risk of being looted. 28th June: Admiral John Kirby, the spokesperson of the US Department of Defense has stated that the United States is in a position to deploy 30000 troops to Iraq if the need arises and the President so decides. 28th June: Qassim Atta, the spokesperson for the Iraqi army claims that Russian made Sukhoi aircraft will be supporting army operations in the next few hours. 28th June: Claimed Kills by Security Services: Five Daash fighters killed by security forces in Fallujah Twenty vehicles belonging to rebels destroyed near Samarra in air strikes A fighter belonging to Daash is killed in Muqdadiya, 35 km north of Baqouba. Two police personnel are left injured in clashes. Clashes between Daash and Security Services are ongoing in Sadiya district 80 km north east of Baqouba. Abu Abdul Hadi, a security official within Daash, and 29 other fighters are reported killed in Tikrit. 28th June: The Iraqi army is claiming full control of Tikrit. It plans to advance on Baiji next. 28th June: The southern Jordanian town of Tafilah sees anti monarchy protests.

Russia warns Europe over re

MOSCOW (AP) â€" Russia's state-controlled gas company, Gazprom, warned its European customers Friday that it could limit supplies to countries that intend to re-sell the natural gas on to Ukraine.


Who will be President in 2016? Theater of the Absurd: Hillary Rodham Clinton vs. John Ellis (JEB) Bush?

GWB and Hillary Clinton As the 2016 presidential election approaches media speculation, propaganda, and misinformation spikes as alleged pundits and experts begin to prepare the masses for the next presidential election. What better strategy to involve the herds and engender…

Whitebook about Ukraine by MFA Russia

This gives a chronological overview of human rights abuse in Ukraine before during and after the coup in February 2014. For anyone with an interest in the Russian version of events in Ukraine, this Whitebook about human rights violations is a perfect reference book. There are more than 80 […]

