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Junta “National Guard” Fires on Junta Forces For Declining To Fire On Civilians … Gets rid of 16 Army Troops, Wounds 30

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“Down with the Junta!”


On Thursday night, an assault on an army position in Blagodatnoe, near Volnovakha got rid of 16 Ukrainian soldiers and injured 30 even more. This was the most dangerous assault on junta forces given that the putschists launched a check in the former southeastern Ukraine. This event came just a couple of days except the approaching governmental “election”. Eyewitnesses mentioned to Pervy Kanal TV that the opponents showed up in transit vans, with armored motor vehicles and battle choppers offering cover for them. The gunmen set fire to the military’s armored vehicles and started contending the novice soldiers, whose encampment was near the position. The pro-junta Donetsk Oblast Management stated that 16 soldiers passed away and 32 received injuries in the strike.

The DNR Opolchenie told LifeNews that the strike on the junta placement was a reprisal raid by radicals, i.e. the Right Industry, “Blagodatnoe locals emerged to defend their homes. The soldiers got orders to squash the resistance, however they declined to contend folks, and were, ultimately, punished for that”. Witnesses mentioned to Pervy Kanal that the transportation vans used by the aggressors for transportation belonged to Privat-Bank, had by oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. Kolomoisky moneyed the Ukrainian stroke of genius in February, and mainly added to making the alleged “National Guard” (sic), which helped legitimise the reactionary terrorists among the Euromaidan protestors. On top of that, individuals blame Kolomoisky for masterminding the Odessa misfortune on 2 May when 48 patriots perished after radicals set fire to the regional Dom Profsoyuza. The Minoborony Ukrainy verified that there was a struggle at Blagodatnoe, however spoke only of eight casualties among its troops.


Note well that the junta is providing raw conscripts to the front. Where are the regular contract personnel? Have they all taken “French leave”… no person could mention to … the junta’s clamped an “iron drape” around itself, no question, on American orders. If this shit continues, it will not take long for the army to melt away, as the Georgian pressures did in ’08 (so numerous deserted that it was difficult to try them).


22 May 2014


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“Down with the Junta!” ______________________________ On Thursday evening, a strike on a military placement in Blagodatnoe, near Volnovakha killed 16 Ukrainian soldiers and hurt 30 more. This was the deadliest assault on junta forces because the putschists introduced a repression in the former southeastern Ukraine. This incident came merely a couple of days brief of the [...] civil unrest, national politics, Russian, the Ukraine, Donetsk, Donetsk Oblast, political commentary, PrivatBank, Russia, Ukraine, Ukrainian, Volnovakha.

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