Monday, 26 May 2014

‘Cyber-attack’ about Ukraine’s election program can force ‘manual vote count’

Election commission employees make the poling station for the future presidential election inside Kiev, May 24, 2014. (Reuters/David Mdzinarishvili)

“The virus has been eliminated, software is changed. So, you have the self-confidence which the Central Election Commission’s host is secure,” Valentin Nalivaychenko, SBU head, is mentioned by UNN information agency. He is mentioned because suggesting which the virus was meant to destroy the results of presidential election about May 25.

But the CEC programmers will not be capable to fix the program inside time for the elections, coup-installed Interior Minister Arsen Avakov announced about his url.

“On May 22 unknown intruders ruined the ‘Elections’ information-analytical program of the Central Elections Commission, including those of the territorial election profits.”

“Criminal negligence of a few of the CEC officials led to a truly late reporting of the matter to the Ministry of Internal Affairs plus Security Service,” Avakov wrote. As a outcome, “programmers thus far failed to fix the CEC equipment,” the minister mentioned announcing which repairing the condition inside time for the vote count is “impossible.”

Avakov assured this might be not a “catastrophe” plus mentioned which counting can be completed manually, declaring this technique Ukraine might have “more reliable results.”

At the same time, Nalivaychenko didn’t mention any intruders however, stated the dangerous system was “illegally” installed found on the host beneath the past government of President Viktor Yanukovich, whom was overthrown through an armed coup inside February.

On Friday, UNN reported regarding a hacker attack, that prepared the Central Election Commission’s webpage inoperable for many hours.

The agency’s “informed source” stated the perpetrators tried to take information for the Commission’s sever plus therefore disrupt the Sunday’s election.

But, the source failed to explain how the info theft can affect the vote, suggesting which the lost information has to be analyzed initially.

Simply hours before the election, Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs has accepted it cannot guarantee the protection of the elections inside many cities inside the Donetsk area, based on the deputy Minister of the Central Election Commission.

“Security can not be guaranteed inside Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Krasniy Liman plus Grushivka,” Sergey Yarovoy mentioned, adding which the ministry established unique operational headquarters to coordinate protection issues with all the CEC. Contact info of these Ministry of Internal Affairs’ centers has been offered to foreign observers due to pay for elections inside east Ukraine, Yarovoy claims.

Earlier Vladimir Grinyak, the head of the Department of Public Safety inside the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs recognized which just 17 from 34 district election profits inside Donetsk plus Lugansk areas are willing for polls.

“I think which 5 % may nevertheless vote plus 10 % of the votes is lost,” the head of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine Aleksandr Chernenko mentioned. During the last presidential race inside 2010, inside Donetsk area 2,510 polling stations were active plus handled 2.69 million voters. In Lugansk area, 1483 polling stations processed votes from 1.39 million persons.

The 2 areas combined constitute about 14 % of Ukraine’s qualified voters. At the same amount of time in the different 12 areas of Ukraine the polling stations “have been secured” before the vote, Grinyak added.

Twenty-one individuals takes piece inside the early presidential election inside Ukraine, scheduled for Sunday, May 25. According to opinion polls, oligarch Petr Poroshenko enters the vote because favorite about 28 per cent, followed by ex-prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko about 9.5 per cent.

The country’s Donetsk plus Lugansk areas, that rebelled from the coup imposed authorities plus held freedom referendums, announced they won’t be participating inside the vote.

Ukraine’s Security Service claims it has removed a virus at the Central Election Commission’s host, crafted to delete the results of the presidential vote. According to the inside minister the cyber-attack could force a ‘manual vote count.’

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