Combined Igor Strelkov's Briefings, June 25, 2014

Translated from Russian by Gleb BazovInterview with Igor Strelkov, June 25, 2015 Original: We are able to enunciate the conditions, which, in my opinion, we are prepared to offer [to Ukrainian armed force] and, on the basis of which, we would consider agreeing to a ceasefire, followed by subsequent negotiations concerning some form of a truce. The following are our conditions: First, withdrawal of Ukrainian forces to a distance of at least 10 kilometres from all the cities garrisoned by the Donetsk People’s Republic [“DPR”] and the Lugansk People’s Republic [“LPR”] Militias. Accordingly, all the blockaded settlements and Militia garrisons must be unblocked. Second, cessation of all flights over the territories controlled by DPR and LPR by any and all military aircraft â€" helicopters, airplanes, [whether they are] intelligence-gathering, ground attack or interceptor [aircraft], we do not care. Third, the cessation of any and all artillery shelling, whether directed against settlements or the positions of the Militia. It is only on the basis of these three conditions, and, in the event they are complied with, or, at the very least, taken as a basis for possible negotiations, is the Militia prepared to cease fire. However, there have been no such offers to date from the Ukrainian military, from the Ukrainian command, who, in reality, should be [our conterparts] at any such negotiations. Information from the Militia, June 25, 2014, 01:18Original: Strelkov Info During the last 40 minutes Ukrainian army actively shelled with howitzers the village of Semyonovka, near Slavyansk, and then continued with 30mm and 23mm automatic cannons. Information from Local Residents, June 25, 2015, 1:23 Original: Strelkov Info In Rubezhnoy strong explosions can be heard. Once again they are shelling Privolye from Krasnyanka â€" [so violently] that window glass is shaking. They are hitting the “Kapustin” mine in Lisichansk, using 152mm howitzers. Information from DPR, June 24, 2014, 22:35Original: Strelkov Info Rustam Abdullaev, member of the Supreme Council of DPR [Donetsk People’s Republic], [explained the circumstances] of the armed confrontation in the area of the Donetsk airport: “For the [past] two hours there was a confrontation in the area of the Donetsk airport. Three APCs and a unit of the NazGuard [National Guard] was observed, they left the territory of the airport and it is under our control. The militia suffered no casualties in the course of the skirmish. This [incident] again confirms that there is not and can never be any peace agreement between the Kiev Junta and DPR and LPR.” Note: the video embedded above is the recording of the phone call with Rustam Abdullaev during which he provided this information. The actual statement respecting control over the airport made by him during the call was that the DPR militia controlled part of the airport, not the whole area. Information from Media Agency AnnaNews, June 25, 2014, 11:38Original: Strelkov Info Today at 06:05 in the morning, Ukrainian mercenaries shelled Slavyansk. Artillery strikes continued for 40 minutes, approximately 30 shells were launched at the city. Casualties [are reported] among the civilian population, four people died. Briefing from Igor Strelkov, June 25, 2015, 11:00Original: On June 24, the anti-aircraft detachment of the militia shot down a military transport helicopter MI-8 in the are of the Karachun Mount. [The helicopter] was transporting a group of high-level SBU [Security Service of Ukraine] officers and special intelligence-gathering equipment. According to the statement from the Ukrainian side, 9 servicemen of the Ukrainian forces died; however, I do not preclude the possibility that either foreign military advisors or the commanding staff of a PMC [Private Military Contractor] were present on board. In the course of the evening and the night, artillery and mortar skirmishes continued in the areas of Slavyansk, Kramatarosk and Seversk. The artillery of the [enemy] punitive forces subjected Semyonovka, Slav-Kurortnyi, the settlement of Khimik, and the district of Artyom to shelling. Destruction resulted. In Semyonovka, the enemy once again used incendiary white phosphorus charges. At dawn on June 25, in response to the night-time shelling, detachments of the militia conducted a mortar strike against a stronghold of the enemy located on the road from Slavyansk to Kramatorsk. The enemy suffered significant losses in manpower. In the course of the night from June 24-25, detachments of the Kramatorsk battalion and of the Konstantinovka company attacked checkpoints of the enemy at Ulyanovka and Oktyabrskoe, which were moved by the enemy toward [Kramatorsk and Konstantinovka] after the declaration of the so-called “ceasefire.” [These detachments] also fired upon the enemy group that was trying to penetrate our positions. As a result of these confrontations, several soldiers of the enemy were wounded; no losses on our side. Statement from the Command of the DPR Militia, June 25, 2014, 11:05Original: The command of the DPR [Donetsk People’s republic] Militia states that it is no inclined calmly to watch the continued concentration of the punitive forces [of the enemy] on the positions intended for starting an assault. The Militia reserves the right to ignore the so-called “ceasefire” and conduct strikes against the enemy wherever it may be convienient. The command of the DPR Militia considers the following conditions to be precedent to any ceasefire negotiations: Immediate removal of blockades [around] all cities and all other settlements where militia units may be based, in conjunction with a relocation of all detachments of the Ukrainian armed forces and all other militarized units to a distance of not less than 10 kilometres away.Relocation of all mechanized armoured units and detachments to the rear.Cessation of any flights of military aviation, including drones, over the territory controlled by the DPR and the LPR [Lugansk People’s Republic] Militias.Immediate removal, pursuant to separate agreements, of all garrisons and military bases located on the territory of DPR and LPR. Only if the above-noted preliminary conditions are complied with will the DPR Militia agree to terminate military activity at the front and in the enemy rear and to commence with the Ukrainian armed forces and all other militarized formations negotiations with respect to continuation of ceasefire and exchange of POWs [prisoners of war] and detainees. The command of the DPR Militia expresses hope that the command of the Ukrainian armed forces and all other militarized formations is keenly aware of the impossibility of a military victory over the insurgent people of Donbass and of the need for real steps to be taken to stop further bloodshed. If our proposals are adopted as the base [of discussion], the command of the DPR Militia is prepared to consider counter-offers. Briefing from Igor Strelkov, June 25, 2015, 12:31Original: Strelkov Info In the course of the night, skirmishes, including with the use of artillery fire, continued in the vicinity of Slavyansk. The enemy continued concentrating forces on its foothold near the village of Krivaya Luka, from which the entire population has been evicted. In the area of Kramatorsk and Konstantinovka, detachments of the Militia attacked the advance checkpoints of the punitive forces, which moved forward on armoured vehicles, in the vicinity of Oktyabrskoye and Ulyanovka. The detachments also repelled an attempts by the intelligence-gathering group [of the enemy] to penetrate into Konstantinovka. The enemy suffered casualties. At dawn, the stronghold of the enemy located on the Slavyansk-Kramatorsk highway was subjected to a combined strike, using artillery, mortars and AGS [Note 1: AGS-17 "Plamya" (216P) automatic grenade launcher]. Concentrations of infantry and light armoured vehicles of the enemy were noted at the checkpoint. The enemy, which was located in a crowded fashion in a small area, suffered significant losses in manpower. Two separate fires were visually observed [at the location]. At 11:00, positions of the enemy near the Kombikormoviy checkpoint were attacked with mortars and small arms. On their part, the Ukies answered with howitzer and mortar fire from Karachun Mount and their other positions. At this time, there are ongoing skirmishes across-the-board. The weather is unsuitable for flying, after yesterday’s rain the ground is moist, and the movement of wheeled vehicles is limited other than on paved roads. It is possible that, in addition to 9 Ukrainian military officers, a group of foreign military advisors or PMC [Private Military Corporation] commanders was present in the helicopter that our fighters shot down yesterday. This information has not been verified, and I cannot vouch for its authenticity. Note 1: The AGS-17 "Plamya" (216P) is a heavy infantry support weapon designed to operate from a tripod or it can be mounted on an installation or vehicle. The AGS-17 fires 30 mm grenades in either direct or indirect fire to provide suppressive and lethal fire support against soft skinned or fortification targets. See Wikipedia and RuWiki. Infromation from Igor Strelkov, June 25, 2014, 14:21Original: Today, an enemy group in the area of Krivaya Luka was subjected to strikes both from the direction of Seversk (by the “Lisa” unit of the battalion of A. Mozgovoi) and from the direction of Nikolayevka (by the Nikolayevka company composed of the personnel of the Slavyansk garrison). A store of ammunition located on one of the heights occupied by the enemy detonated as a result of these mortar strikes, and 3 separate fires could be observed. The infantry and the equipment of the enemy, which were concentrated on starting positions for an assault, and therefore were not entrenched, suffered large losses. There is [now] electricity in Slavyansk, but not in all districts. Almost everywhere, there is no water. We have foodstuffs for now, and even in excess, but distribution is failing. We are conducting an accounting of stocks and will be introducing food cards. Information from Locations, June 25, 2014Original: Strelkov Info As usual, the outskirts of Slavyansk were shelled last night. Lisichansk was also subjected to nighttime shelling. All is calm in Donetsk, there were no cannons and suchlike yesterday, there was a skirmish â€" no need to overstate things. In Slavyansk, another day of “truce” a-la Poroshenko began with artillery strikes. There are killed and wounded among the civilian population. A gas pipeline was damaged. Explosions were heard all day in the Slavyansk area. An explosive device detonated in Antratsit, in a civilian district near Pharmacy No. 68. A 10-month-old child was badly wounded and later passed away in the hospital. In addition to the railway line Debaltsevo-Uglegorsk, the following rail lines were blown up yesterday: Gorlovka-Pantelimonovka, Novobakhmutovka-Gorlkovka and Karavannaya. Statement from the DPR PM, Alexander Borodai, June 25, 2014, 18:50Original: Strelkov Info DPR Prime Minister, Alexander Borodai, confirmed to journalists that DPR is in possession of tanks and howitzers: “Yes, the Militia now has tanks, a fairly substantial number of them. The Ukrainian side is rich with tanks. The armoured vehicles were obtained by the Militia fighters as war trophies. Other than tanks, the Militia fighters have also secured other heavy weapon trophies, such as, for instance, howitzer. Latest Hourly Briefings from LocationsOriginal: Strelkov Info Ukie forces have based artillery systems (which appear to be “Acacias”) and tanks in Varvarovka (near Rubezhnoye), at the abandoned cannery and at the tractor brigade depot. They are placing tents. 17:55 (MSK) â€" In the area of the Kombikormoviy an intense battle is ongoing. In the course of the day, maneuver-centric battles took place across the entire theater of operations. 19:25 (MSK) â€" Howitzer fire is coming from the direction of Ostavki; explosions are heard near Brusino. 19:35 (MSK) â€" Gunfire is heard in the area of the southern side of Krasniy Liman. 19:50 (MSK) â€" Four Hummers have left from the side of Borovenkova, headed to Karachun Mount. 20:20 (MSK) â€" Mercenaries with a strong accent at the Ukie checkpoint near the third Bylbasovka on the way to Cherkasskoye. Fairly polite. In the area of Kombikormoviy, at the Ukie checkpoint, they are harassing people, shooting their legs, those who are driving out [of the area] they call marauders, rob them of their things. They tried to seize the car of one of the passerby â€" only the screams of the female passengers scared the Nazi bastards away. 20:45 (MSK) â€" On the southern side of Krasniy Liman artillery shelling continues. 21:00 (MSK) â€" Several strong explosions and shooting with an AP-30 [Note 1: AP-30 "Plamya-A" (9A800) aircraft(helicopter)-based grenade launcher] heard near Nikolayevka. 21:20 (MSK) â€" Sounds of a propeller aircraft heard in the area of Krasniy Liman, heading toward Yampol. In the village of Vasilyevka (Yasinovatskiy region), one of the “Motor” cooperative’s buildings is burning. Fire was not caused by military activity. Note 1: AP-30 "Plamya-A" (9A800) aircraft-based grenade launcher, an evolution of AGS-17 "Plamya" (216P) intended to be installed on aircraft, specifically - helicopters. See Aviaros.Narod.Ru. Statement from Igor Strelkov, June 25, 2013, 17:30Regarding the Proposed "Medal for Military Valour" Original: Comrades!We have a request: As you know by now, we have been awarding Crosses of St. George. The only difference between these Crosses and the original Cross of St. George version used during the First World War is an engraving and its position [on the Cross]. As of this time, we have created granted approximately 30 of these awards (including several â€" posthumously), Crosses have been issued to a dozen of award holders. However, the Cross of St. George is our highest form of recognition at this time. The personalized knives and pistols are also important, but we need another award of a lower rank than the Cross of St. George (which is issued for services rendered in connection with performing tasks directly on the field of battle), but which would permit us to reward [other] military achievements, including those not associated with an extremely high risk to life. Simply speaking, we consider it necessary to institute an award of a Medal “For Military Valour,” taking, as a starting example, an appropriate USSR medal. Russian Federation does not have claims on this type of award (there is already an approximate equivalent â€" the Suvorov Medal). With a few changes in design, a medal like that would suit us well. I propose that there take place a competition for the layout of the specified medal, to be conducted with a quick turnaround deadline. And, once a layout is confirmed, several hundred of these medals (to begin with) would need to be manufactured. My gratitude, in advance, for all the proposals! I ask that the moderators [of] create a separate forum for this discussion. With respect, Igor

US Hegemony and “Cold War Renewed”, With A Vengeance While Washington Again Lies

Сводка новостей Новороссии (Ð"НР,ЛНР) 29 июня 2014 / Summary of the Novorossia news 29.06.2014,2008:video:pSbwPMk-Fv4

A Very Complete Analysis by the Saker of the Crisis in Ukraine

This is the most complete and, in my opinion, also a very correct analysis of the crisis in Ukraine initiated by the Neocons in the US. I don’t know who this “Saker” really is. But I do know that he knows a lot about Russia, USA and the New World Order. Having followed the Saker’s […]

Russia slams Kiev over Odessa deaths

- Russia has censured pro-Western authorities in Kiev as ‘criminally irresponsible’ following a deadly fire in the trade union building in Ukraine’s Odessa.

Gulf War Documents: Meeting between Saddam Hussein and US Ambassador to Iraq April Glaspie

Saddam-Glaspie meeting Transcript of Meeting Between Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein and U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie. – July 25, 1990 (Eight days before the August 2, 1990 Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait) (published on GR on March 5, 2012) July…

Putin’s Choices in Ukraine

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. That is the situation for Putin with regards to the crisis in Ukraine right now. As before, the blogger called “the Saker” describes Russia’s choices in an excellent way. What is going on is unbelievable. It is incomprehensible that the individual countries in Europe can support the […]

Kiev deploys Neo

NEO â€" Japanese Sanctions against the Russian Federation

- The real threat is who is really running the show in the US and Europe. Is it the elected leaders, or those who are really behind who gets elected?

Kiev deploys Neo

The Ukrainian government is deploying paramilitary groups in close cooperation with the army against opposition in the eastern part of the country. This collaboration has been largely ignored by Western media. While the armed actions of pro-Russian separatists are dealt…

Ukrainian Successors to Hitlerite Wehrmacht Rape and Murder in Saurovka

Message from Fyodor Berezin, Igor Strelkov’s Deputy, June 25, 2014, 00:40 Original: Strelkov Info Small Russian Village Saurovka and the Banderovite Abominations There is in Donbass an itty-bitty village â€" Saurovka. It’s right next to the Saur-Mogila Mound memorial. The Ukie army, being a direct successor to Hitlerite Wehrmacht, terribly hates Saur-Mogila, as it is a symbol of Russian valor in the Great Patriotic War. All the time their artillery and mortars lob shells directly at the memorial. But they cannot get any closer. On and around the Mound our fighters lie in wait. However, I am not here to talk about the defence of the memorial or of the [strategic] height. I will talk about the little village of Saurovka. It’s really small. There are only 50 or so houses [in the entire settlement]. One day, the pravoseki [Right Sector militants] came there. NazGuard [National Guard], Azov-2 and Dnepr-2. And then they instilled European values in the village. They cut out[, murdered] all the men. They would cut them alive. They would cut the arms, then the legs. Then the head. They did not cut the women â€" they raped them. And now they continue [to rape them], during the pauses between battles. Doubtlessly, the various fanboys of Europe and the Maidanites will say that these are made-up fairy tales. Nevertheless, all [that I said] is true. So, Messrs. Lyashko and Poroshenko, what was it that you were bleating about? A ceasefire? Something about how we need to disarm? There were no weapons in Saurovka … Take note, chocolate baron, truth is on our side, and, one day, we will come for you. Yes, you, personally! The forested area around Saur-Mogila continues to be replenshished with the fresh dead. The pravoseki are inhuman not only toward the Donbass residents. Even their own they consider nothing but garbage. They don’t bury them properly. They do not care. They throw some earth on them, and the job’s done. The green of the forest [is soaked] with the smell of dead flesh. Sometimes they even leave their guns with the dead. Why care, right? Amreeka sponsors them, they’ll throw something new their way or buy [weapons] from some Poles. They lob cluster shells at our guys. Not made in Ukie-stan. The shrapnel is such that, if it catches you, it will rip you up so that you can’t heal. A few days ago, militia fighters got a woman sniper with an “Utyes” [Note 1: NSV-12.7 “Utyes” machine gun]. Hello Poland! The girl was from there. She had the newest American automatic rifle 12.5mm calibre. We could not use the rifle. The heavy machine gun “Utyes” destroyed the [weapon]. I have a feeling that the Saur-Mogila Mound memorial is again becoming a symbol of Russian valour in the struggle against fascism. A few day ago, the Nazis refused to attack our strategic heigh, and the pravoseki then starting shooting at their own â€" to whip up the attack. But then those [who were fired upon] got upset and started shooting back. Our fighters, looking from above, found this highly entertaining. If only the circus came by more often! However, this circus is not going to last long. Very soon we will push the Ukie-nazis out, from the outskirts of Saur-Mogila as well as from other places. Prepare your white shoes [Note 2].------- Note 1: НСÐ'-12,7 «УтÑ'с» (Индекс Ð"РАУ â€" 6П11) or NSV-12.7 “Utyes” (GRAU Index â€" 6P11) â€" is a Soviet-made 12.7mm large-calibre machine gun, intended for attacks on lightly-armored targets and firepower equipment, infantry personnel of the enemy and air targets. See Wikipedia and RuWiki. Note 2: The reference to "white shoes" is a suggestion to the Ukrainian Nazis to get ready to die, as in "white shoes" that are put on the dead when they are buried.

US Hegemony and “Cold War Renewed”, With A Vengeance While Washington Again Lies

The Cold War made a lot of money for the military/security complex for four decades dating from Churchill’s March 5, 1946 speech in Fulton, Missouri declaring a Soviet “Iron Curtain” until Reagan and Gorbachev ended the Cold War in the…

“Color Revolutions”: US State Department Document Confirms Regime Change Agenda in the Middle East

The ghost of a lieutenant: our name is Strelkov

Could the Ukraine, backed by NATO, attack Russia?

On at least three occasions I tried to dispel the notion that the US/NATO could attack Russia or Russian forces in the Ukraine (see here, here and here).  I tried to show that geography, over-reach and politics made a conventional attack impossible and I tried to show that a nuclear attack, whether tactical or strategic, could not succeed.  There is a new theory which is apparently going around now which goes something like this: the Ukraine will re-arm and re-organize with the technical and financial help of the AngloZionist Empire, and then it will attack Crimea, possibly with the support of NATO airpower.  Sounds scary, but the good news is that it is just as implausible as the other theories.  Today, I want to explain why.First and foremost, from a military point of view there can be no such thing as an "attack in Crimea" separate form a full-scale attack on Russia itself.  Crimea is not a distant island in the middle of nowhere (like the Malvinas) and it will soon be fully integrated into the Russian defense system.  Second, being a peninsula, Crimea is extremely hard to attack as the British and the Germans have found out.  So no matter how you try to package it, from a purely military point of view, to have any chance of success an attack on Crimea would have to include a full scale attack on Russia. And let me immediately put to rest the argument about NATO airpower: not only did it miserably fail in Bosnia, it did not even have what it takes to attack Syria, nevermind Iran.  The USAF is flying either very good old aircraft or very bad modern aircraft whose attrition rate trying to deal with both the Russian Air Force and the Russian Air Defense Network, especially around Crimea, would be huge.  Bombing an almost defenseless Serbia for 78 days (for pathetic results!) is one thing, trying to bomb Crimea and Russia proper is harder by several orders of magnitude.  As for US/NATO ground forces, they would have a hard time even getting anywhere near Crimea.  Which leaves the US Navy.Unlike the US Army and Air Force, the USN is in much better shape and far more powerful than the Russian Navy.  But to meaningfully participate in an attack on Crimea it would have to act from the eastern Mediterranean as entering the Black Sea would be not only suicidal, but even impossible for US Aircraft Carriers (not to mention completely contrary to US Naval doctrine).  In reality, the USN could inflict far more devastating attacks on Russia in the Pacific, the Kola Peninsula or even the Baltic Sea than in southern Russia.Which leave a hypothetical "future Ukrainian military" (the current one is unable to take Slaviansk or Kramatorsk, and could not even hold on to Krasnyi Liman).  We can hypothesize all we want about how motivated this future Ukrainian military would be, but I personally cannot imagine what would motivate a future Ukrainian soldier to go and fight Russia, even for Crimea.  But even if we assume a tremendous motivation, the fact is that the most the Ukraine can hope for in the next 1-10 years is to put a lot of men under arms and use outdated military hardware augmented with modern electronics, communication gear, targeting systems, command and control networks, etc.   But even this relatively modernized Ukrainian military would face the very same problem which defeated the Swedes, the Crusaders, Napoleon and Hitler: no, not the "General Winter" canard, but Russia's strategic depth.  Let me give just one example.One of the most formidable weapons in the Russian military arsenal is the new Su-34 figher-bomber whose combat radius is estimated at over 1'000km but who already flew 6'000km with 2 mid-air refuellings.  In a combat mission, such Su-34s could be protected by advanced Su-35S' who have a very similar combat range.  In practical terms, this means that the Russian Air Force could strike Ukrainian units practically from anywhere west of the Urals.  And did I mention that Russia has 28 AWACs while the Ukraine has none?  This is just one small example, but it illustrates the different kind of importance strategic depth can in modern warfare.I could go on for hours giving further examples, but I think that the point is clear: the Ukrainian military, even with the benefit of western financial and technical aid, and even with motivated soldiers, simply has no chance at all to re-take Crimea, nevermind prevail in a conflict against Russia.So the only real risk is that the AngloZionists would order their Gauleiter in Kiev (whether Poroshenko or any other) to provoke a conflict with Russia not with the aim to prevail, but with the aim to create a crisis and force Russia to use her military power.  Alas, the Ukraine will always have enough military power to attack Crimea and get many people killed.  The attack will fail, but a crisis will be triggered.Whatever may be the case, the Russian military has already announced a major effort to strengthen the defenses of the Crimean Peninsula and the Black Sea (including new bombers, submarines, air defense systems, naval infantry, etc.).  In fact, all the signs are that Russia will make the Crimean Peninsula the key node of her entire southwestern defense posture.I sincerely believe that while such theories make for good headlines, an attack by anybody on Russia is extremely unlikely and that it is unhelpful to spend too much time on such far-fetched possibilities.   Senseless terrorist attacks and the subversion of the Crimean Tatars minority are far more likely threats than a conventional military attack.The Saker

June 26th IRAQ SITREP by Mindfriedo

22nd June: Umaya Naji Jbara, the advisor to the governor of Tikrit was killed by a Daash sniper. She was holding a RPG at the time of death and had killed three fighters of Daash before she was martyred. 25th June: The airstrikes carried out on rebel positions around the town of Qaim were by the Syrian air force. Nouri al Maliki in an interview to the BBC stated that even though the air strikes were not requested by his government, but they were welcome. The Iraqi had first claimed that US drones had carried out the strikes, which the latter had denied. 25th June: The Iranian foreign Ministry has denied that General Qassem Soleimani is in Iraq. The Iranians insist that Iraq has not asked for assistance, when it does, they will consider the request. 25th June: Daash, or if people prefer to call them a coalition of Sunni Muslim Iraqi tribes, have burnt 11 churches, and destroyed/desecrated the grave of Prophet Yunus(Jonah[as]) and the grave of prophet Shayth (Seth[as]) in Mosul. There is a twitter photograph of a Daash fighter taking a sledge hammer to the grave of Prophet Yunus (as)., 26th June: Kerry has warned other nations from meddling. (Pot calling the Kettle black) 26thJune: Iran is reportedly shelling the positions of an Iranian Kurdish opposition group, PJAK, inside Iraq. 26th June: A fresh offensive by Daash against Christian villages in the north has seen villagers fleeing to Kurdish areas for refuge. 26th June: Shia refuges from the village of Tuz Khurmato and Bashir outside of Kirkuk who had fled to Kurdish areas for protection are describing a massacre by Daash. The Kirkuk deputy police chief, Gen. Turhan Abdel-Rahman, has confirmation of 40 bodies shot at point blank range from three villages. More bodies remain in Bashir. Peshmerga snipers cover the village to check the advance of Daash. Those killed were Turkoman Shias. A Shia man has narrated how his father, a septuagenarian, was gunned down by Daash. He now says, with tears in his eyes, that he will kill the militants with his bare hands. 26th June: The weapons that Iran is airlifting to Baghdad include rockets, heavy machine guns and multiple rocket launchers. 26th June: The former Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq and Kurdish politician, Barham Salih, “We need to empower the moderate Sunnis to take on Isis”. 26th June: Moqtada Al Sadr from Najaf “We will shake the ground under the feet of ignorance and extremism.” Sadr had been critical of Maliki seeking a third term. He has asked for the formation of a unity government that includes Sunnis. Sadr has been critical of allowing American “advisors” back into Iraq. 26th June: The Iraqis are reorganizing the armed forces. 26th June: John Kerry is expected to visit Saudi Arabia. 26th June: William Hague, the British Foreign Secretary, is in Baghdad for talks. He will be travelling to Iraqi Kurdistan to meet Kurdish leaders too. 26th June: Iyad Allawi, Former Prime Minister of Iraq and head of the United Coalition that is also a part of the ruling United Alliance, has been meeting, Kurdish, Arab Sunni, and Iraqi leaders to find a solution for Iraq’s future. 26th June: A Saudi suicide bomber blew himself up in a hotel in Beirut when Security Services were raiding it. They were acting on intelligence and were trying to apprehend a terrorist cell. 26th June: Members of the National Alliance, which includes Maliki’s coalition, have met in Baghdad to discuss future government formation. Maliki is insisting on being made Prime Minister for a third term. 26th June: The government has repelled another assault on Samarra. Six Daash militants were killed and weapons including a sniper rifle seized. 26th June: Daash just got richer. Daash militants have robbed a Government bank in Central Baghdad of 6 billion Iraqi Dinars equivalent to 6 million USD. For a militia with sublime aims, they sure know how to rob banks. 26th June: Violence reported from different parts of Iraq: The government security forces are claiming to have killed a Daash commander north of Tikrit with the aid of air support. Qassim Atta (spokesperson of the Iraqi Army) has announced the killing of 22 Daash fighters and the destruction of 8 vehicles by the Security Services in Anbar province. A car bomb explodes in Kirkuk. Kurdish security personnel and local police tried to clear the crowd in anticipation of a follow up attack. A man being beaten by the locals is arrested and taken away. Mortar attacks on the Shia suburb of Mahmoudiya in Baghdad have resulted in 58 fatalities. A shop selling alcohol is attacked in Eastern Baghdad by unidentified gunmen. Five people are reported dead. Tribal fighters have killed 7 Daash fighters north of Baqouba, Diyala. Iraqi army helicopters bomb Saddam’s palace in Tikrit. Further reading: These are two articles by Bhadrakumar, in the first one he talks about Iran snubbing the Americans on cooperation in Iraq, and in the other, he talks of possible cooperation. Somebody had posted the first link when I had mentioned possible cooperation in an earlier SITREP. Nothing seems constant in Iraq’s shifting sands. An old article by Seymour Hersh that touches on US and Israeli support of anti Iranian Kurdish groups: An anti Daash page A Short Analysis: If I were an Iraqi Shia: I would want to have Sunnis on board, Kurds on Board, but since the majority is Shia, Shias on top. I would want federalism as opposed to autonomy. Seeing that my shrines are in danger, I would arm against Daash. If I were an Iraqi Sunni: I would want what the Kurds have, autonomy from any Shia government, share in the pie. A nationalist government at the centre. Seeing that none of this is possible, I would not fight against Daash. If I were a Kurdish Iraqi: Autonomy to continue if not independence. The government in the centre to fight with Daash, it is a mess they created. A greater Kurdish region or at least borders where my people can move freely. I would be forced to arm myself against Daash. If I were an Iraqi Christian: There is no region I can go to. An urban people spread out with Daash as crazy and the rest uninterested. Might as well leave for my children’s sake. Now these are the only people who should actually matter. But the pressure from without will make Iraq look like the Lebanese civil war on a country scale. The Iraqi army is being reorganized. What this probably means that it is becoming a Shia army. The Shia leadership won’t trust Sunni officers after Mosul. Maybe what they can aim for is for Sunni cities to have a Sunni police force even if the army goes all Shia. The cooperation between the United States and Iraq/Iran is bound to fail. The Iranians will gain, the US will realize later, but still play the game.

The Truth About the Odessa Massacre

The murders of anti-Maidan supporters in Odessa on May 2, 2014 is totally misrepresented in Western mainstream mass media. Kyiv-Post, the English daily appallingly biased towards the globalists’ agenda executed by the junta in Kiev, described the cause of the tragedy like this: “The violence started when an armed group of pro-Russian activists attacked a […]

U.S. Politicians “Living the High Life” at Taxpayers’ Expense Even After Leaving Office

Since leaving the White House, the Clintons have earned at least 100 million dollars and currently have a net worth of up to 50 million dollars.  So why in the world do the taxpayers need to give Bill Clinton $944,000 …

Russia's western frontier has become a desert

Warning: the following is not an analysis, it is a "cri du coeur" !Looking at the photo of the three stooges oh so proud of having "prevailed" over that evil Russia I have very mixed feelings.  On one that, I have a sense of immense disgust.  No, not for the the Eurobureaucrats or for Poroshenko - they are true to character.  No, my disgust is directed at that sorry pseudo-ethnicity called "the Ukrainians" and which now has fractured into two mutually exclusive groups: the real "Ukrainians" - the Russians from "core Russia" (which is the real meaning of the expressions "Malorossia" or "Small Russia") who live on Russia's western frontier (the real meaning of the word "u-krainy") and the pseudo-Ukrainian ex-homo sovieticus (I call them Ukies) who mutated into pseudo-Europeans and who now fancy themselves as "Europeans" just because they volunteered to become the next AngloZionist colony.  These are the folks who traded a 1000-year old history for the (imaginary) prize which the capitalists have been dangling in front of their collective noses like a carrot before a donkey.  Two things characterize these folks: they are phenomenally ignorant of pretty much everything, but especially of their own history, and their credulity is quite literally infinite.  In other words - they are terminally stupid.  As for their spiritual or cultural values, they don't extend beyond what is shown on a typical commercial on TV.It is at this point my thinking that I move from disgust to relief.  Relief that modern Russia will not have to deal with such a morally degenerate and spiritually corrupt population.I am Russian.  My family roots go far back into the Russian middle-ages and for me each phase in Russian history - whether good or bad - has its own spiritual significance.  From the birth of Russia at the baptism of Saint Vladimir, to the heroic resistance of Saint Alexander Nevsky, to the gradual formation of a new Russia under Ivan III, to the tragic period of Ivan IV, the Stoglav, the tragic Old Rite Schism, the spiritual desert of the reign of Peter I, to the rebirth of Russia through the times of Alexander II and Alexander III and to the martyrdom and final transition form an earthly empire to a spiritual reality under the Czar-Martyr Nicholas II - each of these moments in history can only be understood through spiritual eyes and not by means of materialistic categories.  And even though modern Russia is still spiritually sick, very sick, I clearly perceive the signs of a spiritual revival, or a gradual shedding of the materialistic delusions which had been imposed upon the Russian people during the 20th century. What some (correctly) call a "clash of civilizations" between Russia and the West is a reality.  Likewise, when the Ukrainian propaganda speaks of a "civilizational choice" it is inadvertently expressing a profound spiritual truth.  Russia is barely standing up, still shaking and in many ways confused, but already it is resisting the capitalist rot which is corroding the western civilization and Russia is already (correctly) perceived as a threat by the western plutocracy.  If this is what a weak and still confused Russia is capable of, just imagine what it could do if it fully recovered its true spiritual and cultural identity and strength!So this for me is a crucial question: does the slowly healing Russia really need to live under the same cultural/civilizational roof with the kind of folks which brought Iatseniuk or Poroshenko to power?  I say let Europe deal with them!  In fact, the Ukies and the EU richly *deserve* each other.Yes, I know, Kiev is the cradle of the entire Russian civilization, but did Christ Himself not say "And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell." (Matt. 5:29).  I don't want Russia to perish for the Ukraine, much less for for the pseudo-Ukraine I call "Banderastan".The Pope's Crusaders came from the West.  Napoleon's Masons came from the West.  The German and Austro-Hungarian imperialists came from the West.  Then the Nazis came from the West.  Now the AngloZionists are coming from the West.  In the past, each time the "outer-Russians" (the correct translation of "Grand Russians") came and saved the Ukraine from these invaders and they did that a a huge cost for Russia.  But at least in the past the real Ukrainians never confused the occupier and the liberator.  Nowadays this has changed.  In fact, the modern  "Ukrainians" think that they are feeling a deep kinship with the invader, they even identify with him.  I think that Russia should stop pretending that this is not happening and that these two are "brother" nations.  Okay, maybe they were brothers in the past, but now all they share is the brotherhood of Cain and Abel.There is no continuity between Saint Vladimir and Poroshenko and what we are observing in Kiev today is what the Scripture call the "the abomination of desolation standing in the holy place".  And the Ukies like it that way.  They have no use for holiness.  I say let them have it!Yes, of course, there is Novorussia which Russia cannot and will not abandon.  And Crimea will forever remain part of Russia.  And there are still real Russians in Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Mariupol, Nikolaev, Odessa and even in Kiev.  But these Russians either cannot or don't want to fight to free their land from the current western occupier and they need to live with the consequences of this choice.As for the rest of Russia, I hope to see it turn to the North and the East were its real future lies.  Let the EU deal with Banderastan, let Banderastan deal with the EU and let them jointly enjoy their role as faithful servants of the plutocratic elite which administers the European AngloZionist protectorate on behalf of the USA.   Let the Ukies, the Balts and the East-Europeans all race each other to see who will get the title of "employee of the month" from Uncle Sam.  Let them bask in their newfound pride to have finally become full members of the civilization of Walmart and McDonalds.  And let them keep on digging a deep trench all along the Russian-Ukrainian border.  While it is, of course, militarily useless (what in the world are the Ukie generals thinking?!) is a a fantastic symbol of what the ex-Ukraine now "EU-associated Banderastan has become".  Russian kids should be bussed in from their schools and shown this trench while their teachers explain to them what kind of people dug this trench and why.Russia's western frontier has become a desert.  It is high time for Russia to accept this reality and act on it.The Saker

Putin Speaks

On April 17, Putin held his annual televised Q & A session. He did it with ordinary Russians nationwide. He did it for the 12th time. Doing so connects with them.

An important question about the veracity of the info coming out of Novorossia.

When I posted the translation of the Ukrainian Successors to Hitlerite Wehrmacht Rape and Murder in Saurovka  Message from Fyodor Berezin, Igor Strelkov’s Deputy" I knew that I was doing something risky which would raise some eyebrows and, sure enough, it did.  Here are two examples of such reactions:Too far. Way too far.  Ukie Nazis cutting men to pieces alive, keeping women so they can rape them, killing each other and carelessly dumping bodies along with weapons, a female sniper with a bright new American automatic rifle (?)... This is the point when the source loses all credibility. Saker, I thought you were warning of that few days ago... In order that credibility is maintained (as with Hezbollah!), a claim such as this should provide some proof. Videos or photos, explanations about this is known. If the Ukies are regularly returning to rape, that must mean they control this village, right? If so, how does the resistance know about this?This is what I posted in reply:Several of you have expressed very reasonable doubts about the veracity of this story and I for sure cannot confirm a single word in it. When anonymous read "Ukie Nazis cutting men to pieces alive, keeping women so they can rape them, killing each other and carelessly dumping bodies along with weapons, a female sniper with a bright new American automatic rifle (?)..." he/she concluded "Too far. Way too far." This was also my initial thought. Then however, I remembered that "peaceful civilians, including women and old men, beat up, gassed and burned to a crisp while the Nazi crowd sang joyful songs. The few who tried to jump from windows were shot and beat to death after their fall. At least one pregnant woman was choked to death with a telephone cord". Is that not also a case of far, too far? Except that it happened in Odessa, in front of literally thousands of witnesses. So let me ask you this:a) what are these guys capable of when there are no witnesses?b) should I de-facto censor this testimony from the combat area on the grounds that there is no proof or that such atrocities are far, too far?You tell me. Honestly! I am asking for advice here.Maybe that guy made it all up and maybe he is a clumsy propagandist. As far as I can tell, he is Strelkov's deputy and I know that Strelkov does not always get it right (his claim about the Ukie unit destroyed by his forces goes against all the witnesses of the case). So that does not reassure me. So what do I do?Shall I pass on the message "as is" or should I block it on grounds of "too far"?If there had been only ONE witness in Odessa - would it have not bee "too far"?You tell me.Then, having thought about it, I decided that this is too important an question to leave at the bottom of a long thread.  This is why I am re-posting it here.  And let me re-phrase it this way:First, I personally have no doubts whatsoever about the Ukie death squads' capacity for vicious atrocities unthinkable to a sane human being.  I need no further confirmation for myself.  Second, I have no way of verifying most of the info which I get from Novorossia and Banderastan.  Third, this is your blog - you, the reader - and you should have a say in how it is run because this blog is here to serve you, not me.  So - what do you want me to do the next time when I get such a report?I shall be waiting for your advice with great anticipation and gratitude.Coming back to the issue of the kind of people who are in power in Banderastan, I leave you with a report by The Truthseeker which touches exactly on this issue.Kind regards and many thanks,The Saker-------[youtube]

Ukraine’s EU Association Agreement, A Prelude to Further Bloodshed

A Very Complete Analysis by the Saker of the Crisis in Ukraine

This is the most complete and, in my opinion, also a very correct analysis of the crisis in Ukraine initiated by the Neocons in the US. I don’t know who this “Saker” really is. But I do know that he knows a lot about Russia, USA and the New World Order. Having followed the Saker’s […]

Is NATO Marching on Moscow?

 Do we see a small crack in the facade of the western mainstream media regarding the crisis in Ukraine? The article below, by Foreign Policy In Focus columnist Conn Hallinan, was published, not only on FPIF but also on Huffington Post. Even if neither of those media outlets is deeply under the control of the […]

Moment of Truth: “Fascism As It Is” in Ukraine

We bring to the attention of GR readers a film by Russian TV journalist, author and host of the “Moment of Truth” Andrei Karaulov “Ukrainian fascism.” The film is dedicated to the tragic events in Ukraine. The film’s title refers…

Washington pushing Ukraine to conflict â€" Lavrov

America’s “Nonconventional War” against Syria: Western Media Narrative Enters into Comedy Act

From Stalinism to the New Cold War

Soviet Fates and Lost Alternatives: by Stephen F. Cohen. This is the second book I recommend if you want to better understand Russia and its relationship to the world. My first book-recommendation, “Full Spectrum Dominance” by F. William Engdahl, describes how the global cabal running the US government […]

June 25th Combat SITREP by Juan

1. There was and is no 'cease fire' in Novorossiya. Right sector/nats guard never stopped their attacks and bombardments nor have units of Ukraine Army. We know what West Media is saying, blaming all incidents on us. They are liars. We can not stand down while under attack from the enemy.2. Bombardments of Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Donetsk City, Lugansk City and outlying towns and villages continues day and night. 3. Smerch missile systems are now in the Lugansk and Donetsk City areas. Confirmed eyes on.4. Ukraine is now deploying by artillery anti personnel mines. These mines have no 'inert date' in them. Confirmed, eyes on. We will be losing civilians for years after the fighting is over.5. Reports of 400 soldiers of 25th Airborne Regiment leaving the combat area are not confirmed. 6. Large areas of the Novorossiya/Russia border are under Novorossiya control. There have been scattered attacks by Ukr Army on some of our border posts. Attacks were not successful. No known civilian casualties in these attacks.7. Many thousands of Novorossiya civilians are crossing the border with Russia to escape the bombardments and attacks on them. At some crossing points traffic is backed up for more than 5 kilometers. Confirmed, eyes on.8. Krasni Limahn is still not secure. Our troops are involved in scattered fighting in the area. Novorossiya has made an effort to remove the many civilian bodies in the streets and buildings of Krasni Limahn in areas that we control.9. Neither Donetsk Airport nor Lugansk Airports are totally under control of Novorossiya. Scattered fighting is ongoing in both areas. 10. The Mi24 shoot down yesterday is confirmed. The helicopter was not full of 'cease fire monitors' as Kiev says. It is confirmed the now deceased occupants were all combat armed Ukr soldiers.  11. Slavyansk and outlying towns and villages are completely cut off from water, gas, electric and sewer systems. The only water available is from wells and streams. Food supplies are dwindling rapidly. Novorossiya Army is making efforts to get food in to the areas. These efforts are contested by the enemy even though clearly marked as to their purpose. Confirmed. 12. The systematic bombardments by Ukr Army of Novorossiya cities, towns and villages has several purposes. One is to terrorize and drive out as many civilians as possible, leading to the death and wounding of many innocent civilians. Second is to cut off water and electric to all civilian areas possible. Third is to destroy as much of the physical plant and industry including mines as possible. 13. Ukraine Army is laying minefields in civilian and uncontested areas. These fields are unmarked. Confirmed loses of civilians and livestock in the minefields.14. Two carelessly driven Ukr Army trucks became mired in mud near one of our outposts. We are in possession of the contents and drivers of both. Drivers are now members of Novorossiya Army at their request. Contents of both trucks are a welcome addition to our supply train and were quite interesting. 15. 07:17 25 June fierce fighting ongoing in Slavyansk area near foot of Karachuk Mountain. Mountain is bombarding Slavyansk and under bombardment from our mortars. We do not have long range artillery to bombard all of Karachuk. Casualties are unknown at this time.16. 24 June and 25 June, confirmed eyes on strong armor columns of Ukr Army including main battle tanks and light tanks are moving and deploying in the Donetsk City and Lugansk City areas. 17. Partisan activities in Kharkov area are ongoing. Confirmed a large column of fresh right sector/nats guard replacements was ambushed and suffered significant casualties and vehicle losses. No known casualties for the partisans. 18. без комментариев. 19. My evaluation of your Watershed Moment analysis:  Shows and tells pretty much everything in the overall view with most the players and actors mentioned. The only problem is the situation is so fluid what is true this morning may not be true at noon. As I said some time ago, you and a lot of the posters on blog are intellectually so far above this poor old grunt I've got to look up to see your feet. That being said, the post was pretty complete and well laid out in the analysis of the options and actions of both sides of this war. Easily understandable even for my poor tired brain.  The moral of our boys is extremely high. Those I talked to Sunday were tired but very upbeat and that's putting it mildly. There has indeed been a sea change in the last week or 10 days.  A massive attack on Lugansk City and Donetsk City proper is expected by Friday at the latest. There are again rumblings of a concerted gas attack in the opening bombardment. Kiev is desperate to force VV to intervene. He won't unless civilian casualties from a gas attack are huge. And they will be and will be blamed on our boys if the gas attack is done. Casualties will be bad enough from the preliminary bombardment. Kiev is massing everything they have for the bombardment right down to slingshots.  I know the downed chopper is being ID'd as an Mi8. My sources are pretty adamant the one they saw go down was an Mi24, in the same general area and with roughly the same soldier load. If it's an Mi24, why so few soldiers? Full of some kind of special cargo? Perhaps two birds got waxed?

Today’s Oligarch Curtain of Lies, Theft, Death and Destruction Are Exposed As Never Before

In psychology our belief system shapes our perceptions of the world around us, in fact becoming our very sense of reality. Our primary caregivers, most often our parents, project their view of us and their world onto us and we…

Is the US Poking Russia into a Nuclear War?

Is actually the U.S Provoking Russia in to a Nuclear Battle?  Read more here … U.S.-Russia Relationships: Russian leader may be in fact seeking an encounter See more…

Music video: "Ukraine


Ukraine SITREP June 24th, 14:33 UTC/Zulu

It appears that the ceasefire has had a bigger impact on the big cities of Lugansk and Donetsk than in the smaller cities on the frontline like Slaviansk or Kramatorsk were combat operations have apparently continued.  Furthermore, as Juan has reported, Ukrainian troops are further being resupplied and reinforced.  The junta's Minister of Defense has officially confirmed that the notorious "Battalion Aidar" death-squad, which had been wiped out by the NDF, was being re-formed and re-trained with new soldiers.  Igor Kolomoiski appears to be the person financing this effort.There are now officially half a million refugees from the ex-Ukraine now in the Rostov-on-the-Don region alone.  400 (not 400'000! sorry - The Saker) refugee centers have now been created in Russia east of the Ural Mountains.  The US ambassador to the UNSC has denied that there is a refugee crisis.  To Uncle Sam half a million refugees are, apparently, invisible, just like the 275'000 Serbian refugees from Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo are *still* invisible to the West.The Saker

NEO â€" Does the CIA plan a Syrian style terror war in Ukraine?

- Someone decided to pull the plug on the four-way Ukraine talks on planned for this week. Kiev decided to invade its own country.

Slavyansk residential districts ‘a mess’ after Kiev troops’ shelling, at least 3 killed (VIDEO)

Georgians as Expendable as White Rats

- There are now scattered reports of biological weapons being tested on citizens of various countries, including Georgia and some Middle Eastern countries.

Media Disinformation and “Manufactured Dissent”

James Tracy is joined by Michel Chossudovsky, award-winning author and editor of Global Research. Together they discuss the phenomenon of manufactured dissent, contemporary independent news media , and the prospects for challenging corporate media disinformation, American imperialism, and the New…

“Color Revolutions”: US State Department Document Confirms Regime Change Agenda in the Middle East

The Obama Administration has been pursuing a policy of covert support for the Muslim Brotherhood and other insurgent movements in the Middle East since 2010.  MEB has obtained a just-released U.S. State Department document through a Freedom of Information Act…

Whitebook about Ukraine by MFA Russia

This gives a chronological overview of human rights abuse in Ukraine before during and after the coup in February 2014. For anyone with an interest in the Russian version of events in Ukraine, this Whitebook about human rights violations is a perfect reference book. There are more than 80 […]

Putin’s Choices in Ukraine

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. That is the situation for Putin with regards to the crisis in Ukraine right now. As before, the blogger called “the Saker” describes Russia’s choices in an excellent way. What is going on is unbelievable. It is incomprehensible that the individual countries in Europe can support the […]

America’s “Nonconventional War” against Syria: Western Media Narrative Enters into Comedy Act

“If all the world is a stage,” as William Shakespeare once said, then the current mainstream media narrative on Syria must be the comedy act; this time, however, it isn’t very funny. Having spent the last three years failing to…

June 25th IRAQ SITREP by Mindfriedo

24th June: First batch of US “Advisors” arrive in Iraq. Most arrive in Baghdad but some have been sent to Kirkuk to try and establish a coordinated intelligence gathering centre in Kirkuk and in Baghdad. The US plans to fly 30-35 reconnaissance missions over Iraq soon. The Iraqi government has agreed to share intelligence with the US. 24th June: Iraqi news sources are reporting on US drones carrying out strikes on Daash positions in Anbar. 25th June: Gunmen have killed three Iranian Security Personnel on patrol along the Iran Iraq border in Kermanshah. 25th June: The Milliyet Turkish Daily states that citizens from the following countries are detected at the Turkish Syrian border: China, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, the United States, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Yemen, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Sudan and Russia 25th June: Iraqi PM Nouri Al Maliki on efforts by the West to supplant him “The call to form a national emergency government is a coup against the constitution and the political process. The dangerous goals of forming a national emergency government are not hidden. It is an attempt by those who are against the constitution to eliminate the young democratic process and steal the votes of the voters.” 25th June: Iran Moves in. According to the New York Times Iran is sending two flights per day of 70 tons each of military supplies. Iran has also set up an intelligence gathering centre and a communications intercepting post in Baghdad. It has also started flying reconnaissance drones over Iraqi airspace. 25th June: Iran has repatriated 88 (some sources claim 130) aircraft, military and transport, that it held for 20 years to Iraq. Qassim Atta the spokesperson of the Iraqi Armed Forces states that these aircraft will now be used to fight Daash. 25th June: Syria carries out airstrikes on rebel positions in Western Iraq. The rebel authorities are reporting civilian casualties. Syria is also reportedly flying drones over Iraqi areas along Syria’s border. The Sunni residents of Western Iraq are protesting these airstrikes. 25th June: Time magazine publishes a piece titled “the End of Iraq.” The future map of Iraq it proposes hands Kirkuk to the Kurds and Baghdad to the Sunnis. The Sunni parts include parts of Syria and the Kurdish future state has both Iraqi and Syrian parts of Kurdistan as one. 25th June: Forty Five Grad and Katyusha rockets are seized west of Basra on the Iraqi Saudi border. 25th June: Iraqi government security forces are digging in around the town of Haditha. The dam and hydro electric power plant there is of strategic importance. The local Al-Jaghafa tribe has pledged support of the government force. The commander of the Iraqi forces in Anbar, Rashid Falih, is confident that his perimeter will hold. 25th June: The US authorities have upped their estimate of Daash fighters in Iraq from 7000 to 10000 and climbing. 25th June: Bernard Kouchner, the French Foreign Minister, states that he will travel to Kurdistan soon to witness the establishing of an independent Kurdish state. 25th June: The United States authorities are more or less confident that the defence of Baghdad against a Daash led assault will hold. 25th June: The Egyptian government stops broadcasting three Iraqi channels, Baghdadiya , al-Rafedain and al-Hadath, after the Iraqi government requests that they be banned for inciting sectarian conflict in Iraq. 25th June: Jordanian truck drivers returning from western Iraq are reporting the absence of Daash militants. They state that Sunni tribes have rebelled against Maliki’s government. They state that locals are generally happy that the government forces have been routed. 25th June: Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq (AMSI) is calling for the prosecution of Shia Militias involved in the killing of Sunni prisoners in Hilla earlier in the week. Sixty nine detainees were killed. 25th June: Iraqi government reports of violence in Iraq on the 25th of June: Inter Rebel clashes in Saida in Diyala. Peshmerga forces witnessing the clashes withdrew in order to let rebels better kill each other. Daash attacks on a Pershmerga base in Baqouba have left 2 Peshmergas dead. Mortar fire has killed two civilians and injured four in Jalawa, Diyala. Five Daash fighters killed in Tikrit. They were killed in government air strikes near Spiker base. This base in Tikrit is where government forces had fled and 1500 had been captured by rebels on the 12th of June. 350 SWAT members were chained and paraded, then locked up. Daash militants have taken 180 civilans hostage from Shiekhan and Kubba villages in Nineveh. They had earlier destroyed two mosques there. 25th June: The brother of Sunni politician Mashaan al-Jobouri has been assassinated in a hotel in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan. A silenced pistol was used in his assassination. Mashaan al-Jabouri was in exile in Syria earlier and had fled Iraq in 2006. His TV channel had been critical of the American Forces in 2003 and had been described as inciting sectarian division by the Iraqi government. He later returned to Iraq in 2013 and spoke against Kurdish control of Kirkuk. The Kurds saw this as an effort on his part to curry favor with Maliki. Further reading: The following is a revealing debate on Al Jazeera following Saddam's execution between a Shia Iraqi politician and an Iraqi Sunni politician (Mashaan al Jobouri). The Sunni politician distinguishes between Iraqi Shias and those that are pseudo Iraqi, proxies of Iran and a part of Iran’s “Safavid” project. Transcript of Jobouri’s explanation at the end of the debate after the Shia politician walks out on being called an Iranian dog: “Well, first, if you please, Mr. Faisal allowed me to explain to the audience…. you were unable to bring one national Shiite guest accepts to show himself in this position. Clarify for the Iraqis….. these papers issued by the Interior Ministry, this person [Sadeq al-Musawi] who his name is "Tarek" request of Iraqi nationality in 2004, You know that he entered Qatar as Tariq and not on as Sadeq Al Mousawi, his father and mother living in Iran when recalling his friends, he recalls Ibrahim al-Jaafari and says that the has no family in Iraq. This person is not of an Iraqi citizen, he is part of the Safavid, Iranian project, when I say Shiites I do not mean the sons of Iraq from the Shiites Patriots.”

June 27th IRAQ SITREP by Mindfriedo

26th June: Another 50 US advisors arrive in Baghdad taking the tally up to 180, of the legendary 300 promised. Hope they don’t face the same fate as the Spartans. 26th June: Main backers of the Sunni insurgency meet with their Godfather in Paris: 27th June: The Iraqi government releases a video showing Baiji refinery in government hands. Army spokesperson Qassim Atta: “ISIL militants who tried to approach the Baiji refinery were crushed. We assure that the refinery has become a graveyard for ISIL coward terrorists.” 27th June: The Iraqi government is trying to wrest control of Tikrit. Airborne commando raids were carried out on Tikrit University on Thursday. Low flying helicopters carrying elite forces landed in a stadium opposite the university. One was reportedly shot down by insurgents. 27th June: Sunni residents of Tikrit claim that there are no militants in Tikrit. Daash had taken Tikrit on the 11th and 12th of June and executed 190 Shia army recruits. Daash militants are reported to have fled towards Kirkuk in anticipation of government strikes. 27th June: The government claims to have gained control of Alam district in Western district (I’m not familiar with Tikrit but the only Alam district seems to be east of the city on the other side of the river) 27th June: The government forces have gained control of the main highway from Tikrit to Samarra. Spiker military base is also now in government hands. 27th June: Daash claims responsibility for the suicide bombing that took place in Beirut yesterday. 27th June: Iran denies repatriating 130 fighter aircraft to Iraq. The Iranian spokeswoman, Marzieh Afkham, said “The news has been denied by the Iraqi authorities, and we have nothing to add about these unfounded allegations but to deny them." 27th June: Maliki has ordered military aircraft from the Russians which he expects will be delivered in two to three days. It remains a mystery who will fly these planes, Iraqis, Syrians, Russians, Iranians, US Advisors. Regarding the purchase of US aircraft Maliki stated "I'll be frank and say that we were deluded when we signed the contract [with the US]”. 27th June: Sistani has asked in his Friday sermon that key government ministries be decided before parliamentarians meet on Tuesday. His statement reads “What is required of the political blocs is to agree on the three presidencies within the remaining days to this date.” 27th June: The government of Baghdad is citing a human rights group that is claiming human right violations and genocide in the Shia village of Bashir. Daash fighters (a coalition of Sunni Tribes, Ba’athist, and disenfranchised Sunnis along with foreign fighters if people wish to call them) entered the village on the outskirts of Kirkuk on the 12th and 13th of June. There they are reported to have recorded the raping of women, crucifying those they killed, and beheading children. 27th June: Kerry clarifies that the US did not ask for an emergency government. Maliki had earlier dismissed any national emergency unity government. Iyad Allawi had made the call earlier for an emergency government. 27th June: Militia members from local provinces have arrived at a crossing in Nukhaib west of Karbala to hold it against Daash infiltration of the south of Iraq. They fear Daash getting through from Anbar province. Further reading: Baghdad’s Fifth Column: This is an interesting article by the Guardian, It talks about Sunni young men in Baghdad waiting for Daash’s advance on the capital to begin. They claim to have sleeper cells waiting to join the insurgency. I wanted to cover these topics today, but will write about them tomorrow as a short analysis Forget what to call ISIS or ISIL, Who to call Daash? Are the Sunnis tougher than the Shia? Iraqi Towns, their size and taking/holding them

Poland is Blowing in the Wrong Direction

Poland’s Foreign Minister compares his country’s relationship with USA to a “blowjob without getting paid”. In a taped “over a dinner conversation” with Jacek Rostowski, a former Polish Minister of Finance, Poland’s FM Radoslaw Sikorski allegedly expressed his frustration as … “We will get a conflict with both Russians and Germans, and we’re going to think […]